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With all the infinite possibilities of spiritual life before you, do not settle down on a little patch of dusty ground at the mountain's foot in restful content. Be not content until you reach the mountain's summit. ~ J.R. Miller
Guerini Summit quotes by J.R. Miller
Choose a summit; make a plan to reach there! If you think you can't make it, choose a new summit, make another plan. Or give up the summits, make new plans, find lower targets! In short, be 'flexible' in life! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Guerini Summit quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
I imagined a lot of things. That I would shine. That I'd be good. I'd dwell bareheaded on a summit turning a wheel that would turn the earth undetected, amongst the clouds, I would have some influence; be of some avail. ~ Patti Smith
Guerini Summit quotes by Patti Smith
We wish that this column, rising towards heaven among the pointed spires of so many temples dedicated to God, may contribute also to produce in all minds a pious feeling of dependence and gratitude. We wish, finally, that the last object to the sight of him who leaves his native shore, and the first to gladden his who revisits it, may be something which shall remind him of the liberty and the glory of his country. Let it rise! let it rise, till it meet the sun in his coming; let the earliest light of the morning gild it, and the parting day linger and play on its summit! ~ Daniel Webster
Guerini Summit quotes by Daniel Webster
And that destination for which we should strive is one of a successful life not necessarily a life of success. ~ Andy Andrews
Guerini Summit quotes by Andy Andrews
I am as one
Who doth attempt some lofty mountain's height,
And having gained what to the upcast eye
The summit's point appear'd, astonished sees
Its cloudy top, majestic and enlarged,
Towering aloft, as distant as before. ~ Joanna Baillie
Guerini Summit quotes by Joanna Baillie
The basic process of climbing a mountain was therapeutic, almost cathartic. There was the simple act of walking into the woods and away from the world. Then there was the climb itself, where the body worked: muscles flexed and released, lungs rose and fell, the heart beat. It was as if the complications in my life were breaking down and the only thing I cared about was the next place I'd put my foot or finding something to hold to pull myself up. After all that work to get to the summit came that views from the top. The failed Catholic in me saw it as a spiritual journey, much like the ones any holy man had made in leaving behind society. Christ, Buddha, Muhammad - they all did it, and they came back with clarity. For me the climb was my confession, working out the troubles of my past. Sitting on top was communion. On each hike I allowed myself to be pulled apart and then put back together again. ~ Tom Ryan
Guerini Summit quotes by Tom Ryan
The sediments of the past are many miles in collective thickness: yet the feeble silt of the rivers built them all from base to summit. ~ John Joly
Guerini Summit quotes by John Joly
No exile at the South Pole or on the summit of Mont Blanc separates us more effectively from others than the practice of a hidden vice. ~ Marcel Proust
Guerini Summit quotes by Marcel Proust
Between lips and lips there are cities of great ash and moist summit, drops of when and how, vague comings and goings: between lips and lips as along a shore of sand and glass the wind passes. ~ Pablo Neruda
Guerini Summit quotes by Pablo Neruda
A man may climb Everest for himself, but at the summit he plants his country's flag. ~ Margaret Thatcher
Guerini Summit quotes by Margaret Thatcher
Viewed from the summit of reason, all life looks like a malignant disease and the world like a madhouse. ~ Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Guerini Summit quotes by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
To have my mind racing and my heart beating fast over glorious possibilities is very close to the summit of life experience for me. ~ John Ortberg
Guerini Summit quotes by John Ortberg
Our world is in turmoil. It is aging toward senility. It is
very ill. Long ago it was born with brilliant prospects. It
was baptized by water, and its sins were washed away. It
was never baptized by fire, for that is still to come. It has
had shorter periods of good health, but longer ones of
ailing. Most of the time there have been pains and aches
in some parts of its anatomy, but now that it is growing
old, complications have set in, and all the ailments seem
to be everywhere.
The world has been 'cliniced,' and the complex
diseases have been catalogued. The physicians have had
summit consultations, and temporary salve has been
rubbed on afflicted parts, but it has only postponed the
fatal day and never cured it. It seems that while remedies
have been applied, staph infection has set in, and the
patient's suffering intensified. His mind is wandering. It
cannot remember its previous illnesses nor the cure
which was applied. The political physicians through the
ages have rejected suggested remedies as unprofessional
since they came from lowly prophets. Man being what
he is with tendencies such as he has, results can be
prognosticated with some degree of accuracy. ~ Spencer W. Kimball
Guerini Summit quotes by Spencer W. Kimball
The liturgy is the summit toward which the activity of the Church is directed; at the same time it is the font from which all her power flows. For the aim and object of apostolic works is that all who are made sons of God by faith and baptism should come together to praise God in the midst of His Church, to take part in the sacrifice, and to eat the Lord's supper. ~ Pope Paul VI
Guerini Summit quotes by Pope Paul VI
When you reached the summit, you will see that you are still tiny! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Guerini Summit quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
We spent a few days up Ben Nevis, which is the biggest mountain in the U.K., and there was one day when we had to make a decision whether we were going to go to the summit or not. It was already getting dark, but we made the call to go and made the summit, but as soon as we got there, this blizzard just hit. ~ Martin Henderson
Guerini Summit quotes by Martin Henderson
I believe that living on the edge, living in and through your fear, is the summit of life, and that people who refuse to take that dare condemn themselves to a life of living death. ~ John H. Johnson
Guerini Summit quotes by John H. Johnson
When the full moon was out the other night, it created one of the most spectacular scenes that I have seen in the Alps. The high glaciers of the Mont Blanc range were glowing an eerie bright blue-white, and they looked like huge ghost ships in the dark ocean of sky, sailing amongst black mountain valleys.

There were no clouds, and the moon was a huge and perfect disc tracking across the sky, shining on different parts of the glaciers through the night.

Looking up, I saw the black silhouette of the mid-altitude mountains below the ethereal shining high-mountain terrain, which created a weird vision: the ghostly glaciers floating, and appearing separate, contrasting sharply with the dark valleys beneath.

The Aiguille Verte especially, being so steep and isolated, seemed almost like a holographic mast with sails, plowing into the rolling waves, chasing after the Mont Blanc summit with its billowing spinnaker... ~ Steve Baldwin
Guerini Summit quotes by Steve Baldwin
How to describe the excitement I felt when I saw this beautiful work and realized its potential? I guess it's like when, after a long journey, suddenly a mountain peak comes in full view. You catch your breath, take in its majestic beauty, and all you can say is "Wow!" It's the moment of revelation. You have not yet reached the summit, you don't even know yet what obstacles lie ahead, but its allure is irresistible, and you already imagine yourself at the top. It's yours to conquer now. But do you have the strength and stamina to do it? ~ Edward Frenkel
Guerini Summit quotes by Edward Frenkel
But the chapel, that will never be prosaic. Those who have seen it outlined against the sunset or the full moon, those who have seen its sloping leaded roof-top glisten after a shower of rain, those who have looked down upon the world from its summit, all those who have seen these things will remember the poetry that it has taught them. And while each man changes from year to year, going through the continual changes that make a lifetime, the chapel remains always the same. When the rest of Cambridge is crumbling and in ruins, the chapel will still be standing, the last to fall to time as it is the last to fall to climbers. ~ Whipplesnaith
Guerini Summit quotes by Whipplesnaith
This was the plan: we would take a holy and sacred picture of the King of Rock 'n' Roll, Elvis Presley, to the very summit of the earth; once there, we would place it with sincere reverence amongst the chimerical shimmering palaces of ice and snow and then (accompanied by some weird Zen magic) we would light joss sticks, dance about making screechy kung-fu noises, get off our faces, and that would be it: Planet Earth saved. Simple. ~ Mark Manning
Guerini Summit quotes by Mark Manning
[T]he task of abolishing the essence of Jewry is in truth the task of abolishing Jewry in civil society, abolishing the inhumanity of today's practice of life, the summit of which is the money system. ~ Karl Marx
Guerini Summit quotes by Karl Marx
In my state of spiritual abstraction, I no longer belong to myself and to my eyesight. I am nothing more than a single narrow gasping lung, floating over the mists and summits. ~ Reinhold Messner
Guerini Summit quotes by Reinhold Messner
Stop and consider! life is but a day; A fragile dew-drop on its perilous way From a tree's summit. ~ John Keats
Guerini Summit quotes by John Keats
Once when I looked up, I happened to see a sea eagle poised on magisterial wings above the knurled summit of the mountain behind my tent. It was a scene of peerless tranquility, tossed out in Nature's devil-may-care way, which says: Just open your eyes, my friend, and I'll astonish you every minute of your life. ~ Lawrence Millman
Guerini Summit quotes by Lawrence Millman
It may take us a little longer to reach the summit, but never fear, we will get there! ~ Barbara Mertz
Guerini Summit quotes by Barbara Mertz
Any one who has stood upon a lofty summit and gazed over an inchoate tangle of deep canyons and cragged mountains, of sunlit lakelets and black expanses of forest, has become aware of a certain giddy sensation that there are no distances, no measures, simply unrelated matter rising and falling without any analogy to the banal geometry of breadth, thickness, and height. ~ Bob Marshall
Guerini Summit quotes by Bob Marshall
One afternoon I was sitting on a veranda at a party with about six women and the information that was exchanged, commonly called gossip, was enough to run the world for months. Suddenly a hush fell over the women and I looked around and there was a man. The women slid masks over their faces, the subject changed, the man said, "What are all you girls doing out here? Come in and join the party." And the summit conference was over. ~ Eve Babitz
Guerini Summit quotes by Eve Babitz
Settle this in your heart: Whether I am up or down, the Lord Jesus is the same. Whether I sing or sigh, the promise is true and the Promiser is faithful. Whether I stand on the summit or am hidden in the vale the covenant stands fast and everlasting love abides. ~ Charles Spurgeon
Guerini Summit quotes by Charles Spurgeon
Philosophers say the Soul is double-faced, her upper face gazes at God all the time and her lower face looks somewhat down, informing the senses; and the upper face, which is the summit of the soul, is in eternity and has nothing to do with time: it knows nothing of time or of body. ~ Meister Eckhart
Guerini Summit quotes by Meister Eckhart
Sometimes I get the feeling [my parents have] asked me to hold this big invisible secret for them, like a backpack full of rocks--all these things they don't want to know about themselves. I'm supposed to wear it as I hike up this trail toward my adulthood. They're already at the summit of Full Grown Mountain. They're waiting for me to get there and cheering me on, telling me I can do it, and sometimes scolding and asking why I'm not hiking any faster or why I'm not having more fun along the way. I know I'm not supposed to talk about this backpack full of their crazy, but sometimes I really wish we could all stop for a second. Maybe they could walk down the trail from the top and meet me. We could unzip that backpack, pull out all of those rocks, and leave the ones we no longer need by the side of the trail. It'd make the walk a lot easier. Maybe then my shoulders wouldn't get so tense when Dad lectures me about money or Mom starts a new diet she saw on the cover of a magazine at the grocery store. ~ Aaron Hartzler
Guerini Summit quotes by Aaron Hartzler
Man has been placed on that summit where he contains within him the source of self-impulsion toward good and evil in equal measure; the nexus of the principles within him is not a bond of necessity but of freedom. He stands at the dividing line; whatever he chooses will be his act, but he cannot remain in indecision because God must necessarily reveal himself and because nothing at all in creation can remain ambiguous. ~ Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
Guerini Summit quotes by Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling
Usually at summit conferences, the real work is done in advance by diplomats and specialists on each side who, based on guidance from their superiors, do the spadework and work out any agreements that are to be signed at the meeting, after which the top leaders come in and preside over the formalities. ~ Ronald Reagan
Guerini Summit quotes by Ronald Reagan
As the 2018 World Cup Championship in Russia draws to a close, President Trump scores a hat-trick of diplomatic faux pas - first at the NATO summit, then on a UK visit, and finally with a spectacular own goal in Helsinki, thereby handing Vladimir Putin a golden propaganda trophy. For as long as this moron continues to queer the pitch by refusing to be a team player, America's Achilles' heel will go from bad to worse. It's high time somebody on his own side tackled him in his tracks. ~ Alex Morritt
Guerini Summit quotes by Alex Morritt
When I have reached a summit, I leave it with great reluctance, unless it is to reach for another, higher one. ~ Gustav Mahler
Guerini Summit quotes by Gustav Mahler
There was no slow build. No peaceful meander to the summit. It was like sheet lighting stretching across a stormy sky - beautiful and blinding. I leaned forward and seized his mouth with mine. ~ E.M. Denning
Guerini Summit quotes by E.M. Denning
I am old enough to know that victory is often a thing deferred, and rarely at the summit of courage ... What is at the summit of courage, I think, is freedom ... the freedom that comes with the knowledge that no earthly thing can break you. ~ Paula Giddings
Guerini Summit quotes by Paula Giddings
... life isn't a puzzle to be solved. It's an adventure to be savored. Let every challenge be a new mountain to climb, not an obstacle to get in your way and stop you. Yeah, it'll be hard, but once you reach the summit of it, you'll be able to see the world for what it really is. And at the top, it never seems to have been as difficult a feat to climb there as you first made it out to be. Most of all, you'll know that you beat that mountain, and that you rule it. It does not rule you. ~ Sherrilyn Kenyon
Guerini Summit quotes by Sherrilyn Kenyon
I have no words for that feeling, nor had I ever had it before, which comes from the knowledge that one is far away from all humanity, alone in a thousand square miles. We rode in silence, for speech would have been absurd. It seemed the very summit of the world. ~ Oliver Sacks
Guerini Summit quotes by Oliver Sacks
We have a job. A job! Our reward after years of education! We worked hard in our youth in order to work hard again in our adulthood. A job! The summit of our lives! ~ Tom Hodgkinson
Guerini Summit quotes by Tom Hodgkinson
Enlargement will also be high on the agenda with potential invitations for accession being made at the summit ~ Anonymous
Guerini Summit quotes by Anonymous
The rise of the Soviet school to the summit of world chess is a logical result of socialist cultural development. ~ Alexander Kotov
Guerini Summit quotes by Alexander Kotov
I'll be the first US president to not only visit Kenya and Ethiopia, but also to address the continent as a whole, building off the African summit that we did here which was historic and has, I think, deepened the kinds of already strong relationships that we have across the continent. ~ Barack Obama
Guerini Summit quotes by Barack Obama
Heaven is not reached at a single bound. But we build the ladder by which we rise. From the lowly earth to the vaulted skies, And we mount to its summit round by round. ~ J.G. Holland
Guerini Summit quotes by J.G. Holland
Based on the medical evidence that clearly states that being above 10,000 feet is hazardous to the health of sea level adapted humans, it is clear that all of the manned facilities on top of the 13,796 feet Mauna Kea summit in Hawaii should be removed and the summit restored back to its native environment. ~ Steven Magee
Guerini Summit quotes by Steven Magee
Live each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. So climb slowly, enjoying each passing moment; and then the view from the summit will serve a more rewarding climax for your journey. ~ Fulton J. Sheen
Guerini Summit quotes by Fulton J. Sheen
Celeb's conquest of a mountain, then jumping off, too exhausted to descend
Kamil Ali ~ Kamil Ali
Guerini Summit quotes by Kamil Ali
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