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Books were everywhere, lined neatly on shelves that went from floor to ceiling. The ceiling was two stories high, with an upper balcony that provided access to a second-floor gallery. The dazzling array f red, gold, green, and brown bindings was a feast for the eyes, while the wonderful smells of vellum, parchment, and pungent leather almost caused Amanda to salivate. An exquisite waft of tea leaves lingered in the air. For anyone who enjoyed the pursuit of reading, this place surely was paradise. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Lisa Kleypas
My Beauty, Every day since the first day, you have made my life worth living. You make me wake up every single day knowing that I am a blessed man. With you, I am real. You made me real when you walked into that gallery and looked up to see me. You are the only one. The only person ever able to really see me. I want to spend every day of the rest of my life loving you. That's all I want, all I need. Forever yours, E ~ Raine Miller
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Raine Miller
But to tell even a tenth part of the marvels rich and beautiful that were in the house of Krothering: its cool courts and colonnades rich with gems and fragrant with costly spices and strange blooms: its bed-chambers where, caught like Aphrodite in her golden net, the spirit of sleep seemed ever to shake slumber from its plumes, and none might be waking long in those chambers but sweet sleep overcame their eyelids: the Chamber of the Sun and the Chamber of the Moon, and the great middle hall with its high gallery and ivory stair: to tell of all these were but to cloy imagination with picturing in one while of over-much glory and splendour. ~ E.R. Eddison
Goldmark Gallery quotes by E.R. Eddison
It's the most gorgeous penis I've ever seen and it makes me wish I could paint because I could have a whole gallery devoted to the beauty of his dick and I would consistently sell out of all my paintings. ~ Karina Halle
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Karina Halle
Men whose only concern is other people's opinion of them are like actors who put on a poor performance to win the applause of people of poor taste; some of them would be capable of good acting in front of a good audience. A decent man plays his part to the best of his ability, regardless of the taste of the gallery. ~ Nicolas Chamfort
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Nicolas Chamfort
Our lips met and parted, and his tongue
slid deep to taste me. The sounds from the peanut gallery - choking and retching - and the tug on my robe instantly drained the heat from the encounter.
"That's disgusting," Kola assured me with a glare that a six-year-old shouldn't have had.
"Why?" I asked snidely.
"Your mouth has germs," he informed me haughtily. "That's why you told Hannah not to lick Chilly."
"No, I told her not to lick Chilly because the cat doesn't like to be
licked by her."
"He licks his body."
"He does," Hannah, our four-year-old, agreed with a nod. "Kola's right."
"But he doesn't want you to do it," I assured my daughter.
"How do you know?" Kola questioned.
I had to think.
Kola waited, squinting at me.
"Do not lick the cat! Nobody licks the cat!" Sam ordered when the silence stretched for too long. ~ Mary Calmes
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Mary Calmes
I told the cops I've been framed. I told them to just go look in the art gallery. ~ Jarod Kintz
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Jarod Kintz
I'm actually looking for a gallery, but the thing is some galleries just want to show the video work and some are just interested in the 2-D work. It has to be a gallery where I can do the 2-D collages, the video, and live performance, where it's not this weird conflict, where it can all move forward. ~ Kalup Linzy
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Kalup Linzy
This place is a regular whispering-gallery. ~ Arnold Bennett
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Arnold Bennett
The cat jumped out of Willie's arms and bounded up the stanze.

The gallery fell into a hush as the cat crawled through Moses and the Prophets and the reign of David and up through the Old Testament entirely, fixing its claws on the slaying of the Holy Innocents and stopping to consider how far it wished to travel into the Gospels. The Russian priest began to scream again.

A spirit-minded guard, interpreting the cat's movements as an evil sign, fell on his knees and asked forgiveness for his many sins of the flesh.

A policeman called to the cat to jump down but the cat seemed content to remain with the dying Innocents.

Willie whistled sharply then. The cat turned, hesitated, then leaped down and skittered out of the gallery.

Everyone turned to Willie, who stood quite still, holding his arms as if he were still cradling the cat.

"Cats - men," he said in a faraway voice, "need things to hang on. Otherwise, wouldn't everything fall away?"

The Italian word for insane rippled through the gallery. ~ Thomas S. Klise
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Thomas S. Klise
A world of possibilities is revealed in this gallery of bread. ~ Eric Treuille
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Eric Treuille
In a way, composing on the melodic level is an expression of a melodic truth, almost like a geometric truth. If it has clarity, other people will recognize it. There's no way of isolating it in a gallery on a white wall and saying, "This is a work of art. This is a mathematical proof." ~ Eyvind Kang
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Eyvind Kang
When I go to an art gallery and stand in front of a painting, I don't want someone telling me what I should be seeing or thinking; I want to feel whatever I feel, see whatever I see, and figure out what I figure out. ~ James Frey
Goldmark Gallery quotes by James Frey
I believe in a new beginning. And so do many others out there - those writing on scraps to hang in the Gallery, those who continue to work hard to take care of the sick, those who dare to believe that we can all be the pilots of something new and better. ~ Ally Condie
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Ally Condie
She stared at me curiously. Her voice dropped to a whisper. "Sometimes, when I walk along the corridor here, I fancy I hear her just behind me. That quick, light footstep. I could not mistake it anywhere. And in the minstrels' gallery above the hall. I've seen her leaning there, in the evenings in the old days, looking down at the hall below and calling to the dogs. I can fancy her there now from time to time. It's almost as though I catch the sound of her dress sweeping the stairs as she comes down to dinner." She paused. She went on looking at me, watching my eyes. "Do you think she can see us, talking to one another now?" she said slowly. "Do you think the dead come back and watch the living? ~ Daphne Du Maurier
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
Don't you dare waltz uninvited into my gallery and disrespect me, my friends and my boyfriend. You do it again, I'll drag you out of here by your hair. Got me? ~ Kristen Ashley
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Kristen Ashley
He who seeks to approach his own buried past must conduct himself like a man digging ... He must not be afraid to return again and again to the same matter; to scatter it as one scatters earth, to turn it over as one turns over soil. For the matter itself is only a deposit, a stratum, which yields only to the most meticulous examination what constitutes the real treasure hidden within the earth: the images, severed from all earlier associations, that stand -like precious fragments or torsos in a collector's gallery -in the prosaic rooms of our later understanding. ~ Walter Benjamin
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Walter Benjamin
He belonged to a walled city of the fifteenth century, a city of narrow, cobbled streets, and thin spires, where the inhabitants wore pointed shoes and worsted hose. His face was arresting, sensitive, medieval in some strange inexplicable way, and I was reminded of a portrait seen in a gallery I had forgotten where, of a certain Gentleman Unknown. Could one but rob him of his English tweeds, and put him in black, with lace at his throat and wrists, he would stare down at us in our new world from a long distant past - a past where men walked cloaked at night, and stood in the shadow of old doorways, a past of narrow stairways and dim dungeons, a past of whispers in the dark, of shimmering rapier blades, of silent, exquisite courtesy. ~ Daphne Du Maurier
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Daphne Du Maurier
I like going to New York. I like the galleries and the theatre and the restaurants and bars and music. I think that city is more alive than Los Angeles. ~ Sara Gilbert
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Sara Gilbert
There's something pleasing about large, well-lit spaces. I love that dealers are willing to take massive chances in order to give this much room to their artists. Most of all, I love that more galleries showing more art gives more artists a shot. ~ Jerry Saltz
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Jerry Saltz
You should go to picture-galleries and museums of sculpture to be acted upon, and not to express or try to form your own perfectlyfutile opinion. It makes no difference to you or the world what you may think of any work of art. That is not the question; the point is how it affects you. The picture is the judge of your capacity, not you of its excellence; the world has long ago passed its judgment upon it, and now it is for the work to estimate you. ~ Anna Brackett
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Anna Brackett
Every so often you might have an outburst in the gallery. That's one of the most exciting things that happen because then you can say, 'Unless there's order we will call the Sergeant at Arms.' And that sounds really scary. ~ Amy Klobuchar
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Amy Klobuchar
She might have come in the gallery faking the stride of a sexual, confident, dangerous woman, but on the way out, it was all real. ~ Victoria Helen Stone
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Victoria Helen Stone
Art is inspiring. Walking into a gallery, or when the lights go up on a stage; that thrill of getting something that has nothing to do with acquisition. ~ Sadie Jones
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Sadie Jones
[Photography was necessary to] make my place in the art-world: in order to do this, I had to make a picture, since a picture was what a gallery or museum was meant to hold (all the while, of course, I was claiming that I was denying the standard, rejecting it ... ) ~ Vito Acconci
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Vito Acconci
I read a lot of social history. If I'm in an art gallery and a picture intrigues me, I immediately write down the title and I google it. I do a lot of googling and looking out for good stories. I can almost smell them sometimes. ~ Emma Donoghue
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Emma Donoghue
For a crowd is not company; and faces are but a gallery of pictures; and talk but a tinkling cymbal, where there is no love. ~ Francis Bacon
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Francis Bacon
I've become convinced that Los Angeles is going to become the next contemporary art capital - no other city has more contemporary gallery space than Los Angeles. We've come into our own, finally. ~ Eli Broad
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Eli Broad
I created a successful outdoor youth festival - the Liverd festival - against all good advice. It was a great way to explore and investigate social sculptures. Having that as my kind of studio, outside of a museum or precious white-cube gallery, that was a kind of education. ~ Natalie Jeremijenko
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Natalie Jeremijenko
I'm privileged to have had some success, but I've never forgotten what it was like to queue for a half-crown gallery seat for 'Oliver!' which is why I ensure that there are £20 day tickets for 'Miss Saigon' and that the balconies in my theatres are as comfortable as I can possibly make them. ~ Cameron Mackintosh
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Cameron Mackintosh
The drawing of a 'Pipeline Wave' started with Billabong as a commission for their 2009 Pipeline Masters campaign. My 'Pipeline Wave' drawing later became the start of my 'Waterworks Collection' for gallery prints. ~ John Van Hamersveld
Goldmark Gallery quotes by John Van Hamersveld
I think of my chastened surprise when Mabel played with a paper telescope. She is real. She can resist the meanings humans give her. But the condor? The condor has no resistance to us at all. I stare at the attenuated, drifting image on the gallery screen. It is a shadow, a figure of loss and hope; it is hardly a bird at all. ~ Helen Macdonald
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Helen Macdonald
I think artists are really the root of a tree. They can search for truth or reality in their own way, and the gallery can support them - the outside part of the tree, where it is more about reaching the outside world, connecting with the outside world. That is the role of the gallery, no? Why does the artist have to do that? ~ A. Balasubramaniam
Goldmark Gallery quotes by A. Balasubramaniam
Great Art is Great because it inspired you greatly. If it didn't, no matter what the critics, the museums and the galleries say, it's not great art for you. ~ Yoko Ono
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Yoko Ono
And to lose the chance to see frigatebirds soaring in circles above the storm, or a file of pelicans winging their way homeward across the crimson afterglow of the sunset, or a myriad terns flashing in the bright light of midday as they hover in a shifting maze above the beach
why, the loss is like the loss of a gallery of the masterpieces of the artists of old time. ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
When I stepped back from the gallery I was in a phase where I thought I wasn't going to be making work for a gallery context for a while. People were like, "You should never leave a gallery if you didn't have somewhere else to go," but I wasn't trying to disrespect the gallerists in that way. ~ Kalup Linzy
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Kalup Linzy
Better guide the young than reclaim them when old For the voice of true wisdom is calling "To rescue the fallen is good, but tis best To prevent other people from falling" Better close up the source of temptation and crime Than deliver from dungeon or gallery Better put a strong fence round the top of the cliff Than an ambulance down in the valley. ~ Joseph Malins
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Joseph Malins
I had a teacher at school who told me once that I was a mistress of self-reinvention. I didn't know what he was on about at the time, I thought he was putting me on, but I've since come to like the idea. Runaway, lover, wife, waitress, gallery manager, nanny, and a few more in between. So who do I want to be tomorrow? ~ Paula Hawkins
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Paula Hawkins
Auction houses run a rigged game. They know exactly how many people will be bidding on a work and exactly who they are. In a gallery, works of art need only one person who wants to pay for them. ~ Jerry Saltz
Goldmark Gallery quotes by Jerry Saltz
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