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#1. Accents are very easy for me. With me, it's clothing and makeup and hair and all that stuff that inform how the character moves and feels. - Author: Toks Olagundoye
Farang Clothing quotes by Toks Olagundoye
#2. I'd like to see you carry on with a corset digging its bones into your rib cage," I said, returning the favor and eyeing his clothing. "And manage a skirt still covering most of your breeches and whipping around your thighs in this wind."

"If you'd like to see me out of my breeches, simply ask, Wadsworth. I'm more than happy to accommodate you on that front."

"Scoundrel. - Author: Kerri Maniscalco
Farang Clothing quotes by Kerri Maniscalco
#3. Connor dipped his head and kissed from her neck to her collarbone, and down her arm as he slipped the sark off her shoulder revealing the satiny skin beneath. When he got to her fingers, he nipped her ring finger and Mackenzie gasped as he drew it into his mouth and sucked. He raised his eyes back to hers and trapped her gaze in his own. Connor slid her sark down her body and Mackenzie was helpless to do anything but stare into the dark blue pools of molten desire his eyes had become. It was a heady feeling to know that she was the reason his eyes were so dark; she had never before felt so powerful. He wanted her and this time she knew what to do.

Mackenzie unwrapped his plaid from the chieftain brooch and pushed it off his shoulder. Connor held perfectly still and let it fall to the floor with Mackenzie's pile of clothes. Next Mackenzie dragged his shirt over his head; it too joined the growing pile of clothing. Mackenzie couldn't help but marvel at his hard body with all its scars hinting at the power and danger this man carried. She let her fingers trail down from his chest to the patch of hair on his stomach, and lower still. She could feel his muscles clench and his breath stop as she wrapped her fingers around his erection. She quickly found his rhythm and knelt down to press her lips to his lower abs. Trailing her mouth down to where her hand was, she gently licked the tip. She felt a thrill of satisfaction as his hands gripped her shoulders and as her mout - Author: Laura Hunsaker
Farang Clothing quotes by Laura Hunsaker
#4. In the same way that men wear ties to add personality to their clothing, so too should women wear their accessories. - Author: Kate Spade
Farang Clothing quotes by Kate Spade
#5. …every now and then when I felt the necessity of a strong inspiration of soul-thought. My heart was dusty, parched for want of the rain of deep feeling; my mind arid and dry, for there is a dust which settles on the heart as well as that which falls on a ledge. It is injurious to the mind as well as the body to be always in one place and always surrounded by the same circumstances. A species of thick clothing slowly grows about my mind … little habits become a part of existence, and by degrees the mind is inclosed in a husk. When this began to form I felt eager to escape from it … to drink deeply once more at the fresh fountains of life. An inspiration -- a long deep breath of pure air of thought -- could alone give health to the heart. There was a hill to which I used to resort at such periods. The labour of walking three miles to it, all the while gradually ascending, seemed to clear my blood of the heaviness accumulated at home … the slow continued rise required continual effort, which carried away the sense of oppression … Moving up the sweet short turf, at every step my heart seemed to obtain a wider horizon of feeling; with every inhalation of rich pure air, a deeper desire … By the time I had reached the summit I had entirely forgotten the petty circumstances and the annoyances of existence. I felt myself, myself'. - Author: Richard Jefferies
Farang Clothing quotes by Richard Jefferies
#6. It's interesting that penny-pinching is an accepted defense for toxic food habits, when frugality so rarely rules other consumer domains. The majority of Americans buy bottled drinking water, for example, even though water runs from the faucets at home for a fraction of the cost, and government quality standards are stricter for tap water than for bottled. At any income level, we can be relied upon for categorically unnecessary purchases: portable-earplug music instead of the radio; extra-fast Internet for leisure use; heavy vehicles to transport light loads; name-brand clothing instead of plainer gear. "Economizing," as applied to clothing, generally means looking for discount name brands instead of wearing last year's clothes again. The dread of rearing unfashionable children is understandable. But as a priority, "makes me look cool" has passed up "keeps arteries functional" and left the kids huffing and puffing (fashionably) in the dust. - Author: Barbara Kingsolver
Farang Clothing quotes by Barbara Kingsolver
#7. My food hero has to be Auguste Escoffier. And the villain? The man who's been most responsible for the death of food in my time is Ronald McDonald. He's always scared me, I think he's evil - he's a wolf in sheep's clothing. Him and the Hamburglar. - Author: Arthur Potts Dawson
Farang Clothing quotes by Arthur Potts Dawson
#8. Why do foreigners always ask about clothing?" one woman doctor asked. "Why does it matter so much what we wear? Of all the issues in the world, is that really so important?" Another said: "You think we're victims, because we cover our hair and wear modest clothing. But we think that it's Western women who are repressed, because they have to show their bodies - even go through surgery to change their bodies - to please men. - Author: Nicholas D. Kristof
Farang Clothing quotes by Nicholas D. Kristof
#9. There, in a livid light, the demons tormented the souls of the damned. The souls preserved the appearance of the bodies which had held them, and even wore some rags of clothing. These souls seemed peaceful in the midst of their torments. - Author: Anatole France
Farang Clothing quotes by Anatole France
#10. What most upset her, was the widespread use of slave labor. ...It is true Republicanism that drives the slaves half fed, and destitute of clothing...to labor...while the owner walks about idle...white men considered idleness a virtue even if they owned only one slave or none. No white man would do work considered too menial for his race. - Author: Lynne Withey
Farang Clothing quotes by Lynne Withey
#11. Looking out the window, Moist saw a small swarm of goblins leave the train and at first he thought, ha! Trust the buggers to run away, and then he mentally corrected himself: that was storybook thinking and with clearer eyesight and a bit of understanding he realized that the goblins were scrambling up to the delvers on the rocks and beating the shit out of them by diving into the multiple layers of dwarf clothing. The delvers discovered all too rapidly that trying to fight while a busy goblin was in your underwear was very bad for the concentration. - Author: Terry Pratchett
Farang Clothing quotes by Terry Pratchett
#12. What's wrong with my clothing?' she asked, glancing down the length of her body, clothed in a tank top and shorts.
He helped her up, unable to stifle a grin. 'Let's just say women do not dress like that in 1863. - Author: Suzannah Daniels
Farang Clothing quotes by Suzannah Daniels
#13. Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes - that inner, secret glamour. - Author: Alice Temperley
Farang Clothing quotes by Alice Temperley
#14. Tears comes to my eyes when I think about some of God's people I have had the privilege to meet in the past few years. These are people with families, with dreams, people who are made in God's image as much as you and I are. And these people are suffering. Many of them are sick, some even dying, as they live out their lives in dwellings that we would not consider good enough for our household pets. I am not exaggerating. Much of their daily hardship and suffering could be relieved with access to food, clean water, clothing, adequate shelter, or basic medical attention. I believe that God wants His people, His church, to meet these needs. The Scriptures are filled with commands and references about caring for the poor and for those who cannot help themselves. The crazy part about God's heart is that He doesn't just ask us to give; He desires that we love those in need as much as we love ourselves. That is the core of the second greatest command, to 'love your neighbor as yourself' (Matthew 22:39). He is asking that you love as you would want to be loved if it were your child who was blind from drinking contaminated water; to love the way you would want to be loved if you were the homeless woman sitting outside the cafe; to love as though it were your family living in the shack slapped together from cardboard and scrap metal... - Author: Francis Chan
Farang Clothing quotes by Francis Chan
#15. He greeted me in his usual attire - pajama pants. "Hey stranger!" he said, hugging me for a few long seconds. "I've already set up the board. Can I get you some rose"
I nodded, overwhelmingly relieved to be with another human being - even if he was really a wolf in grandma's clothing. Or was he just a wolf in wolf's clothing? After all, he wore pajamas ... Hmmm. I contemplated all this as he poured me a glass of wine.
"Mind if I smoke?" he asked as he lit up a joint and motioned me over to the sleek brown couch. Italian, of course.
Through the three windows that faced south, north, and west, I saw the Statue of Liberty, and Ellis Island, where I had paid to have my parents' names inscribed in the immigrant wall of honor. Some American Dream this was! - Author: Inna Swinton
Farang Clothing quotes by Inna Swinton
#16. A landmark 2007 report by the American Psychological Association (APA) found girls being sexualized--or treated as "objects of sexual desire... as things rather than as people with legitimate sexual feelings of their own"--in virtually every form of media, including movies, television, music videos and lyrics, video games and the Internet, advertising, cartoons, clothing, and toys. Even Dora the Explorer, once a cute, square-bodied child, got a makeover to make her look more svelte and "hot. - Author: Nancy Jo Sales
Farang Clothing quotes by Nancy Jo Sales
#17. It's been very satisfying to design a range which is all about shape. It's not about what size you are, it's about how you can minimise or accentuate parts of your body with clothing. That's what we've created. - Author: Susannah Constantine
Farang Clothing quotes by Susannah Constantine
#18. If my clothing does stand out, then I guess it's a compliment, but I just wear whatever feels comfortable. - Author: Shania Twain
Farang Clothing quotes by Shania Twain
#19. As for clothing, to come at once to the practical part of the question, perhaps we are led oftener by the love of novelty, and a regard for the opinions of men, in procuring it, than by a true utility. Let him who has work to do recollect that the object of clothing is, first, to retain the vital heat, and secondly, in this state of society, to cover nakedness, and he may judge how much of any necessary or important work may be accomplished without adding to his wardrobe. - Author: Henry David Thoreau
Farang Clothing quotes by Henry David Thoreau
#20. To be cursed by a god is to be touched by a god. To be touched by any god is to share divinity in some small measure. When the high priest leaves the sanctuary he strips off his clothing and bathes. Did you know that? His clothing is burned. I - Author: Gene Wolfe
Farang Clothing quotes by Gene Wolfe
#21. One moment, she was wearing clothing, and the next moment, she was wearing a bikini. Fifty percent of the world was brown skin and fifty percent was orange nylon. From the Mona Lisa smile on Orla's lips, it was clear she was pleased to finally be allowed to demonstrate her true talents.
A tiny part of Gansey's brain said: You have been staring for too long.
The larger part of his brain said: ORANGE. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Farang Clothing quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#22. I think ultimately I make people happy: Whether I'm doing the stage show, giving somebody a makeover, or designing clothing, the end goal is to make people smile. - Author: Carson Kressley
Farang Clothing quotes by Carson Kressley
#23. On the coming of evening, I return to my house and enter my study; and at the door I take off the day's clothing, covered with mud and dust, and put on garments regal and courtly; and reclothed appropriately, I enter the ancient courts of ancient men, where, received by them with affection, I feed on that food which only is mine and which I was born for, where I am not ashamed to speak with them and to ask them the reason for their actions; and they in their kindness answer me; and for four hours of time I do not feel boredom, I forget every trouble, I do not dread poverty, I am not frightened by death; entirely I give myself over to them. - Author: Anonymous
Farang Clothing quotes by Anonymous
#24. What we want is clothing we think we can fly in. That's why I opened the show with flying dresses. - Author: Alber Elbaz
Farang Clothing quotes by Alber Elbaz
#25. From my mother came the idea that going down to the sea repaired the spirit. That is where she walked when she was sad or worried or lonely for my father. If she had been crying, she came back composed; if she had left angry with us, she returned in good humor. So we naturally believed that there was a cleansing, purifying effect to be had; that letting the fresh wind blow through you mind and spirits as well as your hair and clothing purged black thoughts; that contemplating the ceaseless motion of the waves calmed a raging spirit. - Author: Robert MacNeil
Farang Clothing quotes by Robert MacNeil
#26. We are talking about mutated women, the result of cruel genetic experiments performed by fashion designers so lacking in any sense of human decency that they think nothing of putting their initials on your eyeglass lenses. The leading cause of death among fashion models is falling through street grates. If a normal woman puts on clothing designed for these unfortunate people, she is quite naturally going to look like Revenge of the Pork Person. - Author: Dave Barry
Farang Clothing quotes by Dave Barry
#27. Now I don't know much about finances, but I do know not to trust these smooth-faced wolves in sheep's clothing. We trust these confidence tricksters because they know best, right? They'll be able to advise us, won't they? Yeah, they know best all right. They throw legal dust in our eyes, always keeping something back and dressing up their untruths with promises and alluring pound-note signs. But all the time they're making a killing out of us. A FUCKING KILLING! - Author: Karl Wiggins
Farang Clothing quotes by Karl Wiggins
#28. According to the Tax Foundation, taxes now consume more than 38% of the average family's budget. That is more than is spent on food, clothing, housing, and transportation combined. Compare this to the plight of medieval serfs. They only had to give the lord of the manor one-third of their output - and they were considered slaves. So what does that make us? - Author: Daniel J. Mitchell
Farang Clothing quotes by Daniel J. Mitchell
#29. Look at Inuit clothing. Their stuff still works better than Cabela's. I've made my own parkas, mukluks, footgear, and it is good to 60 degrees below zero. All I did was copy the patterns that came down from the Inuits. - Author: Gary Paulsen
Farang Clothing quotes by Gary Paulsen
#30. One key habit I adopted is washing or sanitizing of hands every time, especially after using the toilet, before eating or handling food and whenever I go to visit someone in hospital and after leaving the hospital. Also use proper protective clothing in other circumstances like assisting ailing relatives and friends with communicable diseases. - Author: Archibald Marwizi
Farang Clothing quotes by Archibald Marwizi
#31. Women are like that they don't acquire knowledge of people we are for that they are just born with a practical fertility of suspicion that makes a crop every so often and usually right they have an affinity for evil for supplying whatever the evil lacks in itself for drawing it about them instinctively as you do bed-clothing in slumber fertilizing the mind for it until the evil has served its purpose whether it ever existed or no. - Author: William Faulkner
Farang Clothing quotes by William Faulkner
#32. The social prestige of wine at table and at the club must be destroyed through lofty example and polite ridicule; forces which are not always available, and for whose successful operation much time will be required. But the outstanding fact remains, that the world has come to regard liquor in a new and clearer light. Our next generation of poets will contain but few Anacreons, for the thinking element of mankind has robbed the flowing bowl of its fancied virtues and fictitious beauties. The grape, so long permitted to masquerade as the inspirer of wit and art, is now revealed as the mother of ruin and death. The wolf at last stands divested of its sheep's clothing. - Author: H.P. Lovecraft
Farang Clothing quotes by H.P. Lovecraft

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