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I almost forgot to tell you - you have the right to remain silent, but if you do, my boys at the station will process your bones to help you confess. ~ Rohinton Mistry
Etchingham Tell quotes by Rohinton Mistry
Wait, that's your idea? That's your expert advice? You're going to tell these novelists to just keep going? You're going to tell these honest, earnest writers: You gotta have faith? Those are George Michael lyrics, asshole. If they wanted that pep talk, they could just hang out inside a mall elevator. ~ Karen Russell
Etchingham Tell quotes by Karen Russell
Rhage, we have a problem--"

"You weren't supposed to tell him!" Lassiter barked.

Rhage frowned. "Lassiter?"

"Fuck you!" came the muffled response.

Mary pointed to the hearth. "Lassiter is in a Santa suit, stuck in the chimney, impaled on something that means he can't dematerialize. So we've got a problem."

Rhage blinked once. And then threw his head back and laughed so loudly the windows shook.

"This is the best fucking Christmas present ever!"

"Fuck you, Hollywood!" Lassiter yelled from inside the chimney. "Fuck you so hard-- ~ J.R. Ward
Etchingham Tell quotes by J.R. Ward
Amazing how the most obvious things escape your notice. Maybe the truth is exactly the things you don't notice. Maybe the aim to see and tell the truth is inherently futile, a contradiction in terms, and it's exactly those things about oneself and the world that are invisible because they are woven into one's fabric that are the truth. Just like a person can't see his own eyes. You search and search and search, and the truth, by definition, is exactly that which you don't find. You don't see the truth, you are the truth. "Habits of attention are reflexes of the complete character of an individual." And how could you notice your own habits of attention? By writing. Well, at their most profound level? It doesn't make any difference. That is the point. It's like Zen. The truth is not straining for the truth, the truth is in effortlessness. The truth is in being, not trying. Aw hell, that doesn't leave much too chew on. ~ Richard Hell
Etchingham Tell quotes by Richard Hell
I've definitely been in situations where I could tell someone was interested in me, but I could tell they were insulting me in some passive/aggressive way, so I felt bad about myself at the same time. ~ Noah Baumbach
Etchingham Tell quotes by Noah Baumbach
How can I tell you what I think until I've heard what I'm going to say? ~ Stephen Fry
Etchingham Tell quotes by Stephen Fry
And I asked my mother about it; I said, 'Is there something wrong?' She said, 'God ... God makes people. You understand that, don't you?' And I said, 'Yeah!' She said, 'Who makes a rainbow? I said, 'God.' She said, 'I never presumed to tell anyone who could make a rainbow what color to make children.' ~ Richard Dawson
Etchingham Tell quotes by Richard Dawson
Know, that in the course of your future life you will often find yourself elected the involuntary confidant of your acquaintances' secrets: people will instinctively find out, as I have done, that it is not your forte to tell of yourself, but to listen while others talk of themselves; they will feel, too, that you listen with no malevolent scorn of their indiscretion, but with a kind of innate sympathy; not the less comforting and encouraging because it is very unobtrusive in its manifestations." "How ~ Charlotte Bronte
Etchingham Tell quotes by Charlotte Bronte
I always tell my children, 'You have to face your fear. If not, it's like running from a dog that will bite you in the back.' ~ Jaclyn Smith
Etchingham Tell quotes by Jaclyn Smith
If I feel ragged, my prep team seems in worse condition, knocking back coffee and sharing brightly colored little pills. As far as I can tell, they never get up before noon unless there's some sort of national emergency, like my leg hair. ~ Suzanne Collins
Etchingham Tell quotes by Suzanne Collins
Leaning forward, Cinder spoke very clearly. "I have a computer in my brain," she said. "So while I'm not going to tell you that I am the smartest or, by any means, the most experienced person in this room, I would suggest that no one use my youth to believe that I am also ignorant. ~ Marissa Meyer
Etchingham Tell quotes by Marissa Meyer
didn't dare ask where she would stop the machine, and still less, why there. I didn't think she'd tell me anyway. ~ Magda Szabo
Etchingham Tell quotes by Magda Szabo
Hello, boys and girls. Hannah Baker here. Live and in stereo. No return engagements. No encore. And this time, absolutely no requests. I hope you're ready, because i'm about to tell you the story of my life. More specifically, why my life ended. And if you're listening to theses tapes, you're one of the reasons why.
Now, why would a dead girl lie? ~ Jay Asher
Etchingham Tell quotes by Jay Asher
I'm tempted to tell you that you think too much, but I'm not really one to talk,' Jacob said. 'Henry Miller wrote something about fear making you fearless. It's a very powerful emotion. Use it to get what you want. I mean if it's going to rule our life, it might as well rule you to freedom, right? ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo
Etchingham Tell quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
Charley looked over at him. "About how much you and Jesse have in common."

Jesse said, "Why don't you tell it, Bob; if you remember."

Bob inched forward in his chair. "Well, if you'll pardon my saying so, it is interesting, the many ways you and I overlap and whatnot. You begin with my daddy, J.T. Ford. J stands for James! And T is Thomas, meaning 'twin.' Your daddy was a pastor of the New Hope Baptist Church; my daddy was part-time pastor of a church at Excelsior Springs. You're the youngest of the three James boys; I'm the youngest of the five Ford boys. You had twins as sons, I had twins as sisters. Frank is four and a half years older than you, which incidentally is the difference between Charley and me, the two outlaws in the Ford clan. Between us is another brother, Wilbur here (with six letters in his name); between Frank and you was a brother, Robert, also with six letters. Robert died in infancy, as most everyone knows, and he was named after your father, Robert, who was remembered by your brother's first-born, another Robert. Robert, of course, is my Christian name. My uncle, Robert Austin Ford, has a son named Jesse James Ford. You have blue eyes; I have blue eyes. You're five feet eight inches tall; I'm five feet eight inches tall. We're both hot-tempered and impulsive and devil-may-care. Smith and Wesson is our preferred make of revolver. There's the same number of letters and syllables in our names; I mean, Jesse James and Robert Ford. Oh m ~ Ron Hansen
Etchingham Tell quotes by Ron Hansen
Happened to them. And the more confident they became, the more sensory details they added to their false memories ("the place smelled horrible").22 Researchers have created imagination inflation indirectly, too, merely by asking people to explain how an unlikely event might have happened. Cognitive psychologist Maryanne Garry finds that as people tell you how an event might have happened, it starts to feel real to them. Children are especially vulnerable to this suggestion.23 Writing turns a fleeting thought into a fact of history, and for Wilkomirski, writing down his memories confirmed his memories. "My illness showed me that it was time for me to write it all down for myself," said Wilkomirski, "just as it was held in my memory, to trace every hint all the way back."24 Just as he rejected the historians at Majdanek who challenged his ~ Carol Tavris
Etchingham Tell quotes by Carol Tavris
I saw you.
I held you.
I wanted you.
That's what I came back to tell you. I loved you before I met you, and I loved you more the moment I held you. And I never meant to leav you so soon.
I never would have left you.
Simon, Simon.
My rosebud boy. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Etchingham Tell quotes by Rainbow Rowell
Lady Thornton, how very good of you to find the time to pay us a social call! Would it be too pushing of me to inquire as to your whereabouts during the last six weeks?"
At that moment Elizabeth's only thought was that if Ian's barrister felt this way about her, how much more hatred she would face when she confronted Ian himself. "I-I can imagine what you must be thinking," she began in a conciliatory manner.
He interrupted sarcastically, "Oh, I don't think you can, madam. If you could, you'd be quite horrified at this moment."
"I can explain everything," Elizabeth burst out.
"Really?" he drawled blightingly. "A pity you didn't try to do that six weeks ago!"
"I'm here to do it now," Elizabeth cried, clinging to a slender thread of control.
"Begin at your leisure," he drawled sarcastically. "here are only three hundred people across the hall awaiting your convenience."
Panic and frustration made Elizabeth's voice shake and her temper explode. "Now see here, sir, I have not traveled day and night so that I can stand here while you waste time insulting me! I came here the instant I read a paper and realized my husband is in trouble. I've come to prove I'm alive and unharmed, and that my brother is also alive!"
Instead of looking pleased or relieved he looked more snide than before. "Do tell, madam. I am on tenterhooks to hear the whole of it."
"Why are you doing this?" Elizabeth cried. "For the love of heaven, I'm on your side!"
~ Judith McNaught
Etchingham Tell quotes by Judith McNaught
The helium which we handle must have been put together at some time and some place. We do not argue with the critic who urges that the stars are not hot enough for this process; we tell him to go and find a hotter place. ~ Arthur Eddington
Etchingham Tell quotes by Arthur Eddington
Mitchell Maxwell's Maxims
•You have to create your own professional path. There's no longer a roadmap for an artistic career.
•Follow your heart and the money will follow.
•Create a benchmark of your own progress. If you never look down while you're climbing the ladder you won't know how far you've come.
•Don't define success by net worth, define it by character. Success, as it's measured by society, is a fleeting condition.
•Affirm your value. Tell the world "I am an artist," not "I want to be an artist."
•You must actively live your dream. Wishing and hoping for someday doesn't make it happen. Get out there and get involved.
•When you look into the abyss you find your character.
•Young people too often let the fear of failure keep them from trying. You have to get bloody, sweaty and rejected in order to succeed.
•Get your face out of Facebook and into somebody's face. Close your e-mail and pick up the phone. Personal contact still speaks loudest.
•No one is entitled to act entitled. Be willing to work hard.
•If you're going to buck the norm you're going to have to embrace the challenges.
•You have to love the journey if you're going to work in the arts.
•Only listen to people who agree with your vision.
•A little anxiety is good but don't let it become fear, fear makes you inert.
•Find your own unique voice. Leave your individual imprint on the world, not a copy of someone else.
•Draw strength ~ Mitchell Maxwell
Etchingham Tell quotes by Mitchell Maxwell
Tell me, Elly Kleinman, why do men feel threatened by women? ~ Margaret Atwood
Etchingham Tell quotes by Margaret Atwood
Finally he must have noticed his vice grip on Austin, because he made a disgusted face and threw Austin's arms down. "I am the Dom here. I am in charge," he insisted, but then all the anger left his voice. "And being in charge means controlling myself - my own urges - too. Maybe more so than I ever try to control you." He petted Austin's hair. Leaned in to press their foreheads together briefly, the way he always did when he was overcome with one of those emotions he refused to tell Austin about. ~ Heidi Belleau
Etchingham Tell quotes by Heidi Belleau
If you walk into a room and one hundred people say, 'You are a lovely, beautiful person', who isn't going to be affected by that? But you have to tell yourself not to value that. You have to tell yourself - or at least I do - to not become accustomed to hearing applause in any way, because I think that's dangerous. ~ Joaquin Phoenix
Etchingham Tell quotes by Joaquin Phoenix
I hope to define my life, whatever is left, by migrations, south and north with the birds and far from the metallic fever of clocks, the self staring at the clock saying, "I must do this." I can't tell the time on the tongue of the river in the cool morning air, the smell of the ferment of greenery, the dust off the canyon's rock walls, the swallows swooping above the scent of raw water. ~ Jim Harrison
Etchingham Tell quotes by Jim Harrison
I try to tell the truth. ~ Tucker Carlson
Etchingham Tell quotes by Tucker Carlson
Gossip is so dangerous, because it makes you feel like you told the truth. And you did. Just not to the person involved. It scratches that itch, that impulse to tell the truth, but it has no power to transform, and it destroys trust. When ~ Shauna Niequist
Etchingham Tell quotes by Shauna Niequist
Too many people out there tell us what we can and cannot do but ... they don't know who we are, what's put in us. ~ Alex Rogers
Etchingham Tell quotes by Alex Rogers
I know General Grant better than any other person in the country can know him. It was my duty to study him, and I did so day and night, when I saw him and when I did not see him, and now I tell you what I know, he cannot govern this country. ~ Edwin M. Stanton
Etchingham Tell quotes by Edwin M. Stanton
I'd always wanted to tell people that when I work on my body I'm thinking about classical sculpture, so I jumped at the chance to show off body building as an art form. ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger
Etchingham Tell quotes by Arnold Schwarzenegger
The computer can't tell you the emotional story. It can give you the exact mathematical design, but what's missing is the eyebrows. ~ Frank Zappa
Etchingham Tell quotes by Frank Zappa
There are no rules here, except that you have to sit properly at the bar when you drink. People can tell me anything they want. Things they wouldn't usually say, things that wouldn't be acceptable at work - it doesn't matter. That's what this place is for, after all: they come and pay money to buy themselves, their innermost hearts, a bit of freedom." She ~ Banana Yoshimoto
Etchingham Tell quotes by Banana Yoshimoto
Draw your chair up close to the edge of the precipice and I'll tell you a story. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Etchingham Tell quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
Ask the first man you meet what he means by defending freedom, and he'll tell you privately he means defending the standard of living. ~ Martin Niemoller
Etchingham Tell quotes by Martin Niemoller
What was she thinking?" muttered Alexander, closing his eyes and imagining his Tania.
"She was determined. It was like some kind of a personal crusade with her," Ina said. "She gave the doctor a liter of blood for you - "
"Where did she get it from?"
"Herself, of course." Ina smiled. "Lucky for you, Major, our Nurse Metanova is a universal donor."
Of course she is, thought Alexander, keeping his eyes tightly shut.
Ina continued. "The doctor told her she couldn't give any more, and she said a liter wasn't enough, and he said, 'Yes, but you don't have more to give,' and she said, 'I'll make more,' and he said, 'No,' and she said, 'Yes,' and in four hours, she gave him another half-liter of blood."
Alexander lay on his stomach and listened intently while Ina wrapped fresh gauze on his wound.
He was barely breathing.
"The doctor told her, 'Tania, you're wasting your time. Look at his burn. It's going to get infected.' There wasn't enough penicillin to give to you, especially since your blood count was so
low." Alexander heard Ina chuckle in disbelief. "So I'm making my rounds late that night, and who do I find next to your bed? Tatiana. She's sitting with a syringe in her arm, hooked up to a
catheter, and I watch her, and I swear to God, you won't believe it when I tell you, Major, but I see that the catheter is attached to the entry drip in your IV." Ina's eyes bulged. "I watch her
draining blood from the radial artery in he ~ Paullina Simons
Etchingham Tell quotes by Paullina Simons
Incredible. Humans are such irrational creatures. So here you sit,a small space filled with demons that could tear you limb from limb as easy as pulling wings off a butterfly and you're scared of the helicopter crashing, which has a less than 2 percent chance ... tell me Keira girl, what do you think the percentage is of a vampire sucking a human dry? ~ Stephanie Hudson
Etchingham Tell quotes by Stephanie Hudson
Inside the museum infinity goes up on trial. Voices echo, 'This is what salvation must be like after a while.' But Mona Lisa must have had the highway blues; you can tell by the way she smiles. ~ Bob Dylan
Etchingham Tell quotes by Bob Dylan
Playwriting gets into your blood and you can't stop it. At least not until the producers or the public tell you to. ~ T. S. Eliot
Etchingham Tell quotes by T. S. Eliot
We need to make sure our students are exerting themselves. We need to praise them when they deserve it and to tell them honestly when they have it in them to work harder, ~ Randy Pausch
Etchingham Tell quotes by Randy Pausch
Recruiting is the one thing I hate. I won't do it unless my coaches tell me I've just got to. The whole process is kind of undignified for me and the young man. ~ Bear Bryant
Etchingham Tell quotes by Bear Bryant
As a new artist there's always outside influences trying to tell you how to make a song better for radio and how to do your hair. ~ Josh Groban
Etchingham Tell quotes by Josh Groban
The Governor has no presidential aspirations. In fact he just made a tour of 43 states just to tell them he's not running for anything. ~ Bob Hope
Etchingham Tell quotes by Bob Hope
How I wish I could hug everyone and tell them that it's okay. It's okay to be scared and angry and hurt and selfish. It's part of being human, ~ Frank Warren
Etchingham Tell quotes by Frank Warren
When you act in a film, you're inevitably surrounded by people you didn't choose, right down to the set painter. I like being able to pick the family I'm waking up to in the morning that's going to make this group effort to tell a story that applies to what's interesting to me at that stage in my life. ~ Sean Penn
Etchingham Tell quotes by Sean Penn
You know, all poetry may be a cry of generalised love, for this, or that, or the universe - which must be loved in its particularity, not its generality, but for its universal life in every minute particular. I have always supposed it to be a cry of ;unsatisfied love; - and so it may be indeed - for satisfaction may surfeit it and so it may die. I know many poets who write only when in an exalted state of mind which they compare to ;being in love;,when they do not simply state, that they are in love, that they seek love - for this fresh damsel - or that lively young woman - in order to find a fresh metaphor, or a new bright vision of things in themselves. And to tell you the truth, I have always believed I could diagnose this state of ;being in love; which they regard as ;most particular;, as inspired by item, one pair of black eyes or indifferent blue, ;item;, one graceful attitude of body or mind, ;item;, one female history of some twenty-two years from, shall we say 1821-1844 – I have always believed this ;in love; to be of something of the most abstract masking itself under the particular forms of both lover and beloved. And Poet who assumes and informs both. ~ A.S. Byatt
Etchingham Tell quotes by A.S. Byatt
I'm either mentally ill or Jewish. I can't sometimes tell the difference. ~ Roseanne Barr
Etchingham Tell quotes by Roseanne Barr
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