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Crime causes so much horror, even to them [criminals], that they would like, in order to escape from the necessity they feel to be bad, to be believed and always to be depicted as virtuous. ~ Marquis De Sade
Dumb Criminals quotes by Marquis De Sade
If there were awards for your dumb ideas, this one would win Best... Most... Dumbest. ~ Don Calame
Dumb Criminals quotes by Don Calame
My goal is to sweep the reader away from his world and bring him along for the adventure. Learning something new shouldn't feel like work, nor should today's younger reader be underestimated. If done correctly, there is no need to "dumb down" the plot or simplify words. When someone tells me he thought The Serpent's Ring was easy to read, I know I succeeded in my storytelling. ~ H.B. Bolton
Dumb Criminals quotes by H.B. Bolton
Fair Game Theory: If you are dumb enough to be drained by people then you are fair game. ~ Frederick Lenz
Dumb Criminals quotes by Frederick Lenz
Can't you see that I'm only advising you to beg yourself not to be so dumb? ~ Petronius
Dumb Criminals quotes by Petronius
People usually lived or died of dumb luck. Not because something mystical cares. ~ Robert Buettner
Dumb Criminals quotes by Robert Buettner
None of my clients are criminals, but to a much lighter degree that's what goes on. I hear the story, and I hear it with the level of detail that breeds empathy. ~ Hilary Liftin
Dumb Criminals quotes by Hilary Liftin
There are naive questions, tedious questions, ill-phrased questions, questions put after inadequate self-criticism. But every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question. ~ Carl Sagan
Dumb Criminals quotes by Carl Sagan
They say love is blind, but it´s not. It´s not blind or deaf-it´s dumb. We still see and hear everything, we just don´t ever say so. Love makes forget who we are without that other person. ~ Selena Kitt
Dumb Criminals quotes by Selena Kitt
Silence is consent. And silence where life and liberty is at stake, where by a timely protest we could stay the destoyer's hand, and do not do so, is as criminal as giving actual aid to the oppressor, for it answers his purpose ... ~ Ernestine Rose
Dumb Criminals quotes by Ernestine Rose
I am dumb when it comes to learning dance steps. ~ Mia Kirshner
Dumb Criminals quotes by Mia Kirshner
If I had writing materials, I might write a guidebook, a source of advice and inspiration for the next generation of masked criminals, bent prodigies, and lonely geniuses, the ones who've been taught to feel different, or the ones who knew it from the start. The ones who are smart enough to do something about it. There are things they should hear. Somebody has to tell them. ~ Austin Grossman
Dumb Criminals quotes by Austin Grossman
For a long time, I would go out of my way to have a personal appearance on the verge of an insane person, because it was closer to how I felt, but I looked so dumb. So, I just stopped. It was like, 'I'm just going to look like a banker.' ~ Kurt Braunohler
Dumb Criminals quotes by Kurt Braunohler
Oh, my darling you are not dumb," her father answered. "You're like Charles Wallace. Your development has to go at its own pace. It just doesn't happen to be the usual pace. ~ Madeleine L'Engle
Dumb Criminals quotes by Madeleine L'Engle
Not one escaped to tell the fall of Alamo,
The hundred & fifty are dumb yet at Alamo. ~ Walt Whitman
Dumb Criminals quotes by Walt Whitman
the Los Angeles Times surmised that "hippies, property owners, . . . and police are involved in a conflict with social overtones that far transcend Venice." The police hated the hippies, "whom they regarded as wastrels infiltrated by hard-core criminals and left-wing political extremists. ~ John McMillian
Dumb Criminals quotes by John McMillian
Did you hear this - Sarah Palin finally heard what happened in Japan and she's demanding that we invade Tsunami. I mean she said, These Tsunamians will not get away with this. Oh speaking of dumb twats, did you ... ~ Bill Maher
Dumb Criminals quotes by Bill Maher
Though no participator in the joy of more vehement sport, I have a pleasure that I cannot reconcile to my abstract notions of the tenderness due to dumb creatures in the tranquil cruelty of angling. I can only palliate the wanton destructiveness of my amusement by trying to assure myself that my pleasure does not spring from the success of the treachery I practise toward a poor little fish, but rather from that innocent revelry in the luxuriance of summer life which only anglers enjoy to the utmost. ~ Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
Dumb Criminals quotes by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, 1st Baron Lytton
You'll soon run through the whole of the seven dwarfs. You start dating and it'll be Bashful and Happy you're imitating. Then you start fucking the guy and you'll turn into Sleepy. Then it's just a matter of time before you have a fight and it'll be Grumpy. Then the relationship will be all over and you'll be wiser at the end of it
all, just like Doc."
I shook my head at his convoluted thinking. "What about poor Sneezy?"
Charlie looked at me like I was dumb. "It was an analogy, dude! Work with me here. No analogy is perfect. Just like you're no Snow White and the poor guy you're mooning over is no Prince Charming. ~ Renae Kaye
Dumb Criminals quotes by Renae Kaye
There's the argument that you can relate to someone who's completely unrelatable. In the way that a director shows you his imagination on a film, then I get to show you my imagination in a big dumb character. ~ Idris Elba
Dumb Criminals quotes by Idris Elba
On the subject of Egypt, Ellen Cherry was so vague she thought Ramses II was a jazz piano player. From that, we might conclude that she was equally dumb about jazz. ~ Tom Robbins
Dumb Criminals quotes by Tom Robbins
There are no dumb questions?only dumb answers. ~ Marshall Loeb
Dumb Criminals quotes by Marshall Loeb
When was the last time your dick came up with a good plan? Oh, it's got some great ideas, but when was the last time it came up with a good plan beyond "Do it"?

That's your dick's entire plan: "Do it."

Forget preparation, forget looking for possible pitfalls, forget everything. If your dick were a person, it would be on America's Dumbest Criminals. ~ Bill Burr
Dumb Criminals quotes by Bill Burr
A lot of people recoil from the word "drugs" - which is understandable given today's noxious street drugs and their uninspiring medical counterparts. Yet even academics and intellectuals in our society typically take the prototypical dumb drug, ethyl alcohol. If it's socially acceptable to take a drug that makes you temporarily happy and stupid, then why not rationally design drugs to make people perpetually happier and smarter? Presumably, in order to limit abuse-potential, one would want any ideal pleasure drug to be akin - in one limited but important sense - to nicotine, where the smoker's brain finely calibrates its optimal level: there is no uncontrolled dose-escalation. ~ David Pearce
Dumb Criminals quotes by David Pearce
The problem with our sense of justice is we always seemed to be kind to beautiful and attractive criminals. ~ M.F. Moonzajer
Dumb Criminals quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
[Computer viruses] switch from one country to another, from one jurisdiction to another - moving around the world, using the fact that we don't have the capability to globally police operations like this. So the Internet is as if someone [had] given free plane tickets to all the online criminals of the world. ~ Mikko Hypponen
Dumb Criminals quotes by Mikko Hypponen
Dumb luck brought on the move from business to acting. I had moved to New York when I was 23, in the year 2000. On a lark, I went to audition for a soap opera. I thought, 'Hey, this will be a really fun story to tell my grandkids one day, that I auditioned for a soap!' ~ Teddy Sears
Dumb Criminals quotes by Teddy Sears
On their own merits modest men are dumb. ~ George Colman
Dumb Criminals quotes by George Colman
5Then the eyes of the blind shall be opened, And the ears of the deaf shall be unstopped. 6Then the lame shall leap like a deer, And the tongue of the dumb sing. ~ Anonymous
Dumb Criminals quotes by Anonymous
THE DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY RULES 1. Control or Chaos. One must be in control of all interactions, feelings and personal behavior at all times - control is the major defense strategy for shame. In the less-than-human shameless marriage, both parents may be cocaine addicts or addicted in other ways. They may be dishonest criminals. The children experience chaos, as well as secrecy rules that guard their family's behavior. 2. Perfectionism or Anomie. Always be right in everything you do. The perfectionist rule always involves an imposed measurement. The fear and avoidance of the negative is the organizing principle of life. The members live according to an externalized image. No one ever measures up. In the less-than-human family, there are no rules - the children have no structure to guide them. ~ John Bradshaw
Dumb Criminals quotes by John Bradshaw
We can't let somebody rise to the top who will pardon these war criminals. Because they need to go to prison for what they've done in this world. We can't have a pardon. They need to pay for what they've done. ~ Cindy Sheehan
Dumb Criminals quotes by Cindy Sheehan
Who would want to be poked by some dumb girl with a stick? ~ Lauren Myracle
Dumb Criminals quotes by Lauren Myracle
Is that what you want? To have your own place?"
"Isn't it what you want?" Hans asked, his resolve weakening.
Thomas pulled him into an embrace. "Don't be dumb. This is your home now. We agreed you'd move back into your room while the relatives were here, but as soon as they're gone, Boris and I want you back in our bed."
Hans sank gratefully against his broad chest, and a moment later, Boris pressed up against his back, making a Hans sandwich. He sighed contentedly.
"Did we not settle all this?" Boris asked "We love you. We are a family."
"I know that," Hans said, "but a lot of boyfriends live apart."
Thomas squeezed him tight. "Not us." He eased up, so Hans could breathe again. "We have plenty of room for you here. We want you to live with us."
"Do you want that too, puppy?" Boris asked, nuzzling his nape.
Hans sighed. All of this rubbing together of bodies was causing his cock to swell. "Yes," he said.
Then they made love ~ Jamie Fessenden
Dumb Criminals quotes by Jamie Fessenden
Architecture is not created by individuals. The genius sketch ... is a myth. Architecture is made by a team of committed people who work together, and in fact, success usually has more to do with dumb determination than with genius. ~ Joshua Prince-Ramus
Dumb Criminals quotes by Joshua Prince-Ramus
What? I don't hate Christians," Voldemort lied dishonestly. 'What are you even talking about?'
'You're still pretending to be dumb,' the Reverend pointed out truthfully. 'We know all about your plot to illegalize Christianity, Voldemort.'
Voldemort blinked stupidly again and questioned evilly, 'Wait. Is this about my Reddit account?'
'Is that what you call your godless coven? ~ Grace Ann Parsons
Dumb Criminals quotes by Grace Ann Parsons
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