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Every woman wants a man who can ruin her lipstick and not her mascara. ~ Habeeb Akande
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Habeeb Akande
The lamb baa-ed vigorously as Mary dragged it into the manicure room, and Zel winced. She really should insist Julie come work, She could use the help, plus it would mean extra mother-daughter time
and, Zel thought wryly, I won't have to find a spare tower in the suburbs.
Closing the appointment book, Zel went to finish trimming Linda's hair. "Did I hear a sheep out there?" Linda asked.
"Sick dog," Zel said. "Now, bend your head down." Linda obeyed and Zel ran her fingers through the back of her hair to check for evenness. All she needed to do was think of a way to make Julie come without Julie immediately assuming her mother was trying to ruin her life. Not an easy task. ~ Sarah Beth Durst
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Sarah Beth Durst
There are two ways to ruin any chances of leading a happy life. The first is to chase a goal twenty-four hours a day, day after day, and gladly give up all the little laughs and joys that life has to offer in exchange for that ever-elusive moment of jubilation. The second way is far worse, in that it NEVER fails. You know what it is, Sam? Falling in love with someone who chases a goal twenty four hours a day. ~ Ali Sheikh
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Ali Sheikh
Relationships are tenuous, like a fragile seedling. You could ruin its chances at growing and thriving by carelessly trampling it or shrouding it in a canopy of darkness. And also like a seedling, if you give it light and love and time for the roots to grow deeply, it'll flourish into a majestic redwood. ~ Brownell Landrum
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Brownell Landrum
I see the pain of miserly love in young people,' I say. 'You don't have that kind of melancholy on your face. But I'm careful not to step on your feet when I speak with you. It's not like dancing. It's like a stone walkway with a little grass between the cracks. It's strong but I will try to tread carefully and not ruin it. In Muslim homes you leave your shoes outside. This is how I behave with you. ~ Erri De Luca
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Erri De Luca
Do not let the one who broke your heart ruin it for the ones who care. ~ Charlena E. Jackson
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Charlena E.  Jackson
I don't want to ruin your life," Leonard said in a gentler tone.
"You're not ruining it."
"The drugs just slow the process down. But the end's inevitable. The question is, how to turn this thing off?" He jabbed at his head with his index finger. "It's cutting me up, and I can't turn it off. Madeleine, listen to me. Listen. I'm not going to get better. ~ Jeffrey Eugenides
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Jeffrey Eugenides
The portrait that Basil Hallward had painted of him would be a guide to him through life, would be to him what holiness is to some, and conscience to others, and the fear of God to us all. There were opiates for remorse, drugs that could lull the moral sense to sleep. But here was a visible symbol of the degradation of sin. Here was an ever-present sign of the ruin men brought upon their souls. ~ Oscar Wilde
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Oscar Wilde
We have made drugs an Olympic event. It receives most of the coverage at the Games and even the suspicion of guilt can ruin a reputation for life. ~ Bill Toomey
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Bill Toomey
People shouldn't lie to each other to begin with. People shouldn't have to fear hell in order to tell the truth. They should fear that their lies will ruin relationships or get them in trouble, here now, on Earth, with the people they love. ~ Renee Carlino
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Renee Carlino
Many parents have experienced the fact that kids don't seem to honor their parents the way that previous generations of children did. The question we need to ask is, how did we get to this position? How did this lack of respect infiltrate even the closest family relationships? Most importantly, how can we make sure that it doesn't ruin our bond with our own teens? ~ Fiona Dimas-Herd
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Fiona Dimas-Herd
Look at me." I stood in front of both of them. To Liz I said, "You and Davis are adorable together." I moved to Chloe. "And you and Gavin are - "
She raised her eyebrows at me.
" - interesting together. You can't let my fight with Nick ruin your relationships with your hot boyfriends. Come on, now. My fight with Nick has been going on for years. It's like this black hole, with gravity so strong that not even light can escape, sucking in winter breaks and dates and whole relationships, until the world - are you listening to me?" When I'd started waxing poetic, Chloe's attention had wandered around the room. I grabbed her chin and turned her face to me again. "Until the very world is devoid of love!"
"It's not that bad," Nick's voice came faintly through the locker room wall.
We all looked at one another. ~ Jennifer Echols
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Jennifer Echols
If you genuinely care about someone, you won't let them ruin themselves. It's as simple as that.
Don't use your 'supportive friend' excuse to justify your ignorance.
If someone in your life is living a self-destructive lifestyle, don't encourage them. Don't stand on the sidelines and watch. Do something.
Tell them they're worth more than that. That they're bigger than what they're facing. Tell them there are better ways to heal. Better ways to grow.
Tell them they can be friends with better people.Tell them there's no escape from reality but it only gets better if you face it. Tell them they're killing themselves slowly by intaking drugs.
Tell them you love them and don't want them to get hurt. Tell them that you care.

Do. Everything. You. Can.
Because even if they may not listen, at least you'll know you tried. ~ Ambu
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Ambu
I understand the fear surrounding this topic, but the fear is misplaced. We shouldn't be afraid of speaking about this, we should be more afraid of what not speaking about this can lead to. It can ruin relationships, destroy families, and in the most dire circumstances it can end lives. ~ Adam Schwartz
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Adam Schwartz
ref·u·gee noun: a person who flees for refuge or safety

We are, each of us, refugees
when we flee from burning buildings
into the arms of loving families.
When we flee from floods and earthquakes
to sleep on blue mats in community centres.
We are, each of us, refugees
when we flee from abusive relationships,
and shooters in cinemas
and shopping centres.

Sometimes it takes only a day
for our countries to persecute us
because of our creed, race, or sexual orientation.
Sometimes it takes only a minute
for the missiles to rain down
and leave our towns in ruin and destitution.

We are, each of us, refugees
longing for that amniotic tranquillity
dreaming of freedom and safety
when fences and barbed wires spring into walled gardens.

Lebanese, Sudanese, Libyan and Syrian,
Yemeni, Somali, Palestinian, and Ethiopian,
like our brothers and sisters,
we are, each of us, refugees.
The bombs fell in their cafés and squares
where once poetry, dancing, and laughter prevailed.
Only their olive trees remember music and merriment now
as their cities wail for departed children without a funeral.

We are, each of us, refugees.
Don't let stamped paper tell you differently.
We've been fleeing for centuries
because to stay means getting bullets in our heads
because to stay means being ~ Kamand Kojouri
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Kamand Kojouri
And if I tell Linden how I feel and he doesn't feel the same way that would ruin our friendship. It would ruin everything we have together, not to mention the relationships we're both in. ~ Karina Halle
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Karina Halle
I used to do drugs, but don't tell anyone because it'll ruin my image. ~ Courtney Love
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Courtney Love
Girls like me don't get the fairytales.
Because the white knights never want the dirty, damaged girls.
They know there's nothing left of us that's salvageable...nothing left of us that hasn't already been taken and destroyed.
And saving us? Will only ruin them. ~ Ashley Jade
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Ashley Jade
Should he give free reign to his desires, the bibliomaniac can ruin his life along with the lives of his loved ones. He'll often take better care of his books than of his own health; he'll spend more on fiction than he does on food; he'll be more interested in his library than in his relationships, and, since few people are prepared to live in a place where every available surface is covered with piles of books, he'll often find himself alone, perhaps in the company of a neglected and malnourished cat. When he dies, all but forgotten, his body might fester for days before a curious neighbor grows concerned about the smell. ~ Mikita Brottman
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Mikita Brottman
What the heck is wrong with them?!
Just when you're about to get a good snowball fight going, they have to ruin it by talking about 'relationships'! ~ Joe Hill
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Joe Hill
Young people can get very discouraged and get hooked on drugs or on alcohol because of problems they perceive as insurmountable. It is important that they realize a mistake need not ruin their future, but they must also know that not everything in life is a bed of roses. ~ Maureen Forrester
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Maureen Forrester
No, let's be fair," I said. "Being a villain's an option."

"You did not say that," Fox-mask said, incredulous, "It's not an option at all."

The girl in blue looked at Mrs. Yamada, "Ex-villain's corrupting the kids, and you're not stopping her?"

Mrs. Yamada was frowning at me.

"I'm going somewhere with this, honest," I said.

"If you're sure," she said. "I can stop you at any time."

"You can."

I looked at the gathered kids. A few of the less successful butterfly catchers had drifted away and approached.

"I always hated the speeches when I was in school, the preaching in auditoriums, the one-note message. Stuff like saying drugs are bad. It's wrong. Drugs are fantastic."

"Um," Fox-mask said.

Mrs. Yamada was glaring at me, but she hadn't interrupted.

"People wouldn't do them if they weren't. They make you feel good, make your day brighter, give you energy-"

"Weaver," Mrs. Yamada cut in.

"-until they don't," I said. "People hear the message that drugs are bad, that they'll ruin your life if you do them once. And then you find out that isn't exactly true because your friends did it and turned out okay, or you wind up trying something and you're fine. So you try them, try them again. It isn't a mind-shattering moment of horrible when you try that first drug. Or so I hear. It's subtle, it creeps up on you, and you never really get a good, conv ~ Wildbow
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Wildbow
Reaching out to any fellow ghetto kids is an act he puts in the same category as doing drugs: the initial rush of warmth and euphoria puts you on a path to ruin. ~ Ron Suskind
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Ron Suskind
All losses are sad. The end of an important relationship is also a death. When people fall out of love with each other, or when what seemed like a solid friendship falls into ruin, the hope for a shared future
a hope that provided a context and a purpose to life
is gone. [p. 149] ~ Sylvia Boorstein
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Sylvia Boorstein
When a man may whisper in a close ear, and that whisper be repeated far away and many moons later, then he has power. When a many may speak against another, and that other be brought to ruin and rue by nothing more than those words, then he has power. And if a man can act without the appearance of action, and bring about great change without the appearance of desiring it, then he has power. ~ Brian Ruckley
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Brian Ruckley
Painting and sculpture, labour and good faith, have been my ruin and I continually go from bad to worse. Better it would have been for me if I had set myself to making matches in my youth. I should not be in such distress of mind. ~ Michelangelo
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Michelangelo
We can't negotiate the facts. We can't negotiate the truth about the situation. And for those who are too fearful to finish, it can be done and must be done. Make sure we succeed, ... It is wrong for this generation to destroy the habitability of our planet and ruin the prospects of every future generation. ~ Al Gore
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Al Gore
Drugs and oils work in opposite ways. Drugs toxify. Oils detoxify. Drugs clog and confuse receptor sites. Oils clean receptor sites. Drugs depress the immune system. Oils strengthen the immune system. Antibiotics attack bacteria indiscriminately, killing both the good and the bad. Oils attack only the harmful bacteria, allowing our body's friendly flora to flourish." David Stewart, Ph.D., R.A., The Chemistry of Essential Oils, 2005 ~ Jen O'Sullivan
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Jen O'Sullivan
relationships aren't things you have to run away from all the time. ~ Yashodhara Lal
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Yashodhara Lal
I want to tell him that it's just a stupid car, but bits of me are scattered all over town; the graveyard, school, Cassie's room, the motel, and standing in from of the sink in my mother's kitchen. It takes too much energy to gather all the bits together, so I just sit there and watch him implode. ~ Laurie Halse Anderson
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Laurie Halse Anderson
The most important thing is that man should be the measure of all structures, including economic structures, and not that man be made to measure for those structures. The most important thing is not to lose sight of personal relationships - i.e., the relationships between man and his co-workers, between subordinates and their superiors, between man and his work, between this work and its consequences. ~ Vaclav Havel
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Vaclav Havel
But there's a million of these
towns that are like factories,
breeding hate and fear that only
the fortunate will never meet
And these zoomed up
kids die like saints, for
someone else's
dollar ~ Phil Volatile
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Phil Volatile
It is the just decree of Heaven that a traitor never sees his danger till his ruin is at hand. ~ Pietro Metastasio
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Pietro Metastasio
I'd gotten high enough to fly through time. ~ S.A. Tawks
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by S.A. Tawks
A wedding is a ceremony men fund with money they know they don't have ... to prove the love they think they have. ~ Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Mokokoma Mokhonoana
Music is my way out. I keep things locked up and never say anything. I guess in order to say something to one person, I have to sing it to a couple of thousand. It doesn't make for healthy relationships. ~ Florence Welch
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Florence Welch
Spiritual teachers tell us if you want to know the state of your personal consciousness, just look around and see what is happening to you. If you want to know the state of the collective consciousness, just look around at what is happening in the world. At any given point in time your personal reality is synchronistically, coincidentally orchestrated by your sense of self. ~ Deepak Chopra
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Deepak Chopra
The secret of successful relationships is found in an understanding heart, preferably your own. ~ Dada J. P. Vaswani
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by Dada J. P. Vaswani
Like a young heir, come a little prematurely to a large inheritance, we shall wanton and run riot until we have brought our reputation to the brink of ruin, and then, like him, shall have to labor with the current of opinion, when COMPELLED perhaps, to do what prudence and common policy pointed out, as plain as any problem in Euclid, in the first instance. ~ George Washington
Drugs Ruin Relationships quotes by George Washington
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