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How few, since the foundation of the world, have found themselves in a position environed with public perils so numerous, oppressed with responsibilities so high and solemn, as yourself! ~ Robert Dale Owen
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Robert Dale Owen
America should be cooling down the tensions in the internet, making it a more trusted environment, making it a more secure environment, making it a more reliable environment, because that's the foundation of our economy and our future. ~ Edward Snowden
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Edward Snowden
Coming from an African background, obviously the foundation of the family home is education, probably because my parents had to work a lot harder for everything that they've got in this country. ~ Tinie Tempah
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Tinie Tempah
Another time, twice, in fact, I tried hard to be in love. I suffered, too, gentlemen, I assure you. In the depth of my heart there was no faith in my suffering, only a faint stir of mockery, but yet I did suffer, and in the real, orthodox way; I was jealous, beside myself... and it was all from ENNUI, gentlemen, all from ENNUI; inertia overcame me. You know the direct, legitimate fruit of consciousness is inertia, that is, conscious sitting-with-the-hands-folded. I have referred to this already. I repeat, I repeat with emphasis: all 'direct' persons and men of action are active just because they are stupid and limited. How explain that? I will tell you: in consequence of their limitation they take immediate and secondary causes for primary ones, and in that way persuade themselves more quickly and easily than other people do that they have found an infallible foundation for their activity, and their minds are at ease and you know that is the chief thing. To begin to act, you know, you must first have your mind completely at ease and no trace of doubt left in it. Why, how am I, for example, to set my mind at rest? Where are the primary causes on which I amto build? Where are my foundations? Where am I to get them from? I exercise myself in reflection, and consequently with me every primary cause at once draws after itself another still more primary, and so on to infinity. That is just the essence of every sort of consciousness and
reflection. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
My co-winners, Peter Diamond and Christopher Pissarides, and I wish to thank the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Foundation for this very great honor. We each feel privileged and humbled to be named the winners of the 2010 Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. ~ Dale T. Mortensen
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Dale T. Mortensen
God wants a love partner, centering on the place where husband and wife become one through their sexual organs, God wants to appear and meet us ... I wish you would center on the absolute sexual organ, unique sexual organ, unchanging sexual organ and eternal sexual organ and use this as your foundation to pursue God ... We have to realize that the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven will begin on this foundation. ~ Sun Myung Moon
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Sun Myung Moon
Papa was our strength and the very fiber that wove our family together. He was our foundation and our rock, but even rocks, break, given enough stress. ~ Nancy B. Brewer
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Nancy B. Brewer
I donate money to the existing foundation that funds the US Ski Team kids. ~ Picabo Street
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Picabo Street
You never get rid of something that has a positive foundation. ~ Arsenio Hall
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Arsenio Hall
The constancy of the laws of nature, or the certainty with which we may expect the same effects from the same causes, is the foundation of the faculty of reason. ~ Thomas Robert Malthus
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Thomas Robert Malthus
If when I die, I am still a dictator, I will certainly go down into the oblivion of all dictators. If, on the other hand, I succeed in establishing a truly stable foundation for a democratic government, I will live forever in every home in China. ~ Chiang Kai-shek
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Chiang Kai-shek
study by the Bertelsmann Foundation concluded that in measures of economic equality, social mobility, and poverty prevention, the United States ranks twenty-seventh out of the thirty-one advanced industrial nations belonging to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. ~ Mike Lofgren
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Mike Lofgren
I believe I believe I can succeed, and this belief is the foundation for my belief. ~ Jarod Kintz
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Jarod Kintz
Einstein's paper on the photoelectric effect was the work for which he ultimately won the Nobel Prize. It was published in 1905, and Einstein has another paper in the very same journal where it appeared - his other paper was the one that formulated the special theory of relativity. That's what it was like to be Einstein in 1905; you publish a groundbreaking paper that helps lay the foundation of quantum mechanics, and for which you later win the Nobel Prize, but it's only the second most important paper that you publish in that issue of the journal. ~ Sean Carroll
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Sean Carroll
The world must be made safe for democracy. Its peace must be planted upon the tested foundations of political liberty. ~ Woodrow Wilson
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Woodrow Wilson
The Women's Sports Foundation holds a unique position in developing opportunities for girls and women of all abilities to be active whether recreationally or competitively, and I'm excited to help lead the organization to impact even more lives. It is an honor to continue to build the legacy created by Billie Jean King and all of our leaders. ~ Angela Ruggiero
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Angela Ruggiero
The whites, you see, are tempted by their egos and have no means to resist. We Japanese, on the other hand, know our egos are nothing. We bend our egos, all of the time, and that is where we differ. That is the fundamental difference, Hatsue. We bend our heads, we bow and are silent, because we understand that by ourselves, alone, we are nothing at all, dust in a strong wind, while the hakujin believes his aloneness is everything, his separateness is the foundation of his existence. He seeks and grasps, seeks and grasps for his separateness, while we seek union with the Greater Life - you must see that these are distinct paths we are traveling, Hatsue, the hakujin and we Japanese. ~ David Guterson
Donaghue Foundation quotes by David Guterson
These early Saints were indeed homeless, but they were not hopeless. Their hearts were broken, but their spirits were strong. They had learned a profound and important lesson. They had learned that hope, with its attendant blessings of peace and joy, does not depend upon circumstance. They had discovered that the true source of hope is faith - faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and in His infinite Atonement, the one sure foundation upon which to build our lives. ~ Wilford W. Andersen
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Wilford W. Andersen
I was set free, because my greatest fear had already been realized, and I was still alive, and I still had a daughter whom I adored, and I had an old typewriter and a big idea. And so rock bottom became the solid foundation on which I rebuilt my life. ~ J.K. Rowling
Donaghue Foundation quotes by J.K. Rowling
When we seek a sure foundation on which to base decisions about our actions and thoughts, we find that a sure foundation does not exist. We do not even know whether we actually need such a foundation. We continue to make use of vague, uncertain ideas, precisely in those areas that most deeply concern us. What we call "irrational" is the code name for what we don't understand well about ourselves given the limits of our own intelligence. ~ Carlo Rovelli
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Carlo Rovelli
Rather than complaining about inconsequential little irritations, I'm asking God to get right to the root of the problem, to eradicate the dry rot and fix the cracks in my foundation. I need Him to show me how to love Him and how to love His people. Even the ones I don't like - even myself. ~ Craig Groeschel
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Craig Groeschel
Pa never told stories like Grandpa. Or treated the barn like family. Eli knew how Grandpa's own pa had built the barn by hand, hauling bluestone for the foundation behind a stubborn ox with horns as wide as a tractor. How the smell of the plank walls was like family and how you never washed your chore coat so the animals would smell that you were family, too. ~ Sandra Neil Wallace
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Sandra Neil Wallace
Public virtue cannot exist in a nation without private, and public virtue is the only foundation of republics. ~ John Adams
Donaghue Foundation quotes by John Adams
God decreed to save and damn certain particular persons. This decree has its foundation in the foreknowledge of God, by which he knew from all eternity those individuals who would, through his preventing [going before] grace, believe, and, through his subsequent grace would persevere by which foreknowledge, he likewise knew those who would not believe and persevere. ~ Jacobus Arminius
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Jacobus Arminius
As Secretary of State I thought of our choices and challenges in three categories: The problems we inherited, including two wars and a global financial crisis; the new, often unexpected events and emerging threats, from the shifting sands of the Middle East to the turbulent waters of the Pacific to the uncharted terrain of cyberspace; and the opportunities presented by an increasingly networked world that could help lay the foundation for ~ Hillary Rodham Clinton
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Hillary Rodham Clinton
Sound moral principle is the only sure evidence of strength, the only firm foundation of greatness and perpetuity. Where this is lacking, no man's character is strong; no nation's life can be lasting. ~ Orson F. Whitney
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Orson F. Whitney
Why must the plastic form make up the foundation of image consciousness? ~ Edmund Husserl
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Edmund Husserl
The miracle is therefore a sign of love among equals. Equals should not be in awe of one another because awe implies inequality. ~ Foundation For Inner Peace
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Foundation For Inner Peace
If there are no self-evident first principles, as a foundation for reasoning to conclusions that are not immediately apparent, how can you construct any kind of a philosophy? If you have to prove even the basic axioms of your metaphysics, you will never have a metaphysics, because you will never have any strict proof of anything, for your first proof will involve you in an infinite regress, proving that you are proving what you are proving and so on, into the exterior darkness where there is wailing and gnashing of teeth. If Descartes thought it was necessary to prove his own existence by the fact that he was thinking, and that his though therefore existed in some subject, how did he prove that he was thinking in the first place? But as to the second step, that God must exist because Descartes had a clear idea of him – that never convinced me, then or at any other time, or now either. There are much better proofs for the existence of God than that one. ~ Thomas Merton
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Thomas Merton
The world must become aware of the fantastic transformational power of social entrepreneurship and the Foundation will work as a catalyst in this effort. ~ Klaus Schwab
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Klaus Schwab
Character is made up of core moral principles called the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, caring, fairness and citizenship. Each of these virtues are independently important but together they provide the foundation for a worthy life. ~ Michael Josephson
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Michael Josephson
I valued the biblical foundation I got at Biola. I was able to take classes that strengthened my faith and helped me to better understand what I believe and how to, in a practical way, apply my faith in real-world situations. ~ John Thune
Donaghue Foundation quotes by John Thune
Law is the essential foundation of stability and order both within societies and in international relations. ~ J. William Fulbright
Donaghue Foundation quotes by J. William Fulbright
A foundation of healing is built on the promise that God will be your strength. He is in the midst of this healing process with you - right where you are. ~ Suzanne Eller
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Suzanne Eller
Perhaps the seeds of false-refinement, immorality, and vanity, have ever been shed by the great. Weak, artificial beings, raised above the common wants and defections of their race, in a premature and unnatural manner, undermine the very foundation of virtue, and spread corruption through the whole mass of society! ~ Mary Wollstonecraft
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Mary Wollstonecraft
In business, you're trying to make a buck. God was good to me and blessed me. I made some money and started this foundation years ago, and it has grown in size. With the foundation it's a lot different, because the bottom line isn't how you can make more money or get a better return, it's helping the projects that you feel strongly about move forward. ~ Lee Iacocca
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Lee Iacocca
Now any dogma, based primarily on faith and emotionalism, is a dangerous weapon to use on others, since it is almost impossible to guarantee that the weapon will never be turned on the user. ~ Isaac Asimov
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Isaac Asimov
The Navy's use for deck was no different than an aging socialite getting weekly Botox injections, plastering wrinkles with foundation, and ducking into the ladies room to powder her nose and retouch her lipstick every ten minutes. We incessantly slaved away to make our ship pretty. We fluffed the feathers of America's peacock. ~ Maggie Young
Donaghue Foundation quotes by Maggie Young
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