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I can follow pretty much every programming language out there, I can make a two-hundred-year-old diary out of some really nasty ingredients, I can even make sense out of the instruction booklets that come with IKEA furniture, but I can*not* make heads or tails of this nonsense right here. ~ Keith R.A. DeCandido
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Keith R.A. DeCandido
The key trait of a Sperm Pirate is that she is not driven by desperation. Escaping poverty or hardship is not her motive. She usually has a good education and access to the same opportunities as the man she tries to trap. However, she understands that it is more efficient to enjoy a lavish lifestyle through the sweat of another's labour. But the Sperm Pirate is acutely aware that the infatuation of a hormonal man has a brief shelf life. This poor collateral must be cashed in before it expires. A pregnancy is the best way to convert this volatile resource into a stable asset. Babies are reliable insurance policies. They create legal obligations for financial support, even when the sweet milk of passion turns sour. ~ Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
I didn't have enough other people in my life to cover the loss of this many people at once. I didn't have spare aunties or cousins or grandparents. I didn't have backup. I didn't have insurance to cover a loss like this. ~ Liane Moriarty
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Liane Moriarty
Every month that you send a check to the life insurance company, you're making a bet with them. Don't worry, one day you'll win. ~ Nitya Prakash
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Nitya Prakash
In Tantric Zen, career, relationships, the type of insurance you have - all things are part of your evolution, your awareness, your experience of the suchness of existence. ~ Frederick Lenz
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Frederick Lenz
Reasoning based on cost has been strenuously resisted; it violated the Hippocratic Oath, was associated with rationing, and derided as putting a price on life ... Indeed, many physicians were willing to lie to get patients what they needed from insurance companies that were trying to hold down costs. ~ Ezekiel Emanuel
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Ezekiel Emanuel
If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your health insurance plan ~ Ron Fournier
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Ron Fournier
If you ask me, over time, I am a believer in the Indian financial saving story getting stronger; a lot more savers are moving money away from gold and real estate into banks, mutual funds, insurance and equities. ~ Uday Kotak
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Uday Kotak
Bear in mind that since medications do not fix anything, they allow the underlying problem to continue uncorrected and actually accelerate. Meanwhile, new symptoms and new seemingly unrelated diseases are the inevitable consequence of this biochemical faux pas. Furthermore, drug side effects are the leading cause of death. NSAIDs as an example of only one group of medications, are fatally toxic to thousands of people each year by damaging joints, lungs, kidneys, eyes, hearts, and intestines. And they are covered by insurance.
You and your doctor have been screwed into believing every symptom is a deficiency of some drug or surgery. You've been led to believe you have no control, when in truth you're the one who must take control. Unfortunately, the modus operandi in medicine is to find a drug to turn off the damaged part that is producing symptoms. ~ Sherry A. Rogers
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Sherry A. Rogers
Mrs. Bob Johnson, the wife of the New York Life Insurance agent, is an excellent cook, ~ Truman Capote
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Truman Capote
I am always interested in working and fun things like health insurance. ~ Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Stephanie D'Abruzzo
When I'm buying car insurance I ask myself, 'Which company has the most annoying and relentless commercials?' ~ Demetri Martin
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Demetri Martin
I'm against big bureaucracy in Washington making health care decisions. I just have an aversion to bureaucrats. But it's not just government bureaucrats. I don't like HMO bureaucrats and insurance company bureaucrats either. ~ Gary Bauer
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Gary Bauer
The Black Church has no challenger as the cultural womb of the black community. Not only did it give birth to new institutions such as schools, banks, insurance companies, and low income housing, it also provided an academy and an arena for political activities, and it nurtured young talent for musical, dramatic, and artistic development. ~ C. Eric Lincoln
Dinghy Insurance quotes by C. Eric Lincoln
The receptionist xeroxed my insurance card while explaining that chromotherapy isn't covered by insurance. ~ Miranda July
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Miranda July
If you're 54 or 55, you might want to listen because this will affect you. The idea, which was originally presented by Congressman Ryan, your running mate, is that we would give a voucher to seniors and they could go out in the private marketplace and buy their own health insurance. ~ Barack Obama
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Barack Obama
We give them the fire insurance salvation pitch, and they buy into it, and then we protect them in here so that none of us has to see what's going on outside the gates. We're in here worshipping a Jesus we've made up, while most of the souls out there, right out there, are crying out for a Jesus that really exists. ~ Nancy N. Rue
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Nancy N. Rue
Faith is walking face-first and full-speed into the dark. If we truly knew all the answers in advance as to the meaning of life and the nature of God and the destiny of our souls, our belief would not be a leap of faith and it would not be a courageous act of humanity; it would just be ... a prudent insurance policy. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
Health care is not just another commodity. It is not a gift to be rationed based on the ability to pay. It is time to make universal health insurance a national priority, so that the basic right to health care can finally become a reality for every American. ~ Edward Kennedy
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Edward Kennedy
I don't want anybody between a doctor and a patient - not an insurance company bureaucrat or a Washington bureaucrat. ~ John Barrasso
Dinghy Insurance quotes by John Barrasso
We ought to follow through on an idea that was first proposed by President Clinton to allow people over the age of 55 who are not eligible for Medicare into the Medicare system, at cost, and below cost for those who can't afford it. That takes care of a significant number of the people who don't have health insurance. ~ John Edwards
Dinghy Insurance quotes by John Edwards
I do have a sneaking admiration for anyone who has the intelligence to plan a 'job' properly and the courage to carry it out. As long as no one gets hurt and the target is a bank or an insurance company. ~ Karl Wiggins
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Karl Wiggins
If insurance companies paid for lifestyle-management classes, they would save huge sums of money. We need to see that alternative medicine is now mainstream. ~ Deepak Chopra
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Deepak Chopra
Remember life insurance is intended as income replacement to help dependents and or/spouse pay for things that your income would have covered. When you get to the point that you're dependents (Your kids mostly) aren't dependent on your income, you could reduce the amount of life insurance you are carrying. ~ Michelle Singletary
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Michelle Singletary
The federal government is basically an insurance company with an army. ~ Paul Krugman
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Paul Krugman
Life Insurance is a mitigation to the risk of your life
Financial Freedom is a mitigation to the risk of living your life !!
Choice has always been yours. ~ Manoj Arora
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Manoj Arora
After all, it wasn't science that had transformed the world, but the marriage of technology and capitalism. The ignorant might blame science for the ills and evils of the modern era, but that was a case of mistaken identity - no research scientist had ever polluted a water table with a PCB, or performed a third-trimester abortion, or denied someone insurance based on a genetic screening, or turned the Internet into a covert way of peering into private lives. Real scientists were invisible outside their own circle of peers. Even Nobel Prize recipients barely registered on the public consciousness, as Brohier well knew. A Heisman Trophy or an Oscar counted for far more - there was no market for Heroes of Science trading cards. Status was still measured in arcane units: bylines, citations, appointments, grants. ~ Arthur C. Clarke
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Arthur C. Clarke
Rena noticed me watching it pass. 'You think they don't got problem?' Rena said. 'Everybody got problem. You got me, they got insurance, house payment, Preparation H.' She smiled, baring the part between her two upper teeth. 'We are the free birds. They want to be us. ~ Janet Fitch
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Janet Fitch
In insurance, as elsewhere, the reaction of weak managements to weak operations is often weak accounting. ("It's difficult for an empty sack to stand upright.") ~ Warren Buffett
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Warren Buffett
I also know that I won't go forth and have children just in case I might regret missing it later in life; I don't think this is a strong enough motivation to bring more babies onto the earth. Though I suppose people do reproduce sometimes for that reason - for insurance against later regret. I think people have children for all manner of reasons- sometimes out of pure desire to nurture and witness life, sometimes out of an absence of choice, sometimes without thinking about it in any particular way. Not all the reasons to have children are the same, and not all of them are necessarily unselfish. Not all the reasons not to have children are the same, either, though. Nor are all those reasons necessarily selfish. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
I want to level the playing field for people who want to purchase health insurance as individuals, and that means eliminating the exemption for employer-sponsored health care. ~ Adam Hasner
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Adam Hasner
Before Medicare, nearly half of American seniors were forced to go without coverage because insurance companies were reluctant to insure them - making the chances of having health insurance as a senior the same as getting tails on a coin flip. ~ John B. Larson
Dinghy Insurance quotes by John B. Larson
When the War ended in 1945, I started selling vacuum cleaners door to door. Then I sold insurance door to door. I even tried selling cars. ~ Clint Walker
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Clint Walker
Should any political party attempt to abolish social security unemployment insurance and eliminate labor laws and farm programs you would not hear of that party again in our political history. There is a tiny splinter group of course that believes you can do these things. Among them are a few other Texas oil millionaires and an occasional politician or business man from other areas. Their number is negligible and they are stupid. ~ Dwight D. Eisenhower
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Dwight D. Eisenhower
He had wondered, as had most people at one time or another, precisely why an android bounced helplessly about when confronted by an empathy-measuring test. Empathy, evidently, existed only within the human community, whereas intelligence to some degree could be found throughout every phylum and order including the arachnida. For one thing, the empathic faculty probably required an unimpaired group instinct; a solitary organism, such as a spider, would have no use for it; in fact it would tend to abort a spider's ability to survive. It would make him conscious of the desire to live on the part of his prey. Hence all predators, even highly developed mammals such as cats, would starve.

Empathy, he once had decided, must be limited to herbivores or anyhow omnivores who could depart from a meat diet. Because, ultimately, the empathic gift blurred the boundaries between hunter and victim, between the successful and the defeated. As in the fusion with Mercer, everyone ascended together or, when the cycle had come to an end, fell together into the trough of the tomb world. Oddly, it resembled a sort of biological insurance, but double-edged. As long as some creature experienced joy, then the condition for all other creatures included a fragment of joy. However, if any living being suffered, then for all the rest the shadow could not be entirely cast off. A herd animal such as man would acquire a higher survival factor through this; an owl or a cobra would be destroyed.
Philip K. Dick
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Philip K. Dick
Cade stood midfield, waiting for Zach to take his place at the line of scrimmage.

"When's the last time you threw a football?" Zach asked worriedly.

Aside from the few times Cade had tossed one around casually with friends, a long time. "About twelve years."

Zach threw him a panicked look.

"I won't push it," Cade said. It wasn't as if his shoulder was entirely unusable; in fact, on a daily basis it didn't bother him at all. His rotator cuff simply couldn't withstand the repetitive stress of competitive football. "I just want to see what I can do." He pointed emphatically. "And if the answer is 'not much,' you better not tell a soul. I've got a reputation to uphold here."

Zach smiled, loosening up. "All right. I don't want to stand in the way of you reliving your glory days or whatever."

"Good. But in case this all goes south, my car keys are in the outside pocket of my duffle bag. When you drive me to the emergency room, if I'm too busy mumbling incoherently from the pain, just tell them I've got Blue Cross Blue Shield insurance."

Zach's eyes went wide.

"I'm kidding, Zach. Now get moving. ~ Julie James
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Julie James
Today, all patients accepted for treatment at St. Jude's are treated without regard for the family's ability to pay. Everything beyond what is covered by insurance is taken care of, and for those without insurance, all of the medical costs are absorbed by the hospital. ~ Marlo Thomas
Dinghy Insurance quotes by Marlo Thomas
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