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To me, the most important part of winning is joy. You can win without joy, but winning that's joyless is like eating in a four-star restaurant when you're not hungry. Joy is a current of energy in your body, like chlorophyll or sunlight, that fills you up and makes you naturally want to do your best. ~ Bill Russell
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Bill Russell
When I go to a restaurant I always ask the manager, "Give me a table near a waiter." ~ Henny Youngman
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Henny Youngman
There was another restaurant, rustic and small, with red checkered cloths on the tables, and a kitchen you could see into from the dining area, and they all were there together. ~ Scott Cawthon
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Scott Cawthon
People like consistency. Whether it's a store or a restaurant, they want to come in and see what you are famous for. ~ Millard Drexler
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Millard Drexler
Whenever I eat at a restaurant I never put the napkin in my lap. People say, 'Hannibal, why don't you put the napkin in your lap?' Because I believe in myself. I believe in my ability to not spill food in my pants 'cause I'm a goddamn adult. And I've mastered the art of getting food from my plate to my mouth without messing up my jeans. You need to believe in yourself, too and get your life together, that's for babies. Have some confidence in your eating abilities and hand/eye coordination. ~ Hannibal Buress
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Hannibal Buress
Out of the blue, he kissed me. Right in the middle of the Robert E. Lee Hotel Restaurant, he kissed me so slowly with an open mouth and every single thing in my body-my skin, my collarbone, the hollow backs of my knees, everything inside of me filled up with light. ~ Kathryn Stockett
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Kathryn Stockett
One good way of measuring the mood in Israel is just how alert or relaxed the guards at every restaurant entrance appear to be. ~ Elliott Abrams
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Elliott Abrams
Never laughing too loudly in a restaurant no matter how good the joke. ~ Paulo Coelho
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Paulo Coelho
Due to state laws, the restaurant was nonsmoking, which as a nonsmoker pleases me, but as a Libertarian it pisses me off. ~ Jarod Kintz
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Jarod Kintz
I only eat meat if I go to a nice restaurant and there is an exceptional dish, or if I'm at somebody's home for a dinner, I'll eat whatever is in front of me. Otherwise, I don't eat anything that walks around and has a face. ~ Bryan Fuller
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Bryan Fuller
I've never met a bread basket that I didn't love. At the same time, it can make me tired. If I have too much wine, it's too much sugar. If I overindulge on tortilla chips in a Mexican restaurant, I can really feel it. I think sometimes just watching it and not doing things in excess can really help with whether you feel good or not. ~ Molly Sims
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Molly Sims
My big success is to see my guests happy when they like my food. My place is not a restaurant. It's my house. The people are not customers. They are my guests, my friends. ~ Julie King
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Julie King
The two palm worms are brought in separate bowls, still alive, wriggling fiercely in a bath of turpentine-colored fish sauce with a few slivers of chili. The glossy brown heads of the grubs, the larvae of a weevil that infests palm trees, glisten like popcorn seeds; the wriggling abdomens have pale rubbery ridges. The owner of the restaurant, chubby and affable, comes out to instruct Nhat and me: we are to grasp the heads, pull off the fat white bodies with our teeth, and discard the heads, taking care that the larvae do not nip our tongues with their formidable pincers in the process. Biting down on squirming larvae seems barbaric, but my brain is starting to swim due to hunger, and the fish sauce is muskily aromatic. How bad could their fat glistening bodies taste? And am I not a direct descendant of insectivores, albeit roughly 100 million years removed? I ~ Stephen Le
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Stephen Le
Friends come in and out of your life like busboys in a restaurant, did you ever notice that? ~ Stephen King
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Stephen King
A Yuppie is someone who believes it's courageous to eat in a restaurant that hasn't been reviewed yet. ~ Mort Sahl
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Mort Sahl
Around them, the hotel restaurant was busy. Last shift's prostitutes mixed with the next shift's tourists and businessmen at the cheap pink-lit buffet. ~ James S.A. Corey
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by James S.A. Corey
If you have a good experience in a restaurant, you tell 2 people. If you have a bad experience, you tell 10 people. ~ Anthony Bourdain
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Anthony Bourdain
In really fancy restaurants they never point to the bathroom, they just gesture toward the bathroom or they'll lead you to the bathroom. The fancier the restaurant, the less pointing there is. ~ Nico Muhly
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Nico Muhly
I kind of think of engineering like the chefs at a restaurant. Nobody's going to deny chefs are integrally important, but there's also so many other people who contribute to a great meal. ~ Ben Silbermann
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Ben Silbermann
In any restaurant, my eyes alight first, as if by an atavistic pull, on the meat dishes on the menu. In any dinner party I throw, I think of the non-vegetarian dish as central. I view this as a combination of weakness, greed and moral failure. Someone please help. ~ Neel Mukherjee
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Neel Mukherjee
I can go into a restaurant; I might have to go a few times, taste something, love it and figure out exactly what is in there, and go home and duplicate it. ~ Tamala Jones
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Tamala Jones
I've seen cookbooks from lots of great chefs that have been disappointing. A book, to me, it has to have a story. Some of these people, they open a restaurant, and one year later, there's a cookbook. There's not much of a story yet. ~ Wylie Dufresne
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Wylie Dufresne
Question the Thought "Failure is Just for Losers"

A failure-related thinking error that anxious perfectionists sometimes make is thinking that failure is just for losers. If you have this thinking bias, try this thought experiment:
Experiment: Think of a highly successful person you admire. It can be anyone, from Oprah to someone you actually know.
What failures has this person experienced in areas where he or she is generally successful? Has a businessperson you admire made some bad investments? Has your favorite actor made a movie that lost money? Has your favorite musician had an album flop?
You may be able to think of examples and failures off the top of your head, or you may need to do some online research or read a biography of that person. Make sure the examples are relevant to the person's core domain of success. A superstar chef opening a restaurant and failing is more relevant than an actor opening a restaurant and failing.
After you've done the thought experiment, ask yourself, "What's an alternative thought that's more realistic and less harsh than 'Failure is just for losers'?"
Alternate option: Ask mentors (people you actually know) about examples of their failures. Ask them what they learned from the experiences. You could also ask your mentors for examples of failures that have happened to prominent people in your field. They might be more willing to volunteer this information than to talk about their own failures. ~ Alice Boyes
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Alice Boyes
As a member of Fleetwood Mac, for two weeks I was still working at the restaurant because I'd given them notice. I didn't just want to walk in there and say, "'I'm going to be a famous rock star so I quit and I never liked your food anyway". ~ Stevie Nicks
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Stevie Nicks
I sat down in a booth, and the waitress shoved a menu in front of me. There wasn't anything on it that sounded good, and anyway, one look at her and my stomach turned flipflops ... Every goddamned restaurant I go to, it's always the same way ... They'll have some old bag on the payroll - I figure they keep her locked up in the mop closet until they see me coming. And they'll doll her up in the dirtiest goddamned apron they can find and smear that crappy red polish all over her fingernails, and everything about her is smeary and sloppy and smelly. And she's the dame that always waits on me. ~ Jim Thompson
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Jim Thompson
I lost about 60 pounds. I don't really have a moment specifically that made me do it. I remember little things, like, when I was in Japan, I remember looking around at the portion sizes of a fast food restaurant and being like, 'Well, this has something to do with it.' Americans definitely eat too much. ~ Patrick Stump
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Patrick Stump
I was told I had to go to business school to succeed. I gave it a shot, but eventually dropped out to bootstrap a restaurant with just a Visa card and a $20,000 line of credit. Everyone told me restaurants were hard work (and they were right! I have so much respect for anyone in the restaurant business). I ran the restaurant for two years, sold a franchise, decided to change paths, and sold the whole operation at a modest profit. ~ Ryan Holmes
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Ryan Holmes
Bolor-Erdene urged Dinah to address her as Bo. She was obviously of Far Eastern stock, and yet there was something in her eyes and cheekbones that did not look precisely Chinese. Dinah's preliminary googling had already told her that Bo was Mongolian. Yuri ~ Neal Stephenson
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Neal Stephenson
People need to understand. If they go to a show on Broadway and find seventy people working but only fifty spectators, how much would the ticket cost? That's what El Bulli's about. There are seventy actors who are playing for just fifty spectators. Is the price expensive? It's relative. How much does a normal dinner at a five-star hotel restaurant cost? Four hundred dollars. It's the same as El Bulli. But you can also think of it this way: How much would it cost to eat something that nobody else is eating? ~ Ferran Adria
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Ferran Adria
I have been thinking," her father said, turning to Sudha, breaking the silence for the second time. "The restaurant where we will have the wedding reception. There is a bar?" "All restaurants have bars, Baba." "I am concerned about Rahul. He has no control when it comes to - " He paused, searching for the word he wished to use. "When it comes to that." Sudha shut her eyes, thinking she might cry. All this time she had been waiting for her parents to acknowledge Rahul's drinking, but hearing her father say it now, after what had just happened, was too much. ~ Anonymous
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Anonymous
When I'm on a location, I pick a restaurant that's close and private and eat all my meals there. ~ Sylvester Stallone
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Sylvester Stallone
First and foremost I am a chef, whether behind the stove at one of my Northern California restaurants or for the past 15 years in front of the camera on my Food Network cooking shows. Creating new dishes and flavor combinations that bring cooks and our restaurant guests pleasure is my job and I love it. ~ Tyler Florence
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Tyler Florence
As long as you give my friend Jonah Lehrer a free pizza, I'll write a song about your restaurant. ~ Bob Dylan
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Bob Dylan
I think people are naturally good, I see it every day. Look at this restaurant. No one's causing anybody any trouble in here. We're all sitting, respecting each other's space, we're keeping our voices down, we're saying "please" and "thank you" - those are acts of generosity that we commit on a second by second basis that we don't give ourselves enough credit for. There's a lot of kindness in this world, we're just such vain creatures; our vanity can be used against us so easily. We're like dogs, hairless dogs. ~ Torquil Campbell
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Torquil Campbell
Perhaps Diana's true feelings came to the surface the day she took Prince William for lunch at a fashionable family restaurant, Smollensky's Balloon in Central London, where magician John Styles took her wedding ring, placed it in a silk handkerchief and with a flourish, made it vanish. Diana collapsed into a fit of laughter and cried: 'Good.' Sadly, though, she knew all too well that there was no magic wand which could erase the hurt of the last decade, or easily resolve the constitutional and financial consequences of a royal divorce. ~ Andrew Morton
Dinahs Restaurant quotes by Andrew Morton
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