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Sport teaches you about commitment and to dedicate yourself. Whether you make it to the top or not, sport gives you great skills that you can use in life. ~ Jenny Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Jenny Meadows

This morning the hermit thrush was absent at breakfast,
His place was taken by a family of chickadees;
At noon a flock of humming birds passed south,
Whirling in the wind up over the saddle between
Ritter and Banner, following the migration lane
Of the Sierra crest southward to Guatemala.
All day cloud shadows have moved over the face of the mountain,
The shadow of a golden eagle weaving between them
Over the face of the glacier.
At sunset the half-moon rides on the bent back of the Scorpion,
The Great Bear kneels on the mountain.
Ten degrees below the moon
Venus sets in the haze arising from the Great Valley.
Jupiter, in opposition to the sun, rises in the alpenglow
Between the burnt peaks. The ventriloquial belling
Of an owl mingles with the bells of the waterfall.
Now there is distant thunder on the east wind.
The east face of the mountain above me
Is lit with far off lightnings and the sky
Above the pass blazes momentarily like an aurora.
It is storming in the White Mountains,
On the arid fourteen-thousand-foot peaks;
Rain is falling on the narrow gray ranges
And dark sedge meadows and white salt flats of Nevada.
Just before moonset a small dense cumulus cloud,
Gleaming like a grape cluster of metal,
Moves over the Sierra crest and grows down the westward slope.
Frost, the color and quality of ~ Kenneth Rexroth
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Kenneth Rexroth
You're coming back to me," Lana affirmed with a steadiness that didn't reflect in those eyes, the shade of sunlit meadows. ~ Katherine McIntyre
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Katherine McIntyre
To be in Lyonesse, that is the question
To justify the otters, is the question
The dropping of the meadows, is the question

I do not know the answer to the question

There was a time when moorhens in the west
There was a time when daylight on the top
There was a time when God was not a question

There was a time when poets

Then I came ~ Laurence Lerner
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Laurence Lerner
When we, system dynamicists, see a pattern persist in many parts of a system over long periods, we assume that it has causes embedded in the feedback loop structure of the system. Running the same system harder or faster will not change the pattern as long as the structure is not revised. Growth as usual has widened the gap between the rich and the poor. Continuing growth as usual will never close that gap. Only changing the structure of the system - the chains of causes and effects - will do that. ~ Donella H. Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Donella H. Meadows
Fair is the kingcup that in meadow blows, Fair is the daisy that beside her grows. ~ John Gay
Coveyou Meadows quotes by John Gay
Everything that happens to me in my life, be it good or bad, it's all education, and it's important for that to become part of what you do. It all feeds the beast. ~ Tim Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Tim Meadows
Ending poverty calls for humility, honesty, freedom from ideology and refusal to accept cruel simplicities about anyone's human potential. It requires listening to the wisdom and cutting the nonsense from both the Right and the Left. ~ Donella Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Donella Meadows
You don't know what I am, anymore. You cannot fathom what I've endured. Don't imagine you've tamed me. ~ Jodi Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Jodi Meadows
Can the life of the time be caught in an advertisement? Is that how it is, really, in the meadows of the world? ~ Donald Barthelme
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Donald Barthelme
There is only one secret. To love what you are doing. ~ Jayne Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Jayne Meadows
we try looking there?" "Good idea," Rachel said, walking toward it. "Oh, aren't the trees beautiful with all their blossoms?" The others agreed. Delicate sprays of pinky-white flowers lined the branches of the apple trees. "And that one is even prettier than the others," Kirsty said, pointing out a tree a short distance away. It was covered in blossoms. "I wonder why it's flowering so well?" A thought struck her and she stopped. Kirsty looked excitedly at Tia. "You don't think it has anything to do with your petal's magic powers, do you?" Tia's eyes lit up. ~ Daisy Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Daisy Meadows
To the Kathakali Man these stories are his children and his childhood. He has grown up within them. They are the house he was raised in, the meadows he played in. They are his windows and his way of seeing. So when he tells a story, he handles it as he would a child of his own. He teases it. He punishes it. He sends it up like a bubble. He wrestles it to the ground and lets it go again. He laughs at it because he loves it. He can fly you across whole worlds in minutes, he can stop for hours to examine a wilting leaf. Or play with a sleeping monkey's tail. He can turn effortlessly from the carnage of war into the felicity of a woman washing her hair in a mountain stream. From the crafty ebullience of a rakshasa with a new idea into a gossipy Malayali with a scandal to spread. From the sensuousness of a woman with a baby at her breast into the seductive mischief of Krishna's smile. He can reveal the nugget of sorrow that happiness contains. The hidden fish of shame in a sea of glory. ~ Arundhati Roy
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Arundhati Roy
Be like the sun and meadow, which are not in the least concerned about the coming winter. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Coveyou Meadows quotes by George Bernard Shaw
Joys come from simple and natural things: mists over meadows, sunlight on leaves, the path of the moon over water. ~ Sigurd F. Olson
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Sigurd F. Olson
We drove 22 miles into the country around Farmington. There were meadows and apple orchards. White fences trailed through the rolling fields. Soon the sign started appearing. THE MOST PHOTOGRAPHED BARN IN AMERICA. We counted five signs before we reached the site. There were 40 cars and a tour bus in the makeshift lot. We walked along a cowpath to the slightly elevated spot set aside for viewing and photographing. All the people had cameras; some had tripods, telephoto lenses, filter kits. A man in a booth sold postcards and slides -- pictures of the barn taken from the elevated spot. We stood near a grove of trees and watched the photographers. Murray maintained a prolonged silence, occasionally scrawling some notes in a little book.

"No one sees the barn," he said finally.

A long silence followed.

"Once you've seen the signs about the barn, it becomes impossible to see the barn."

He fell silent once more. People with cameras left the elevated site, replaced by others.

We're not here to capture an image, we're here to maintain one. Every photograph reinforces the aura. Can you feel it, Jack? An accumulation of nameless energies."

There was an extended silence. The man in the booth sold postcards and slides.

"Being here is a kind of spiritual surrender. We see only what the others see. The thousands who were here in the past, those who will come in the future. We've agreed to be part of a collect ~ Don DeLillo
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Don DeLillo
In my experience with women that I've dated and my wife now, is you have to know what they care about. And even if you aren't a huge fan of it, you still have to have interest in it and it has to be genuine because women do it for men all the time. ~ Tim Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Tim Meadows
We see no reason why a sustainable world needs to leave anyone living in poverty. Quite the contrary, we think such a world would have to provide material security to all its people. ~ Donella H. Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Donella H. Meadows
For centuries, no one was concerned that books weren't girl-friendly, because no one really cared if girls read; but even so, we persisted for long enough that literature has slowly come to accommodate us. Modern boys, by contrast, are not trying to read in a culture of opposition. Nobody is telling them reading doesn't matter, that boys don't need to read and that actually, no prospective wife looks for literacy in a husband. Quite the opposite! Male literary culture thrives, both teachers and parents are throwing books at their sons, and the fact that the books aren't sticking isn't, as the nature of the complaint makes clear, because boys don't like reading – no. The accusation is that boys don't like reading about girls, which is a totally different matter.

Because constantly, consistently, our supposedly equal society penalises boys who express an interest in anything feminine. The only time boys are discouraged from books all together is in contexts where, for whatever reason, they've been given the message that reading itself is girly – which is a wider extrapolation of the same problem. ~ Foz Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Foz Meadows
Flower god, god of the spring, beautiful, bountiful,
Cold-dyed shield in the sky, lover of versicles,
Here I wander in April
Cold, grey-headed; and still to my
Heart, Spring comes with a bound, Spring the deliverer,
Spring, song-leader in woods, chorally resonant;
Spring, flower-planter in meadows,
Child-conductor in willowy
Fields deep dotted with bloom, daisies and crocuses:
Here that child from his heart drinks of eternity:
O child, happy are children! ~ Robert Louis Stevenson
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Robert Louis Stevenson
The real evidence of growing older is that things level off in importance ... Days are no longer jagged peaks to climb; time is a meadow, and we move over it with level steps. ~ Gladys Taber
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Gladys Taber
Mothers should tell little girls and boys about the importance of dreams,' Aunt Habiba said. 'They give a sense direction. It is not enough to reject this courtyard
you need to have a vision of the meadows with which you want to replace it.' But how, I asked Aunt Habiba, could you distinguish among all the wishes, all the cravings which besieged you, and find the one on which you ought to focus, the important dream that gave you vision? She said that little children had to be patient, the key dream would emerge and bloom within, and then, from the intense pleasure it gave you, you would know that that it was the genuine little treasure which would give you direction and light. (p. 214) ~ Fatema Mernissi
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Fatema Mernissi
Today, I am a clear stream flowing softly through green meadows. I make my way swiftly but gently to my goals. ~ Julia Cameron
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Julia Cameron
Maybe next year. Everything was maybe next year. ~ Rae Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Rae Meadows
My look blue as the sky
Is as calm as water in the sun.
It's that way, blue and calm,
Because it doesn't question and it doesn't get surprised...

If I did question or got surprised
New flowers wouldn't bloom in the meadows
And nothing would change in the sun in a way to make it more beautiful...

(Even if new flowers bloomed in the meadows
And the sun turned more beautiful,
I would sense fewer flowers in the meadow
And would find the sun more ugly...
Because everything's like it is and so it's what it is,
And I accept, and I'm not even thankful,
So I don't seem to be thinking about it...) ~ Alberto Caeiro
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Alberto Caeiro
Next time a sunrise steals
your breath or a meadow of flowers leave you speechless, remain that way.
Say nothing and listen as Heaven
whispers, Do you like it?
I did it just for you. ~ Max Lucado
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Max Lucado
In a library, you can find small miracles and truth, and you might find something that will make you laugh so hard that you will get shushed, in the friendliest way. I have found sanctuary in libraries my whole life, and there is sanctuary there now, from the war, from the storms of our families and our own minds. Libraries are like mountains or meadows or creeks: sacred space. So this afternoon, I'll walk to the library. ~ Anne Lamott
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Anne Lamott
The world peeps, squawks, bangs, and thunders at many frequencies all at once. What is a significant delay depends - usually - on which set of frequencies you're trying to understand. ~ Donella H. Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Donella H. Meadows
The Fairyland Olympics are about to start, And my crafty goblins are going to take part. We'll win this year, for I've got a cunning plan. I'm sending my goblins to the arena in Fairyland. The Magic Sporty Objects that make sports safe and fun, Will be stolen by my goblins, to keep until we've won. Sporty Fairies, prepare to lose and to watch us win. Goblins, follow my commands, and let the games begin! ~ Daisy Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Daisy Meadows
The streams which would otherwise diverge to fertilize a thousand meadows, must be directed into one deep narrow channel before they can turn a mill. ~ Anna Brownell Jameson
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Anna Brownell Jameson
Cary Grant, said, 'I heard you were on the lot and I just had to meet you. ~ Audrey Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Audrey Meadows
We are your army. ~ Jodi Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Jodi Meadows
In one picture, the pool was half hidden by a fringe of mace- weeds, and the dead willow was leaning across it at a prone, despondent angle, as if mysteriously arrested in its fall towards the stagnant waters. Beyond, the alders seemed to strain away from the pool, exposing their knotted roots as if in eternal effort. In the other drawing, the pool formed the main portion of the foreground, with the skeleton tree looming drearily at one side. At the water's farther end, the cat-tails seemed to wave and whisper among themselves in a dying wind; and the steeply barring slope of pine at the meadow's terminus was indicated as a wall of gloomy green that closed in the picture, leaving only a pale of autumnal sky at the top. ("Genius Loci") ~ Clark Ashton Smith
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Clark Ashton Smith
Now I would solicit the particular attention of those numerous people who imagine that money is everything in this world, and that rank and ability are inseparable from wealth: let them observe that Cincinnatus, the one man in whom Rome reposed all her hope of survival, was at that moment working a little three-acre farm (now known as Quinctian meadows) west of the Tiber, just opposite the spot where the shipyards are today. A mission from the city found him at work on his land - digging a ditch, maybe, or ploughing. Greetings were exchanged, and he was asked - with a prayer for God's blessing on himself and his country - to put on his toga and hear the Senate's instructions. This naturally surprised him, and, asking if all were well, he told his wife Racilia to run to their cottage and fetch his toga. The toga was brought, and wiping the grimy sweat from his hands and face he put it on; at once the envoys from the city saluted him, with congratulations, as Dictator, invited him to enter Rome, and informed him of the terrible danger of Minucius's army. ~ Livy
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Livy
The Promise"

Stay, I said
to the cut flowers.
They bowed
their heads lower.

Stay, I said to the spider,
who fled.

Stay, leaf.
It reddened,
embarrassed for me and itself.

Stay, I said to my body.
It sat as a dog does,
obedient for a moment,
soon starting to tremble.

Stay, to the earth
of riverine valley meadows,
of fossiled escarpments,
of limestone and sandstone.
It looked back
with a changing expression, in silence.

Stay, I said to my loves.
Each answered,
Always. ~ Jane Hirshfield
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Jane Hirshfield
Annie watched them all walk together, like sleepwalkers, she thought, jackrabbits trying to outrun them. The two ends of the line pulled in to form a semicircle, a giant net of humanity. * ~ Rae Meadows
Coveyou Meadows quotes by Rae Meadows
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