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Te amo." "Je t'aime, mon cheri," Ty said brokenly. ~ Abigail Roux
Cetim Mon quotes by Abigail Roux
Mon Mothma walks among the wreckage, attendants on each side of her: Hostis Ij to her left, and Auxi Kray Korbin on her right. Each serving the role of angel and demon on her shoulder (though the role is never fixed and one becomes the other depending on the situation). Behind them, four New Republic soldiers walking with blaster rifles at the ready. This ~ Chuck Wendig
Cetim Mon quotes by Chuck Wendig
Tant que je vive, mon cueur ne changera
Pour nulle vivante, tant soit elle bonne ou sage
Forte et puissante, riche de hault lignaige
Mon chois est fait, aultrene se fera
Long as I live, my heart will never vary
For no one else, however fair or good
Brave, resolute, or rich, of gentle blood
My choice is made, and I will have no other. ~ Dorothy Dunnett
Cetim Mon quotes by Dorothy Dunnett
Fantasyland was designed as a home for some of the classic characters [from those films], and as a symbol of the magic, hope and beauty of the human imagination. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
God is not needed to create guilt or to punish. Our fellow men suffice, aided by ourselves. You were speaking of the Last Judgement. Allow me to laugh respectfully. I shall wait for it resolutely, for I have known what is worse, the judgement of men. For them, no extenuating circumstances; even the good intention is ascribed to crime. Have you at least heard of the spitting cell, which a nation recently thought up to prove itself the greatest on earth? A walled-up box in which the prisoner can stand without moving. The solid door that locks him in the cement shell stops at chin level. Hence only his face is visible, and every passing jailer spits copiously on it. The prisoner, wedged into his cell, cannot wipe his face, though he is allowed, it is true. to close his eyes. Well, that, mon cher, is a human invention. They didn't need God for that little masterpiece. ~ Albert Camus
Cetim Mon quotes by Albert Camus
- We're winning!

- Who is 'we', mon Prince?

- Not a word! I will tell you tomorrow. ~ Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Perigord
Cetim Mon quotes by Charles Maurice De Talleyrand-Perigord
Linguists traditionally observe that esteemed writers have been using they as a gender-neutral pronoun for almost a thousand years. As far back as the 1400s, in the Sir Amadace story, one finds the likes of Iche mon in thayre degree ("Each man in their degree"). ~ John McWhorter
Cetim Mon quotes by John McWhorter
Why can't they see, mon père? Why can't they see what the woman is doing to us? Breaking down our community spirit, our sense of purpose. playing on what is worst and weakest in the secret heart. Earning for herself a kind of affection, of loyalty that - God help me! - I am weak enough to covet. ~ Joanne Harris
Cetim Mon quotes by Joanne Harris
Love you always, miss you always ... running day and night, leaving the place of sun and moon, of ice and snow.
Never look back, never forget. ~ Jessica Day George
Cetim Mon quotes by Jessica Day George
Mon wants this transition to be as peaceable as possible. That is, of course, a noble goal. And in late nights the chancellor confided in Leia that she is wisely struck by the fear of what happened the first time the parasite of Palpatine squirmed under the skin. How easy it was for him to prey on the anxieties of the galaxy. How simple it was for him to turn system against system by stoking the fires of xenophobia, anger, selfishness. (And here Luke's voice echoes in her mind: The ways and tools of the dark side, Leia.) How do you form an Empire? By stealing a Republic. And how do you steal a Republic? By convincing its people that they cannot govern themselves - that freedom is their enemy and that fear is their ally. Palpatine ~ Chuck Wendig
Cetim Mon quotes by Chuck Wendig
Flik's Fun Fair: Whether or not you have little ones, take a few moments to stroll through this whimsical corner of DCA. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
Smile, mon cher petit. You make everything that's dark fade to nothing when you smile. ~ Ella Frank
Cetim Mon quotes by Ella Frank
For many, it's a once-in-a-lifetime, long dreamed-of and longed-saved-for trip. Pennies have been pinched and sacrifices made to make the vacation a reality. All Guests' wallets will be separated from a great deal of money, like trout expertly filleted, but it will be a curious;y painless experience, for all but a few, the trip will be transcendently and sublimely worth every sacrifice and penny. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
Whatever form it might take, enjoy the magic! Remember, Disneyland is all about you. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
I have a great idea, Gregori," she told him wickedly. "Let's take a commercial flight."
"What?" He was staring at her mouth. She had a great mouth.A perfect mouth. A sexy mouth. Mon Dieu, he wanted her mouth.
"Doesn't a commercial flight sound fun? We could take a night flight, mingle with people.It might even throw off the reporter."
"Nothing is going to throw off the reporter.He is tenacious.And there will be no commercial flight.There will be no discussion on this,either. None. If we go to New Orleans,and I am not saying we will, commercial flights are out."
"Oh,Gregori,I was only kidding. Naturally we'll do things your way," she added demurely.
He shook his head,exasperated at himself. Of course she had been teasing. He wasn't used to anyone treating him as Savannah did. Outrageous woman. "I need to go out and talk with Wade Carter."
She stood up instantly, expectantly, her blue eyes wide in anticipation. "Tell me what you want me to do. I can probably manage mist.I'm stronger now,using your blood.I can back you up."
Amusement warmed the cool silver of his eyes. "Mon Dieu, Savannah, you sound like a cop movie. ~ Christine Feehan
Cetim Mon quotes by Christine Feehan
Did you just spit on your hand before you patted down my hair?" he asked indignantly.
"Oh, I did no such thing. Now be still. Of all the rude, impertinent accusations to make! Bend down lower. I will have you know that members of the aristocracy do not have 'spit' as you crudely refer to it, young man. We do not acknowledge saliva in any form. Straighten your collar. There, you look nearly presentable." She grumbled in aggravation, "Do you even own a brush?" Grabbing his chin, she brusquely turned his face from side to side. "For heaven's sake, Richard, what did you use to shave - a shovel?"
"Leave now, Catherine, and I may spare your life." There was a moment of quiet from behind the door. "Go, woman! I intend to begin ravishing my wife shortly; however, I will not even consider it before I see that little dwarflike body of yours waddling down this corridor! Away with you! Shoo!"
"Oh, all right!" she finally capitulated. "By the way, mon chou, I should tell you that when you two finally get around to reconciling and retire upstairs, Amanda is occupying the large blue suite down the east corridor, not your usual bachelor room at the end of the west corridor." She reached up to kiss his offered cheek then turned on her heels to leave. "You have finally earned an upgrade in accommodations, Richard. Well done, you. ~ Karen V. Wasylowski
Cetim Mon quotes by Karen V. Wasylowski
Il pleure dans mon coeur
Comme il pleut sur la ville.
Tears are shed in my heart like the rain on the town. ~ Paul Verlaine
Cetim Mon quotes by Paul Verlaine
Never hate, mon petit. ~ Carma Chan
Cetim Mon quotes by Carma Chan
Ne reprenez, dame, si j'ai aime , Si j'ai senti mille torches ardentes, Mille travaux, mille douleurs mordantes, Si, en pleurant, j'ai mon temps consume . Do not blame me, madam, if I loved, If I felt one thousand burning torches, One thousand labours, or one thousand scathing pains, If, in crying, I spent all my time. ~ Louise Labe
Cetim Mon quotes by Louise Labe
It take many a year, mon, and maybe some bloodshed must be, but righteousness someday prevail. ~ Bob Marley
Cetim Mon quotes by Bob Marley
One way leads to acquisition, the other leads to nirvana. Realizing this a mon should take no pleasure in the respect of others, but should devote himself to solitude. ~ Gautama Buddha
Cetim Mon quotes by Gautama Buddha
Vicky became more serious and her tone more reflective as she remarked, Life has so much pain that one needs a catharsis. I don't mean escape. You don't escape in books. On the contrary, they help you to realize yourself more fully. Mon Dieu, I'm glad I have them. When I find myself in a situation in which I'd rather not be - because of the perculiar circumstances of my life - I have this outlet. You may think me tres superieure but I'm not really, I am just what I am and live the way I like. ~ Flora Rheta Schreiber
Cetim Mon quotes by Flora Rheta Schreiber
Jim pushed against my leg to peer inside. "Well, now, there's a sight you don't see every day."

"Voulez-vous cesser de me cracker dessuspendant que vous parlez," I said, my heart pounding wildly.

"There's the spitting-in-my-face saying," Jim said softly to itself.

"J'ai une grenouille dans mon bidet!" I growled.

"And the frogs."

"T'as une tete afaire sauter les plaques d'egouts," I wailed.

"Face like a manhole cover. Can merde be very far behind?"

"Merde!" I bellowed.

"You can say that again," Jim said. ~ Katie MacAlister
Cetim Mon quotes by Katie MacAlister
But if the world measures a refugee according to the worst story, we will always excuse human suffering, saying it is not yet as bad as someone else's. ~ Victoria Armour-Hileman
Cetim Mon quotes by Victoria Armour-Hileman
I'm sure you have drawers overflowing with panties the ladies throw at the stage. We saw you guys play down at Mon Brewing a few times. Way to keep the Nineties alive. ~ Jason Jack Miller
Cetim Mon quotes by Jason Jack Miller
but the officers danced assiduously, especially one of them who had spent six weeks in Paris, where he had mastered various daring interjections of the kind of - 'zut,' 'Ah, fichtr-re,' 'pst, pst, mon bibi,' and such. He pronounced them to perfection with genuine Parisian chic, and at the same time he said 'si j'aurais' for 'si j'avais,' 'absolument' in the sense of 'absolutely,' expressed himself, in fact, in that Great Russo-French jargon which the French ridicule so when they have no reason for assuring us that we speak French like angels, 'comme des anges. ~ Ivan Turgenev
Cetim Mon quotes by Ivan Turgenev
It seemed like such a pointless, flaky thing to say. Even if it was his favorite line from The Lord of the Rings. CHAPTER 48 From: Jennifer Scribner-Snyder To: Beth Fremont Sent: Mon, 12/06/1999 9:28 AM Subject: I'll bet you're the kind of girl who's already picked out baby names. ~ Rainbow Rowell
Cetim Mon quotes by Rainbow Rowell
This history sets forth the only true account of the adventures of a daring Tipperary man named Darby O'Gill among the Fairies of Sleive na mon. These adventures were first related to me by Mr. Jerry Murtaugh a reliable car driver who goes between Kilcuny and Ballinderg. He is a first cousin of Darby O'Gill's own mother. ~ Herminie Templeton Kavanagh
Cetim Mon quotes by Herminie Templeton Kavanagh
Par toi tout le bonheur que m'offre l'avenir Est dans mon souvenir. Through you, all the happiness that the future offers Is in my memory. ~ Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
Cetim Mon quotes by Marceline Desbordes-Valmore
Standing 89 feet high, the Carthay Circle Theatre is actually taller than Sleeping Beauty Castle. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
How old is the sun? Sun not temporary, not chronological. There is the terra-celestial and the celestial. I am celestial, mon. I am here, there and everywhere. I live among men so I must adjust myself. When I go to other planet, I must adjust myself there, too, mon. ~ Peter Tosh
Cetim Mon quotes by Peter Tosh
Mon Amour - may we meet sweetly in thy dreams. ~ Truth Devour
Cetim Mon quotes by Truth Devour
A clover that sprouts four leaves, rather than three, is a mutation and is considered 'lucky' according to Irish mythology. Why? According to Celtic lore, each leaf of clover represents something special. One leaf represents faith, one hope, one love and, and , if a fourth leaf is present, that's luck. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
Gregori's arm moved from around her waist to circle her neck, a male gesture of ownership. Savannah laughed to herself. Carpathian men were not far from the cave.
I caught that, mon amour. Gregori's soft voice brushed at her mind, a low caress that curled warmth in her stomach. He sounded close to teasing, but she noticed he didn't drop his arm from around her neck. ~ Christine Feehan
Cetim Mon quotes by Christine Feehan
No child has ever been kidnapped from Disneyland. This is one of many Disneyland urban legends that don't have a basis in fact. The kidnap stories-- urban legends. ~ Leslie Le Mon
Cetim Mon quotes by Leslie Le Mon
Bon chance, mon ami, Dante called softly.
Levet allowed himself a small smile. A vampire who could speak French. He couldn't be all bad. ~ Alexandra Ivy
Cetim Mon quotes by Alexandra Ivy
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