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#1. There's always a way," his sister lectured. "We'll need help, though."
"What help?"
Amy grinned. "Sometimes it doesn't hurt to be a part of the most powerful family in human history. - Author: Gordon Korman
Cesarini Family History quotes by Gordon Korman
#2. Libertarians have always battled the age-old scourge of war. They understood that war brought death and destruction on a grand scale, disrupted family and economic life, and put more power in the hands of the ruling class - which might explain why the rulers did not always share the popular sentiment for peace. Free men and women, of course, have often had to defend their own societies against foreign threats; but throughout history, war has usually been the common enemy of peaceful, productive people on all sides of the conflict. - Author: David Boaz
Cesarini Family History quotes by David Boaz
#3. When I was a boy, I would ask about my family history, about my bloodlines. We really didn't know that much. We had a little Indian in us from the Oklahoma Trail of Tears. - Author: Brad Pitt
Cesarini Family History quotes by Brad Pitt
#4. I was brought up in a family which valued natural history. Both my parents knew the names of all the British wildflowers, so as we went walking the country, I was constantly being exposed to a natural history sort of knowledge. - Author: Richard Dawkins
Cesarini Family History quotes by Richard Dawkins
#5. Drag racing has played a big role in In-N-Out's history, and it is also an important part of my family history. - Author: Lynsi Torres
Cesarini Family History quotes by Lynsi Torres
#6. More often and more insistently as that time recedes, we are asked by the young who our "torturers" were, of what cloth were they made. The term torturers alludes to our ex-guardians, the SS, and is in my opinion inappropriate: it brings to mind twisted individuals, ill-born, sadists, afflicted by an original flaw. Instead, they were made of the same cloth as we, they were average human beings, averagely intelligent, averagely wicked: save the exceptions, they were not monsters, they had our faces, but they had been reared badly. They were, for the greater part, diligent followers and functionaries, some frantically convinced of the Nazi doctrine, many indifferent, or fearful of punishment, or desirous of a good career, or too obedient. All of them had been subjected to the terrifying miseducation provided for and imposed by the schools created in accordance with the wishes of Hitler and his collaborators, and then completed by the SS "drill." Many had joined this militia because of the prestige it conferred, because of its omnipotence, or even just to escape family problems. Some, very few in truth, had changes of heart, requested transfers to the front lines, gave cautious help to prisoners or chose suicide. Let it be clear that to a greater or lesser degree all were responsible, but it must bee just as clear that behind their responsibility stands that the great majority of Germans who accepted in the beginning, out of mental laziness, myopic calculation, stupidity, and na - Author: Primo Levi
Cesarini Family History quotes by Primo Levi
#7. He made my mom call and tell Maureen I wouldn't be in to see her anymore. He said therapy is a waste of money. He also told her to upgrade the cable service and to order him a subscription to Military History magazine. The he went and bought a new fishing pole for Matt, who is dead. - Author: Tracy Bilen
Cesarini Family History quotes by Tracy Bilen
#8. Tell me about your family, I said. And so she did. I listened intently as my mother went through each branch of the tree. Years later, after the funeral, Maria had asked me questions about the family - who was related to whom - and I struggled. I couldn't remember. A big chunk of our history had been buried with my mother. You should never let your past disappear that way. - Author: Mitch Albom
Cesarini Family History quotes by Mitch Albom
#9. It makes sense that there's a family history for your condition," he said. "Do you eat all of the men in the family? Where do they go? Does this house have a basement?" Blue stood up. "It's like boot camp. They can't hack it. Poor things." "Poor me," he said. - Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Cesarini Family History quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
#10. I do not grieve for him as a wife, as Anne Devereux has grieved for her husband William Herbert. She promised him she would never remarry, she swore she would go to her grave hoping to meet him in heaven. I suppose they were in some sort of love, thought married by contract. I suppose they found some sort of passion in their marriage. It is rare but not impossible. I do hope that they have no given my son ideas about loving his wife; a man who is to be king can marry only for advantage. A woman of sense would marry only for the improvement of her family. Only a lustful fool dreams every night of a marriage of love. - Author: Philippa Gregory
Cesarini Family History quotes by Philippa Gregory
#11. It was always so important to my dad for us to understand about the Genocide and to know about our family history. - Author: Kim Kardashian
Cesarini Family History quotes by Kim Kardashian
#12. Do not presume to judge the Qui, Mr. President. Your society aspires to an ideal that exists only at levels like the United Regions. Analyze your world's history and you find pockets of feudal life that continue to exist today. Cultures where rape victims are killed so as not to dishonor their family; countries where the male of your species has so little self-control, the female is obliged to hide behind cloth for fear they will tempt them into carnal acts; regions where children are slaughtered for no reason. And this was all before our invasion. - Author: Kayla Stonor
Cesarini Family History quotes by Kayla Stonor
#13. Our family arrived in England in 1960. At that time I thought the war was ancient history. But if I think of 15 years ago from now, that's 1990, and that seems like yesterday to me. - Author: Kazuo Ishiguro
Cesarini Family History quotes by Kazuo Ishiguro
#14. I wanted to know what our family's stories were.
I wanted to know the things Mom wouldn't think to tell me. Things she knew but never said out loud, because they were a part of her.
I wanted to know what made the Bahrami family special. - Author: Adib Khorram
Cesarini Family History quotes by Adib Khorram
#15. My private history in terms of people in my life who are dead is very easy to discuss. I don't feel those people can be threatened or intruded upon now. But I am enormously protective of the people who are currently in my life, my existing friends and family. That is where the curtain is drawn. - Author: Chuck Palahniuk
Cesarini Family History quotes by Chuck Palahniuk
#16. Funny how worried you are that Dani's not a Buchanan when you're not one yourself. If I remember my history correctly, you married into this family. You were a poor nobody. What? A hotel chambermaid?" Gloria stiffened. Penny allowed herself a slight smile. "Oh, yeah. I did my research on you years ago. I know all about your affair with Ian Buchanan and how when that ended, you married his son. Tell me, Gloria. Were you still banging Daddy when you walked down the aisle with the son?" "You slut," Gloria hissed. "You should know." "I'll destroy you." "You can try. I'm up to the fight. But before you waste your effort on that, let me share one thing with you. - Author: Susan Mallery
Cesarini Family History quotes by Susan Mallery
#17. Mr. Speaker, we have reached a point in history where some have forgotten that it is the family, not the government, that is the fundamental building block of our society. - Author: Jim Ryun
Cesarini Family History quotes by Jim Ryun
#18. Then my extended family, there are preachers and evangelists, former priests. So I have quite a bit of history with Church, religion and spirituality. - Author: Wes Bentley
Cesarini Family History quotes by Wes Bentley
#19. History. And from history came community. And community was something that spread out beyond itself, resulting in towns and nations. But it all began with family. - Author: William Kent Krueger
Cesarini Family History quotes by William Kent Krueger
#20. Everything has a past, a voice, existed at some point, even things as small and seemingly meaningless as a house in a huge suburb. It's a house like every other house ... but at some point a family lived there, made it theirs, made it important. When people forget that history, that somebody at some point thought the house mattered, it just becomes an empty pile of nailed wood and brick and concrete that gets torn down for some strip mall or chain store to take its place ... and that's what happens more and more now, everything is disposable, always replaced with no thought at all. That's where things get lost, memories get lost, humanity slips through the cracks, because when we all fail to pay attention to the things that make up our lives, we're no longer human at all, not really. - Author: Rebecca McNutt
Cesarini Family History quotes by Rebecca McNutt
#21. The city of Gloucester, by ancient custom, presented a lamprey pie to the sovereign at Christmas time, as a token of loyalty. Lampreys are scaleless freshwater sucker-fish resembling eels, desirable in the past for their oily, gamey flesh. The tradition of gifting lamprey pies to the royal family continued until the end of Queen Victoria's reign, but was revived for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953 when a 42-pound pie was cooked by the RAF catering crops. - Author: Janet Clarkson
Cesarini Family History quotes by Janet Clarkson
#22. My mom started an air-freight company; my grandmother built a golf course. I have a certain degree of entrepreneurial risk-taking in my family history. Maybe that eventually rubbed off on me a little bit. - Author: Brian Acton
Cesarini Family History quotes by Brian Acton
#23. I had ancestors who were slave-holders, which is a difficult piece of family history to say the least. In a recent New York Times article on the subject of modern attitudes toward our slave-holding past, the writer noted that we all want to be from "innocent origins." I _know_ I'm not. Then again, I suspect most of us are not. - Author: Laura Lippman
Cesarini Family History quotes by Laura Lippman
#24. In modern society, where anyone in theory can make money, it is difficult to appreciate that once upon a time wealth was tied absolutely to social class, and therefore social class determined what you ate, even to the extent of determining the type of pastry making up your pie. Farming and household manuals of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries clearly instructed that the piecrust for the master's family be made from the finest wheat flour, whereas for the servants' piecrust the second milling of wheat or barley was to be used, or maslin (a mix of wheat and rye) or rye. - Author: Janet Clarkson
Cesarini Family History quotes by Janet Clarkson
#25. Each civilization, each nation, each family, each profession, each sex and each class has its own history. Humans have so far been interested mainly in their own private roots, and have therefore never claimed the whole of the inheritance into which they were born, the legacy of everybody's past experience. Each generation searches only for what it thinks it lacks, and recognizes only what it knows already. - Author: Theodore Zeldin
Cesarini Family History quotes by Theodore Zeldin
#26. And suddenly...it made a kind of emotional sense that caused me to feel, instantly, how little sense my earlier...assumptions had made...And with that thought it was as though my father stepped forward to meet me as he had been in 1940: twenty-five years old, newly married, teaching literature and history and religion as his first real job, as an assistant professor at Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota.

That stage of his life – and he in it – had always been indistinct to me, as the lives of parents before their children exist always are to those children; but now, holding this letter in my hands, I remembered anew and vividly the numerous photographs in our family albums of him then – a slender young man, intense-looking and handsome, with a shock of dark hair swept back from his high forehead. A radical young man, it would seem. More radical in many ways than my own son was now. A young man, ready, perhaps even eager to embrace the fate his powerful beliefs were calling him to. Sitting there, I felt a rush of love and pity for him in his youth, in his passionate convictions... - Author: Sue Miller
Cesarini Family History quotes by Sue Miller
#27. The simple circumstantial narrative (did such a narrative exist) of the ruin of a single town, of the misfortunes of a single family, might exhibit an interesting and instructive picture of human manners; but the tedious repetition of vague and declamatory complaints would fatigue the attention of the most patient reader. - Author: Edward Gibbon
Cesarini Family History quotes by Edward Gibbon
#28. It was frustrating and exhausting to gather bits of disconnected information without understanding how it all fitted together. - Author: Wendy Percival
Cesarini Family History quotes by Wendy Percival
#29. The study of tavern history often brings to light much evidence of sad domestic changes. Many a cherished and beautiful home, rich in annals of family prosperity and private hospitality, ended its days as a tavern. - Author: Alice Morse Earle
Cesarini Family History quotes by Alice Morse Earle
#30. Unfortunately it is not possible to destroy our history. It lives inside us, probably the more powerful for our attempts to bury it. We and our families are likely to pay a high price in the present for trying to block out the past. Attempts to cover up family history tend to fester, influencing others born long after the original painful experiences and relationships. - Author: Monica McGoldrick
Cesarini Family History quotes by Monica McGoldrick
#31. If only every member of the family could have grown as straight and strong as Ann Garrity's beech tree. But as fate and genetics would have it, both sides of Fred and Alice Springsteen's lineage came with a shadow history of fractured souls. The drinkers and the failures, the wild-eyed, the ones who crumbled inside of themselves until they vanished altogether. These were the relatives who lived in rooms you didn't enter. Their stories were the ones that mustn't be told. They inspired the silence that both secreted and concentrated the poison in the family blood. Doug could already sense the venom creeping within himself. - Author: Peter Ames Carlin
Cesarini Family History quotes by Peter Ames Carlin

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