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Copying isn't particularly creative work. Being inspired by someone else's idea to produce something new and different IS creative work. ~ Shia Labeouf
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Shia Labeouf
Every now and then, I have blissful moments of thanking God for all the amazing things that are happening. When I leave the White House after just meeting Obama or when I see my face on the cover of 'Rolling Stone' or when I meet someone who tells me that their daughter is inspired by me, those are moments that are incredibly joyful. ~ Lea Michele
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Lea Michele
A postscript on Ryan: Ryan did recover, but he was left permanently blind. His girlfriend Kelly stayed by his side through his recovery, and they soon married.
I'm happy to say that we all became good friends. Ryan had an indomitable spirit that infected everyone he met. He used to say that he suspected God had chosen him to be wounded, rather than someone else, because He knew he could bear it. If so, it was an excellent choice, for Ryan inspired many others to deal with their own handicaps as he dealt with his. He went hunting with the help of friends and special devices. His wound inspired the logo Chris would later use for his company; it was a way for Chris to continue honoring him.
Ryan and his wife were expecting their first child in 2009 when Ryan went into the hospital for what seemed like a routine operation, part of follow-up treatment for his wounds. Tragically, he ended up dying.
I remember looking at his wife at the funeral, so brave yet so devastated, and wondering to myself how we could live in such a cruel world.
My enduring vision of Ryan is outside one of the hospitals where he was recovering from an operation. He was in his wheelchair with some of the Team guys. Head bandaged and clearly in pain, he asked to be pointed toward the American flag that flew in the hospital yard; once there, he held his hand up in a long and poignant salute, still a patriot. ~ Taya Kyle
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Taya Kyle
My parents taught me that I could do anything I wanted and I have always believed it to be true. Add a clear idea of what inspires you, dedicate your energies to its pursuit and there is no knowing what you can achieve, particularly if others are inspired by your dream and offer their help. ~ Pete Goss
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Pete Goss
At the opening of the Odyssey, Telemachus, inspired by the male-born Athena, searches for his father by turning against his mother. Jesus too publicly spurns his mother to be about his father's business. Male adulthood begins with the breaking of female chains.? ~ Camille Paglia
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Camille Paglia
True charity consists in putting up with all one's neighbors fault's; never being surprised by his weakness, and being inspired by the least of his virtues. ~ Therese Of Lisieux
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Therese Of Lisieux
Children, after being limbs of Satan in traditional theology and mystically illuminated angels in the minds of educational reformers, have reverted to being little devils; not theological demons inspired by the evil one, but scientific Freudian abominations inspired by the unconscious. ~ Bertrand Russell
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Bertrand Russell
Except for my net, everything I have need of in the world is contained in that bag - including a second hat and a rather sizable jar of cold cream of roses. Do not tell me you couldn't travel with as little. I have faith that men can be as reasonable and logical as women if they but try." He shook his head. "I cannot seem to formulate a clear thought in the face of such original thinking, Miss Speedwell. You have a high opinion of your sex." I pursed my lips. "Not all of it. We are, as a gender, undereducated and infantilized to the point of idiocy. But those of us who have been given the benefit of learning and useful occupation, well, we are proof that the traditional notions of feminine delicacy and helplessness are the purest poppycock."

"You have large opinions for so small a person."

"I daresay they would be large opinions even for someone your size," I countered.

"And where did you form these opinions? Either your school was inordinately progressive or your governess was a Radical."

"I never went to school, nor did I have a governess. Books were my tutors, Mr. Stoker. Anything I wished to learn I taught myself."

"There are limits to an autodidactic education," he pointed out.

"Few that I have found. I was spared the prejudices of formal educators."

"And neither were you inspired by them. A good teacher can change the course of a life," he said thoughtfully.

"Perhaps. But I had ~ Deanna Raybourn
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Deanna Raybourn
There is an efficiency inspired by love which goes far beyond and is much greater than the efficiency of ambition; and without love, which brings an integrated understanding of life, efficiency breeds ruthlessness. Is this not what is actually taking place all over the world? Our present education is geared to industrialization and war, its principal aim being to develop efficiency; and we are caught in this machine of ruthless competition and mutual destruction. If education leads to war, if it teaches us to destroy or be destroyed, has it not utterly failed? ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
But gratitude would not have me love you as I do. Love was inspired by what you are - the good, the bad, and even the foolish, which is what you're being right now. ~ Mary Jo Putney
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Mary Jo Putney
Here's the stark truth about the person who is right for you: They want the same lifestyle that you do. How do I know this? Because that is, by definition, what makes them right for you. To be with someone whose eyes light up when yours do, whose heart races when your blood also pounds, who is enticed and inspired by the same forces that drive you forward, is a gift many of us never truly get to experience.

Because we settle. We settle for the person we love over the person who could push us – to be bigger, stronger, greater versions of ourselves. We tell ourselves that love is enough. That it conquers everything. But we forget that love shouldn't be the thing that conquers our lives – we should be. And we should do it deliberately, triumphantly, by the side of somebody who shares all of our joys and successes.

So how do we meet such a person? That's simple – we do more of what we love. We give ourselves up to uncertainty, to searching, to pursuing what we want out of life without the certainty of having someone beside us while we do it. We throw ourselves wholeheartedly into the things that we love and we consequently attract the people who love what we love. Who value what we prioritize. Who appreciate all that we are. We throw ourselves into the heart of possibility instead of staying comfortably settled inside of certainty. Because we owe it to ourselves to do so. We owe it to ourselves to live the greatest life that we're capable of living, even if ~ Heidi Priebe
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Heidi Priebe
Being able to meet fans who look up to me and letting me know they have been inspired by me in some way is so humbling. ~ Erin Willett
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Erin Willett
I'm inspired by being in a different town every day - all the people I meet, all the things I see. There's no way of compartmentalizing everything in my head; whatever I'm taking in is coming out in some way. I think I love painting so much because, for me, it's so fast. There's not too much thought in these paintings. ~ Alison Mosshart
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Alison Mosshart
Either way, it's important that we all remember to play. Watching and being inspired by our uninhabited little ones can lead us in all manner of wonderful, creative, and different directions if we're open to following them. ~ Amanda Blake Soule
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Amanda Blake Soule
To me, you can't have style without being inspired. When I design a collection, I am inspired by so many things. The color of a flower. The shape of a butterly's wing. The juxtaposition of an old tenement building next to a shiny new skyscraper. ~ Isaac Mizrahi
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Isaac Mizrahi
Wright is an interesting study of a superstar architect having both right and wrong influence. "All Architecture, worthy the name," he decreed in 1910, "will, henceforward, more and more be organic."12 So inspired by Viollet-le-Duc and Louis Sullivan, he inspired countless others (including young me) toward an organic approach to architecture. At the same time, the very pomposity of his decrees helped inflame a fatal egotism in generations of architects, and his most famous buildings belie his organic ideal. They were so totally designed - down to the screwheads all being aligned horizontally to match his prairie line - that they cannot be changed. To live in one of his houses is to be the curator of a Frank Lloyd Wright museum; ~ Stewart Brand
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Stewart Brand
We weren't taught to think critically about Hitler and anti-Semitism and the Holocaust. We weren't taught, for instance, that the architects of apartheid were big fans of Hitler, that the racist policies they put in place were inspired, in part, by the racist policies of the Third Reich. We weren't taught how to think about how Hitler related to the world we lived in. We weren't being taught to think, period. ~ Trevor Noah
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Trevor Noah
Criticism is others and to self..Ever heard of the statue of a CRITIC being erected for others to get inspired by ?? ...not in the history of mankind ! ~ Abha Maryada Banerjee
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Abha Maryada Banerjee
People view celebrities from a place of envy and inferiority. Instead of being personally inspired by their great artistry they see them in a position they could never attain ~ Willa Shalit
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Willa Shalit
The number of e-mails and letters that I get from choreographers, from sculptors, from composers who are being inspired by science is huge. ~ Brian Greene
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Brian Greene
People are like vines that grow upwards to the Sun in the heavens. Our ascent is inspired by seeking a deep connection with the divine. When we are attracted to others, we are attracted to a spark of the divine that is a reflection of our true being. ~ Ambika Devi
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Ambika Devi
Every dancer knows that being technically perfect isn't good enough. We need to know why we dance. For me, it's to be connected. I'm inspired by my friends. ~ Sammy Lieberman
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Sammy Lieberman
beyond their right - and now they would be made to pay for it. Envy was being acted out, as never before.'62 It led to the murder of six million Jews in the Second World War. Today, I find envy laced through the statements of European and Indian intellectuals about America. Arundhati Roy's essay after the 11 September 2001 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center in New York and the Pentagon in Washington is an example. Like many anti-American intellectuals writing in the days after the attack, Roy claimed that it was the direct result of American foreign policy - the implication being that America somehow deserved what had happened. There is widespread anti-American sentiment in the world which regards the United States as arrogant, indifferent to human suffering, consumerist, and contemptuous of international law. Much of this is probably correct, but I find that some of it is inspired by envy of America's success. ~ Gurcharan Das
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Gurcharan Das
Being from New York, I wonder why am I inspired by bluegrass and Earl Scruggs? But when I look at the whole history of the banjo, I feel really good about it, including the Earl Scruggs part. ~ Bela Fleck
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Bela Fleck
Some people are motivated by fear - fear of poverty, fear of losing their partner's love, or fear of gaining weight, for instance. Fear is an ineffective motivator because it results in poor decision making and low creativity. Other people sense your fears and insecurities, and they are repelled, as opposed to being inspired to help you. There is no power or magic in fear, but there's unlimited power and magic in fear's opposite: love and joy. With success, then, attitude ~ Doreen Virtue
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Doreen Virtue
People have these incredible expectations. So instead of being inspired by, say, Joni Mitchell's music, I look at it and say to myself, 'I'm going to quit - why would I think of writing or performing after listening to that?' ~ Idina Menzel
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Idina Menzel
Writing music obviously comes from being inspired by things, and big changes in your life, and relationships and growing older and being more independent. ~ Tristan Prettyman
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Tristan Prettyman
I regard the people as a great being, inspired by a single idea. This is my problem. I strove to solve it in this opera. ~ Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky
But later, just as we're turning the corner into my road, and I'm beginning to panic about the pain and difficulty of the impending conversation, I see a woman on her own, Saturday-night-smart, off to meet somebody somewhere, friends, or a lover. And when I was living with Laura, I missed... what? Maybe I missed somebody traveling on a bus or tube or cab, *going out of her way*, to meet me, maybe dressed up a little, wearing more makeup than usual, maybe even slightly nervous; when I was younger, the knowledge that I was responsible for any of this, even the bus ride, made me feel pathetically grateful. When you're with someone permanently, you don't get that: if Laura wanted to see me, she only had to turn her head, or walk from the bathroom to the bedroom, and she never bothered to dress up for the trip. And when she came home, she came home because she lived in my flat, not because we were lovers, and when we went out, she sometimes dressed up and sometimes didn't, depending on where we were going, but again, it was nothing whatsoever to do with me. Anyway, all this is by way of saying that the woman I saw out of the cab window inspired me and consoled me, momentarily: maybe I am not too old to provoke a trip from one part of London to another, and if I ever do have another date, and I arrange to meet that date in, say, Islington, and she has to come all the way from Stoke Newington, a journey of some three to four miles, I will thank her from the bottom of my wretched thi ~ Nick Hornby
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Nick Hornby
In the case of Michel Angelo we have an artist who with brush and chisel portrayed literally thousands of human forms; but with this peculiarity, that while scores and scores of his male figures are obviously suffused and inspired by a romantic sentiment, there is hardly one of his female figures that is so, - the latter being mostly representative of woman in her part as mother, or sufferer, or prophetess or poetess, or in old age, or in any aspect of strength or tenderness, except that which associates itself especially with romantic love. Yet the cleanliness and dignity of Michel Angelo's male figures are incontestable, and bear striking witness to that nobility of the sentiment in him, which we have already seen illustrated in his sonnets. ~ Edward Carpenter
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Edward Carpenter
I've always been a fan, so my enthusiasm has always been great, but it's never going to be the same as it was from 1970 to 1975. You cannot repeat that, but you can get inspired by searching, by being mystified. ~ Elton John
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Elton John
I went from escaping into books to extracting things from them, from being inspired by books to trying to do things that inspired me - many of which I first encountered in stories. I went from wishing I were like a character in books to being a character in my books. I went from reading books to wrestling with them to writing them, all the while still learning from what I read. The ~ Pamela Paul
Being Inspired By Someone quotes by Pamela Paul
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