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Over the years, I have repeated Eric's advice to countless people, encouraging them to reduce their career spreadsheets to one column: potential for growth. Of course, not everyone has the opportunity or the desire to work in an industry like high tech. But within any field, there are jobs that have more potential for growth than others. Those in more established industries can look for the rocket ships within their companies - divisions or teams that are expanding. And in careers like teaching or medicine, the corollary is to seek out positions where there is high demand for those skills. For example, in my brother's field of pediatric neurosurgery, there are some cities with too many physicians, while others have too few. My brother has always elected to work where his expertise would be in demand so he can have the greatest impact. Just ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
Generally speaking, experience counts for something. So you'd expect entrepreneurs who've been through the ups and downs of a tech startup to have an advantage over the newcomers. Or at least have an equal chance at success. But in fact the opposite may be true. A number of venture capitalists I've spoken with have said that too many "old guard" entrepreneurs are not being bold enough in their business decisions, and it's hurting their startups. ~ Michael Arrington
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Michael Arrington
So, based on that, we'd say you're seven weeks one day along."

I mentally pull up my calendar app in my head. "I've kept accurate records. I should be just shy of seven weeks."

"Our measurements might be off, but it's also likely that you ovulated earlier than you thought you did."

I look at Chase. "The patrol car."

"Seriously?" He lowers his voice though the room is small enough the tech can probably hear him anyway. "Neighborhood Hot Cop knocked you up?"

I giggle again at the name of the game we'd played that night. "Yep. Neighborhood Hot Cop knocked me up. ~ Laurelin Paige
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Laurelin Paige
Hey, let's try speed-starting the fire with an infusion of pure oxygen! Because inside every senior tech officer was a junior tech officer who'd been on a short leash for a long time. ~ Lois McMaster Bujold
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
Erik had long recognized that technology was a tool. Even the tech that created the Drasin. One didn't get angry at a tool. One did not fear a tool. Emotions were reserved for the person handling the tool. ~ Evan Currie
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Evan Currie
I text and email my friends and family a lot, but that's about the extent of my high-tech-etude. ~ Willie Nelson
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Willie Nelson
Sometimes this high-tech world calls for low-tech solutions. ~ Christopher Moore
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Christopher Moore
From a high-tech point of view, an agriculture point of view, a goods-and-services point of view, a great deal of [committee Democrats] have no choice except to support allowing America access to these markets. ~ Charles Rangel
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Charles Rangel
The reason I bought the Tesla was to help fund the Model S - and because I like things that are fast, sexy and high-tech. ~ Jason Calacanis
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Jason Calacanis
Twitter's been interesting. I'm kind of a tech geek, but I've never been a Facebook or Twitter guy. Surprisingly, I've really enjoyed Twitter because I get to connect with fans. ~ Reid Scott
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Reid Scott
We don't know what the next generation of art is going to look like. We're kind of making it up as we go along. Not unlike the tech industry. ~ Hasan M. Elahi
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Hasan M. Elahi
How can you rank BYU No. 1? Who'd they play - Bo Diddley Tech? ~ Bryant Gumbel
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Bryant Gumbel
All media work us over completely. ~ Marshall McLuhan
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Marshall McLuhan
Now that I'm on Broadway, it's like NASA engineering with the costumes. I was very grateful for the slightly more high-tech ones in my show, 'Venus in Fur'; our costume designer Anita Yavich is kind of a genius. ~ Nina Arianda
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Nina Arianda
In high-tech companies, fraud generally starts in sales due to managers attempting to perfect the ultimate local optimization. ~ Anonymous
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Anonymous
I picked up the largest of the rocks that littered the ground and chucked them at the flaming metal balls. "What are you doing?" Logan said. "Going low-tech. ~ A&E Kirk
Battenfeld Tech quotes by A&E Kirk
Not to know one's true identity is to be a mad, disensouled thing - a golem. And, indeed, this image, sick-eningly Orwellian, applies to the mass of human beings now living in the high-tech industrial democracies. Their authenticity lies in their ability to obey and follow mass style changes that are conveyed through the media. Immersed in junk food, trash media, and cryp-tofascist politics, they are condemned to toxic lives of low awareness. Sedated by the prescripted daily television fix, they are a living dead, lost to all but the act of consuming. ~ Terence McKenna
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Terence McKenna
Then eventually Westwood arrived. He looked nothing like Reacher expected, but the reality fit the bill just as well as the preconceptions had. He was an outdoors type, not a lab rat, and sturdy rather than pencil-necked. He looked like a naturalist or an explorer. He had short but unruly hair, fair going gray, and a beard of the same length and color. He was red in the face from sunburn and had squint lines around his eyes. He was forty-five, maybe. He was wearing clothing put together from high-tech fabrics and many zippers, but it was all old and creased. He had hiking boots on his feet, with speckled laces like miniature mountain-climbing ropes. He was toting a canvas bag about as big as a mail carrier's. ~ Lee Child
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Lee Child
Politics is an obsolete way of doing things. Although it was good a hundred years ago, it has no place in today's high tech society. ~ Jacque Fresco
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Jacque Fresco
The bottom line is that finding orphan planets - small, faint, and located who-knows-where - is not for the faint of heart. The task is comparable to observing a match flame at the distance of Pluto. The WISE satellite, a hi-tech, space-based infrared telescope especially suited for such work, has found only a few. ~ Seth Shostak
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Seth Shostak
Without grounding, it's easy to embrace the 'baller' lifestyle: dropping out of tech, throwing money at cars, boats and real estate, and slipping into a cycle of spending and indulgence. ~ Ryan Holmes
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Ryan Holmes
I don't even know what Instagram is, All of this high-tech stuff is supposed to set us free and make life easier. To me, it makes it more difficult and demanding. ~ Jeff Bridges
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Jeff Bridges
LAURENE POWELL. Savvy and good-humored Penn graduate, went to Goldman Sachs and then Stanford Business School, married Steve Jobs in 1991. GEORGE RILEY. Jobs's Memphis-born friend and lawyer. ARTHUR ROCK. Legendary tech investor, early Apple board member, Jobs's father figure. JONATHAN "RUBY" RUBINSTEIN. Worked ~ Walter Isaacson
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Walter Isaacson
Tech never comes back the same. ~ Samuel J. Palmisano
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Samuel J. Palmisano
The U.S. Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the arm of the Pentagon most responsible for shiny, futuristic technology, recently gave a $100,000 grant to Logos Technologies, Fairfax, Va.-based defense tech company, to develop a silent, hybrid-engine motorcycle for the military. ~ Anonymous
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Anonymous
In a high tech world the cure for the tragic shortcomings and perilous fallacies of human intuition is education, but education in economics, evolutionary biology, probability and statistics - unfortunately most High School and College curricula have barely changed since Medieval times! ~ Steven Pinker
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Steven Pinker
Affirmative action and equal opportunity was never and is not intended to let people with fewer skills and less experience triumph over those with more. It was intended to aid a decision between two people who have the same set of skills. ~ Tarah Wheeler
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Tarah Wheeler
[A] central theme is why social, political, and economic institutions tend to coevolve in a manner that reinforces rather than undermines one another. The welfare state is not 'politics against markets,' as commonly assumed, but politics with markets. Although it is popular to think that markets, especially global ones, interfere with the welfare state, and vice versa, this notion is simply inconsistent with the postwar record of actual welfare state development. The United States, which has a comparatively small welfare state and flexible labor markets, has performed well in terms of jobs and growth during the past two decades; however, before then the countries with the largest welfare states and the most heavily regulated labor markets exceeded those in the United States on almost any gauge of economic competitiveness and performance.

Despite the change in economic fortunes, the relationship between social protection and product market strategies continues to hold. Northern Europe and Japan still dominate high-quality markets for machine tools and consumer durables, whereas the United States dominates software, biotech, and other high-tech industries. There is every reason that firms and governments will try to preserve the institutions that give rise to these comparative advantages, and here the social protection system (broadly construed to include job security and protection through the industrial relations system) plays a key role. The reason is that social ~ Torben Iversen
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Torben Iversen
Producing fuel cells and solar panels requires high tech facilities and produces high paying jobs. The industry is booming in Arizona. The state already has about 100 firms in the solar industry and has grown 20% since 2003. ~ J. D. Hayworth
Battenfeld Tech quotes by J. D. Hayworth
I probably shouldn't admit this since I work in the tech industry, but I still prefer reading paper books. ~ Sheryl Sandberg
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Sheryl Sandberg
I went to high school in Columbia. I met my first wife, Richards, whom I married while I was working on a B.S. in chemistry at Georgia Tech. She bore Louise, and I studied. I learned most of the useful technical things - math, physics, chemistry - that I now use during those four years. ~ Kary Mullis
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Kary Mullis
Millennials' tech and global savvy will make them instrumental in shaping our mobile future worldwide. ~ Brad D. Smith
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Brad D. Smith
The future is closer than you think. You can pay attention now or watch the transformation happen right in front of your eyes ~ Nicky Verd
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Nicky Verd
I've developed a much greater respect for our politicians and every high-tech CEO. It's very easy to read about the things they did that you, of course, would have avoided in hindsight. ~ Michael J. Saylor
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Michael J. Saylor
Perhaps its time to dumb down our "smart" life. We are being tracked, listened to, data mined, recorded, and so much more without our real knowing or understanding. When are we going to make a stand for our right to privacy? That's Tremendo Bullship! ~ Rosangel Perez
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Rosangel Perez
Tech simulations," I said, the realization hitting me in the gut. "Jake, you're so dead! You tricked me with that purple pill!"
"But now you know you can't control the elements," he said.
Like that made me feel better. "I hope you have a will!"
"Blame Jag," he responded.
"Oh, I do," I snapped. "Trust me, he's going to die too." I imagined the way he'd smile when he saw me. He wouldn't even see my fist coming. ~ Elana Johnson
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Elana Johnson
History is replete with examples of tech firms that were marginalized by new companies and technologies. ~ Barry Ritholtz
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Barry Ritholtz
At the end of the day, tech workers are not robots: they feel, they think, they have values. ~ Ed Lee
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Ed Lee
The maker movement is mostly about building things (whether low-tech or high-tech), as well as creating art and music. But it's driven by project-based, peer-to-peer learning, which tends to happen as novice "makers ~ Warren Berger
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Warren Berger
The pressure to perform is relentless in today's workplace - regardless of where you work. We are all being asked to do more with less. I think what we could borrow from the culture of Silicon Valley is "eat your own dog food ." That is an expression used by tech types to mean using what you make or sell. ~ Willow Bay
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Willow Bay
Seemingly innocuous language like 'Oh, I'm flexible' or 'What do you want to do tonight?' has a dark computational underbelly that should make you think twice. It has the veneer of kindness about it, but it does two deeply alarming things. First, it passes the cognitive buck: 'Here's a problem, you handle it.' Second, by not stating your preferences, it invites the others to simulate or imagine them. And as we have seen, the simulation of the minds of others is one of the biggest computational challenges a mind (or machine) can ever face. ~ Brian Christian
Battenfeld Tech quotes by Brian Christian
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