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Real democracy means that no group or faction or leader can impose their will, their ideology, their religion, their desires on anyone else. ~ Hillary Clinton
Barash Group quotes by Hillary Clinton
The only way we succeed as a group is not simply following directions, but in keeping each other accountable for our actions. ~ A.J. Darkholme
Barash Group quotes by A.J. Darkholme
At 2010 study published in JAMA: The Journal of the American Medical Association followed 34,000 middle-aged women for 13 years, monitoring their diet, exercise, and weight. Only 13 percent managed to avoid significant weight gain - and that group averaged 1 hour of exercise a day. ~ Margaret Webb
Barash Group quotes by Margaret Webb
This years keynote session is a clear reminder that wireless data technology is expanding its reach beyond that of an alternative to wireline telephony. We have gathered an exclusive group of business leaders to share how wireless is being integrated into their companys business strategies and what it means for their bottom lines. The presence of these telecom, media and entertainment giants on our center stage is a great indicator of the impact wireless data has made on countless industries, ~ Steve Largent
Barash Group quotes by Steve Largent
Sociological research has shown that the maximum 'natural' size of a group bonded by gossip is about 150 individuals. ~ Yuval Noah Harari
Barash Group quotes by Yuval Noah Harari
If we assume that quiet and loud people have roughly the same number of good (and bad) ideas, then we should worry if the louder and more forceful people always carry the day. This would mean that an awful lot of bad ideas prevail while good ones get squashed. Yet studies in group dynamics suggest that this is exactly what happens. We perceive talkers as smarter than quiet types - even though grade-point averages and SAT and intelligence test scores reveal this perception to be inaccurate. ~ Susan Cain
Barash Group quotes by Susan Cain
Antique art has come down to us in a fragmentary condition, and we have virtuously adapted our taste to this necessity. Almost all our favorite specimens of Greek sculpture, from the sixth century onward, were originally parts of compositions, and if we were faced with the complete group in which the Charioteer of Delphi was once a subsidiary figure, we might well experience a moment of revulsion. We have come to think of the fragment as more vivid, more concentrated, and more authentic. ~ Kenneth Clark
Barash Group quotes by Kenneth Clark
If a Jewish group sat down with a Christian conservative group, and there was a so-called Messianic Jew at the table, that would be the end of the meeting. ~ Elliott Abrams
Barash Group quotes by Elliott Abrams
The truth is, there is no Islamic army or terrorist group called Al Qaida. And any informed intelligence officer knows this. But there is a propaganda campaign to make the public believe in the presence of an identified entity representing the 'devil' only in order to drive the TV watcher to accept a unified international leadership for a war against terrorism. The country behind this propaganda is the US ... ~ Robin Cook
Barash Group quotes by Robin Cook
The great soul is the person who has taken on the task of change. If he or she is able to transcend fear, to act out of courage, the whole group will benefit and each one, in his or her own life, will be suddenly more courageous, though they may not see how or why. ~ Gary Zukav
Barash Group quotes by Gary Zukav
A man who thinks of himself as belonging to a particular national group in America has not yet become an American. And the man who goes among you to trade upon your nationality is no worthy son to live under the Stars and Stripes. ~ Woodrow Wilson
Barash Group quotes by Woodrow Wilson
A research group found that 56 percent of major companies surveyed in the late '80s agreed that 'employees who are loyal to the company and further its business goals deserve an assurance of continued employment.' A decade later, only 6 percent agreed. It was in the '90s that companies started weeding people out as a form of cost reduction. ~ Barbara Ehrenreich
Barash Group quotes by Barbara Ehrenreich
I cannot afford to believe that freedom from intolerance is the right of only one particular group. And I cannot afford to choose between the fronts upon which I must battle these forces of discrimination, wherever they appear to destroy me. And when they appear to destroy me, it will not be long before they appear to destroy you. ~ Audre Lorde
Barash Group quotes by Audre Lorde
We consume our art like moths. We gather, momentarily, around wherever the biggest, brightest light seems to be. So these days, the most successful art is the art that can elicit the quickest visceral reaction from the largest group of people. ~ Michael Gungor
Barash Group quotes by Michael Gungor
When I first organized the King Cole Trio back in 1937, we were strictly what you would call an instrumental group. To break the monotony, I would sing a few songs here and there between the playing. I sang things I had known over the years. I wasn't trying to give it any special treatment, just singing. I noticed thereafter people started requesting more singing, and it was just one of those things. ~ Nat King Cole
Barash Group quotes by Nat King Cole
Theyre not group animals, theyre completely solitary, so if the babys mother is taken away, theres no system of aunts ... their whole system is destroyed. ~ Joanna Lumley
Barash Group quotes by Joanna Lumley
After she returned and the Gray Man had been encouraged to sit down on the worn couch, Maura said, "I'll warn you that if you try anything, Calla has Mace."
By way of demonstration, Calla handed him his drink and then removed a small black container of pepper spray from her small red purse.
Maura gestured toward the third member of their group. "And Persephone is Russian."
"Estonian," Persephone correctly softly.
"And" - Maura made an extremely convincing fist - "I know how to punch a man's nose into his brain."
"What a coincidence," the Gray Man said genially. "So do I. ~ Maggie Stiefvater
Barash Group quotes by Maggie Stiefvater
Deciding when and where you're going to do something will dramatically increase the likelihood you'll follow through. Let's look at the results from a specific study. Because most psychology research uses students as guinea pigs, this example relates to essay writing. Students who had an essay to complete were divided into two groups. One group was asked to state when and where they would complete their essay. Of this group, 71% completed the essay before the due date. The other group was given the due date but were not asked to state when and where they'd write their essay. Only 32% of this group finished on time. This extremely simple, two-minute intervention transformed the task from one in which most people failed to one in which most people succeeded.
To implement this change in your own life whenever you're planning to take action, identify when and where you'll act. Make this a habit you do every time. ~ Alice Boyes
Barash Group quotes by Alice Boyes
Until you win a series, it's difficult to place yourself in that elite group of great Lions players. It's not enough to produce one-off performances or be nearly-men. ~ Brian O'Driscoll
Barash Group quotes by Brian O'Driscoll
Violent men, and men in authority over violent men, and the broader public that authorises those men, are not yet shamed by the harm of coercive control over women ... Maybe we can rest some hope on the growing activity of men of goodwill calling on each other to change. When that group hits a critical mass, the majority of men will be more likely to want to change. ~ Lee Lakeman
Barash Group quotes by Lee Lakeman
Having the experience of senior guys around you just makes things easier as they all contribute ideas and set the standards for the group. ~ George Bailey
Barash Group quotes by George Bailey
In many parts of the world, you will find people of the
same ethnic group, living a few miles apart in similar valleys under similar
conditions, speaking languages that have absolutely nothing in common with each
other. This sort of thing is not an oddity -- it is ubiquitous. Many linguists
have tried to understand Babel, the question of why human language tends to
fragment, rather than converging on a common tongue?" "Has anyone come up with
an answer yet?"
"The question is difficult and profound," the Librarian says. "Lagos had a
"He believed that Babel was an actual historical event. That it happened in a
particular time and place, coinciding with the disappearance of the Sumerian
language. That prior to Babel Infopocalypse, languages tended to converge. And
that afterward, languages have always had an innate tendency to diverge and
become mutually incomprehensible -- that this tendency is, as he put it, coiled
like a serpent around the human brainstem."
"The only thing that could explain that is --" Hiro stops, not wanting to say
"Yes?" the Librarian says.
"If there was some phenomenon that moved through the population, altering their
minds in such a way that they couldn't process the Sumerian language anymore.
Kind of in the same way that a virus moves from one computer to another,
damaging each computer in the same way. Coiling around the bra ~ Neal Stephenson
Barash Group quotes by Neal Stephenson
Those tour group companies that let you ride the donkeys down ~ Alexandra Bracken
Barash Group quotes by Alexandra Bracken
We will be a better country when each religious group can trust its members to obey the dictates of their own religious faith without assistance from the legal structure of the country. ~ Margaret Mead
Barash Group quotes by Margaret Mead
You know… if it weren't for a certain mark of honor on your profile, I would have had you fired weeks ago, when you allegedly told an entire group of passengers to 'Get the fuck off my plane' when you thought they were taking too long to disembark."
"That wasn't allegedly. The clip is on YouTube. ~ Whitney G.
Barash Group quotes by Whitney G.
They're a group called The Spirit-crushers and their leader is known as The Almighty Spirit-crusher. ~ S.A. Tawks
Barash Group quotes by S.A. Tawks
Launching more drone strikes than Bush ever did and compiling a secret "kill list," President Obama's administration took the view that al-Qaeda was like an organized crime gang - disrupt the hierarchy, destroy the gang. Theirs was a concerted and dogmatic attempt at pretending that al-Qaeda was nothing but a fringe criminal group, and not a concrete realization of an ideological phenomenon with grassroots sympathy. They took this view in part because of how successful Islamist "fellow-traveler" lobbies had been in influencing Obama's campaign after the mistakes of the Bush years. For Islamists and their allies, the problem was "al-Qaeda inspired extremism," and not the extremism that had inspired al-Qaeda. ~ Sam Harris
Barash Group quotes by Sam Harris
You ask yourself, 'What do you want your legacy to be?' I'm content at this point to say, 'Those who follow me.' Romeo Crennel, Bill Belichick, Sean Payton, to name a few. I think I've got a pretty good group, so far. ~ Bill Parcells
Barash Group quotes by Bill Parcells
I'm getting to the place where I can sort of go through airports now and there's no hysteria. I can go places alone even. But at the same time, if you get in trouble, you can find somebody in your age group who might recognize you. ~ Bo Derek
Barash Group quotes by Bo Derek
Idealization of a group is a natural consequence of separation from the group; in other words, it is a by-product of alienation. ~ Paula Gunn Allen
Barash Group quotes by Paula Gunn Allen
I support the framework that the bipartisan group of senators are working on ... We have to remember the 11 million people who are here are people ... [i]t's what Abraham Lincoln would have said, it is what the Republican Party stands for. It is the reason we have to get it right on who stays and who goes. ~ Darrell Issa
Barash Group quotes by Darrell Issa
Lucas had narrowed his lead threesome down to two competing groups: in one was Walken, Will Seltzer, and Terri Nunn, a trio Lucas described as "a little more serious, a little more realistic"; in the other, Ford, Hamill, and Fisher, a group Lucas called "a little more fun, more goofy. ~ Brian Jay Jones
Barash Group quotes by Brian Jay Jones
The underlying problem is that we aren't arguing policies; we're arguing about identities, and therefore compromise is never considered a principled realization that they might have some legitimate concerns. It is, at best, a Machiavellian strategy forced on us by the bad group. ~ Patricia Roberts-Miller
Barash Group quotes by Patricia Roberts-Miller
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