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Keep in mind, we are past the age of enlightenment. This is past reason. We are pretty deep into modern history and the decline of religion. This is when nature itself has been stripped bare of its cozy personality and we all feel homeless in our natures as well.

"The Limits Of The World ~ Diane Williams
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Diane Williams
I know my age is a little older and some people might say, 'hey this guy's an old guy'. But I'm learning every day. I don't feel like an old guy. I feel like I'm young. I feel like I'm in there just learning so much stuff. I'm just doing a whole lot more different things than I was before. ~ George Tahdooahnippah
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by George Tahdooahnippah
I was arguing not that everyone should read books by ladies - though shifting the balance matters - but that maybe the whole point of reading is to be able to explore and also transcend your gender (and race and class and orientation and nationality and moment in history and age and ability) and experience being others. ~ Rebecca Solnit
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Rebecca Solnit
Age does not matter in most relationships, but in marriage, it matters a lot. If you marry a younger you have to baby sit, and if you marry an older, you have to follow orders. ~ M.F. Moonzajer
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by M.F. Moonzajer
Males always have something pathetic about them, at every age. A fragile arrogance, a frightened audacity. I no longer know, today, if they ever aroused in me love or only an affectionate sympathy for their weaknesses. ~ Elena Ferrante
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Elena Ferrante
Something began when the Guild of Assassins enrolled Mister Teatime, who saw things differently from other people, and one of the ways that he saw things differently from other people was in seeing other people as things (later, Lord Downey of the Guild said, "We took pity on him because he'd lost both parents at an early age. I think that, on reflection, we should have wondered a bit more about that"). ~ Terry Pratchett
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Terry Pratchett
I have mentioned already, by the way, that though he lost his mother in his fourth year he remembered her all his life - her face, her caresses, "as though she stood living before me." Such memories may persist, as every one knows, from an even earlier age, even from two years old, but scarcely standing out through a whole lifetime like spots of light out of darkness, like a corner torn out of a huge picture, which has all faded and disappeared except that fragment. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Basically, when I went to school in Sri Lanka from age five onward, the classes there were sometimes sorted into a hierarchy of your skin tone. So the fairer-skinned kids sat at the front row, and the darker-skinned kids sat at the back by the poor ones who played out in the street all day long. ~ M.I.A.
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by M.I.A.
Wherever Cool is, anyway, I missed it, and now I'm stuck observing these machinations or sex and status and dancing and parties and people sucking at each other under the bleacher seating like some kind of freak, when I'm not the freak; Rich is the freak. Clearly. When I grow up, that had better be understood and I had better be compensated, or I'm going to shoot myself in the head. ~ Ned Vizzini
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Ned Vizzini
Are we, as we age, I wonder, repaid for all our thoughtless gestures ~ Anita Shreve
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Anita Shreve
From age nine, my friends and I were on the streets, walking home, going to each other's houses, going to the store. I really wanted to write about that: the independence that's a little bit scary but also a really positive thing in a lot of ways. ~ Rebecca Stead
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Rebecca Stead
It was in 1590
winter. Austria was far away from the world, and asleep; it was still the Middle Ages in Austria, and promised to remain so forever. Some even set it away back centuries upon centuries and said that by the mental and spiritual clock it was still the Age of Belief in Austria. But they meant it as a compliment, not a slur, and it was so taken, and we were all proud of it. I remember it well, although I was only a boy; and I remember, too, the pleasure it gave me.
Yes, Austria was far from the world, and asleep, and our village was in the middle of that sleep, being in the middle of Austria. ~ Mark Twain
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Mark Twain
The music of rebellion makes you want to rage
But it's made by millionaires who are nearly twice your age ~ Porcupine Tree
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Porcupine Tree
The human heart, no matter what age, will only open to the heart that opens in return. ~ Julie Klassen
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Julie Klassen
Age is whatever you think it is. You are as old as you think you are ~ Muhammad Ali
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Muhammad Ali
At an early age Jesse often said he wanted to be a soldier, and before long he was one. He was there with his military brotherhood, fighting terrorism there so we wouldn't have to fight it here. ~ Paula Gonzalez
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Paula Gonzalez
Whether it is Bach or Mozart that we hear in church, we have a sense in either case of what gloria Dei, the glory of God, means. The mystery of infinite beauty is there and enables us to experience the presence of God more truly and vividly than in many sermons. But there are already signs of danger to come. Subjective experience and passion are still held in check by the order of the musical universe, reflecting as it does the order of the divine creation itself. But there is already the threat of invasion by the virtuoso mentality, the vanity of technique, which is no longer the servant of the whole but wants to push itself to the fore. During the nineteenth century, the century of self-emancipating subjectivity, this led in many places to the obscuring of the sacred by the operatic. The dangers that had forced the Council of Trent to intervene were back again. In similar fashion, Pope Pius X tried to remove the operatic element from the liturgy and declared Gregorian chant and the great polyphony of the age of the Catholic Reformation (of which Palestrina was the outstanding representative) to be the standard for liturgical music. A clear distinction was made between liturgical music and religious music in general, just as visual art in the liturgy has to conform to different standards from those employed in religious art in general. Art in the liturgy has a very specific responsibility, and precisely as such does it serve as a wellspring of culture, which in the final ana ~ Benedict XVI
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Benedict XVI
Walk your own path and be yourself ~ Joanne Nussbaum
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Joanne Nussbaum
The work that most people do in the world tends to deaden them, deadens their mind, uses up their energy and they get a paycheck and old age and not much energy. You get the check and they get your energy. That energy is translated into corporate dollars. ~ Frederick Lenz
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Frederick Lenz
I hadn't been able to trust since the age of four. I was torn between wanting to be cradled and telling the world to go fuck itself, and those were opposite sides of the same coin. ~ Betsy Lerner
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Betsy Lerner
There are three periods in life: youth, middle age and 'how well you look'. ~ Nelson Rockefeller
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Nelson Rockefeller
Success is good at any age, but the sooner you find it, the longer you will enjoy it. ~ Napoleon Hill
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Napoleon Hill
I feel like it's important, especially at young age, to find exactly what it is that makes your style so important as opposed to just trying to fit into the iconic styles of performers out there. ~ Jennifer Damiano
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Jennifer Damiano
Eyes the broad-shouldered faceless character that symbolizes Men's Room, does Sternberg, and struggles with himself. He's needed a bowel movement for hours, and since the LordAloft 7:10 lifted things have gotten critical. He tried, back at O'Hare. But he was unable to, because he was afraid to, afraid that Mark, who has the look of someone who never just has to, might enter the rest room and see Sternberg's shoes under a stall door and know that he, Sternberg, was having a bowel movement in that stall, infer that Sternberg had bowels, and thus organs, and thus a body. Like many Americans of his generation in this awkwardest of post-Imperial decades, an age suspended between exhaustion and replenishment, between input too ordinary to process and input too intense to bear, Sternberg is deeply ambivalent about being embodied; an informing fear that, were he really just an organism, he'd be nothing more than an ism of his organs. ~ David Foster Wallace
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by David Foster Wallace
Work while your strength and years permit you; crooked age will by-and-by come upon you with silent foot. ~ Ovid
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Ovid
Can there be in our age any peace that is not honorable, any war that is not dishonorable? ~ Charles Sumner
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Charles Sumner
Teenage ur best and worst age of life in which we should not overthink what to do next or what will happen next its just ur decisions which decides what will happen ~ Kartikay
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Kartikay
We seem to have reached the age where life stops giving us things and starts taking them away. ~ Jim Broadbent
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Jim Broadbent
Women are still in emotional bondage as long as we need to worry that we might have to make a choice between being heard and being loved. ~ Marianne Williamson
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Marianne Williamson
Jobs are a centuries-old concept created during the Industrial Revolution. Despite the reality that we're now deep in the Information Age, many people are studying for, or working at, or clinging to the Industrial Age idea of a safe, secure job. ~ Robert Kiyosaki
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Robert Kiyosaki
Good old Watson! You are the one fixed point in a changing age. ~ Arthur Conan Doyle
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Arthur Conan Doyle
It is by no haphazard chance that in every age men have risen early to pray. The first thing that marks decline in spiritual life is our relationship to the early morning. ~ Oswald Chambers
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Oswald Chambers
I journeyed alone for almost ten years before I found home. Adoptions are like very delicate gardening with transplants and grafts. Mine took hold, rooted, and bloomed, even though there were inevitable adjustments to the new soil and climate. Yet I have not forgotten where my roots started. ~ Ashley Rhodes-Courter
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by Ashley Rhodes-Courter
It is by means of these that we attain perfect love, through the grace and compassion of our Lord Jesus Christ, to whom be glory through all the ages. Amen. ~ John Cassian
Arjumman Mughals Age quotes by John Cassian
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