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[T]he essence of so-called war prosperity: it enriches some by what it takes from others. It is not rising wealth but a shifting of wealth and income. ~ Ludwig Von Mises
Anti Housewife quotes by Ludwig Von Mises
Before taxiing out to the runway, we paused again for five more checks: whether anti-icing was necessary and completed, the autobrakes were set, the flight controls were checked, the ground equipment was cleared, and no warning lights were on. The three checklists ~ Atul Gawande
Anti Housewife quotes by Atul Gawande
The belief in the possibility of a short decisive war appears to be one of the most ancient and dangerous of human illusions. ~ Robert Wilson Lynd
Anti Housewife quotes by Robert Wilson Lynd
Our parents, our tribesman, our authority figures, clearly expect us to be bad or anti-social or greedy or selfish or dirty or destructive or self-destructive. Our social nature is such that we tend to meet the expectations of our elders. Whenever this reversal took place and our elders stopped expecting us to be social and expected us to be anti-social, just to put it in gross terms, that's when the real fall took place. And we're paying for it dearly. ~ Jean Liedloff
Anti Housewife quotes by Jean Liedloff
I tell him I take anti-depressants, which leads him on a thirty-minute detour. He tells me sadness is a part of finding out who you are. I tell him getting out of bed is also a part of finding out who you are. We agree to disagree. ~ Hilary Winston
Anti Housewife quotes by Hilary Winston
You don't ask for much, do you? It may look like we've got a whole lot of supplies here, but I've got five hungry boys to feed, plus I give whatever I can to Adam and the Black Ridge lot. You need to give me a real good reason, otherwise the answer is going to be no."
Sam took a deep breath. "I'm going to kill the Antichrist."
Big Tom sat completely still for a moment. Then he smiled. "Yep. That'll do it. ~ Phillip W. Simpson
Anti Housewife quotes by Phillip W. Simpson
If protesting against having a nuclear bomb implanted in my brain is anti-Hindu and anti-national, then I secede. I hereby declare myself an independent, mobile republic. I am a citizen of the earth. I own no territory. I have no flag. My policies are simple. I'm willing to sign any nuclear non-proliferation treaty or nuclear test ban treaty that's going. Immigrants are welcome. You can help me design our flag. ~ Arundhati Roy
Anti Housewife quotes by Arundhati Roy
At first, it seemed bizarre to find the progressive left making common cause with radical Islam. One half of the alliance professed to be pro-gay, pro-feminist, pro-whatever's-your-bag secularists; the other half were homophobic, misogynist, anti-any-groove-you-dig made no sense. But in fact what they had in common overrode their superficially more obvious incompatibilities, both the secular Big Government progressive and the political Islam recoiled from the concept of the citizen, of the free individual entrusted to operate within his own space, assume his responsibilities, and exploit his potential. ~ Mark Steyn
Anti Housewife quotes by Mark Steyn
We're going home. Forget this country, the gold is too expensive. ~ Ana-Maurine Lara
Anti Housewife quotes by Ana-Maurine Lara
To befoul the unholy alliance between corrupt business & corrupt politics is the first task of the statesmanship of the day. ~ Theodore Roosevelt
Anti Housewife quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
Anti-Semitism is nothing but the antagonistic attitude produced in the non-Jew by the Jewish group. This is a normal social reaction. The Jewish group has thrived on oppression and on the antagonism it has forever met in the world ... the root cause is their use of enemies they create in order to keep solidarity ... ~ Albert Einstein
Anti Housewife quotes by Albert Einstein
"Repeat that?"
"It's National Talk Like a Pirate Day. Didn't you know?"
"Somehow I missed the memo."
"You mean, 'Somehow I missed the memo, arrr!'"
"Precisely. Arr. So, Mrs. Jack ... Er, is that still your name? Or, I tremble to ask, have you adopted a pirate identity?"
"Arr, matey, of course I have! It's ... " She pulled an eggplant from the grocery bag. "Captain Eggplantier." She needed to stop speaking the first words that popped into her mind.
"Captain Eggplanteir." He sounded very doubtful.
"That's right. A family name. It's Belgian. ~ Shannon Hale
Anti Housewife quotes by Shannon Hale
The death of anti-gay hate speech is no doubt being hastened by the head-spinning speed with which gays as a group - to say nothing of gay marriage - are becoming an unremarkable and even quite traditional parts of American life. ~ Jeffrey Kluger
Anti Housewife quotes by Jeffrey Kluger
Time to employ some anti-distraction techniques in this war for our meanings. ~ K.A. Gunn
Anti Housewife quotes by K.A. Gunn
I have no country to fight for; my country is the earth; I am a citizen of the world. ~ Eugene V. Debs
Anti Housewife quotes by Eugene V. Debs
Justin Butterfield of Illinois, a Federalist-turned-Whig, said of the Mexican-American War, said, "I opposed one war and it ruined me. From now on I am for war, pestilence and famine. ~ Michael S. Green
Anti Housewife quotes by Michael S. Green
Domestic Violence – I Deserve Respect!
As a male advocate for ending domestic abuse, Patrick believes domestic violence is not just a woman's issue, it's everyone's issue. In his moving personal memoir, I AM ME, and in his powerful presentations, Patrick describes the painful domestic verbal abuse he endured from ex-wives and the physical abuse he suffered from his first LGBT partner. To book Patrick visit his website. ~ Patrick Dati
Anti Housewife quotes by Patrick Dati
The anti-Semitism of the new movement was based on religious ideas instead of racial knowledge. ~ Adolf Hitler
Anti Housewife quotes by Adolf Hitler
One good reason for the popularity of "reductionism" among the philosophical outposts of the Western Establishment is that it can be, and is, used as a device for trying to take the wind, so to speak, out of the sails of Marxism ... In essence reductionism is a kind of anti-Marxist caricature of Marxist determinism. It is what anti-Marxists pretend that Marxist determinism is. ~ Claud Cockburn
Anti Housewife quotes by Claud Cockburn
In my view the European culture carries a very heavy responsibility for the creation of Israel ... it is a product of both British and Stalin's anti- Semitism, but the British never faced their own complicity in its construction. ~ Tom Paulin
Anti Housewife quotes by Tom Paulin
My grandma has never been impressed with the TV show [Desperate Housewives]. She was so angry because I was on television kissing a boy naked; she's very traditional. She said: "If I ever see you kissing that boy again ... ". ~ Eva Longoria
Anti Housewife quotes by Eva Longoria
Accept each other. Love. Even if it is messy. Live with no regrets. Remember that diversity is our strength. We shouldn't be building walls, we should be tearing them down. Accept each other no matter who we love, how we pray or how we look. ~ Johnny Corn
Anti Housewife quotes by Johnny Corn
Racism is a blight on the human conscience. The idea that any people can be inferior to another, to the point where those who consider themselves superior define and treat the rest as subhuman, denies the humanity even of those who elevate themselves to the status of gods. ~ Nelson Mandela
Anti Housewife quotes by Nelson Mandela
My dandy voice makes the most anti-choice granny's panties moist, ~ MC Paul Barman
Anti Housewife quotes by MC Paul Barman
A point often ignored in cinema history studies of [Bette] Davis," wrote Jim Parish and Don Stanke years later of Housewife, "is that Ann Dvorak, who plays the film's title role, was established as a strong dramatic actress long before Bette, and it was she who set the standard for battling with the studio for better roles. In her quiet performance as Nan Wilson Reynolds, it is Miss Dvorak and not the already mannered Bette, who woos the audience's attention and affection. It is Dvorak who provides the proper artistic control for the feature…" The big difference between the two actresses was maturity. Bette, in these early movies, was very rough around the gills; she became polished, but always tended to slip into campy tirades. Dvorak was a natural; she was intense, but always in control, even in highly emotional situations. ~ Ray Hagen
Anti Housewife quotes by Ray Hagen
I'm an anti-industrial kind of guy. ~ Robert M. Parker, Jr.
Anti Housewife quotes by Robert M. Parker, Jr.
I am not blaming those who are resolved to rule, only those who show an even greater readiness to submit. ~ Thucydides
Anti Housewife quotes by Thucydides
Courts are an aristocratic institution in a democracy. That's the dilemma for an institution that has the function of reviewing the will of the people. We're bound to be "anti-majoritarian." ~ Rose Bird
Anti Housewife quotes by Rose Bird
Make no mistake about those who call themselves anti Zionist are anti Semitic. ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.
Anti Housewife quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr.
You have to have competent people evaluating the athlete, not the housewives! ~ Bela Karolyi
Anti Housewife quotes by Bela Karolyi
Libraries are safe but also exciting. Libraries are where nerds like me go to refuel. They are safe-havens where the polluted noise of the outside world, with all the bullies and bro-dudes and anti-feminist rhetoric, is shut out. Libraries have zero tolerance for bullshit. Their walls protect us and keep us safe from all the bastards that have never read a book for fun. ~ Gabby Rivera
Anti Housewife quotes by Gabby Rivera
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