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Wouldn't the world be a better place, if we were better at including than excluding? Wouldn't the world be wiser, if we never again dragged civilians into war? Wouldn't the world be better, if 1942 had never happened for either Polish Jews or Japanese Americans?
From Seattle in Shorts due out April 2014 ~ Mercia McMahon
2014 Grammys quotes by Mercia McMahon
Most of the provisions designed to fix what ails our health system don't kick in until 2014, which, one wishes administration officials had noticed, is two years after he has to win an election. ~ Eric Alterman
2014 Grammys quotes by Eric Alterman
The term "FTM-Butch Border War" just sounds like an alien land of yore. How is it that the gravitational pull of my beard and low-voice should hold [my lesbian friend's] masculinity in deferential orbit? That when standing side-by-side we are supposedly read in comparison, rendering her unalterably more feminine - shorthand, in patriarchal societies, for "lesser than"?

Masculinity has more than enough space to spare. But sometimes its flesh-and-blood vessels act as if we have to wound each other for it, like dogs fighting over too few scraps. Anyway, [she] and I know without speaking that in reality, right here and right now in our present moment, that she and I are two different sides of the same coin; two keys sung for the same tune."

- from "Snapshots: "Sharing Space with Women," Original Plumbing Magazine 2014 ~ Mitch Kellaway
2014 Grammys quotes by Mitch Kellaway
All my life, I was even just wanted to attend the Grammys, like, just be there, so the fact that I'm nominated for Best New Artist, it feels like a dream. ~ Tori Kelly
2014 Grammys quotes by Tori Kelly
Elantris (Sanderson, Brandon) - Your Highlight on page 74 | Location 1453-1453 | Added on Thursday, March 20, 2014 1:19:01 AM You will find that hate can unify people more quickly and more fervently than devotion ever could. ~ Anonymous
2014 Grammys quotes by Anonymous
Ooh-kaay. Moving on from odd reaction to completely innocent question.
Zart, Lindy (2014-09-04). Ordinary (Anything But Series Book 1) (p. 14). Crushing Hearts and Black Butterfly Publishing. Kindle Edition. ~ Lindy Zart
2014 Grammys quotes by Lindy Zart
I've always said I can't tell sometimes that people even have an album out until I see them nominated for a Grammy. I think country gets dumped on across the board by the Grammys. ~ Toby Keith
2014 Grammys quotes by Toby Keith
Got to love men. Kissed the hell out of me yesterday, swim-stalked me on the beach this morning, and now couldn't even look up when I entered the room.

Eve, Jaymin (2014-01-15). First World (A Walker Saga Book 1) (p. 347). . Kindle Edition. ~ Jaymin Eve
2014 Grammys quotes by Jaymin Eve
I spent 2014 on a book tour for a book I hadn't yet written. ~ Anonymous
2014 Grammys quotes by Anonymous
Groundhog found fog. New snows and blue toes. Fine and dandy for Valentine candy. Snow spittin'; if you're not mitten-smitten, you'll be frostbitten! By jing-y feels spring-y. ~ Old Farmer's Almanac
2014 Grammys quotes by Old Farmer's Almanac
Purple Cow (SETH GODIN) - Your Highlight on page 68 | location 1042-1042 | Added on Friday, 6 June 2014 10:00:32 Assume that what was remarkable last time won't be remarkable this time. ========== ~ Anonymous
2014 Grammys quotes by Anonymous
And you expect us to take the word of your ... very pregnant wife, over a DNA test? No offense, but pregnancy tends to lower a female's IQ."
Burnett turned to the warlock, but before he could add his two cents - which didn't look as if it would be pleasant - Holiday added her own.
"That's funny," she said, but without humor.
"I've heard it also makes us vicious if provoked. And for your information, I'd be happy to put my IQ up against yours, pregnant or not."
Hunter, C. C. (2014-05-20). Reborn (Shadow Falls: After Dark) (p. 336). St. Martin's Press. Kindle Edition. ~ C.C. Hunter
2014 Grammys quotes by C.C. Hunter
No subject was more important in the 2014 elections than healthcare, and Republicans in Congress should waste no time in taking decisive action in response to the voters'€ demands. Obamacare has escalated costs, disrupted coverage, and introduced bad incentives throughout our healthcare system. Congress must repeal Obamacare and send the president a replacement package of reforms that protects freedom and focuses on the real problem with American healthcare -€" affordability. ~ Bobby Jindal
2014 Grammys quotes by Bobby Jindal
I was living in the U.K. I was back in New Zealand for the New Zealand Music Awards, which is like our annual New Zealand GRAMMYs. ~ Ladyhawke
2014 Grammys quotes by Ladyhawke
A Conspiracy Theory that took hold was introduced by Anthony "Tony" Summers, the respected author of The Kennedy Conspiracy, published in 1980 and again in 1998 as "Not in Your Lifetime." He believes that anti-Castro activists, funded by Mafia mobsters who had been ousted from Cuba, killed Kennedy. Summers believes that members of the CIA took part in this conspiracy and named the people he suspected. Summers also stated in an article published in the National Enquirer magazine, on October 25, 2013, that Lee Harvey Oswald didn't act alone. The National Enquirer stated that Herminio Diaz, born in Cuba in 1923, had, in 1948, shot Pipi Hernandez, who was a Dominican exile employed at the naval base at Guantanamo. This killing took place at the Cuban Consulate in Mexico. In 1957, he was involved with an assassination attempt against President José Figueres of Costa Rica, who incidentally was a trained Army Ranger and a graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point.

According to JFKFacts published on May 27, 2014, General Fabián Escalante, the historian of Cuban State Security and Castro's former bodyguard, said that the assassin Herminio Diaz, along with Eladio del Valle and three American mobsters: Richard Gaines, Lenny Patrick, and Dave Yara, were the shooters at Dealey Plaza. ~ Hank Bracker
2014 Grammys quotes by Hank Bracker
We writers always get our revenge on paper ~ Scott Westerfeld
2014 Grammys quotes by Scott Westerfeld
If you wanted to kill a city, that is the recipe. And yet Flint was very much alive. In 2014, the year of switch to a new source of drinking water, it was the seventh-largest city in the state. On weekdays, its population swelled as people commuted into town for work in teh county government, the region's major medical centers, four college campuses, and other economic anchors. For all the empty space, teens in shining dresses still posed for prom photos in the middle of Saginaw Street, the bumpy brick road that is Flint's main thoroughfare. Parents still led their children by the hand into the public library for Saturday story time. Older gentlemen lingered at the counter of one of Flint's ubiquitous Coney Island diners, and the waitresses at Grandma's Kitchen on Richfield Road kept the coffee flowing. For about ninety-nine thousand people, Flint was home. ~ Anna Clark
2014 Grammys quotes by Anna  Clark
If Republicans triumph in 2014, it will undoubtedly be as a result of Obamacare. In 2010, Republicans soared to historic victory because the much-maligned Tea Party spearheaded mass resistance to Obama's takeover of the healthcare industry. ~ Ben Shapiro
2014 Grammys quotes by Ben Shapiro
It always has been a goal of mine to compete in the Olympics. Right after I graduated from college, I moved out to Salt Lake City with my mind focused on making the 2014 team. ~ Brittany Bowe
2014 Grammys quotes by Brittany Bowe
Cruise Critic's community of cruisers is the largest in the world, so to be named to this list is truly an honor, of the thousands of reviews we received in 2014, these ships represent the best-of-the-best, qualified by travelers who have sailed firsthand and shared their experiences once they returned. ~ George Spencer-Brown
2014 Grammys quotes by George Spencer-Brown
Someone's gotta determine whether you guys are destined for superstardom," I said, my mind catching up somewhat. A light bulb popped over my head. "Hey, I could be your momager! Get you gigs, do your wardrobe. Ride your coattails all the way to the Grammys." I was mentally calculating my cut.
"Mom, we're a high school band who haven't even properly rehearsed yet. Don't write the acceptance speech just yet," she chided.
"Mmhmm," I said distractedly, thinking of the Porsche I'd buy with my income.
Brad the front desk receptionist wandered past. "Brad!" I called, stopping him. "Lexie's band is going to be world famous. Want her autograph now so you can sell it on eBay in five years and retire a rich man?" I asked him.
He grinned. "You bet. I'll also be doing a TMZ interview telling all about how I knew her before she was gobbled up by the fame monster," he responded without missing a beat.
I gave him a thumbs up and turned to Lexie, grinning. She had her head in her hands. ~ Anne Malcom
2014 Grammys quotes by Anne Malcom
It's true, Christmas can feel like a lot of work, particularly for mothers. But when you look back on all the Christmases in your life, you'll find you've created family traditions and lasting memories. Those memories, good and bad, are really what help to keep a family together over the long haul. ~ Caroline Kennedy
2014 Grammys quotes by Caroline Kennedy
I meant run out the front door. The dude had a gun. I threw my hands up. I couldn't believe him. I turned around, ready to walk out the door and make him drive back. It was late. I was a mess. I wanted to be between the sheets next to Kota and Nathan and not getting shot at while stealing a digital camera.
Stone, C. L. (2014-01-19). Drop of Doubt: The Ghost Bird Series: #5 (Kindle Locations 3840-3843). Arcato Publishing. Kindle Edition. ~ C.L.Stone
2014 Grammys quotes by C.L.Stone
King Yorandt to Kristina in book three of Fracture the Secret Enemy Saga~Secrets
release date: Summer 2014

Even the master does not play perfectly. He can only hope to make fewer mistakes than his opponent, and that in the end, he is the victor. Sajah (chess) is a ruthless game where the pieces are all pawns and the Queen is the true killer.
She spares no one to protect the king. The king however, is ruled by all of the pieces that lay before him, even his opponent. Every move is a decision that can change the whole board, and the endgame. ~ Virginia McKevitt
2014 Grammys quotes by Virginia McKevitt
And stop grabbing my bra."
"Huh?" Matthias looked down at the lingerie in his hands. His eyes bugged.
"Ahhh!" He tossed it in the air and vigorously wiped his palms. Blake caught the under garment. "Oh, yeah."
"Blake!" we all yelled. "Give it back!" Ayden reached for it, but at the last minute pushed a hand through his hair and looked away.
"To Aurora." Tristan stared at the floor. Logan had his shirt pulled up to his forehead. Matthias kept wiping his hands on his jeans.
A & E Kirk (2014-05-26). Drop Dead Demons: The Divinicus Nex Chronicles: Book 2 (Divinicus Nex Chronicles series) (p. 472). A&E Kirk. Kindle Edition. ~ A&E Kirk
2014 Grammys quotes by A&E Kirk
Cuba has nine official National Public Holidays

January 1st - Liberation Day & New Year's
Liberation Day is also called "Triunfo de la Revolucion." This day celebrates the removal of dictator Batista from power and the start of Fidel Castro's power.
January 2nd - Victory of the Armed Forces
A holiday commemorating its revolution's history.

Good Friday
Good Friday became a national holiday following the visit of Pope Benedict XVI. The first Good Friday recognized as a holiday was in 2014, according to Granma, the Official Body Central Committee of the Communist Party of Cuba.

May 1st - International Labour Day
Called "Dia de los Trabajadores," Havana-Guide.com noted there are many celebrations this holiday, including "speeches on the 'Plaza de la Revolucion' celebrating the work force and the Communist party."

July 25th till 27th - Commemmoration of the Assault to Moncada/National Rebellion Day
This three-day long holiday remembers the 1953 capture and exile of Fidel Castro, according to VisitarCuba. This happened near Santiago in the Moncada army barracks. This week is also celebrated with carnivals in Santiago as the saint day of St. James (Santiago).

October 19th - Independence Day, "Dia de la Independencia"
Independence Day celebrates the early independence of Cuba in 1868, when Carlos Manuel Cespedes freed his slaves and began the War of Independence against Spain, accord ~ Hank Bracker
2014 Grammys quotes by Hank Bracker
After all, the way to a man's heart is through his stomach" ...
When Aidan snickered at Grammy's admonishment, Emma nudged him in the stomach with her elbow. "Don't make me tell her the way to your heart is through your dick," she whispered. ~ Katie Ashley
2014 Grammys quotes by Katie Ashley
Anyone who would argue that this third-generatio n MDX is an SUV might as well belong to the Flat Earth Society. The 2014 Acura MDX is the perfect expression of the modern car - capable, spacious, and friendly to drive. ~ Michael Jordan
2014 Grammys quotes by Michael Jordan
The Russian contribution to peace in Ukraine is not sufficient. [German Chancellor commenting on 2014 Russian military intervention in Ukraine and annexation of Crimea] ~ Angela Merkel
2014 Grammys quotes by Angela Merkel
I read The Vegetarian and fell in love with it. A year later, I was invited to go and speak at the London Book Fair (which I'd never even heard of before), as they were gearing up for Korea being the market focus country in 2014. I met Max Porter there, Kang's editor at Portobello, sent him my sample, and the rest is history. ~ Deborah Smith
2014 Grammys quotes by Deborah Smith
It is long settled in California that a landlord who resorts to self-help [such as removing a tenant's personal belongings and changing the locks, even though the tenant is still in legal possession of the property] instead of invoking the unlawful detainer procedure commits a forcible entry and detainer, and is liable for actual and, sometimes, punitive damages (see Jordan v Talbot (1961) 55 C2d 597), regardless of any lease provision giving the landlord the right to reenter on default (55 C2d at 604) or any lien the landlord may wish to exercise (55 C2d at 609). ~ Myron Moskovitz
2014 Grammys quotes by Myron Moskovitz
I'm not sure I've ever profited on the legacy of Watergate. ~ John Dean
2014 Grammys quotes by John Dean
I wish there was a way that 1988 Ice Cube could be introduced to 2014 Ice Cube. He would be as astounded as a motherfucker. ~ Shea Serrano
2014 Grammys quotes by Shea Serrano
Benjamin Franklin didnt win 21 Grammys right? ~ Kanye West
2014 Grammys quotes by Kanye West
The judgment, handed down by Judge Ian Chin of the Sarawak High Court, demonstrated astonishing independence from the Malaysian government. Chin knew the price of that independence. After a much-maligned judgment against a politician belonging to the ruling Barisan National government in 1998, he had been verbally threatened by Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad, and then enrolled in a five-day boot camp with other judges for "re-educational" purposes. While there, the primacy of the government's interests was hammered into the judicial civil servants.3 Crushing the independence of the courts was done systematically under Mahathir. In 1988, the autocratic Premier had arbitrarily dismissed the country's top judge, Lord President Salleh Abas, thereby keeping the remaining judges on a short lead.4 Even today, in 2014, Malaysia's judges still have difficulty ruling independently when government interests are at stake. ~ Lukas Straumann
2014 Grammys quotes by Lukas Straumann
If we as a nation don't start to put some of America's old fashoned morals, ethics, honesty, religion,
standards, national leadership, and military backbone back into this great nation, we as a nation,
will fall by the wayside of history..."
---2014, American Patriot, Allen Berberick ~ Allen D. Berberick
2014 Grammys quotes by Allen D. Berberick
Herbenick invited me to sit in on the Human Sexuality class she was about to teach, one of the most popular courses on Indiana's campus. She was, on that day, delivering a lecture on gender disparities in sexual satisfaction. More than one hundred fifty students were already seated in the classroom when we arrived, nearly all of them female, most dressed in sweats, their hair pulled into haphazard ponytails. They listened raptly as Herbenick explained the vastly different language young men and young women use when describing "good sex." "Men are more likely to talk about pleasure, about orgasm," Herbenick said. "Women talk more about absence of pain. Thirty percent of female college students say they experience pain during their sexual encounters as opposed to five percent of men."

The rates of pain among women, she added, shoot up to 70 percent when anal sex is included. Until recently, anal sex was a relatively rare practice among young adults. But as it's become disproportionately common in porn - and the big payoff in R-rated fare such as Kingsman and The To Do List - it's also on the rise in real life. In 1992 only 16 percent of women aged eighteen to twenty-four said they had tried anal sex. Today 20 percent of women eighteen to nineteen have, and by ages twenty to twenty-four it's up to 40 percent. A 2014 study of heterosexuals sixteen to eighteen years old - and can we pause for a moment to consider just how young that is? - found that it was mainly boys ~ Peggy Orenstein
2014 Grammys quotes by Peggy Orenstein
Roe'vaash was done... He was tired hungry, cold and very relieved that he had never cut off his elven ears. Today was a new day to start again. ~quote from Then'diel's SONG 2014 ~ K. Farrell St. Germain
2014 Grammys quotes by K. Farrell St. Germain
I was covered in shit and maggots. So many larvae crawling all over me, squeezing into the crevices between my toes and riding waves of urine into my ears. My mouth was filled with the fetid material, and partially digested feces mixed with the sloppy crunch of cocooned flies as my jaws opened and closed, gasping for air. My legs kicked out, trying to find purchase on the one large object floating there with me, both the source of all the insufferable maggots and my one chance to propel myself higher. ~ Bo Unce
2014 Grammys quotes by Bo Unce
We live in capitalism. Its power seems inescapable. So did the divine right of kings. ~ Ursula K. Le Guin
2014 Grammys quotes by Ursula K. Le Guin
I'm the lady by day, and I'm Gaga by night. And I'm always going to be that way, because it's a testament to your discipline as a musician. I do like to drink, I like to get crazy, I like to go out with my friends, and I like to sing rock and roll. I used to go-go dance! And I like to be inspired by young artists, people like Millie who are outrageously hard, disciplined individuals. But at the end of the day I'm a classically trained pianist and I'm a singer, and that's what allows the girl that goes out at night to also go on stage with Tony Bennett at Lincoln Center. Because I know how to do it. ~ Lady Gaga
2014 Grammys quotes by Lady Gaga
That night I looked Stephanie [Burt] up online and started reading more about her work...I kept encountering a striking factoid...: she's often cited as the most influential poetry critic of her generation. And she's openly trans. This is not the world I was taught I would grow into when I was a young trans child -- the one where transgender people are heard, are brilliant, are influential, are even the best. At anything. Being trans, I'd learned subliminally, was supposed to keep you from being that -- even if you loved your trans self, and even if some other trans people and a few allies did too, the world at large would keep your potential tamped down."

- from "Surface Difficulty: An Adventure in Reading Trans Poetry," Original Plumbing Magazine 2014 ~ Mitch Kellaway
2014 Grammys quotes by Mitch Kellaway
I was born in 1960 into a more violent America than we had in 2014. We haven't been in such a good place for more than 50 years. ~ James Comey
2014 Grammys quotes by James Comey
Learn more about Marcus Phillips, CTO and Head of Instruction at Hack Reactor Learn more about Hack Reactor. Learn more about the Twitter Chat on this topic on 2/12/2014. ~ Anonymous
2014 Grammys quotes by Anonymous
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