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There are assholes among us, good people, try not to step in their shit ... it's deep ~ Emma Paul
Words Of Revelation quotes by Emma Paul
Forgetting who you are is so much more complicated than simply forgetting your name. It's also forgetting your dreams. Your aspirations. What makes you happy. What you pray you'll never have to live without. It's meeting yourself for the first time, and not being sure of your first impression. ~ Jessica Brody
Words Of Revelation quotes by Jessica Brody
You will curse your blessings by not being grateful for what is already yours. ~ Germany Kent
Words Of Revelation quotes by Germany Kent
At dawn of man, many words of inspiration.
At the end, there will be words of revelation. ~ Toba Beta
Words Of Revelation quotes by Toba Beta
Your words may be heard but your attitude will be felt. Your attitude reveals your character so never try to deceive anyone with mere words. Word/Talk is cheap but character is key. It costs nothing to be authentic. Learn to be a man or woman of substance! ~ Kemi Sogunle
Words Of Revelation quotes by Kemi Sogunle
Words can strengthen the weak, words can rejuvenate the meek - words can breathe life into the dead, words can unite the divided - words can bring smile on the face of the unfortunate, words can encourage the hearts of the desperate – words can alleviate the anguish of humanity, words can sow the seeds of serenity. ~ Abhijit Naskar
Words Of Revelation quotes by Abhijit Naskar
Tender words we spoke to one another are sealed in the secret vaults of heaven. One day like rain, they will fall to earth and grow green all over the world. ~ Rumi
Words Of Revelation quotes by Rumi
The quill has pricked my soul and each word bleeds onto the parchment of my life. My freedom is in my words, therefore, I write.

~ Mona Bethke
Words Of Revelation quotes by Mona Bethke
To be able to let you know who someone is in just a couple of words, I'd have to pick the most pronounced features of a character's personality. And I always feel like I'm leaving out so many important little ones. ~ Lisa Kudrow
Words Of Revelation quotes by Lisa Kudrow
One thing I'd do was put a great writer's book beside the typewriter and ... type out a beautiful and moving paragraph ... and see those sentences rising up ... and ... think, 'Someday maybe I can write like that ... ' It was like a dream of possibilities for my own self. And maybe I began to know that there was no other way for the sentence ... to ... arouse the same feeling. The someone writing whose words were rising from the typewriter became like a mentor for me ... You shouldn't do it more than a few times because you must get on with your own work. ~ Gina Berriault
Words Of Revelation quotes by Gina Berriault
Quality speaks by itself. Rightly communicated it creates Joy. Like an Infant needs no words to express to her mother. Any success of communication enhances beauty of both, which too needs no words to endorse. ~ Priyavrat Thareja
Words Of Revelation quotes by Priyavrat Thareja
A woman's hand, your hand in its starry paleness only to help you walk downstairs, refracts its beam into my own. Its slightest touch branches out inside me and in a moment will trace above us those delicate canopies where the inverted sky stirs its blue leaves with misty aspen or willow. As for me, to what do I actually owe this remission of a pain that so many others suffer because of less guilt than I feel today? Before I met you I'd known misfortune, despair. Before I met you, come on, those words mean nothing. You know very well that when I first laid eyes on you I recognized you without the slightest hesitation. And from what borders did you come, so fearfully protected against everyone, what initiation to which no one or almost no one was admitted has consecrated what you are. ~ Andre Breton
Words Of Revelation quotes by Andre Breton
To experience love, we must go inside. When you experience real love you get into a state which is beyond words. You are filled with a joy that goes beyond all emotions. True love is the love of the inner Self. ~ Swami Muktananda
Words Of Revelation quotes by Swami Muktananda
If you're going to do Shakespeare, do Shakespeare. There's a reason why he's been performed for hundreds of years. His words affect people on a very deep level. He's the true humanist. That all comes through his text, his words. ~ Christian Camargo
Words Of Revelation quotes by Christian Camargo
We declared war on one another's heart. And once the bombs dropped, & wars of words began, all that was left were the ruins of what was once everything. Something once so beautiful, that even those dull ruins held it's own tragic beauty all their own. ~ Trevor Driggers
Words Of Revelation quotes by Trevor Driggers
If a transaction in progress appeared threatened with failure, if a shipment of goods seemed to have gone astray, or if a debtor appeared unable to repay his debt, Kamaswami was never able to persuade Siddhartha that it was useful to speak words of worry or of anger, to have a wrinkled brow, or to sleep poorly. ~ Hermann Hesse
Words Of Revelation quotes by Hermann Hesse
The right word at the right time helps you make sense of the world. It helps, but sometimes not a lot. ~ Chris Lynch
Words Of Revelation quotes by Chris Lynch
Get rid of all that is unnecessary. Wabi-sabi means treading lightly on the planet and knowing how to appreciate whatever is encountered, no matter how trifling, whenever it is encountered. [ ... ] In other words, wabi-sabi tells us to stop our preoccupation with success
wealth, status, power, and luxury
and enjoy the unencumbered life. Obviously, leading the simple wabi-sabi life requires some effort and will and also some tough decisions. Wabi-sabi acknowledges that just as it is important to know when to make choices, it is also important to know when not to make choices: to let things be. Even at the most austere level of material existence, we still live in a world of things. Wabi-sabi is exactly about the delicate balance between the pleasure we get from things and the pleasure we get from freedom of things. ~ Leonard Koren
Words Of Revelation quotes by Leonard Koren
Mind your own Brazilian! The words fly out of my mouth before I can stop them. Oops.
OK. The trick when you've said something embarrassing by mistake is to pretend nothing happened. ~ Sophie Kinsella
Words Of Revelation quotes by Sophie Kinsella
Work hard. Work dirty. Choose your favourite spade and dig a small, deep hole; located deep in the forest or a desolate area of the desert or tundra. Then bury your cellphone and then find a hobby. Actually, 'hobby' is not a weighty enough word to represent what I am trying to get across. Let's use 'discipline' instead. If you engage in a discipline or do something with your hands, instead of kill time on your phone device, then you have something to show for your time when you're done. Cook, play music, sew, carve, shit - bedazzle! Or, maybe not bedazzle... The arrhythmic is quite simple, instead of playing draw something, fucking draw something! Take the cleverness you apply to words with friends and utilise it to make some kick ass cornbread, corn with friends - try that game. I'm here to tell you that we've been duped on a societal level. My favourite writer, Wendell Berry writes on this topic with great eloquence, he posits that we've been sold a bill of goods claiming that work is bad. That sweating and working especially if soil or saw dust is involved are beneath us. Our population especially the urbanites, has largely forgotten that working at a labour that one loves is actually a privilege. ~ Nick Offerman
Words Of Revelation quotes by Nick Offerman
It is very remarkable that while the words Eternal, Eternity, Forever, are constantly in our mouths, and applied without hesitation, we yet experience considerable difficulty in contemplating any definite term which bears a very large proportion to the brief cycles of our petty chronicles. There are many minds that would not for an instant doubt the God of Nature to have existed from all Eternity, and would yet reject as preposterous the idea of going back a million of years in the History of His Works. Yet what is a million, or a million million, of solar revolutions to an Eternity? ~ George Julius Poulett Scrope
Words Of Revelation quotes by George Julius Poulett Scrope
Reaching inside his coat, Christopher pulled out the letter from Pru, the one he carried with him always. It had become a talisman, a symbol of what he had fought for. A reason for living. He looked down at the bit of folded paper, not even needing to open it. The words had been seared into his heart.
"Please come home and find me…"
In the past he had wondered if he were incapable of love. None of his love affairs had ever lasted more than a matter of months, and although they had blazed on a physical level, they had never transcended that. Ultimately no particular woman had ever seemed all that different from the rest.
Until those letters. The sentences had looped around him with a spirit so artless and adorable, he had loved it, loved her, immediately.
His thumb moved over the parchment as if it were sensitive living skin. "Mark my words, Audrey--I'm going to marry the woman who wrote this letter."
"I am marking your words," she assured him. "We'll see if you live up to them. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Words Of Revelation quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I don't believe there is something called 'film' and something called 'theater,' and that words belong in the theater. Some rather bad films have few words in them; some good films have a lot of words in them. ~ Tom Stoppard
Words Of Revelation quotes by Tom Stoppard
On the right side-panel of the verbose and somewhat tautological box of Cheerios, it is written,
If you are not satisfied with the quality and/or performance of the Cheerios in this box, send name, address, and reason for dissatisfaction - along with entire boxtop and price paid - to: General Mills, Inc., Box 200-A, Minneapolis, Minn., 55460. Your purchase price will be returned.
It isn't enough that there is a defensive tone to those words, a slant of doubt, an unappetizing broach of the subject of money, but they leave the reader puzzling over exactly what might be meant by the "performance" of the Cheerios.
Could the Cheerios be in bad voice? Might not they handle well on curves? Do they ejaculate too quickly? Has age affected their timing or are they merely in a mid-season slump? Afflicted with nervous exhaustion or broken hearts, are the Cheerios smiling bravely, insisting that the show must go on? ~ Tom Robbins
Words Of Revelation quotes by Tom Robbins
I realize that people still read books now and some people actually love them, but in 1946 in the Village our feelings about books--I'm talking about my friends and myself--went beyond love. It was as if we didn't know where we ended and books began. Books were our weather, our environment, our clothing. We didn't simply read books; we became them. We took them into ourselves and made them into our histories. While it would be easy to say that we escaped into books, it might be truer to say that books escaped into us. Books were to us what drugs were to young men in the sixties.

They showed us what was possible. We had been living with whatever was close at hand, whatever was given, and books took us great distances. We had known only domestic emotions and they showed us what happens to emotions when they are homeless. Books gave us balance--the young are so unbalanced that anything can make them fall. Books steadied us; it was as if we carried a heavy bag of them in each hand and they kept us level. They gave us gravity. ~ Anatole Broyard
Words Of Revelation quotes by Anatole Broyard
Who are you?" she said, barely able to hear her own words as her heartbeat thrummed in her ears.
"This is your dream, remember? Tell me who I am," he said smiling, absently coiling a tendril of her long brown hair around a finger.
She narrowed her eyes at him. "If this is my dream, oneiroi, then answer my question. Who are you?"
He was hearing her true voice: that of a natural ruler. She watched him smile at her fearlessness, even as he loomed over her. He leaned down and whispered in her ear, "I am your lord husband. ~ Rachel Alexander
Words Of Revelation quotes by Rachel Alexander
I am afraid of sex as sex is defined by the dominant culture, as practiced all around me, and projected onto magazine pages, billboards, and movie screens. I am afraid of sex because I am afraid of domination, cruelty, violence, and death. I am afraid of sex because sex has hurt me and hurt lots of people I know, and because I have hurt others with sex in the past. I know that there are people out there who have been hurt by sex in ways that are beyond words, who have experienced a depth of pain that I will never fully understand. And I know there are people who are dead because of sex. Yes, I am afraid of sex. How could I not be? ~ Robert Jensen
Words Of Revelation quotes by Robert Jensen
Yes,' he said; 'and not a dishonourable one. What held me back was just that one thing - a sense of morality that perhaps, madam, you did not give me credit for.' The latter words were spoken with a mien and tone of pride. ~ Thomas Hardy
Words Of Revelation quotes by Thomas Hardy
If we are going to do away with polygamy, it would only be one feather in the bird, one ordinance in the Church and Kingdom. Do away with that, then we must do away with the prophets and apostles, with revelation and the gifts and graces of the Gospel, and finally give up our religion altogether. ~ Wilford Woodruff
Words Of Revelation quotes by Wilford Woodruff
Burn all the dictionaries and the things of the world will still be there. ~ Marty Rubin
Words Of Revelation quotes by Marty Rubin
Non-African missionaries, responding generously to the Lord's call with ardent apostolic zeal, came to share the joy of revelation. Following in their footsteps, Africans are today missionaries on other continents. ~ Pope Benedict XVI
Words Of Revelation quotes by Pope Benedict XVI
Leadership, in other words, is a matter of character, not goals. ~ Ted Malloch
Words Of Revelation quotes by Ted Malloch
Though the words of the great saints appear in a hundred different forms, since God is one and the Way is one, how can their words be different? Though their teachings appear to contradict, their meaning is one. Separation exists in their outward form only; in inner purpose they all agree. ~ Rumi
Words Of Revelation quotes by Rumi
Back when I'd been sick, I'd always dreaded hearing other words. Spread. Lymph nodes. Amputation. Those words, those possibilities, make you grow up quick. They made me remember to prioritize correctly, to value and appreciate. But mainly the branches of those words scared me so much, I wanted to live even if it wasn't always going to be fun and games. ~ Mariana Zapata
Words Of Revelation quotes by Mariana Zapata
For those who are not frightened by the solitude, everything will have a different taste.

In solitude, they will discover the love that might otherwise arrive unnoticed.

In solitude, they will understand and respect the love that left them.

In solitude, they will be able to decide whether it is worth asking that lost love to come back or if they should simply let it go and set off along a new path.

In solitude, they will learn that saying 'No' does not always show a lack of generosity and that saying 'Yes' is not always a virtue.

And those who are alone at this moment, need never be frightened by the words of the devil: 'You're wasting your time.'

Or by the chief demon's even more potent words: 'No one cares about you.'

The Divine Energy is listening to us when we speak to other people, but also when we are still and silent and able to accept solitude as a blessing.

And when we achieve that harmony, we receive more than we asked for. ~ Paulo Coelho
Words Of Revelation quotes by Paulo Coelho
One must be chary of words because they turn into cages. ~ Viola Spolin
Words Of Revelation quotes by Viola Spolin
It's a shame you left without a word, you know. She was just beginning to trust you before that. Before you got angry. Before you ran off. Just like every other man in her life. Lusting after her, full of sweet words, then just walking away. Leaving her alone. Good thing she's used to it by now, isn't it? Otherwise you might have hurt her. Otherwise you just might have broken that poor girl's heart ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Words Of Revelation quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
He glanced her way, and the reality of his responsibility toward her became clear. If he wasn't ready to declare his feelings and propose, then he must guard his words and actions. He should think of her like a sister and treat her as he would Clara.

But could he ever be satisfied with that? ~ Carrie Turansky
Words Of Revelation quotes by Carrie Turansky
What I want is for people to really grab hold of language and not be nervous about it. 'The Word Spy' is all about diving in and playing with words. ~ Ursula Dubosarsky
Words Of Revelation quotes by Ursula Dubosarsky
A poem is a small machine made of words ... Its movement is intrinsic, undulant, a physical more than a literary character. ~ William Carlos Williams
Words Of Revelation quotes by William Carlos Williams
Gregori wanted her. More than that, he needed her. That particular revelation changed everything. It put control back in her hands, gave her back her life. She squared her shoulders. She was no longer a child running from a nameless fear. She was his lifemate, chosen by God to walk with a man of power, of honor. A sensual, strong male who needed her more than anyone else on earth ever could. ~ Christine Feehan
Words Of Revelation quotes by Christine Feehan
In truth, I bear the fault alone, for a writer longs to see his words come to life, especially as a playwright to see the characters you create in your mind come to flesh and blood on the stage. What delight strokes the vanity of a writer to hear the swoons of the penny-stinkers clamoring at your feet and calling your name. ~ D.K. Marley
Words Of Revelation quotes by D.K. Marley
I suck the words word-dry
to me, assimilated
orderly at breakeye speed
still hard and harder
softer then
line-lined book-dry
'til not a drop
of water-blood
from oak and elm
and authored men
is left to whisper
"Read… ~ Chila Woychik
Words Of Revelation quotes by Chila Woychik
Prayer is the raising of the mind to God. We must always remember this. The actual words matter less. ~ Pope John XXIII
Words Of Revelation quotes by Pope John XXIII
I feel certain that words
can be as human
as people,
with the breath
of compassion. ~ Margarita Engle
Words Of Revelation quotes by Margarita Engle
Knowledge of revelation cannot interfere with ordinary knowledge. Likewise, ordinary knowledge cannot interfere with knowledge of revelation. There is no scientific theory which is more favorable to the truth of revelation than any other theory. It is disastrous for theology if theologians prefer one scientific view to others on theological grounds. And it was humiliating for theology when theologians were afraid of new theories for religious reasons, trying to resist them as long as possible, and finally giving in when resistance had become impossible. This ill-conceived resistance of theologians from the time of Galileo to the time of Darwin was one of the causes of the split between religion and secular culture in the past centuries.

The same situation prevails with regard to historical research. Theologians need not be afraid of any historical conjecture, for revealed truth lies in a dimension where it can neither be confirmed nor negated by historiography. Therefore, theologians should not prefer some results of historical research to others on theological grounds, and they should not resist results which finally have to be accepted if scientific honesty is not to be destroyed, even if they seem to undermine the knowledge of revelation. Historical investigations should neither comfort nor worry theologians. Knowledge of revelation, although it is mediated primarily through historical events, does not imply factual assertions, and it is therefore not exposed to ~ Paul Tillich
Words Of Revelation quotes by Paul Tillich
Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy (1621) was a profoundly important analysis of human states of mind - a kind of early philosophical/ psychological study. He sees 'melancholy' as part of the human condition, especially love melancholy and religious melancholy. His concerns are remarkably close to those which Shakespeare explores in his plays. Ambition, for example, Burton describes as 'a proud covetousness or a dry thirst of Honour, a great torture of the mind, composed of envy, pride and covetousness, a gallant madness' - words which could well be applied to Macbeth. ~ Ronald Carter
Words Of Revelation quotes by Ronald Carter
Every great man, every successful man, no matter what the field of endeavor, has known the magic that lies in these words: every adversity has the seed of an equivalent or greater benefit. ~ W. Clement Stone
Words Of Revelation quotes by W. Clement Stone
Behind the cotton wool is hidden a pattern; that we - I mean all human beings - are connected with this; that the whole world is a work of art; that we are parts of the work of art. Hamlet or a Beethoven quartet is the truth about this vast mass that we call the world. But there is no Shakespeare, there is no Beethoven; certainly and emphatically there is no God; we are the words; we are the music; we are the thing itself. ~ Virginia Woolf
Words Of Revelation quotes by Virginia Woolf
But you need to cultivate patience, youngling. And you need to listen to my words of wisdom, because as far as you are concerned, I am Obi-Wan fucking Kenobi. Okay? ~ Paul McAuley
Words Of Revelation quotes by Paul McAuley
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