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It is discovered an extraordinary similarity between Nietzsche and the Hindu-Aryan Rishi, visionary poets of the Vedas.

They also thought the ideas from outside to inside: they 'appeared' to them. Rishi means 'he who sees'. See an Idea, express it, or try to express it. The job of the Rishis has been fulfilled for millennia and the vision of the Vedas was revised, elaborated, in subsequent visions, in scholastics, in doctrinal buildings and sophisticated verifications, through centuries.

In any case, he, who preached not to subtract anything that life offers as Will of Power, as possession, increasing its power, lived chaste, like a yoga, always looking for the highest tensions of the soul, climbing always, more and more lonely, to be able to open up to that style of thinking, where the Ideas could possess him as the most authentic expression of life, as his 'pulse', hitting him in the center of the personal being, or of the existence there accumulated, and that he called, long before Jung and any other psychologist, the Self, to differentiate it from the conscious and limited self, from the rational self.

Let's clarify, then. What Nietzsche called thinking is something else, Nietzsche did not think with his head (because 'synchronistically' hurt) but with the Self, with all of life and, especially, 'with the feet'. 'I think with my feet,' he said, 'because I think walking, climbing. ~ Miguel Serrano
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Miguel Serrano
None fills the void like the company of a true friend. ~ Rishi H Sanghani
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi H Sanghani
The flowers inside your body are more beautiful than the flowers outside - full with fragrance and love. They are the sunshine and the medicine of your soul. Oh, the lost one come back to the source. You will be happier than ever before. ~ Amit Ray
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Amit Ray
In all religions, we hear of the Seven Planetary Genii: the Hindu tells of Seven Rishi, the Parsi of Seven Ameskaspentas, the Mohammedan of Seven Archangels, and our Christian religion has its Seven Spirits before the Throne. ~ Max Heindel
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Max Heindel
But in every shroud of darkness, there are small beings such as yourself who, when dealt a cruel hand by fate, still carry the strength to smile.

Your smile breaks throught the dark, Your pain is where the light enters you. And your kindness is a guiding light for others.
And that holds a power that even we fear.

Small being, no matter what happens, never let that power go. ~ Farah Naz Rishi
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Farah Naz Rishi
Everyone is mine - no matter what. ~ Rishi Prabhakar
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi Prabhakar
Dimple took a deep breath as an uneasy pulse bat within her. He was trying to make it official, and she wasn't sure she wanted official. She wasn't sure what she wanted, really.

Underneath the "no," she wrote in:
And handed it back to Rishi. ~ Sandhya Menon
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Sandhya Menon
Chakras are not the nerve centers of the body but subtler than that. Chakras are mostly behave like quantum quasi particles - they control the collective behavior of the body, mind and soul at various levels. ~ Amit Ray
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Amit Ray
When the finally pulled apart, Rishi's mouth tingling still, Dimple smiled shyly and looked down at their hands, entwined between them on the bench. "So," she said softly. "That was unexpected."

He leaned over and kissed her forehead, like it was the most natural thing to do. Was this going to be their thing now, casual kissing? He hoped so. "Unexpected but awesome." Rishi paused. "Right?"

She laughed and looked up at him. "Definitely."

He grinned, his heart soaked in happy. ~ Sandhya Menon
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Sandhya Menon
Nonviolence is not a cloistered virtue, confined only to the rishi and the cave-dweller. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Why's it always the heart or the eye of something?" Rishi asks. "You notice that? There are so many body parts that don't get enough love, like earlobes and belly buttons. ~ Zoraida Cordova
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Zoraida Cordova
To read someone else's work is good, to have them read yours is amazing! ~ Rishi Barua
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi Barua
Riches can be stolen-not richness. ~ Rishi Prabhakar
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi Prabhakar
Discussions do not lead to definite conclusions. The Srutis are divided in opinion. And there is not a single Rishi whose opinions can be accepted as conclusive. Truth about religious matters is hidden in caves. Therefore that is the proper path which has been followed by great men. ~ Mahabharata
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Mahabharata
The ancient rishi Patanjali defines "yoga" as "control of the fluctuations of the mind-stuff. ~ Paramahansa Yogananda
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Paramahansa Yogananda
Maybe sometimes you had to live for someone else until you learned to live for yourself. Sometimes, they could be one and the same. ~ Farah Naz Rishi
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Farah Naz Rishi
the taste of death does not comes from the recipe of cowardness ~ Rishi Mishra
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi Mishra
In the warm night air, everything seemed warm to Rishi, which led to the logical conclusion that BT would probably be warm too, which suggested the polite course of action of helping BT out of his clothes. ~ Shukyou
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Shukyou
I am an Air Force brat who grew up at various Air Force bases. I changed six schools in about five years and got stability for the first time when I was sent to a boarding school, Rishi Valley. I lived outside of a cantonment-style living and was among an eclectic mix of kids and got exposed to books and other things. ~ Kapil Sharma
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Kapil Sharma
The stability of the life and all that is centered around it depends on the firmness of the kurma chakra. Inside, there had been an ongoing war between the demonic forces and the divine forces. In this war Kurma chakra with Om chanting gives the stability of mind and, thereby, stability of life. ~ Amit Ray
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Amit Ray
Ajna chakra, Kurma Chakra, Padma Chakars, MahaPadma chakra and the Shiva-Shakti Chakras are associated with Lord Shiva along with the Vishuddhi Chakra and the Muladhara chakra. ~ Amit Ray
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Amit Ray
Why treat people only to send them back to the conditions that made them sick in the first place? ~ Rishi Manchanda
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi Manchanda
Earth society has programmed us to keep our heads down and remain as these mindless drones. Everyone tells us we all have to follow the same blueprint: You gotta go to school. Graduate. Go to college, if you want the best job. Get married. Make babies. Work some more, get promoted. Then you retire. We want, and want, and want, and then we die. Then people say, Oh, what a great life that person led. But that's not living. It's just a way to exist. ~ Farah Naz Rishi
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Farah Naz Rishi
Dimple could see, flush from the endorphins of a great performance, why actors and performers got addicted to this kind of thing. It had always seemed unfathomable to her, choosing a career where all you did was put yourself out in front of hundreds or thousands of people and risked rejection in real time. But if they felt even half of what she was feeling now when it went well... ~ Sandhya Menon
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Sandhya Menon
packers and movers in chennai ~ Rishi
Vikramjeet Rishi quotes by Rishi
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