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For some idiot reason, the idea of going into the drink with a misspelled safety device weirded Bryce out. ~ Harry Turtledove
Supervolcano Series quotes by Harry Turtledove
Frank Capra made a series of films during World War II called 'Why We Fight' that explored America's reasons for entering the war. Today, with our troops engaged in Iraq and elsewhere for reasons far less clear, I think it's crucial to ask the questions: 'Why are we doing what we are doing? What is it doing to others? And what is it doing to us?' ~ Eugene Jarecki
Supervolcano Series quotes by Eugene Jarecki
[Reggie] had a way of picking the bad ideas, which is why we should've just said no.
(from GAMELAND Episode 1: Deep into the Game) ~ Saul Tanpepper
Supervolcano Series quotes by Saul Tanpepper
You can keep going on and on about the interactions of people, which makes it a great drama and great event, and you'll always hold that special, but if you're looking at a baseball moment, the feeling you get when you win the World Series by far exceeds anything else in the game that you're able to do. ~ Cal Ripken, Jr.
Supervolcano Series quotes by Cal Ripken, Jr.
The shell must be broken before the bird can fly. ~ Jennifer Worth
Supervolcano Series quotes by Jennifer Worth
1. Kiss Estelle
Okay, at least I've met her. She thinks I'm a creep. And that's withought her knowing I've read her diaries. Unless we somehow fall over, exactly aligned, lip to lip, and gravity causes the pressure, or we find ourselves in a darkened room and through a series of Shakespearian ID muddles she thinks she's kissing someone else, I can't say how this is ever going to happen. ~ Fiona Wood
Supervolcano Series quotes by Fiona Wood
I have likened writing a novel to going on a journey, with some notion of the destination I will arrive at, but not the whole picture - which emerges gradually as a series of revelations, as the journey goes along. ~ Rose Tremain
Supervolcano Series quotes by Rose Tremain
Sometimes life is a series of obstacles, a matter of putting one foot in front of the other. Sometimes, she realizes suddenly, it is simply a matter of blind faith. ~ Jojo Moyes
Supervolcano Series quotes by Jojo Moyes
When there's a great horror movie, people are like, 'Horror's back!' And when there's a series of not so good ones, 'Horror's dead.' I think it's all about the quality. When there are one or two good horror movies in a row, people come out interested again. ~ Jason Blum
Supervolcano Series quotes by Jason Blum
I wanted to take nouvelle cuisine further, to the point where we were breaking down the essence of taste and sensation, reconfiguring food as a series of really intense hits on the tongue. ~ Ferran Adria
Supervolcano Series quotes by Ferran Adria
Come see my mommy, Becky!" Will said and Bree stopped in her tracks. "Oh hell no!" she exclaimed staring at 'Becky'. Rebecca, the bane of Bree's existence. The blonde woman smiled mockingly at Bree. "How ya doing?" "What?" Bree asked but the question was directed at her brother and not the skank in front of her. "So how was Paris?" Rebecca asked moving right past Bree to practically press her body against Alessandro. "Seriously, what?" Bree demanded, glaring at Brian. "Hey, Alessandro. Great to see you again." "Stop talking. Stop talking now before I ram your botoxed head through this table!" Bree hissed lunging at her. Brian grabbed her quickly and held her back. "Sorry. Bree's a little bit touchy about that whole Vegas thing I guess. But hey, looks like it all worked for the best, huh?" Rebecca winked at Alessandro ~ E. Jamie
Supervolcano Series quotes by E. Jamie
While large, impersonal orphanages provided children with minimal care and attention from an ever-changing series of nurses, children in loving foster families had available to them surrogate caregivers with whom they readily formed attachments. Children in foster care also demonstrated significantly less distress about the separation from their mothers, and they overcame their distress more readily when reunited with their own families. Therefore, it is not separation per se that is so devastating, but rather the extended stay in a strange, bleak or socially insensitive environment with little or no contact with the mother or other familiar figures. ~ Patricia K. Kerig
Supervolcano Series quotes by Patricia K. Kerig
It's more believable that a cop would get involved in solving these murders. I mean, you're talking about writing a series. How believable is it that this Hollywood gossip columnist is going to keep stumbling on all these murders? ~ Josh Lanyon
Supervolcano Series quotes by Josh Lanyon
It's much easier to remember the World Series heroics of Tony Pérez, Pete Rose, and Joe Morgan than it is to recall who set the table for Rose during Game 7 of the 1975 World Series vs. Boston. The Red Sox led 3-2 in the seventh when [Ken] Griffey drew a free pass. Not nearly as memorable as the home run Pérez hit against Bill Lee that made it a 3-2 ballgame, not nearly as memorable as the hit Rose got to tie the game, and for sure not as memorable as the hit Morgan got to win it in the ninth, but … it's a shame people forget Griffey stole second base with two outs to get into scoring position. ~ Tucker Elliot
Supervolcano Series quotes by Tucker Elliot
Nowadays, the work of Alfred Hitchcock is admired all over the world. Young people who are just discovering his art through the current rerelease of Rear Window and Vertigo, or through North by Northwest, may assume his prestige has always been recognized, but this is far from being the case.

In the fifties and sixties, Hitchcock was at the height of his creativity and popularity. He was, of course, famous due to the publicity masterminded by producer David O. Selznick during the six or seven years of their collaboration on such films as Rebecca, Notorious, Spellbound, and The Paradine Case.

His fame had spread further throughout the world via the television series Alfred Hitchcock Presents in the mid-fifties. But American and European critics made him pay for his commercial success by reviewing his work with condescension, and by belittling each new film.
In examining his films, it was obvious that he had given more thought to the potential of his art than any of his colleagues. It occurred to me that if he would, for the first time, agree to respond seriously to a systematic questionnaire, the resulting document might modify the American critics' approach to Hitchcock.
That is what this book is all about. ~ Francois Truffaut
Supervolcano Series quotes by Francois Truffaut
The function of writing is to explode one's subject - transform it into something else. (Writing is a series of transformations). ~ Susan Sontag
Supervolcano Series quotes by Susan Sontag
They say the best laid plans often go a lie, Because no matter how detailed the preparation, A plan will always have a weak point and there will always be those looking to exploit it. To do into the plan failure and the perpetrator along with it. ~ Emily Thorne
Supervolcano Series quotes by Emily Thorne
Getting ready is that point in the day when the rivalry between the two needs is likely to peak, because we are making transition from being at home and pleasing ourselves (ego) to going out and having to conform to a series of norms an conventions (superego). We become less ego and more superego with each button we fasten ~ Robert Rowland Smith
Supervolcano Series quotes by Robert Rowland Smith
Because oh my God, after all these years, I still felt something for him. My traitorous heart leapt against my chest, despite the fact it still carried a scar. All those old feelings rushed back and there we were again, except there we weren't. We were two different people, and I didn't know who had changed for the better and who for the worse.
Dark, Dannika (2014-07-27). Five Weeks (Seven Series #3) (p. 51). Kindle Edition. ~ Dannika Dark
Supervolcano Series quotes by Dannika Dark
I always love writing the third book in a series because you get to tie up all the threads that you put out in the first two books. You finally let people know what really happens and reveal all the secrets and bring certain characters together. ~ Trudi Canavan
Supervolcano Series quotes by Trudi Canavan
Hartwell's subconscious was treated to a lengthy reel of the evolutionary tract of cetaceans – from their early days as hoofed creatures with triangular teeth like wolves, to cat-like creatures, to early variations of the hippopotamus, to bottlenose dolphins and Orca, the 'killer whale', which is the largest species of dolphin. The hybrid mammal also had the ability to convert to a smaller aquatic mammal, capable of diving into water and hiding beneath the surface to avoid birds of prey. ~ Phil Wohl
Supervolcano Series quotes by Phil Wohl
The present generation sees everything clearly, marvels at the errors and laughs at the follies of its forefathers, not seeing that there are streaks of heavenly light in that history, that every letter in it cries aloud to them, that on all sides a pointing finger is turned upon it, upon the present generation. But the present generation laughs and proudly, self-confidently, enters upon a series of fresh errors at which their descendants will laugh again in their turn. ~ Nikolai Gogol
Supervolcano Series quotes by Nikolai Gogol
It's strange. How hollow i feel. Like there might be echoes inside of me. Like I'm one of those chocolate rabbits they used to sell around Easter, the ones that were nothing more than a sweet shell encapsulating a world of nothing. I'm like that. I encapsulate a world of nothing. ~ Tahereh Mafi
Supervolcano Series quotes by Tahereh Mafi
I want you to be mine completely. I need you to give yourself to me the way you kiss me. More importantly, I need to be your man. The one who shelters you, protects you, gives you everything. ~ Christine Feehan
Supervolcano Series quotes by Christine Feehan
Lewis made sure Shaney left with an armload of books, a whole series, to prove to Peta why she'd been there, but the whole time, stacking them up, it felt like an overcorrection, like trying to hide a body on the lawn by covering it with eight other bodies. ~ Stephen Graham Jones
Supervolcano Series quotes by Stephen Graham Jones
A dicking? Is that what you want, Camille? Because if it is let me assure you that a dicking I can give but neither of those two ass-clowns will ever touch you again once I do. So unless you can make that choice; don't tease me, Precious. ~ Sai Marie Johnson
Supervolcano Series quotes by Sai Marie Johnson
These short stories establish Sontag's originality ... her unique vision, her success with experiments in the form ... Sontag makes a wonderful stew of the past, the life caught in memory and imagination, serves it all up lavishly laced with silences, and provides us with a gourmand's series of short courses. ~ Doris Grumbach
Supervolcano Series quotes by Doris Grumbach
After a few moments and a series of clicks, I heard, "Jayne here. How can I help you?"
"Actually, I'm the one that can help you."
"Ms. Lane," he said flatly.
"The one and only. You want to know what's going on in this city, Inspector? Join me for tea this afternoon. Four o'clock. At the bookstore." I caught myself on the verge of adding, in a deep announcer's voice, and come alone. I'm the product of a generation that watches too much TV. ~ Karen Marie Moning
Supervolcano Series quotes by Karen Marie Moning
Are you certain she's the one?" Emme whispered. "Do you just know it, Vittorio?" In your soul, where you live, do you just know? ~ Christine Feehan
Supervolcano Series quotes by Christine Feehan
You know, you never say never because before I did 'ER,' I always said 'I'll never do a TV series,' so that's what I said. ~ Anthony Edwards
Supervolcano Series quotes by Anthony Edwards
I adore Quentin Tarantino. The 'Kill Bill' series is my favorite. ~ Madison Davenport
Supervolcano Series quotes by Madison Davenport
That thing ruined my favorite T-shirt," complains Mario.
"Whatever." It's Marianne's voice. "You were just looking for a reason to get your shirt off." I try to look around for her, but my neck refuses. ~ Bill Blais
Supervolcano Series quotes by Bill Blais
Her hand wandered under his shirt, feeling his rapid breath expand his ribs. She hesitated for a second - wondering what the chances were that either of her parents would come home early - then lifted his shirt with both hands, guiding it up his arms and over his head. It was her favourite indulgence; holding herself against his bare chest. ~ Aprilynne Pike
Supervolcano Series quotes by Aprilynne Pike
You need to be able to read music. For the last three parts you need to be able to play a keyboard instrument well enough to navigate at least most of the musical examples. It helps to have previously investigated the overtone series, or be ready to (the text helps you). Also, the more you are in the habit of listening to the music of the world's various cultures, the more insight you will bring to this study. ~ W.A. Mathieu
Supervolcano Series quotes by W.A. Mathieu
You know I grew up watching the TV series The Rifleman. ~ Tom Selleck
Supervolcano Series quotes by Tom Selleck
Janie ran to my side, where she tugged at the book eagerly as though she'd seen it before. "Flower book," she said, pointing to the cover.
"Where did you find Mummy's book?" Katherine asked, hovering near me.
Cautiously, I revealed the book as I sat on the sofa. "Would you like to look at it with me?" I said, avoiding the question.
Katherine nodded and the boys gathered round as I cracked the spine and thumbed through page after page of beautiful camellias, pressed and glued onto each page, with handwritten notes next to each. On the page that featured the 'Camellia reticulata,' a large, salmon-colored flower, she had written: 'Edward had this one brought in from China. It's fragile. I've given it the garden's best shade.' On the next page, near the 'Camellia sasanqua,' she wrote: 'A christmas gift from Edward and the children. This one will need extra love. It hardly survived the passage from Japan. I will spend the spring nursing it back to health.'
On each page, there were meticulous notes about the care and feeding of the camellias- when she planted them, how often they were watered, fertilized, and pruned. In the right-hand corner of some pages, I noticed an unusual series of numbers.
"What does that mean?" I asked the children.
Nicholas shrugged. "This one was Mummy's favorite," he said, flipping to the last page in the book. I marveled at the pink-tipped white blossoms as my heart began to beat faster. The Middlebury Pink. ~ Sarah Jio
Supervolcano Series quotes by Sarah Jio
In the moment we're born, we're drawn to form a union with others. An abiding drive to connect, to love, to belong. In a perfect union, we find the strength we cannot find in ourselves. But the strength of the union cannot be known until it is tested. ~ Emily Thorne
Supervolcano Series quotes by Emily Thorne
And through a dark night of the soul, I came to realize that salvation happens through a mysterious, indefinable, relational interaction with Jesus in which we become one with Him. I realized Christian conversion worked more like falling in love than understanding a series of concepts of ideas. This is not to say there are no true ideas, it is only to say there is something else, something beyond. ~ Donald Miller
Supervolcano Series quotes by Donald Miller
We clearly were on the same team. You killed over a dozen of the bastards and I wasn't about to reward you by killing you. They deserved it. ~ Christine Feehan
Supervolcano Series quotes by Christine Feehan
Duncan kept his hand on Violet's and talked to her about terrible concerts he had attended back when the Quagmire parents were alive, and she was happy to hear his stories. Isadora began working on a poem about libraries and showed Klaus what she had written in her notebook, and Klaus was happy to offer suggestions. And Sunny snuggled down in Violet's lap and chewed on the armrest of her seat, happy to bite something that was so sturdy. ~ Lemony Snicket
Supervolcano Series quotes by Lemony Snicket
Writing with one pencil in hand is so much easier than the choosing of 114 buttons to press in series for an extended period of time. ~ Robert N. Franz
Supervolcano Series quotes by Robert N. Franz
It was certainly an accident, an accident caused by a series of circumstances and coincidences ~ Gianfranco Fini
Supervolcano Series quotes by Gianfranco Fini
It's a reality check. These other countries took it seriously. You have to realize that other countries play the game and that anything can happen in a three-game series. It's do, or die. ~ Eduardo Perez
Supervolcano Series quotes by Eduardo Perez
P-p-p-please, don't cast me out ~ Rebekkah Ford
Supervolcano Series quotes by Rebekkah Ford
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