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I had a moment to wonder just what he did at David Emerson's, which really was where Libertyville's elite bought. Was he a salesman? I could see him showing some smart young lady around, saying, Here's one fuck of a nice couch, ma'am, and look at this goddam settee, we sure didn't have nothing like that on Guadalcanal when those fucking stoned-out Japs came at us with their Maxwell House swords. ~ Stephen King
Stoned Diva quotes by Stephen King
The Bible was written between 3,000 and 2,000 years ago, and it's filled with the knowledge that people had in that period of time, some of which you and I rejected long ago. The Bible says that women are property, that homosexuals ought to be put to death, that anybody who worships a false God ought to be executed, that a child that talks back to his parents ought to be stoned at the gates of the city. Those ideas are absurd. ~ John Shelby Spong
Stoned Diva quotes by John Shelby Spong
Gay guys love women who are tough, who are survivors. They always call me a diva. And I am a survivor; I've pulled through everything and I've not become bitter about it. ~ Samantha Fox
Stoned Diva quotes by Samantha Fox
I think the diva is kind of a cliche. My definition of a diva is somebody whose talent does not match what they're trying to play, so all this temperament comes out. ~ Glenn Close
Stoned Diva quotes by Glenn Close
Neely O'Hara: [drunk in a bar] Who's stoned? I am merely traveling incognito. ~ Jacqueline Susann
Stoned Diva quotes by Jacqueline Susann
If there's any better place to get stoned than a rolling box full of pastry, then they didn't have the keys for it, anyway. ~ Stephen Graham Jones
Stoned Diva quotes by Stephen Graham Jones
I am deeply stoned on the intoxicating effects of [Country Music.] ~ Cary Ann Hearst
Stoned Diva quotes by Cary Ann Hearst
You give out free bites of your banana bread for a couple of days, you'll be beating them back with a stick," I told him. "Hey!" he yelled, his head snapping back to look at me. "Great idea!" Sunny turned to Shambles. "Why didn't we think of that?" "Because half the time we're stoned?" Shambles asked back. ~ Kristen Ashley
Stoned Diva quotes by Kristen Ashley
Medical marijuana users are now lobbying for the right to carry firearms. Because no one is a better shot than a stoned old man with glaucoma. ~ Conan O'Brien
Stoned Diva quotes by Conan O'Brien
I experienced direct telepathy with other people, and during one such incident, I I received a channelling of cosmic information from some being in another realm. It came directly through a friend who was tripping on acid, and as he began speaking stream-of-consciousness to me and my girlfriend - and both of us were very stoned on grass - his words conveyed cosmic instructions and information we all three knew to be profoundly important and meaningful. ~ Susan Schneider
Stoned Diva quotes by Susan Schneider
Why, oh why, do you hide in shadows?
As a venomous viper you lurk in dark corners.
Waiting, waiting, waiting to spew your hate. cantankerous you are though you haven't a clue.
Spread, spread, spreading over beauty like a poisonous cloak.
At your touch the day is dark. At your touch the dark is death.
Dying, dying, dying, all light is gone, made ash of simmering sulfur no more to see the day, the dawn.
Do we partake of your deceit or do we despise?
Your lies, your lies, I will outlive your lies, and once again color this world in truth.
Pure, so sweet, the taste of revenge.
Be cursed evil shroud for the dark never wins. ~ Anonymous Diva
Stoned Diva quotes by Anonymous Diva
We got out of the car for air and suddenly both of us were stoned with joy to realize that in the darkness all around us was fragrant green grass and the smell of fresh manure and warm waters. 'We're in the South! We've left the winter!' Faint daybreak illuminated green shoots by the side of the road. I took a deep breath; a locomotive howled across the darkness, mobile-bound. So were we. I took off my shirt and exulted ~ Jack Kerouac
Stoned Diva quotes by Jack Kerouac
Weed, you know, you just get mellow. You can drive pretty stoned and be OK. I mean, sometimes you get too stoned and you can't drive. But you could get pretty stoned and still drive. ~ Jason Mewes
Stoned Diva quotes by Jason Mewes
The Netherlands are wet, flat and full of stoned people. ~ John Entwistle
Stoned Diva quotes by John Entwistle
If a hundred people want autographs, sometimes you have to say no because you've got to get up for a 4 A.M. flight or something. In that sense, it really pisses me off when people think you've become a diva. It's not becoming a diva, it's because of the situation, I think. ~ Ellie Goulding
Stoned Diva quotes by Ellie Goulding
She'll be more than fine, she'll be fierce. ~ Nicola Noble
Stoned Diva quotes by Nicola Noble
Listen, I traipse no I run no I sprint--a fat, impotent ghoul sprung straight from the cellar of my childhood home--past the pregnant girl with five skeletal children and the nun and the synagogue with its windows stoned through and I'm headed directly for my daughter, Sylvia, at her school where she's stationed with classmates of wannabe punks and black boys with their heads shaved and every one of them, apes, gushing out their hormones as I sprint to the edge of the Earth where Sylvia studies the canon of our national literature that I'm desperately trying to forget. ~ Leland Pitts-Gonzalez
Stoned Diva quotes by Leland Pitts-Gonzalez
Unleash your kinky hair, Diva. ~ Monica Millner
Stoned Diva quotes by Monica Millner
When actors get a bad name for diva behavior - I've never seen it. Because my experience with people who are really famous actors is that they work really hard. ~ Hayley Atwell
Stoned Diva quotes by Hayley Atwell
If you gotta kill two birds, might as well get stoned. ~ Kinky Friedman
Stoned Diva quotes by Kinky Friedman
I don't think I'm a diva. ~ Gin Wigmore
Stoned Diva quotes by Gin Wigmore
I can be totally feminine and totally feminist. The two are not mutually exclusive. ~ PatriciaV. Davis
Stoned Diva quotes by PatriciaV. Davis
Showing that you can be sexy, strong and independent is the best thing about being a Diva. It's a great inspiration for other people. ~ Torrie Wilson
Stoned Diva quotes by Torrie Wilson
Brie! Do Beyonce or Christina or whichever lame MTV diva you're mostly admiring this week waste their time with what-ifs? No, they spend all their energy on looking fabulous and cutting down any bitch that dares get in their way.-Charlie ~ Sarra Manning
Stoned Diva quotes by Sarra Manning
I liked speed. I was on black beauties all the time. Nothing bad happened to me. I didn't become a drug addict because I always had to make a movie. We weren't stoned when we made them; I was stoned when I made movies up. I did them all. ~ John Waters
Stoned Diva quotes by John Waters
Oh, boy. Why did I have a feeling I'd just aligned myself with Tweedle Diva and Tweedle Devious? ~ Gemma Halliday
Stoned Diva quotes by Gemma Halliday
Lies, fictions and untrue suppositions can create new human truths which build technology, art, language, everything that is distinctly of Man. The word "stone" for instance is not a stone, it is an oral pattern of vocal, dental and labial sounds or a scriptive arrangement of ink on a white surface, but man pretends that it is actually the thing it refers to. Every time he wishes to tell another man about a stone he can use the word instead of the thing itself. The word bodies forth the object in the mind of the listener and both speaker and listener are able to imagine a stone without seeing one. All the qualities of stone can be metaphorically and metonymically expressed. "I was stoned, stony broke, stone blind, stone cold sober, stonily silent," oh, whatever occurs. More than that, a man can look at a stone and call it a weapon, a paperweight, a doorstep, a jewel, an idol. He can give it function, he can possess it. ~ Stephen Fry
Stoned Diva quotes by Stephen Fry
Abner Larrabee's wife, who is a social leader in town, wailed piteously in a letter to the editor of the Mammoth Falls Gazette that her prize peonies had been stoned to death just before they reached the full glory of their bloom. She complained bitterly about "wanton boys who create mischief with their teen-age pranks" and wondered when the mayor was going to do something about the problem of juvenile delinquency. ~ Bertrand R. Brinley
Stoned Diva quotes by Bertrand R. Brinley
Saudi Arabian police arrested seven teenage boys for leering at women. In accordance with Saudi law, the boys will be whipped and the women will be stoned to death. ~ Tina Fey
Stoned Diva quotes by Tina Fey
Einstein was stoned to death ~ Uncle Tim
Stoned Diva quotes by Uncle Tim
My family was musical on both sides. My father's family had a famous flautist and a classical pianist. My mother won a contest to be Shirley Temple's double - she was the diva of the family. At 8, I learned how to play guitar. I used to play songs from the '20s, '30s and '40s in the kitchen for my grandmother. ~ Gloria Estefan
Stoned Diva quotes by Gloria Estefan
I'm no diva but I can be annoying in a recording studio. Of course I try to be a diva in terms of confidence of performance and owning a song but I've never behaved like one in terms of the negative connotations of the word. ~ Nicole Scherzinger
Stoned Diva quotes by Nicole Scherzinger
Well, I don't think of myself as a diva. I'm too dorky! Look at my shoes. (Points to the aforementioned sneakers.) I always look like this. I don't always want to be "working." ~ Tyra Banks
Stoned Diva quotes by Tyra Banks
I want to take long romantic walks up your arm with my lips.
I wanna picnic on the arc of your neck and sneak a bottle of wine
in a thermos with you and get stoned
somewhere on the mossy side of your ribs. ~ Shinji Moon
Stoned Diva quotes by Shinji Moon
We have gone sick by following a path of untrammelled rationalism, male dominance, attention to the visible surface of things, practicality, bottom-line-ism. We have gone very, very sick. And the body politic, like any body, when it feels itself to be sick, it begins to produce antibodies, or strategies for overcoming the condition of dis-ease. And the 20th century is an enormous effort at self-healing. Phenomena as diverse as surrealism, body piercing, psychedelic drug use, sexual permissiveness, jazz, experimental dance, rave culture, tattooing, the list is endless. What do all these things have in common? They represent various styles of rejection of linear values. The society is trying to cure itself by an archaic revival, by a reversion to archaic values. So when I see people manifesting sexual ambiguity, or scarifying themselves, or showing a lot of flesh, or dancing to syncopated music, or getting loaded, or violating ordinary canons of sexual behaviour, I applaud all of this; because it's an impulse to return to what is felt by the body -- what is authentic, what is archaic -- and when you tease apart these archaic impulses, at the very centre of all these impulses is the desire to return to a world of magical empowerment of feeling.

And at the centre of that impulse is the shaman: stoned, intoxicated on plants, speaking with the spirit helpers, dancing in the moonlight, and vivifying and invoking a world of conscious, living mystery. That's what the world ~ Terence McKenna
Stoned Diva quotes by Terence McKenna
I went through a string of A&R men who all thought I should be doing something different. One thought I should be a dance diva; another thought I should do Rock n' Roll; and one thought I shouldn't even be singing at all! ~ Alison Moyet
Stoned Diva quotes by Alison Moyet
Knaves are not to be confused with divas. Knavish behavior is a product of low integrity; diva-ish behavior is one of high exceptionalism. Knaves prioritize the individual over the team; divas think they are better than the team, but want success equally for both. Knaves need to be dealt with as quickly as possible. ~ Eric Schmidt
Stoned Diva quotes by Eric Schmidt
As a reward for their efforts, however, those early Christians were beaten, stoned to death, thrown to the lions, tortured and crucified. Every conceivable method was used to stop them from talking. ~ Josh McDowell
Stoned Diva quotes by Josh McDowell
Now Listen You know I work so hard, all day long Everything I try to do, Seem to always turn out wrong That's why I wanna stop by on my way home and say Let's go get stoned ~ Ray Charles
Stoned Diva quotes by Ray Charles
By the time I was five, I was a little diva. ~ Stevie Nicks
Stoned Diva quotes by Stevie Nicks
I've made my decision."
Remi flinched, but I didn't.
Dolf stuck out his hand. "Welcome, Marshell."
I knew before he opened his mouth - I saw the acceptance in his eyes. I didn't often see that on the faces of other paranormals, so when I saw it, I knew it.
"Oh, thank the goddess." Remi dropped his head on the table.
As we shook hands, Dolf looked down at Remi, who was very calmly beating his head against the table. "Stop being so damn dramatic. That's Heller's job."
Remi jerked his head off the table. "You did not just call me a diva."
"So does this mean I can start calling you Cinderfella?"
Remi scowled at me. "You do, and I will kick your ass."
"I'll pencil you in."
"Ass," Remi retorted.
"I didn't hear any complaints about that particular part of my anatomy from you earlier." Oh yeah, I was smirking.
Dolf tapped on the table. "Children…. ~ M.A. Church
Stoned Diva quotes by M.A. Church
If I had any talent God could give me, I would be a great diva ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Stoned Diva quotes by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Racism is both overt and covert. It takes two, closely related forms: individual whites acting against individual blacks, and acts by the total white community against the black community. We call these individual racism and institutional racism. The first consists of overt acts by individuals, which cause death, injury or the violent destruction of property. This type can be recorded by television cameras; it can frequently be observed in the process of commission. The second type is less overt, far more subtle, less identifiable in terms of specific individuals committing the acts. But it is no less destructive of human life. The second type originates in the operation of established and respected forces in the society, and thus receives far less public condemnation than the first type. When white terrorists bomb a black church and kill five black children, that is an act of individual racism, widely deplored by most segments of the society. But when in that same city - Birmingham, Alabama - five hundred black babies die each year because of the lack of proper food, shelter and medical facilities, and thousands more are destroyed and maimed physically, emotionally and intellectually because of conditions of poverty and discrimination in the black community, that is a function of institutional racism. When a black family moves into a home in a white neighborhood and is stoned, burned or routed out, they are victims of an overt act of individual racism which many people will ~ Stokely Carmichael
Stoned Diva quotes by Stokely Carmichael
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