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#1. Eat, and the world will eat with you; starve, and the world will eat you. - Author: Anthony Liccione
Showing Weakness quotes by Anthony Liccione
#2. Showing weakness will encourage your opponents. It inspires them. It encourages them to hit harder. To come faster. But when you don't show any fear, or when you don't show any hurt, you have the opportunity to discourage your opponent. You discourage your enemies. The bottom line is, if you think properly, you don't even have to think about all of that. All you have to think about is that guy across from me is human, and so am I. And he'll never out-work me. He'll never out-think me. And if you can't out-work me, and you can't out-think me, you'll never beat me. - Author: Jim Brown
Showing Weakness quotes by Jim Brown
#3. She wanted to slap herself for showing weakness around him. "Why?" he prodded. "Why what?" she snapped. "Why me?" "I was asking myself the same question." "The wide-eyed act won't work with me, cara." "I am not - " "I won't marry you. If that's what you're after, forget it. Not happening." "I'm after what?!" she spluttered. She was at a loss for words. "It takes more than a cherry to make me cough up a wedding ring, " he said with thinly veiled derision. "You should've done your homework. Marriage? Not in my cards. - Author: Kat Madrid
Showing Weakness quotes by Kat Madrid
#4. I didn't like showing weakness, not to anybody. - Author: Gwenda Bond
Showing Weakness quotes by Gwenda Bond
#5. Never let people see what you want, because they will not let you have it. Never let anybody see what you feel, because it gives them too much power. You're probably better off not showing weakness whenever you can avoid it, because they'll go for you. - Author: Mike Nichols
Showing Weakness quotes by Mike Nichols
#6. Naturally, it is a terrible, despicable crime when, as in Munich, people are taken hostage, people are killed. But probing the motives of those responsible and showing that they are also individuals with families and have their own story does not excuse what they did. - Author: Steven Spielberg
Showing Weakness quotes by Steven Spielberg
#7. Christ , in the parable of the vine dressers, has taught us a sublime lesson of justice, by showing that to the things which are not our own, we can have no just claim. - Author: James F. Cooper
Showing Weakness quotes by James F. Cooper
#8. The ordinary reality, as I perceive it, is but a huge and intricate virtual screen which operates on multiple levels. Its origins and developments extend far beyond the understanding and scope of the established functioning of the mind. Trapped in the pen of the binary system and the identification with their physical bodies, human beings eat up a fodder made up of sin, guilt and fear, as they watch the soap opera of life being repeated over and over. Yet such a mirage is so insane and unreal that attentive eyes cannot help discovering gaps all over the place. Although the operators at the projector do their best to botch it up, the absurd illusion of this misperception may reveal itself at any moment. It is like a boasting block of ice showing off its solidity as long as the temperature is below zero and yet inevitably starting to thaw and melt away in warmer weather. - Author: Franco Santoro
Showing Weakness quotes by Franco Santoro
#9. Surrendering is not a weakness. At the contrary it is strength. The surrender stops living in boiling water and starts living in a secure place. - Author: Shams Tabrizi
Showing Weakness quotes by Shams Tabrizi
#10. Life isn't about being strong or pretending we are strong to impress others. It takes courage to be authentic with our feelings and acknowledge that real strength comes from recognizing our moments of weakness. - Author: Yong Kang Chan
Showing Weakness quotes by Yong Kang Chan
#11. type of behavior will only serve to make you weak and will only make you look like you are not consistent with being seductive. If you have already said some things that are seducing and charming, by not showing full confidence in what you have said, it could possibly make you look like you are not capable of acting on what you have just been saying to him. Sex Tip # 31 Don't promise things that you don't intend to follow through on. If you promise that you are going to do something then you should do it, it's as simple as that. Men get very irritated if you say you are going to do something and then you don't do it. Men very quickly tire from listening to women who promise the sun and the moon and then don't deliver. Teasing is s slower process; you - Author: LAURA DANIELS
Showing Weakness quotes by LAURA DANIELS
#12. I discovered the miracle that all things that sound are music, including the dishes and silverware in the dishwasher, as long as they fulfill the illusion of showing us where life is heading. - Author: Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Showing Weakness quotes by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#13. My lyrics say I have morals, I have confidence, I have weaknesses, I have strong points, that I am a human being. - Author: Kendrick Lamar
Showing Weakness quotes by Kendrick Lamar
#14. You matter. So much that you're a vulnerability, a weakness. But I'm keeping you." Knox framed her face with his hands. "Nothing is more important to me than you. - Author: Suzanne Wright
Showing Weakness quotes by Suzanne Wright
#15. This is how we are: we fall in love with each other's strengths, but love deepens towards permanence when we fall in love with each other's weaknesses. - Author: Salman Rushdie
Showing Weakness quotes by Salman Rushdie
#16. So, Zoe told me today that - " "Wait. Are you going to talk like that?"
I glanced down and realized he was referring to the fact that my shirt was sitting on the floor beside me. "My bra's still on. What's the problem?"
"The problem is that I'm distracted. Very distracted. If you want my undivided attention and wisdom, you'd better put the shirt back on."
I smiled and scooted over to him. "Why, Adrian Ivashkov, are you admitting weakness?" I reached out to touch his cheek, and he caught my wrist with a fierceness that was surprisingly provocative.
"Of course. I never claimed strength in the face of your charms, Sage. I'm just an ordinary man. Now put the shirt back on. - Author: Richelle Mead
Showing Weakness quotes by Richelle Mead
#17. This is ridiculous. You're bleeding. Don't lie to me, I can smell it. You're hurt. You need a medmage."
"I'm not hurt that badly."
His lips wrinkled, showing his teeth. "How badly do you have to be hurt?"
"There is a right-to-life exemption, which permits us to leave the scene if our injuries are life threatening. We'd have to provide paperwork from a hospital, or a qualified medmage, showing that we had to get treatment or we would've died. My injuries are not life threatening."
"Paperwork is not a problem."
"Yes, but I won't lie."
"How do you know your injuries aren't life threatening? You're covered in the fluid from its guts. How do you know it's not poisonous?"
"If it's poisonous, we'll deal with it when I feel sick."
"Fine. I'll stay here with this thing, and you will drive yourself to the hospital."
He hit me with an alpha stare.
I opened my eyes as wide as I could. "Why, of course, Your Majesty. What was I thinking? I will go and do this right away, just please don't look at me."
"Kate, get in the car."
"Maybe you should growl dramatically. I don't think I'm intimidated enough."
"I will put you in the car."
"No, you won't. First, it took both of us to kill that thing, and if it reinvents itself again, it will take both of us again. I'm not leaving you alone with it. Second, if you try to physically carry me to the car, I will resist and bleed more. Third, you can possibly stuff me in - Author: Ilona Andrews
Showing Weakness quotes by Ilona Andrews
#18. Spain used to be very individualistic in its sporting activities. Now we are showing we are pretty good in teams - that is an improvement. - Author: Vicente Del Bosque
Showing Weakness quotes by Vicente Del Bosque
#19. I think a franchise is definitely showing its fatigue when you do an evil twin story. - Author: Edward Gross
Showing Weakness quotes by Edward Gross
#20. WILL WORK FOR FOOD © 2013 Lyrics & Music by Michele Jennae
There he was with a cardboard sign,
Will Work For Food
Saw him on the roadside,
As I took my kids to school
I really didn't have time to stop,
Already running late
Found myself pulling over,
Into the hands of fate
The look in his eyes was empty,
But he held out his hand
I knew my kids were watching,
As I gave him all I had
My heart in my throat I had to ask,
"What brought you here?"
He looked up and straight into my eyes,
I wanted to disappear.

He said… Do you think I really saw myself,
Standing in this light
Forgotten by society,
After fighting for your rights
v. 2 He put the money in his pocket,
Then he took me by the hand
Thank you dear for stopping by,
I am sure that you have plans
He nodded toward my children,
Watching from afar
It's time they were off to school,
You should get in the car
My eyes welled up and tears fell down,
I couldn't say a word
Here this man with nothing to his name,
Showing me his concern
I knew then that the lesson,
That today must be taught
Wouldn't come from textbooks,
And it could not be bought
He said… Do you think I reall - Author: Michele Jennae
Showing Weakness quotes by Michele Jennae
#21. Sometimes, very quietly and graciously, you can inspire other people by showing them that there's a different way and many perceptions of beauty. You may not be feeling it inside, but if you display it like you mean it, then it can give permission to be kind to ourselves and embrace our individuality. - Author: Erin O'Connor
Showing Weakness quotes by Erin O'Connor
#22. I learned later in my studies that any negative moaning I have about my life is only an affirmation of weakness and makes all those around me not want to be there. - Author: Doug Burnett
Showing Weakness quotes by Doug Burnett
#23. Strong people have strong weaknesses. - Author: Peter Drucker
Showing Weakness quotes by Peter Drucker
#24. Emotion. It's a lethal weakness of our kind. A sickness that inhibits logic and eventually drives our minds toward the breaking point. It's our kryptonite – our fatal flaw and our saving grace.

After all, emotions make us who we are. They make us capable of love and compassion and selflessness, bring out the best in us.

At the same time, they ruin us. Make us feel hatred and pain and guilt. Cause our muscles to lock, our pulses to spike, our hearts to split in half.

These things called…feelings…could break every single one of us, if we let them. - Author: Tiana Dalichov
Showing Weakness quotes by Tiana Dalichov
#25. I BUMPED INTO MY 'FRIEND' AGAIN a few weeks later at a private view (a recent Goldsmith's graduate showing protective headgear made out of shortcrust pastry, at the Terminus Gallery). He was standing close to, not actually in, a group in which were mixed some of the art world's established and emerging talents. That's where I was standing as well. I - Author: Simon Bill
Showing Weakness quotes by Simon Bill
#26. Well, it's not as though he cannot help it, you see. The…saving of things. I suspect it's Captain Flint's way of telling the world, 'This is how it's done.'"

She wondered if it was also Flint's way of showing the world, "This is how you could have saved me when I was a boy. - Author: Julie Anne Long
Showing Weakness quotes by Julie Anne Long
#27. They don't want to get dirty and they know that Trump loves this kind of thing. And your polls, and yours are what's giving them the material that they need, it's the oxygen that the Trump campaign requires, a poll every three or four days showing him where he is. - Author: Ted Koppel
Showing Weakness quotes by Ted Koppel
#28. Chaos poked him again, and Blake welcomed the pain this time. This pain will remind me why I shouldn't find her.
Blake hated his weakness, but he let the pain transport him back to the clearing, to her face. He vowed it would be the last time, but he wanted to remember her noises and panting as he tasted her soft skin. She smelled like cinnamon.
Blake tried to see her face in his memory: trusting Livia, submitting to his hands and tongue. Instead he saw her pain as she told him she didn't see his skin turn to glass in the sun. She'd tried to hide her knowing.
Brave, beautiful Livia. She'd stood there waiting and never even flinched when he ran past. He could have plowed into her. Blake knew what it took to stay still when your mind screamed Run! A person had to find a place inside to die while things they didn't want happened to their body. - Author: Debra Anastasia
Showing Weakness quotes by Debra Anastasia
#29. I found this." He put the briefcase on the table and opened the locks. She saw a stack of papers, an evidence bag with a red seal. He pulled a college notebook with a blue plastic cover from one of the pockets. Black fingerprint powder spotted the cover. "I tried to clean it up," he said, wiping the grime on the front of his sweater. "I'm sorry. It was in Allison's car and I..." He flipped through the pages, showing her the scrawled handwriting. "I can't," he said. "I just can't."
She realized that Will hadn't looked at her once since walking into the room. He had such an air of defeat about him, as if every word that came from his mouth caused him pain. - Author: Karin Slaughter
Showing Weakness quotes by Karin Slaughter
#30. Don't fall in love with your wit. Your cleverly turned phrase may not, as you hope, show off how much gray matter you have, especially if the phrase is at someone else's expense. - Author: Harvey MacKay
Showing Weakness quotes by Harvey MacKay
#31. A wise man is able to differentiate between humility and weakness, he does not mistake courage for pride. - Author: Newton Gatambia
Showing Weakness quotes by Newton Gatambia
#32. It's important to air your concerns and fears with someone you trust. When you're honest about how you can change and grow, and where your weaknesses are, then you open the door for improvement and change. - Author: Matt Dillon
Showing Weakness quotes by Matt Dillon
#33. You know, I think everybody I've seen has come from some other therapy, and almost invariably it's very much the same thing: the therapist is too disinterested, a little too aloof, a little too inactive. They're not really interested in the person, he doesn't relate to the person. All these things I've written so much about. That's why I've made such a practice really, over and over to hammer home the point of self-revelation and being more of yourself and showing yourself. Every book I write I want to get that in there. - Author: Irvin D. Yalom
Showing Weakness quotes by Irvin D. Yalom
#34. maybe it was simply that I was wild for her, and showing Hanna how to pleasure me made me feel like I was telling the universe, This one belongs to me. - Author: Christina Lauren
Showing Weakness quotes by Christina Lauren
#35. The good news was that he wasn't sixteen anymore and he had this, his art. His food. And if this dinner continued to go the way it was going, if Mrs. Raje stood by her word and gave DJ the contract for her son's fund-raising dinner next month based on tonight's success... well, then they'd be fine.
Mrs. Raje had been more impressed thus far. Everything from the steamed momos to the dum biryani had turned out just so. The mayor of San Francisco had even asked to speak to DJ after tasting the California blue crab with bitter coconut cream and tucked DJ's card into his wallet.
Only dessert remained, and dessert was DJ's crowning glory, his true love. With sugar he could make love to taste buds, make adult humans sob.
The reason Mina Raje had given him, a foreigner and a newbie, a shot at tonight was his Arabica bean gelato with dark caramel. DJ had created the dessert for her after spending a week researching her. Not just her favorite restaurants, but where she shopped, how she wore her clothes, what made her laugh, even the perfume she wore and how much. The taste buds drew from who you were. How you reacted to taste as a sense was a culmination of how you processed the world, the most primal form of how you interacted with your environment.
It was DJ's greatest strength and weakness, needing to know what exact note of flavor unfurled a person. His need to find that chord and strum it was bone deep. - Author: Sonali Dev
Showing Weakness quotes by Sonali Dev
#36. Of course, Jastrow's comment is exaggerated at best; theologians hardly predicted the Big Bang. If our universe turns out to be closed, hence with an end, this does not mean apocalyptic visions of the end of the world were on target. And even if a beginning for the universe is a successful prediction of one version of theism, this is still not that impressive. After all, even a stopped clock is right twice a day. The Big Bang becomes strong support for God only with an argument showing that such a beginning requires a Creator. - Author: Taner Edis
Showing Weakness quotes by Taner Edis
#37. Sending his emissaries to sinners rather than sinners trying to make their way to God by their own skill, cleverness, imagination, or efforts. God has already accommodated himself to our weakness. He is not far from us, if we will but attend to the ministry of the Word. Therefore, we must resist "the sky's the limit" when it comes to accommodation. The Bible must be read, sung, and preached in the common language of the people, but when we introduce skits, musicals, and puppet shows on the basis of wanting to bring God down to the level of the people, they can only conclude that God has not already accommodated himself sufficiently through the ministry of the Word. - Author: Michael S. Horton
Showing Weakness quotes by Michael S. Horton
#38. I am so excited to have created a line that has been inspired by my culture - showing its color, its passion and its greatness - and one that captures much of my personal style. - Author: Thalia
Showing Weakness quotes by Thalia
#39. Though intelligence is powerless to modify character, it is a dab hand at finding euphemisms for its weaknesses. - Author: Quentin Crisp
Showing Weakness quotes by Quentin Crisp
#40. Many billboards and magazine ads have resorted to showing isolated body parts rather than full-body portraits of models using or wearing products. This style of photography, known in the industry as abstract representation, allows the viewer to see himself in the advertisement, rather than the model. - Author: Douglas Rushkoff
Showing Weakness quotes by Douglas Rushkoff
#41. Peace is purchased from strength. It's not purchased from weakness or unilateral retreats. - Author: Benjamin Netanyahu
Showing Weakness quotes by Benjamin Netanyahu
#42. I am lucky, Master Gill," Mat said. "You just have a good meal waiting when I come back." As he stood, he picked up the dice cup and spun the dice out beside the stones board for luck. The calico cat leaped down, hissing at him with her back arched. The five spotted dice came to rest, each showing a single pip. The Dark One's Eyes.
"That's the best toss or the worst," Gill said. "It depends on the game you are playing, doesn't it. Lad, I think you mean to play a dangerous game. Why don't you take that cup out into the common room and lose a few coppers? You look to me like a fellow who might like a little gamble. I will see the letter gets to the Palace safely."
"Coline wants you to clean the drains," Mat told him, and turned to Thom while the innkeeper was still blinking and muttering to himself. "It doesn't seem to make any odds whether I get an arrow in me trying to deliver that letter or a knife in my back waiting. It's six up, and a half dozen down. Just you have that meal waiting, Thom." He tossed a gold mark on the table in front of Gill. "Have my things put in a room, innkeeper. If it takes more coin, you will have it. Be careful of the big roll; it frightens Thom something awful. - Author: Robert Jordan
Showing Weakness quotes by Robert Jordan

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