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Insanity is starting over a million times, expecting to feel the spark you never did the first time. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Restarting quotes by Shannon L. Alder
What we considered to be so much part of our everyday fashion vocabulary today, where we see all these designers restarting with these big houses, was just beginning then [in the 90th]. ~ Roopal Patel
Restarting quotes by Roopal Patel
And her stare is a force I feel could shock my system like a defibrillator, restarting my heart. ~ Sarah Noffke
Restarting quotes by Sarah Noffke
Rather than passing a thousand pages of tax reform legislation and restarting the tax code manipulation process, we should change the paradigm. It is time to eliminate the IRS and repeal the 16th Amendment. ~ Jim Bridenstine
Restarting quotes by Jim Bridenstine
My position is not that John Kerry is either Jesus Christ or the prophet Mohammad. My position is that John Kerry is the possibility of restarting politics. ~ Todd Gitlin
Restarting quotes by Todd Gitlin
This nation should be less worried about putting the Vietnam syndrome behind us than restarting the World War II victory syndrome that resulted in the Vietnam syndrome in the first place. ~ Karl Marlantes
Restarting quotes by Karl Marlantes
What wisdom is there in keeping a person alive above all considerations ? Why should doctors keep restarting someone's heart if they're never going to get well? ~ Lurlene McDaniel
Restarting quotes by Lurlene McDaniel
I thought you were happy about having a baby.' I was happy in the way that I would be happy if the captain of an aircraft in which I was travelling announced that he had succeeded in restarting one engine after both had failed. Pleased that I would now probably survive, but shocked that the situation had arisen in the first place, and expecting a thorough investigation into the circumstances. ~ Graeme Simsion
Restarting quotes by Graeme Simsion
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