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Brandon, until this very moment, the world and the people in it have always been dark and incomprehensible to me, and I've tried to clear my way with logic and superior intellect, and you've thrown by own words right back in my face; you've given my words a meaning that I never dreamed of, and you tried to twist them into a cold logical excuse for your ugly murder!

Tonight you've made me ashamed of every concept I've ever had, of superior or inferior beings, but I thank you for that shame, because now I know that we're each of us a separate human being, Brandon, with the right to live and work and think as individuals, but with an obligation to the society that we live in. By what right do you dare say that there's a superior few to which you belong? By what right did you dare decide that that boy in there [he's referencing the dead body of "David," lying in a trunk in the middle of the room] was inferior and therefore could be killed?

Did you think you were God Brandon? Is that what you thought when you choked the life out of him? Is that what you thought when you served food from his grave! I don't know what you thought or what you are, but I know what you've done - YOU'VE MURDERED! You've strangled the life of a fellow human being who could live and love as you never could... and never will again! ~ Arthur Laurents
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Arthur Laurents
The exact eye: exact observation: it was a man's work. The only
work for a man. Why then were artists soft: effeminate: not men at all:
whilst the army officer, who had the inexact mind of the schoolteacher,
was a manly man? Quite a manly man: until he became an old woman! ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Live the lifestyle instead of paying lip service to the lifesytle. Live with commitment. With emotional content. Live whatever life you choose honestly. Give up this renaissance man, dilettante bullshit of doing a lot of different things (and none of them very well by real standards). Get to the guts of one thing; accept, without casuistry, the responsability of making a choice. ~ Mark Twight
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Mark Twight
The important element is the way in which all things are connected. Every thought and action sends shivers of energy into the world around us, which affects all creation. Perceiving the world as a web of connectedness helps us to overcome the feelings of separation that hold us back and cloud our vision. This connection with all life increases our sense of responsability for every move, every attitude, allowing us to see clearly that each soul does indeed make a difference to the whole. ~ Emma Restall Orr
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Emma Restall Orr
The key to understnading masculinity is Jesus Christ. Jesus was tough with religious blockheads, false teachers, the proud, and bullies. Jesus was tender with women, children, and those who were suffering or humble. Additionally, Jesus took responsability for Himself. He worked a jon for the first thirty years of His life, swinging a hammer as a carpenter. He also took responsability for us on the cross, where He substituted Himself and died in our place for our sins. My sins are my fault, not Jesus'fault, but Jesus has made them His responsability. This is the essence of the gospel, the "good news". If you understand this, it will change how you view masculinity. ~ Mark Driscoll
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Mark Driscoll
His sister-in-law Sylvia represented for him unceasing, unsleeping activities of a fantastic kind. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
That monstrosity you honour with your name - which is also mine, thank you! ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Marriage is more than your love for each other. It has a higher dignity and power, for it is God's holy ordinance, through which He wills to perpetuate the human race till the end of time. In your love you see only your two selves in the world, but in marriage you are a link in the chain of the generations, which God causes to come and to pass away to His glory, and calls into His kingdom. In your love, you see only the heaven of your own happiness, but in marriage you are placed at a post of responsability towards the world and mankind. Your love is your own private possession, but marriage is more than something personal - it is a status, an office. Just as it is the crown, and not merely the will to rule, that makes the king, so it is marriage, and not merely your love for each other, that joins you together in the sight of God and man. ~ Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Hey, Tink," Reed called to his wife. He'd given up on the poker game and was cradling the little pink handle that was Mariah Savage in his arms. "Look how cute she is. I think I want one. S'pose we can stop by Walmart and pick up one just like her.?"
Chrystal glanced up from her cards and gave her husband a look.
"Three o'clock feedings. Smelly diapers. Responsability."
"Oh. Right. I'd have to grow up. ~ Cindy Gerard
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Cindy Gerard
I don't want to spin the world," Barney said. "I don't know what I want, but I do know it's not that."

"Nor do I!" Claire shook her head. "Poor Troy" If you can do almost anything, it's all the harder to choose the right thing to do. Poor Cole, too – coming in like a lion and then staying like a pet lamb. I suppose if most of us were asked, we'd think that magicians would be free of care, but somehow or other there are always
rules. ~ Margaret Mahy
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Margaret Mahy
The handful of Germans who had reached the trench had been sacrificed for the stupid sort of fun called. Strategy, probably. Stupid! ... It was, of course, just like German spools to go mining by candle-light. Obsoletely Nibenlungen-like. Dwarfs probably! ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
prophecy directed at the past, the yearning for ancestors projected into the future – that is Nietzsche's divine feeling of humanity. the mature individual who, conscious of of his responsability, shoulders the entire burden of human tradition, who is the highest point in the arch of the bridge spanning what was and what will be, the divine moment "on the high pass" – like Zarathustra "between two oceans, traveling between the past and the future like a heavy cloud" – that is Nietzsche's man of the future humanity. the poet is, in his view, the creator of the past, the founder of "all that remains". the philosopher, however, and the sage are preachers and seekers of the future: "whoever has became wise reflecting on old origins" Zarathustra says "will eventually look for sources of the future and for new origins". to redeem the Past by interpreting it affirmatively as the cradle of the Future. to work at constructing the future by building a vaulted crypt that will provide a permanent sanctuary for the powers of belief throught centuries – with that, the grand fusion takes place that merges Nietzsche's early "philological" ideals and the Dionysian ecstatic dream of Zarathustra's demanding Will. ~ Ernst Bertram
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ernst Bertram
The man looked down at his feet. Tietjens said to himself that it was Valentine Wannop doing this to him. He ought to turn the man down at once. He was pervaded by a sense of her being. It was imbecile. Yet it was so. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
The future is female, so women are invited, as they do, to take responsability in the world of politics, in the economics, in art ~ Gaetano Pesce
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Gaetano Pesce
It was probably indecent to think of a corpse as impotent. But he was, very likely. That would be why his wife had taken up with the prize-fighter Red Evans Williams of Castell Goch. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
We can't just act without thinking anymore, Tris. They've been trying to teach as that all along. I guess if we're mages, we can't exactly be kids, can we?
- Sandry after the pirate attack ~ Tamora Pierce
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Tamora Pierce
Walter Arensberg,
Alfred Kreymborg,
Carl Sandburg,
Louis Untermeyer,
Eunice Tietjens,
Clara Shanafelt,
James Oppenheim,
Maxwell Bodenheim,
Richard Glaenzer,
Scharmel Iris,
Conrad Aiken,
I place your names here
So that you may live
If only as names,
Sinuous, mauve-colored names,
In the Juvenalia
Of my collected editions. ~ F Scott Fitzgerald
Responsability Tietjens quotes by F Scott Fitzgerald
The room where they were dancing was very dark.... It was queer to be in his arms.... She had known better dancers.... He had looked ill.... Perhaps he was.... Oh, poor Valentine-Elisabeth.... What a funny position!.... The good gramophone played.... Destiny!.... You see, father! ... In his arms! Of course, dancing is not really.... But so near the real thing! So near!... 'Good luck to the special intention!...' She had almost kissed him on the lips ... All but!... Effleurer, the French call it.... But she was not as humble.... He had pressed her tighter.... All these months without.... My lord did me honour.... Good for Malbrouck s'en va-t-en guerre.... He knew she had almost kissed him on the lips.... And that his lips had almost responded.... The civilian, the novelist, had turned out the last light.... Tietjens said, 'Hadn't we better talk?...' She said: 'In my room, then! I'm dog-tired.... I haven't slept for six nights.... In spite of drugs...' He said: 'Yes. Of course! Where else?.... ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
I take full responsability ... for what we did. It was the right thing to do. ~ William J. Clinton
Responsability Tietjens quotes by William J. Clinton
Beautiful and rich is an old friendship, Grateful to the touch as ancient ivory, Smooth as aged wine, or sheen of tapestry Where light has lingered, intimate and long. Full of tears and warm is an old friendship That asks no longer deeds of gallantry, Or any deed at all- save that the friend shall be Alive and breathing somewhere, like a song. ~ Eunice Tietjens
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Eunice Tietjens
She shook her head, though her shoulders trembled and her nails dug into her palms. "You are ridiculous, Khalid Ibn al-Rashid. I am just one girl. You are the Caliph of Khorasan, and you have a responsability to a kingdom."

"If you are just one girl, I am just one boy."

Shahrzad closed her eyes, unable to hold the fierce light in his gaze. ~ Renee Ahdieh
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Renee Ahdieh
AT the slight creaking made by Macmaster in pushing open his door, Tietjens started violently. He was sitting in a smoking-jacket, playing patience engrossedly in a sort of garret bedroom. It had a sloping roof outlined by black oak beams, which cut into squares the cream-coloured patent distemper of the walls. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
What did you do on Armistice Night? My beloved is mine and I am his! ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Beyond the element of giving, the active characteristic of love becomes evident in the fact that it always implies certain basic elements, common to all forms of love. These are care, responsability, respect and knowledge ~ Erich Fromm
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Erich Fromm
He was in a beastly hole. But decency demanded that he shouldn't act in panic. He had a mechanical, normal panic that made him divest himself of money. Gentlemen don't earn money. Gentlemen, as a matter of fact, don't do anything. They exist. Perfuming the air like Madonna lilies. Money comes into them as air through petals and foliage. Thus the world is made better and brighter. And, of course, thus political life can be kept clean! ... So you can't make money. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Christopher Tietjens is a sad sorry bastard who just refuses to get out of the way on the oncoming train of change. ~ Ada Maria Soto
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ada Maria Soto
Well, then, he ought to write her a letter. He ought to say: 'This is to tell you that I propose to live with you as soon as this show is over. You will be prepared immediately on cessation of active hostilities to put yourself at my disposal; please. Signed, Xtopher Tietjens, Acting O.C. 9th Glams. A proper military communication. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
To my mind, the actor has this great responsability of playing another human being ... it's like taking on another person's life and you have to do it as sincerely and honestly as you can. ~ Edward G. Robinson
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Edward G. Robinson
She warned him that, if he got killed, she should cut down the great cedar at the south-west corner of Groby. It kept all the light out of the principal drawing-room and the bedrooms above it ... He winced: he certainly winced at that. She regretted that she had said it. It was along other lines that she desired to make him wince. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
It's the quality of harmony, sir. The quality of being in harmony with you own soul. God having given you your own soul you are then in harmony with Heaven. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
But to betray her with battalion ... That is against decency, against Nature ... And for him, Christopher tietjens, to come down to the level of the men you met here! ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
You have to wait together - for a week, for a year, for a lifetime, before the final intimate conversation may be attained ... and exhausted. So that ... That in effect was love. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Inferiority complex begins when you agree that you are nothing. No one is responsible or author of it except yourself. ~ Paul Gitwaza
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Paul Gitwaza
To be a teacher, an example, a leader, to learn language, science, and navigation, for with greater responsability one must have greater knowledge and education. ~ J.M. Bardsley
Responsability Tietjens quotes by J.M. Bardsley
This, Tietjens thought, is England! A man and a maid walk through Kentish grass fields: the grass ripe for the scythe. The man honourable, clean, upright; the maid virtuous, clean, vigorous; he of good birth; she of birth quite as good; each filled with a too good breakfast that each could yet capably digest. Each come just from an admirably appointed establishment: a table surrounded by the best people, their promenade sanctioned, as it were, by Church - two clergy - the State, two Government officials; by mothers, friends, old maids. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
He thought he suddenly understood. For the Lincon-shire sergeant-major the word Peace meant that a man could stand up on a hill. For him it meant someone to talk to. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
But, in these later days, much greater convulsions had overwhelmed her. It sufficed for Tietjens to approach her to make her feel as if her whole body was drawn towards him as, being near a terrible height, you are drawn towards it. Great waves of blood rushed across her being as if physical forces as yet undiscovered or invented attracted the very fluid itself. The moon so draws the tides. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
Being naturalized to place means to live as if this is the land that feeds you, as if these are the streams from which you drink, that build your body and fill your spirit. To become naturalized is to know that your ancestors lie in this ground. Here you will give your gifts and meet your responsibilities. To become naturalized is to live as if your children's future matters, to take care of the land as if our lives and the lives of all our relatives depend on it. Because they do. ~ Robin Wall Kimmerer
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Robin Wall Kimmerer
he invited Sylvia to dine with him somewhere where they were going to have something fabulous and very nasty at about two guineas the ounce on the menu. Something like that! And during dinner Sir John had entertained her by singing the praises of her husband. He said that Tietjens was much too great a gentleman to be wasted on the old-furniture trade: that was why he hadn't persisted. But he sent by Sylvia a message to the effect that if ever Tietjens did come to be in want of money . . . Occasionally Sylvia was worried ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
He was grotesque, really. But joy radiated from his homespuns when you walked beside him. It welled out; it enveloped you. ~ Ford Madox Ford
Responsability Tietjens quotes by Ford Madox Ford
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