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#1. Without the lord to shield you and guide you, you gonna fade away. Jah is your shield and your guide. The wicked man gotta turn aside. No need to fear no wicked guide. Rastafari protect your life! - Author: Sizzla
Rastafari quotes by Sizzla
#2. The Rastafari culture has a very strong connection to Haile Selassie, a descendant of King Solomon. - Author: Ziggy Marley
Rastafari quotes by Ziggy Marley
#3. Rastafari means to live in nature, to see the Creator in the wind, sea and storm. Other religions pointed to the sky, and while we were looking in the sky, they dug up all the gold and diamonds and went away with them - Author: Jimmy Cliff
Rastafari quotes by Jimmy Cliff
#4. Trip on this! Haile Selassie, who Rastafari regard as God, was possibly greatly influenced by a French poet who although he gave up writing at the age of 20 (which at first glance appears like a huge waste) must certainly have still held an esoteric, otherworldly mind. It can't have just deserted him, can it? Rimbaud had a bewitching and at times ghoulish psyche which managed to explode out of long-established poetic forms while still in his teens. He did it with more rhythm and beauty than almost anyone you care to name. It's extremely likely that ten years later this man had incredible influence on the child who Rastafari were to later think of as God.

An intriguing thought. - Author: Karl Wiggins
Rastafari quotes by Karl Wiggins
#5. Emperor Haile Selassie was certainly a defining figure in both Ethiopian and African history, and as Rastafarians revere Haile Selassie as the returned messiah, it's possible that the routes of Rastafarianism are deep-seated in the Queen of Sheba. Trip on that! A queen who was part Genie, or Djinn, is possibly the focus of Rastafarianism - Author: Karl Wiggins
Rastafari quotes by Karl Wiggins
#6. The more you accept herb, the more you accept Rastafari. - Author: Bob Marley
Rastafari quotes by Bob Marley
#7. I hope you get a message of love and to continue the love and continue the spirit that I'm trying to transmit to you in a righteous sense to be in one unity. Rastafari! - Author: Sizzla
Rastafari quotes by Sizzla
#8. Something new is blowing. On a downtown Kingston wall: IMF - Is Manley Fault. General election called for October 30, 1980. Somebody is driving you through Bavaria, near the Austrian border. A hospital sprouting out of the forest like magic. Hills in the background tipped with snow like cake icing. You meet the tall and frosty Bavarian, the man who helps the hopeless. He smiles but his eyes are set too far back and they vanish in the shadow of his brow. Cancer is a red alert that the whole body is in danger, he says. Thank God the food he forbids, Rastafari had forbidden long time. A sunrise is a promise. Something new is blowing. November 1980. A new party wins the general election and the man who killed me steps up to the podium with his brothers to take over the country. He has been waiting for so long he leaps up the stairs and trips. - Author: Marlon James
Rastafari quotes by Marlon James
#9. My father, my Rastafari culture, has a tight link to the Jewish culture. We have a strong connection from when I was a young boy and read the Bible, the Old Testament. - Author: Ziggy Marley
Rastafari quotes by Ziggy Marley
#10. I'm a spiritual man and I've always felt connected to Rastafari. I'm not a Rastafarian but I've got so much respect for the lifestyle and religion, and I'm so thankful I was able to meet some of the most influential Rastafarians during my Jamaica trip. They taught me so much and really helped me evolve into who I am today. - Author: Snoop Dogg
Rastafari quotes by Snoop Dogg

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