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Back To December is a song that addresses a first for me. In that I've never apologized in a song before. Whether it be good or bad or an apology. The person I wrote this song about deserves this. This is about a person who was incredible to me- just perfect in a relationship- and I was very careless with him. So, this is a song full of words that I would say to him that he deserves to hear.

I've never felt the need to apologize in a song before, but in the last two years I've experienced a lot, a lot of different kinds of learning lessons And sometimes you learn a lesson too late and at that point you need to apologize because you were careless. ['Back To December'] is about a person who was incredible to me, just perfect to me in a relationship, and I was really careless with him

I've written songs about things like burning my ex boyfriends pictures… I've written songs about the times that I've been hurt by love. But then one day I woke up and realized that I had hurt somebody… And so I wrote this song to tell him I'm sorry ~ Taylor Swift
Rasputina Songs quotes by Taylor Swift
Poet of Nature, thou hast wept to know
That things depart which never may return:
Childhood and youth, friendship and love's first glow,
Have fled like sweet dreams, leaving thee to mourn.
These common woes I feel. One loss is mine
Which thou too feel'st, yet I alone deplore.
Thou wert as a lone star, whose light did shine
On some frail bark in winter's midnight roar:
Thou hast like to a rock-built refuge stood
Above the blind and battling multitude:
In honored poverty thy voice did weave
Songs consecrate to truth and liberty,
Deserting these, thou leavest me to grieve,
Thus having been, that thou shouldst cease to be ~ Percy Bysshe Shelley
Rasputina Songs quotes by Percy Bysshe Shelley
In itself, I spent a year writing, you know all these different songs and when it came to recording the record, I just pulled out all the tracks I liked the most. ~ Wednesday 13
Rasputina Songs quotes by Wednesday 13
The best-known connection between footfall, knowledge and memory is the Aboriginal Australian vision of the Songlines. According to this cosmogony, the world was created in an epoch known as the Dreamtime, when the Ancestors emerged to find the earth a black, flat, featureless terrain. They began to walk out across this non-place, and as they walked they broke through the crust of the earth and released the sleeping life beneath it, so that the landscape sprang up into being with each pace. As Bruce Chatwin explained in his flawed but influential account, 'each totemic ancestor, while travelling through the country, was thought to have scattered a trail of words and musical notes along the line of his footprints'. Depending on where they fell, these foot-notes became linked with particular features of the landscape. Thus the world was covered by 'Dreaming-tracks' that 'lay over the land as "ways" of communication', each track having its corresponding Song.... To sing out was–-and still is, just about, for the Songs survive, though more and more of them slip away with each generation–-therefore to find one's way, and storytelling was indivisible from wayfaring. ~ Robert Macfarlane
Rasputina Songs quotes by Robert Macfarlane
When I started out playing small clubs, you could feel the room recoil from certain kinds of songs. Anything that was too personal, that had a sentiment to it, or was laying out your feelings, was immediately booed. People would start throwing things. And anything that was really provocative or humorous or radical was embraced or cheered. ~ Beck
Rasputina Songs quotes by Beck
Records are one thing, and obviously, without hit songs, you don't have the opportunity to do your shows. But my live show has always been my selling tool. ~ Jason Aldean
Rasputina Songs quotes by Jason Aldean
When I started doing these advocacy groups, it sort of propelled and compelled me to write songs, because otherwise I wasn't really sure what I was going to do, music-wise. I wasn't particularly motivated to write songs. But this level of humanity and spirit that I witnessed greatly impacted and so inspired me, so that I felt this sort of renewed vigor to write music. As far as how grounding it is, yeah, it's the ultimate amount of perspective. ~ Thao Nguyen
Rasputina Songs quotes by Thao Nguyen
We recorded several of Kenny's songs in the living room of my home. ~ Jim Messina
Rasputina Songs quotes by Jim Messina
You may right now be nursing a broken heart. Friends will say, "Aren't you glad you had the experience anyway?" And you may say "No." Eventually, unbelievably, you may not remember the boy that triggered it all. You'll recall all the places you visited, but not how you got there. You'll remember the songs that you listened to. ~ Emma Forrest
Rasputina Songs quotes by Emma Forrest
There are a lot of songs that would ostensibly be a good candidate for parody, yet I can't think of a clever enough idea. ~ Al Yankovic
Rasputina Songs quotes by Al Yankovic
Songs of different moods are like keys, which help me enter the world of my book's characters. ~ Amish Tripathi
Rasputina Songs quotes by Amish Tripathi
Before everything happened I wished i had double voice box like a song bird so I could sing two songs at once, the way a bird can harmonize with itself. I wanted to sing crystal clear notes. I wanted to sing them one after anther in ascending order. And at the same time I wanted to let another fountain of notes descend from my heart. ~ Karen Foxlee
Rasputina Songs quotes by Karen Foxlee
He [Reed] had never overtly flirted with me; his way of showing me he cared was always subtle. Touching my hand. Meeting my eyes across a room. Playing my favorite songs when we were driving in his car. He was secretive about everything he did, including revealing emotion ... ~ Becca Fitzpatrick
Rasputina Songs quotes by Becca Fitzpatrick
I think Pantera is a type of band that has been documented very, very well over the years. With the past re-releases, we were fortunate enough to have old demos and stuff that never really saw the light of day. But Pantera was not the type of band to waste many riffs or many parts or songs. ~ Phil Anselmo
Rasputina Songs quotes by Phil Anselmo
I can speak for most songwriters - those breakup love songs are so easy to write, as far as the inspiration and all that. ~ Lucinda Williams
Rasputina Songs quotes by Lucinda Williams
Sometimes, I make 50 songs and pick out the best 10. I've been in the studio all day, all night, making the beat, writing the raps. You never know what's gonna be a hit. ~ Juicy J
Rasputina Songs quotes by Juicy J
Madonna has a very unique style and comes up constantly with these great songs. ~ Paul Oakenfold
Rasputina Songs quotes by Paul Oakenfold
I have way too many songs that have music but don't have lyrics. ~ Jonny Lang
Rasputina Songs quotes by Jonny Lang
Of course, we wrote the songs accordingly and performed and recorded them that way. At that time, we really thought it was right, but you know, seen in retrospect, it made the album sound forced, and not really great. ~ Mark McGrath
Rasputina Songs quotes by Mark McGrath
In the kitchen, you dropped a plate, one of the willow-pattern blue platters, shattered it to bits, and as we swept if up together you said, 'Easy come, easy go,' and shrugged, and I thought then, That's a different way to see the world. I was always a worrier, always concerned about something in the back of my mind. And you made me see then that everything was perfect as it was, in that moment. Because we were happy there, sweeping up the pieces, you singing Dean Martin songs, and Southpaw joining in from his study. So that's what I remember, when I try to think about all of us. ~ Harriet Evans
Rasputina Songs quotes by Harriet Evans
Strong Woman

Sometimes I think, that I know her,
From a distant past, where images are blur,

Her smile, coffee and morning walk,
Her questions, songs and random talk,

She is from a distant land,
Where the sun shines bright,

Her attitude, love and courage,
makes everything right,

- To my friend Grozdana ~ Ratish Edwards
Rasputina Songs quotes by Ratish Edwards
You have to remember that writing those sorta songs is not reality, it's more like trance, dream, y'know, like dreamwork. The mythical thing can enter the creating but there's the mythical place and the real place. And there's both ... I get it between waking and sleeping. Or, when I'm doing something else. I don't sit down and think I'm gonna write about subject X or subject Y. I could be doing something and an impression comes in from outside and the song emerges out of that. It's never thought about or contrived. ~ Van Morrison
Rasputina Songs quotes by Van Morrison
Music is an emotion and it makes you feel a certain way. Some songs make you want to dance, while some make you think. Some songs are positive, while some people see those songs as negative. ~ Lil' Flip
Rasputina Songs quotes by Lil' Flip
The great songs just come out. If it comes quick, just leave it that way. ~ Marty Robbins
Rasputina Songs quotes by Marty Robbins
My older brother was involved in the folk movement. We would gather every weekend in Washington Park. The folk songs were so important to my reality. ~ Anne Waldman
Rasputina Songs quotes by Anne Waldman
I will never be a brain surgeon, and I will never play the piano like Glenn Gould.

But what keeps me up late at night, and constantly gives me reason to fret, is this: I don't know what I don't know. There are universes of things out there - ideas, philosophies, songs, subtleties, facts, emotions - that exist but of which I am totally and thoroughly unaware. This makes me very uncomfortable. I find that the only way to find out the fuller extent of what I don't know is for someone to tell me, teach me or show me, and then open my eyes to this bit of information, knowledge, or life experience that I, sadly, never before considered.

Afterward, I find something odd happens. I find what I have just learned is suddenly everywhere: on billboards or in the newspaper or SMACK: Right in front of me, and I can't help but shake my head and speculate how and why I never saw or knew this particular thing before. And I begin to wonder if I could be any different, smarter, or more interesting had I discovered it when everyone else in the world found out about this particular obvious thing. I have been thinking a lot about these first discoveries and also those chance encounters: those elusive happenstances that often lead to defining moments in our lives.


I once read that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I fundamentally disagree with this idea. I think that doing the same thi ~ Debbie Millman
Rasputina Songs quotes by Debbie Millman
I think a lot of men are afraid of pretty things, and I'm not, I like pretty songs. ~ Justin Townes Earle
Rasputina Songs quotes by Justin Townes Earle
I've got some incredible fans actually - so loyal and they make me birthday cards and Christmas cards. I got this package of poems and artwork based around the songs. They've got this thing called 'Floetry' where they all have to put in artwork. They've set up their own competitions and stuff which is kind of amazing. ~ Florence Welch
Rasputina Songs quotes by Florence Welch
I'd got married and wanted to have kids, so had kids, brought them up, did other things, and slowly got back into music. And it feels great, having one foot in the present, writing and covering interesting songs, and having one foot in the past. ~ Kim Wilde
Rasputina Songs quotes by Kim Wilde
That's what I like to do, I like to make songs. ~ Marc Almond
Rasputina Songs quotes by Marc Almond
It's weird being an author because it's different than writing songs. You put so much more of yourself out there to be judged because it's a memoir. So when the reviews come in, they all feel really personal. Some people are just going to hate you no matter what. Personally, I never believe good reviews. ~ Dean Wareham
Rasputina Songs quotes by Dean Wareham
What'd you think?" Dan asked as we buckled into the Acclaim after another Sunday under the big top.

"I wonder if they realize their worship songs include both amillennial and premillennial theology," I said with a sigh. "Also, what's this business from the preacher about Moses writing Numbers? I mean, everyone knows Moses didn't actually write the book of Numbers. It originated from a combination of written and oral tradition and was assembled and edited by Jewish priests sometime during the postexilic period as an exercise in national self-definition. You can look that up on Wikipedia. And, while we're at it, a bit more Christology applied to the Old Testament text would be nice."

"Um, Rach, the sermon today was about humility."

Lord, have mercy.

See, I've got this coping mechanism thing where, when I'm feeling frightened or vulnerable or over my head, I intellectualize the situation to try and regain a sense of control. . . . In some religious traditions, this particular coping mechanism is known as pride.

I confess I preened it. I scoffed at the idea of being taught or led. Deconstructing was so much safer than trusting, so much easier than letting people in. I knew exactly what type of Christian I didn't want to be, but I was too frightened, or too rebellious, or too wounded, to imagine what might be next. Like a garish conch shell, my cynicism protected me from disappointment, or so I believed, so I expected the w ~ Rachel Held Evans
Rasputina Songs quotes by Rachel Held Evans
Hear the birds songs in the fresh morning! It is a sweet invitation to life, to a brand new day, to brand new energy and life! They sing about joy, love, caring, beauty, togetherness. They sing about vivid life! ~ Viorica Dragotel
Rasputina Songs quotes by Viorica Dragotel
In their heyday, the Pet Shop Boys were the Interpol of the Eighties, dressing up to sing really weird pop songs about lust and loneliness in the big city. They're low-pro now, not retro-worshipped in the manner of Depeche Mode, New Order, or The Cure, but you can hear the reason why - these guys are too sad. ~ Rob Sheffield
Rasputina Songs quotes by Rob Sheffield
Port Talbot is a steel town, where everything is covered with gray iron ore dust. Even the beach is completely littered with dust, it's just black. The sun was setting, and it was quite beautiful. The contrast was extraordinary, I had this image of a guy sitting there on this dingy beach with a portable radio, tuning in these strange Latin escapist songs like 'Brazil.' The music transported him somehow and made his world less gray. ~ Terry Gilliam
Rasputina Songs quotes by Terry Gilliam
Prince used to call me up 3am in the morning and invite me to hear some of his new songs. ~ Sheena Easton
Rasputina Songs quotes by Sheena Easton
For a moment, she thought she was crying too. But then she realised she was just humming.
Finally, she could hear the farm.
A snippet of a song played in her head. One of the songs she always heard blasting over the farm's loudspeakers. A song about summer days under the sun. She could really hear it. She could feel the warm, sultry air on her skin, and she wasn't cold anymore.
The air was always yellow at the farm.
Golden yellow. ~ Anni Taylor
Rasputina Songs quotes by Anni Taylor
I'm sure the music is going to come out. I'm not sure if I'm going to put out 12s or put the songs on my website. I just have to get them done. ~ Beck
Rasputina Songs quotes by Beck
How do they rise up? ~ Terry Pratchett
Rasputina Songs quotes by Terry Pratchett
We will have close to 3 months of rehearsals to learn about 30 songs. Frank usually rehearsed a band for at least 3 months. If it took him that long to be comfortable we probably would need double the amount, but It's just not financially possible to do so. ~ Dweezil Zappa
Rasputina Songs quotes by Dweezil Zappa
I have always considered myself a fast learner. I try to retain and absorb as much information and knowledge about the [music] business as I can. I don't want to just sit back and have other people do the hard work for me. I try to be involved in every process of my career as possible. I run my own social media, record, and try to vocal produce myself as much as possible, write my own songs, style myself, and learn the business side. If I didn't do acting or music, I was going to school for business. God has put me on this path and I can honestly say I wake up every day doing what I love. ~ Asher Monroe
Rasputina Songs quotes by Asher Monroe
When I started out, I was definitely writing about experiences that I hadn't had yet. The songs were just based on my influences, songwriters that had written songs before me and that were more experienced and 20, 30 years older than me. ~ Brandi Carlile
Rasputina Songs quotes by Brandi Carlile
With songs one invents a world that wouldn't exist otherwise. And in that world you can be more than you actually are. ~ Sophie Hunger
Rasputina Songs quotes by Sophie Hunger
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