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#1. I questioned everything. I didn't see a character developed in Platoon at all. The character in Blue Velvet was much more fascinating to me. - Author: Kyle MacLachlan
Platoon Wiki quotes by Kyle MacLachlan
#2. The Lance Corporal [a junior enlisted rank] at the back of your platoon may not know every detail of your operation. He may not have read every piece of intelligence about your enemy, or every nuance of your larger strategy, but he'll always know one thing: he'll know whether or not you care about him. - Author: Eric Greitens
Platoon Wiki quotes by Eric Greitens
#3. ...delayed gratification? "Is that where I tie you to the bed, go out and kill a platoon of ogres before returning to have my wicked way with you?"
"Sounds like we have our first anniversary plans already locked and loaded. - Author: Jane Cousins
Platoon Wiki quotes by Jane Cousins
#4. We started at once to dig our trenches, half of my platoon stepping forward abreast, the men being placed an arm's length apart. After laying their rifles down, barrels pointing to the enemy, a line was drawn behind the row of rifles and parallel to it. - Author: Fritz Kreisler
Platoon Wiki quotes by Fritz Kreisler
#5. Maybe this was the way it had always happened, with no fate ever involved; you simply fell in with the people around you, and no matter what else happened in history or the great world, for the individual it was always a matter of local acquaintances - the village, the platoon, the work unit, the monastery or madressa, the zawiyya or farm or apartment block, or ship, or neighborhood - these formed the true circumference of one's world, some twenty or so speaking parts, as if they were in a play together. - Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Platoon Wiki quotes by Kim Stanley Robinson
#6. Modern biblical scholars have established that the bible is a wiki. It was compiled over half a millennium from writers with different styles, dialects, character names, and conceptions of God and was subjected to haphazard editing that left it with many contradictions, duplications and non-sequiturs. - Author: Steven Pinker
Platoon Wiki quotes by Steven Pinker
#7. My younger brother is a decorated combat veteran and was a platoon leader in Iraq. - Author: Michael Hastings
Platoon Wiki quotes by Michael Hastings
#8. What she did NOT appreciate was the homework. Captain Wilkes had scrounged textbooks for her to study. Not just Marine manuals, either. Math, science, English. Chemistry. Yuck! With weekly tests. And he was making her do all her platoon reports, then "annotating" them. He had given her a dictionary and thesaurus, among other things, and after the first report after giving them to her told her she was "not allowed words of more than two syllables." It was worse than fucking school. "Recess" was killing zombies. - Author: John Ringo
Platoon Wiki quotes by John Ringo
#9. I hurt for my Marines, goodhearted American guys who'd bear these burdens for the rest of their lives. And I mourned for myself. Not in self-pity, but for the kid who'd come to Iraq. He was gone. I did all this in the dark, away from the platoon, because combat command is the loneliest job in the world. - Author: Nathaniel Fick
Platoon Wiki quotes by Nathaniel Fick
#10. I'm constantly claimed by atheists. I find this intriguing. In fact, on my Wiki page - I didn't create the Wiki page, others did, and I'm flattered that people cared enough about my life to assemble it - and it said, 'Neil deGrasse is an atheist.' - Author: Neil DeGrasse Tyson
Platoon Wiki quotes by Neil DeGrasse Tyson
#11. I no longer consider, is this chap a congenial companion? Rather, the question is, would I feel easy if he were in command of the platoon on my right? - Author: James Carl Nelson
Platoon Wiki quotes by James Carl Nelson
#12. Dad mistook - for some reason unbeknownst to me - he mistook his family for a platoon of Marines. I mean, he - the exact same thing he brought to the disciplining of a squadron, a battalion, a platoon, he brought to the disciplining of his children. He ran the house - he had Saturday morning inspections for us, he had white-glove inspections for us as kids. - Author: Terry Gross
Platoon Wiki quotes by Terry Gross
#13. A quick check on the platoon showed everyone more or less enjoying the flight.
"Whatever it is you're eating, Ressk, swallow it before we land," [said Staff Sergeant Kerr].
"No problem, Staff."
"More like whoever he's eating," Binti muttered beside him.
"You ought to count your fingers," he suggested. "You're too serley stupid to notice one missing."
"Maybe you ought to gren sa talamec to."
"That's enough, people."
When the Confederation first started integrating the di'Taykan and the Krai into what was predominantly a human military system, xenopsychologists among the elder races expected a number of problems. For the most part, those expectations fell short. After having dealt with the Mictok and the H'san, none of the younger races - all bipedal mammals - had any difficulty with each other's appearance. Cultural differences were absorbed into the prevailing military culture and the remaining problems were dealt with in the age-old military tradition of learning to say "up yours" in the other races' languages. The "us against them" mentality of war made for strange bedfellows. - Author: Tanya Huff
Platoon Wiki quotes by Tanya Huff
#14. A wiki works best where you're trying to answer a question that you can't easily pose, where there's not a natural structure that's known in advance to what you need to know. - Author: Ward Cunningham
Platoon Wiki quotes by Ward Cunningham
#15. In my platoon, we came from different parts of the country, with different backgrounds, different religious beliefs, different political beliefs-and yet we all put those differences aside. Fundamentally, I believe that's what the American people expect of Congress as well. We all ought to be able to come together in Washington and do what's best for our America. - Author: Seth Moulton
Platoon Wiki quotes by Seth Moulton
#16. As it happened, the guy who was the honor man or best in our class was part of our platoon. He never had as many kills as I did, though, at least partly because he was sent to the Philippines for a few months while I spent my time in Iraq. You need skill to be a sniper, but you also need opportunity. And luck. - Author: Chris Kyle
Platoon Wiki quotes by Chris Kyle
#17. I gave him the name Wiki, because his brain seems to contain as much knowledge as Wikipedia, whereas my revision notes disappear from my memory as fast as a Snapchat. - Author: Zoe Sugg
Platoon Wiki quotes by Zoe Sugg
#18. Isn't that…

A lie? It's okay. You can say it. Yes, they were lies and sometimes that's not a bad thing. Lies are neither bad nor good. Like a fire they can either keep you warm or burn you to death, depending on how they're used. The lies our government told us before the war, the ones that were supposed to keep us happy and blind, those were the ones that burned, because they prevented us from doing what had to be done. However, by the time I made Avalon, everyone was already doing everything they could possibly do to survive. The lies of the past were long gone and now the truth was everywhere, shambling down their streets, crashing through their doors, clawing at their throats. The truth was that no matter what we did, chances were most of us, if not all of us, were never going to see the future. The truth was that we were standing at what might be the twilight of our species and that truth was freezing a hundred people to death every night. They needed something to keep them warm. And so I lied, and so did the president, and every doctor and priest, every platoon leader and every parent. "We're going to be okay." That was our message. - Author: Max Brooks
Platoon Wiki quotes by Max Brooks
#19. IT is not impossible that among the English readers of this book there may be one who in 1915 and 1916 was in one of those trenches that were woven like a web among the ruins of Monchy-au-Bois. In that case he had opposite him at that time the 73rd Hanoverian Fusiliers, who wear as their distinctive badge a brassard with ' Gibraltar ' inscribed on it in gold, in memory of the defence of that fortress under General Elliot; for this, besides Waterloo, has its place in the regiment's history.

At the time I refer to I was a nineteen-year-old lieutenant in command of a platoon, and my part of the line was easily recognizable from the English side by a row of tall shell-stripped trees that rose from the ruins of Monchy. My left flank was bounded by the sunken road leading to Berles-au-Bois, which was in the hands of the English ; my right was marked by a sap running out from our lines, one that helped us many a time to make our presence felt by means of bombs and rifle-grenades.

I daresay this reader remembers, too, the white tom-cat, lamed in one foot by a stray bullet, who had his headquarters in No-man's-land. He used often to pay me a visit at night in my dugout. This creature, the sole living being that was on visiting terms with both sides, always made on me an impression of extreme mystery. This charm of mystery which lay over all that belonged to the other side, to that danger zone full of unseen figures, is one of the strongest impressions that the wa - Author: Ernst Junger
Platoon Wiki quotes by Ernst Junger
#20. Strangely, though, I like helos. During this workup, my platoon worked with MH-6 Little Birds. Those are very small, very fast scout-and-attack helicopters adapted for Special Operations work. Our versions had benches fitted to each side; three SEALs can sit on each bench. I loved them. True, I was scared - Author: Chris Kyle
Platoon Wiki quotes by Chris Kyle
#21. I have seen competent leaders who stood in front of a platoon and all they saw was a platoon. But great leaders stand in front of a platoon and see it as 44 individuals, each of whom has aspirations, each of who wants to live, each of whom wants to do good. - Author: Norman Schwarzkopf
Platoon Wiki quotes by Norman Schwarzkopf
#22. I blinked at Colin. He was like a walking Wiki site. - Author: Amanda Flower
Platoon Wiki quotes by Amanda Flower
#23. As for those deserters, malcontents, radicals, incendiaries, the civil and uncivil disobedients among the young, SDS, PLP, Weathermen I and Weathermen II, the revolutionary action movement, the Black United Front, Yippies, Hippies, Yahoos, Black Panthers, Lions and Tigers alike - I would swap the whole damn zoo for a single platoon of the kind of young Americans I saw in Vietnam. - Author: Spiro T. Agnew
Platoon Wiki quotes by Spiro T. Agnew
#24. Thomas looked around and tried not to let his duty turn him bitter. These were good men, and he would not leave them behind. He had chosen this, an unselfish life. - Author: Jessica Fortunato
Platoon Wiki quotes by Jessica Fortunato
#25. CEASE FIRE,' Captain Johansen shouted. 'Cease fire, what's wrong with you guys? Stop wasting the goddamn ammo. CEASE FIRE!'
Cease fire,' the lieutenants hollered.
Cease fire,' the platoon sergeants hollered.
Cease the goddamn fire,' shouted the squad leaders.
That,' I told Barney, 'is the chain of command. - Author: Tim O'Brien
Platoon Wiki quotes by Tim O'Brien
#26. But you don't have to take his advice. Whether you use his ideas, or whether they spark some different plan - make your decision and snap out orders. The one thing - the only thing! - that can strike terror in the heart of a good platoon sergeant is to find that he's working for a boss who can't make up his mind. - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Platoon Wiki quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#27. Miles, when he was contemplating this technology for my future grandchildren, wanted to start twelve at once and do them all in one efficient batch. Like growing his own platoon, I gather. I offered to take turns with Ekaterin holding his head under water till he had a better idea, but as it turned out, she didn't need my help. Wonderful girl, my daughter-in-law. I still don't know what he did to deserve her. - Author: Lois McMaster Bujold
Platoon Wiki quotes by Lois McMaster Bujold
#28. In fact, second lieutenants were primary-school teachers. Sure, teachers with guns, but a platoon commander was, nonetheless, the guy who sorted out the working day for 30 men under his command, taught their lessons, helped them with their homework, sorted out their petty squabbles and put plasters on their knees when they fell over in the playground. - Author: Patrick Hennessey
Platoon Wiki quotes by Patrick Hennessey
#29. Global collaboration is something that Wiki mastered in a small way and here we can master it in a big way. - Author: Ward Cunningham
Platoon Wiki quotes by Ward Cunningham
#30. To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections. It is the first link in the series by which we proceed toward a love to our country and to mankind. The interest of that portion of social arrangement is a trust in the hands of all those who compose it; and as none but bad men would justify it in abuse, none but traitors would barter it away for their own personal advantage. - Author: Edmund Burke
Platoon Wiki quotes by Edmund Burke
#31. I've done about six comedies. Oddly enough, the script came to me from one of the guys in Platoon. - Author: Tom Berenger
Platoon Wiki quotes by Tom Berenger
#32. A lot of productivity is capturing ideas. I use a wiki - it's more valuable than e-mail for running a company - and I have a page for every person with whom I interact frequently. - Author: Garrett Camp
Platoon Wiki quotes by Garrett Camp
#33. Rough Riders took 13 weeks to shoot, plus a week of training. The same guy trained us trained the cast in Platoon. Except, instead of radios, we used bugles to signal. - Author: Tom Berenger
Platoon Wiki quotes by Tom Berenger

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