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Some of the farm's work reached a level of granularity that stunned Lyudmilla. Two trolls would go on the comments sections of small' provincial newspapers and start chatting about the street they lived in, the weather, then caually recommend a piece about the nefarious West attacking Russia.

No one who worked at the farm described themselves as trolls. Instead, they talked about their work in the passive voice ('a piece was written', 'a comment was made'). Most treated the farm as if it was just another job, doing the minimum required and then clocking off. Many of them seemed pleasant enough young people, with open, pretty faces, and yet they didn't blink when asked to smear, degrade, insult and humiliate their victims. The ease with which victims were attacked, the scale at which the farm operated, it all stunned Lyudmilla. ~ Peter Pomerantsev
Online Abuse quotes by Peter Pomerantsev
Let's not build the policy around the abuse. That's not good policy. That's actually bad policy. Build the policy around the aspiration point. That's what we need to do when we're seeing abuse online. ~ Kamala Harris
Online Abuse quotes by Kamala Harris
Because, you know, I don't say 'I like you so much I think it might be love' to all the girls. ~ Zoe Sugg
Online Abuse quotes by Zoe Sugg
First off, the PS2 and PSP can play against each other online. ~ Tim Page
Online Abuse quotes by Tim Page
Living in an ignorant society, we have been taught how to consume products. The banks have made it so that money is a necessity to live, instead of being a means of exchanging goods. By frivolously consuming, we have contributed a great amount of waste to the planet. We abuse and pollute the resources that we depend on for our survival. Our air is contaminated, our water is contaminated, our food is contaminated, and essentially, we are contaminated due to our consumption of these contaminated resources. ~ Joseph P. Kauffman
Online Abuse quotes by Joseph P. Kauffman
There are two things that interest me - and they're both power, ultimately. One is not having it and one is abusing it. ~ Joss Whedon
Online Abuse quotes by Joss Whedon
If we studied the issue of forgiveness with a wider perspective, we are bound to opt for it after all. ~ Stephen Richards
Online Abuse quotes by Stephen Richards
Algorithms are not arbiters of objective truth and fairness simply because they're math. ~ Zoe Quinn
Online Abuse quotes by Zoe  Quinn
Watch The Vampire Diaries Season 5 Episode 1 Online ~ Joe Smith
Online Abuse quotes by Joe Smith
U.S. domestic drug policy does not carry out its stated goals, and policymakers are well aware of that. If it isn't about reducing substance abuse, what is it about? It is reasonably clear, both from current actions and the historical record, that substances tend to be criminalized when they are associated with the so-called dangerous classes, that the criminalization of certain substances is a technique of social control. ~ Noam Chomsky
Online Abuse quotes by Noam Chomsky
When you stop living your life based on what others think of you real life begins. At that moment, you will finally see the door of self acceptance opened. ~ Shannon L. Alder
Online Abuse quotes by Shannon L. Alder
When we're anxious, disconnected, vulnerable, alone, and feeling helpless, the booze and food and work and endless hours online feel like comfort, but in reality they're only casting their long shadows over our lives. ~ Brene Brown
Online Abuse quotes by Brene Brown
In some cases abusive or damaged relationships cannot and should not be saved. ~ Toni Sorenson
Online Abuse quotes by Toni Sorenson
Your abuser's past does not absolve them of their abuse. Their depression does not absolve them of their abuse. Your relationship with them does not absolve them of their abuse. How long you've known them does not absolve them of their abuse. Your love for them does not absolve them of their abuse. ~ Trista Mateer
Online Abuse quotes by Trista Mateer
I cannot believe we want our great nation to become a land where our personal privacy and our personal freedom are jeopardized by the abuse of power by a police official who seems to believe he is a law unto himself ~ George McGovern ~ Anthony Summers
Online Abuse quotes by Anthony Summers
I keep what I know about Sarah Lynn and Lawrence to myself. I also remind myself that even if Sarah Lynn does have a scary strict father, that doesn't release her from the responsibility of treating others with respect. Abuse of power is wrong, no matter the context, no matter the history.
What is "power" anyway? Power is an ego trip. Power is a way to rise yourself up by lowering others, and I want nothing of it. ~ Lauren Myracle
Online Abuse quotes by Lauren Myracle
Online affiliation with good causes is good netiquette. Stand for something! ~ David Chiles
Online Abuse quotes by David Chiles
I had a psychotic break that was brought on by alcohol and drug abuse, ~ Scott Stapp
Online Abuse quotes by Scott Stapp
We declare that one who uses the God-given body of another without divine sanction abuses the very soul of that individual, abuses the central purpose and processes of life. ~ Jeffrey R. Holland
Online Abuse quotes by Jeffrey R. Holland
O loss of sight, of thee I most complain! Blind among enemies, O worse than chains, dungeon or beggary, or decrepit age! Light, the prime work of God, to me is extinct, and all her various objects of delight annulled, which might in part my grief have eased. Inferior to the vilest now become of man or worm; the vilest here excel me, they creep, yet see; I, dark in light, exposed to daily fraud, contempt, abuse and wrong, within doors, or without, still as a fool, in power of others, never in my own; scarce half I seem to live, dead more than half. ~ John Milton
Online Abuse quotes by John Milton
When you located someone from the past online, it was like finding that person trapped behind glass in the permanent collection of a museum. You knew they were still there, and it seemed to you as if they would stay there forever. ~ Meg Wolitzer
Online Abuse quotes by Meg Wolitzer
First you try to find a reason, try to understand what you've done so wrong so you can be sure not to do it anymore. After that you look for signs of a Jekyll and Hyde situation, the good and the bad in a person sifted into separate compartments by some weird accident. Then, gradually, you realize that there isn't a reason, and it isn't two people you're dealing with, just one. The same one every time. ~ Helen Oyeyemi
Online Abuse quotes by Helen Oyeyemi
Don't ever feel bad for making a decision about your own life that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You're responsible for your own happiness. Anyone who wants you to live in misery for their happiness should not be in your life anyway. ~ Isaiah Hankel
Online Abuse quotes by Isaiah Hankel
The BBC's television, radio and online services remain an important part of British culture and the fact the BBC continues to thrive amongst audiences at home and abroad is testament to a professional and dedicated management team who are committed to providing a quality public service. ~ Pauline Neville-Jones
Online Abuse quotes by Pauline Neville-Jones
Just because you "liked" my picture, doesn't mean you shouldn't call me and ask me how I'm doing. You know what's funny? If you ever owe someone a call, and it's something you're trying to avoid, notice how many times they "like" your photos until you call them back. It's an alarm, and people abuse that. They know you can see that. They know you'll see their name. ~ Derek Waters
Online Abuse quotes by Derek Waters
I was just thinking that I started off OK," Jo said. "There wasn't anything different or wrong with me when I was born. I wasn't inherently bad or freakish."
That's right, Jo," Lynn said.
"Other people - my mother and father - did things to me that made me feel all wrong about myself," Jo said, another warm wave of new, sure knowledge washing over her. ~ Joan Frances Casey
Online Abuse quotes by Joan Frances Casey
A bishop in the church swore on oath, to tell the truth in this court, and then lied to you, ladies and gentlemen! Are we surprised? What do we expect from a man who conspires to obstruct justice, tampers with witnesses, plants listening devices in people's homes and offices, and offers huge amounts of cash in exchange for silence? ~ Mark M. Bello
Online Abuse quotes by Mark M. Bello
A man in chains need not be a slave. If he has pride and self-respect he is a free man though a prisoner, and a constant danger to his jailers. Conversely, a slave who escapes is not a free man, but a runaway slave who may be caught and returned to servitude. A slave is one who accepts the identity ascribed to him by a master: You are an inferior and unworthy person and so will remain, and therefore must serve me with obedience and humility. ~ Allen Wheelis
Online Abuse quotes by Allen Wheelis
This was misery that could not yield, for he sorrowed for a time he could not return to, and a self he would never again be. ~ Robin Hobb
Online Abuse quotes by Robin Hobb
The Positive Paradigm is:

. . . a new, inclusive reality map, one people worldwide can easily comprehend and agree upon. It is equally compatible with scriptures and science, bridging the gap between them. It fulfills Einstein's intuited search for the Unified Field Theory, picturing how all parts of creation are related, interwoven and interdependent.

Working with the Positive Paradigm empowers the "substantially new manner of thinking," which, Einstein said, is necessary "if mankind is to survive."
For thousands of years, this genesis formula, the very heart of the creative process, was hidden as the secret treasure of initiates. Its knowledge was transmitted exclusively to qualified students in the inner circles of monastic schools. When Einstein intuited the theory of relativity and made it available to the general public, its long-foreseen abuse materialized. To Einstein's horror, it was misused to explode atomic bombs.

This context justifies making the positive application of Einstein's inspired vision equally public now. For in its traditional context, this three-part formula is an essential piece of the knowledge puzzle. It has the powerful potential to offset earlier abuse with opposite and equally unifying results. A timely shift to the Positive Paradigm could tip the scales of history in favor of human survival.
p. 11. ~ Patricia E. West
Online Abuse quotes by Patricia E. West
The man that abused you was hardly kind but he was familiar.
Dark or dim, you could find him in a crowded room.

And he walks freely.
Has friends, a job, even a new lover.

But there is this cage in his mind.
A trap that follows him around.
He is his own enemy. ~ Ezinne Orjiako, Nkem.
Online Abuse quotes by Ezinne Orjiako, Nkem.
My view is that the false memory campaign is a spent force. It failed to realize its key goals, failed to renew itself and has largely faded away. Of course, the false memory campaign has left behind the sedimentation of doubt and disbelief that we will have to keep chipping away at. However it is important to recognise that we are witnessing an increasing, not decreasing, number of investigations and prosecutions for cases of organised and ritual abuse. Adults and children who disclose sexual abuse are more likely to be believed now than they were ten or twenty years ago, and that includes victims who describe organised and ritual abuse. ~ Michael Salter
Online Abuse quotes by Michael Salter
Emotional abuse is like brainwashing in that it systematically wears away at the victim's self-confidence, sense of self-worth, trust in his or her perceptions, and self-concept. (..) Eventually, the recipient loses all sense of self and all remnants of personal value. ~ Beverly Engel
Online Abuse quotes by Beverly Engel
My father died when I was 9 years old. The miserable condition of my family at that time is beyond description. My family, solitary and without influence, became at once the target of much insult and abuse. ~ Chiang Kai-shek
Online Abuse quotes by Chiang Kai-shek
I could scream abuse at him all day long; he wouldn't mind at all. It's me he wants, my look, my outside; not my emotions or my mind or my soul or even my body. Not anything human. ~ John Fowles
Online Abuse quotes by John Fowles
My father was a great literary teacher. He taught me the meaning of pain. Pain without reason. ~ Charles Bukowski
Online Abuse quotes by Charles Bukowski
The idea that the Internet favors the oppressed rather than the oppressor is marred by what I call cyber-utopianism: a naive belief in the emancipatory nature of online communication that rests on a stubborn refusal to admit its downside. ~ Evgeny Morozov
Online Abuse quotes by Evgeny Morozov
Afterwards they would return to America to fight on the Internet over their mythologies of home, because home was now a blurred place between here and there, and at least online they could ignore the awareness of how inconsequential they had become. ~ Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
Online Abuse quotes by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
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