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The entity we perceive as empty space is a multilayered, multicolored superconductor. What an amazing, astonishing, beautiful, breathtaking concept. Extraordinary, too. ~ Frank Wilczek
Niito Amazing quotes by Frank Wilczek
It's amazing the hours you pull when you're the lead of a show. ~ Jamie Luner
Niito Amazing quotes by Jamie Luner
The most amazing achievement of the computer software industry is its continuing cancellation of the steady and staggering gains made by the computer hardware industry. ~ Henry Petroski
Niito Amazing quotes by Henry Petroski
We live on a planet that is amazing, beautiful, and full of wonder but not protected from powerful destructive forces of nature. We are capable of doing wonderful and selfless things but also self-absorbed and harmful things. This is the world we live in. ~ Adam Hamilton
Niito Amazing quotes by Adam Hamilton
I travel to a lot of schools, and I see firsthand that while we do still have a lot of traditional readers, we don't have as many as we used to. And we're missing an awful lot of kids entirely ... Do I want to get rid of the Internet? Obviously, I don't want that because of all the amazing things it brings. ~ Patrick Carman
Niito Amazing quotes by Patrick Carman
If you are feeling low, or trampled, unappreciated, or forgotten ... and you are reading this, realize it is an illusion ... the hope is real ... you are valued ... and what lies ahead ... is brilliance. ~ Tom Althouse
Niito Amazing quotes by Tom Althouse
Partly because his life ended before the age of 50, Hamilton was defined by the other founding fathers, and he managed, with amazing consistency, to alienate most of them. ~ Ron Chernow
Niito Amazing quotes by Ron Chernow
What's great about TV, and what I love about being on 'Parenthood,' is you have this family. I'm now going on four years of working with the same 100 people, and that helps you feel like your life has more roots. It's more conducive to having a family, and you're staying in town. So that part is amazing. ~ Dax Shepard
Niito Amazing quotes by Dax Shepard
Amazing the things you find when you bother to search for them ~ Sacagawea
Niito Amazing quotes by Sacagawea
I think as a Canadian hockey player, you go through it in your mind so many times, being able to stand on that blue line and hear your national anthem play and being a gold medal champion, you dream of that. And then to be able to accomplish that and actually win a gold medal and represent your country its an amazing feeling. ~ Sidney Crosby
Niito Amazing quotes by Sidney Crosby
It is often while you are looking for something else entirely that you make the most amazing finds. ~ Marissa Moss
Niito Amazing quotes by Marissa Moss
Tony Bennett said to me, "Wow, your talent is amazing." Maybe he's a bore, maybe he's a jerk, but when he said that to me, I didn't need anything more than that. ~ Elaine Stritch
Niito Amazing quotes by Elaine Stritch
I believe that the memoir is the novel of the 21st century; it's an amazing form that we haven't even begun to tap ... we're just getting started figuring out what the rules are. ~ Susan Cheever
Niito Amazing quotes by Susan Cheever
I really like Katy Perry and the music she does. She's an amazing musician and it's an honour to be opening for her in London. ~ Aino Jawo
Niito Amazing quotes by Aino Jawo
It's amazing how constant repetition can make even the most obvious truths irritating enough to disagree with. ~ Richard K. Morgan
Niito Amazing quotes by Richard K. Morgan
The whole tape [Dedication 5] is amazing. It's my favourite accomplishment [working with Lil Wayne] and I say that with thought. It's the biggest accomplishment I've made today, because Lil Wayne is probably the biggest reason why I'm sitting here right now, rapping and doing what I do. I'm a huge Wayne fan forever. ~ Chance The Rapper
Niito Amazing quotes by Chance The Rapper
One insurance executive I worked with described the major benefit he derived from implementation of this system: "Previously I would just tell everyone, 'Sure, I'll do it,' because I didn't know how much I really had to do. Now that I've got the inventory clear and complete, just to maintain my integrity, I have had to say, 'No, I can't do that, I'm sorry.' The amazing thing is that instead of being upset with my refusal, everyone was impressed with my discipline! ~ David Allen
Niito Amazing quotes by David Allen
For me, it goes without saying that much of the dogma of many religions is harmful. Thinking other people will burn forever because they love the wrong person or worship the wrong god has done a whole lot of bad.
What I wanted was the part where people were asked to get together once a week to talk about how to be a good person and, like, hang out with their neighbors. It's pretty amazing that apparently the only way to get people to do that is to invent an all-seeing, kindhearted sky dad who will be super disappointed/burn you for eternity if you don't show up. ~ Hank Green
Niito Amazing quotes by Hank Green
I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. ~ E. E. Cummings
Niito Amazing quotes by E. E. Cummings
The business of feeding people is the most amazing business in the world. ~ Jose Andres
Niito Amazing quotes by Jose Andres
I've created, directed and choreographed for Lady Gaga since the beginning, so 'Born This Way,' this was musically such an amazing evolution and such a brilliant record. So when she played it for me, it took me a while to find out the visual interpretation that I could give back to her. ~ Laurieann Gibson
Niito Amazing quotes by Laurieann Gibson
Yes. You survived! You get to eat breakfast with your family every day and dinner with them every night. When people look at you, they should see courage - literally - in your skin, and face the idea that you didn't give up when they probably would have. You're awake and standing and if they don't realize how amazing that is, the you can just blame me. ~ Tessa Elwood
Niito Amazing quotes by Tessa Elwood
Very simply, God had forgiven her...Amazing grace was something she knew personally. The only right response for the rest of her life was to extend that grace to others, to forgive the way she had been forgiven. ~ Karen Kingsbury
Niito Amazing quotes by Karen Kingsbury
If you treat your employees with respect, they return it right back. ~ M. Clarke
Niito Amazing quotes by M. Clarke
Growing up, my mom made us this amazing thing called The Mack Theatrical Wardrobe. It was a massive trunk filled with everything that you'd want as a kid if you were into imagination and play. ~ Allison Mack
Niito Amazing quotes by Allison Mack
Thanks, Mom. Thanks for making me try out for this play.'

I think I might have just made being a mother totally worthwhile for her.

I will try to never forget her face...Mom's got tears in her eyes and she's smiling. It's an amazing look.

I have to remember how powerful it can be to say thank you.

Especially to the people you live with. ~ Holly Goldberg Sloan
Niito Amazing quotes by Holly Goldberg Sloan
In America, Blackberry Farm in Tennessee is one of the most amazing hotels I've had the privilege of staying at. ~ Gail Simmons
Niito Amazing quotes by Gail Simmons
When taxidermy is done well it's an amazing piece of art. ~ Amanda Seyfried
Niito Amazing quotes by Amanda Seyfried
An amazing find happens after using multispectral imaging in a crumbling literary treasure blackened by fire ~ Unknown
Niito Amazing quotes by Unknown
I think Americans are weirdly puritanistic about psychopharmaceuticals. There are millions of people out there who would otherwise be dead or rocking by themselves in a corner who now lead full and normal lives because of amazing and wonderful scientific advances. ~ Douglas Coupland
Niito Amazing quotes by Douglas Coupland
Life with three daughters can be nerve-wracking, but it's amazing to be loved by so many different women. ~ Laird Hamilton
Niito Amazing quotes by Laird Hamilton
Do you know how diamonds are made?"
She gazed steadily at him, the light turning her green eyes transparent.
He didn't wait for her to answer. "They're made of a single element - carbon. But, over millions of years, the carbon had to undergo incredible pressure-something like a minimum of four hundred pounds per square inch-and cook to at least seven hundred degrees. The amazing thing is that if there's not enough pressure or heat, instead of a diamond, plain old graphite is made. Imagine that-instead of the world's most indestructible and beautiful thing, you get just graphite. Something to make pencils with. Sure, pencils are nice and useful. But they aren't diamonds. ~ Karen White
Niito Amazing quotes by Karen White
The Self since the time of Descartes has been stranded, split off from everything else in the Cosmos, a mind which professes to understand bodies and galaxies but is by the very act of understanding marooned in the Cosmos, with which is has no connection. It therefore needs to exercise every option in order to reassure itself that it is not a ghost but is rather a self among other selves. One such option is a sexual encounter. Another is war. The pleasure of a sexual encounter derives not only from physical gratification but also from the demonstration to oneself that, despite one's own ghostliness, one is, for the moment at least, a sexual being. Amazing! Indeed, the most amazing of all the creatures in the Cosmos: a ghost with an erection! Yet not really amazing, for only if the abstracted ghost has an erection can it, like Jove spying Europa on the beach, enter the human condition. ~ Walker Percy
Niito Amazing quotes by Walker Percy
As revealed by physics, the truth is so remarkable, so amazing! ~ Richard P. Feynman
Niito Amazing quotes by Richard P. Feynman
Because I refuse to perform my music in a traditional sense of instrumentation, I don't have an amazing live stage spectacle to provide, and I don't want to go there. I don't see how the music would stay true to the spirit of the work. ~ Tim Hecker
Niito Amazing quotes by Tim Hecker
We shouldn't feel restricted by our sexuality, and our sexuality doesn't have to be a cultural choice. That's an amazing variety of music within those five main performers. ~ Neil Tennant
Niito Amazing quotes by Neil Tennant
As far as the girls in my grade, it was always kind of an on-and-off thing. When all this came up, it was kind of hard. My guy friends and my family friends have been so amazing and supportive. ~ Stacie Orrico
Niito Amazing quotes by Stacie Orrico
One of the great things about life is that you can start over. With God there are always new beginnings and second chances. He specializes in giving people fresh starts. While you may feel overwhelmed at times and held back by painful recollections haunting fears remorse shame or guilt God's power in your present life is not limited by what took place in your past. When you are governed and manipulated by your painful memories you allow your past to control your future. But when you choose to give God the controls He can do amazing things with the rest of your life. You can start now and have a brand-new ending ~ Sue Augustine
Niito Amazing quotes by Sue Augustine
I find it quite intriguing that the one observing me as different, immediately assumes that there's something wrong with me, but never, not even for one instant, questions the possibility of the opposite. It's truly amazing that the ones with more certainties, the most arrogant and the most selfish, are indeed the most stupid inside society. They are so dumb and ignorant that they can't see a writer in front of their nose. And the more the writer types, talks and thinks, the more they think that this separation, this difference, grants them some form of superiority. Indeed, the light pushes demons into hell. The brighter your light, the faster you differentiate others. The way of the light was never meant for the weak, which are a majority. And this majority will always ignore the light, as demons fearing and hating angels. And so, it's interesting that without artists God would not have a way to reach the world. And yet, without the ignorant, Satan wouldn't have a way to stop God. ~ Robin Sacredfire
Niito Amazing quotes by Robin Sacredfire
People say: 'Oh, but would you be happy for your show to go on BBC3 if it was just online?' If I was sat here telling you I had just signed a huge deal with Netflix you'd be going: 'Wow, that's amazing.' You can't see it as 'Oh, it's no longer a channel because it's not on TV.' ~ James Corden
Niito Amazing quotes by James Corden
The life of Abraham Lincoln is by most accounts an amazing study in character formation. Yet he was notoriously disorganized; he even had a file in his law office labeled If you can't find it anywhere else, try looking here. ~ John Ortberg
Niito Amazing quotes by John Ortberg
She looked at me as if she saw something else inside of me - something wonderful, something worth knowing - and she was the only person who could make it come out. She taught me things. She gave me things. Amazing things. A vision of myself, different from what I had been. Better, but still me, you know? ~ Sarah Fine
Niito Amazing quotes by Sarah Fine
The Hewitt sisters were these amazing - both sort of philanthropists and dilettantes who went out and single-handedly collected all of these of-the-moment designs in wallpaper and textiles and in graphic design in order to teach people about design. ~ Jake Barton
Niito Amazing quotes by Jake Barton
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