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Shut your mouth! You dare speak his name with your unworthy lips, you dare besmirch it with your half-blood's tongue, you dare - ~ J.K. Rowling
Morrical Name quotes by J.K. Rowling
Scottish Play Doe was born at 4:13 a.m. on September 6th. The ink was barely dry on his father's new tattoo. ~ Adam Rex
Morrical Name quotes by Adam Rex
Ma vie est une énigme dont ton nom est le mot. (My life is an enigma, of which your name is the word.) ~ Victor Hugo
Morrical Name quotes by Victor Hugo
The only townsfolk who were not scared of the Burgundys were the Haggleworths. They were the only other prominent family in Haggleworth and because of their last name they felt they owned the whole town. It was nonsense of course. Shell Oil owned Haggleworth. (That's why there was no real government or police or any order whatsoever. It was the reason why my father, a strict Darwinist, loved the town.) But the Haggleworths erected a museum in honor of their founding father. Some of them still practiced their pious religion of penis worship, but for the most part they were an uncultured, rangy bunch of derelicts who ate cat food and lived in caves. ~ Ron Burgundy
Morrical Name quotes by Ron Burgundy
F you want to be famous then run for office and be a politician. If you want to be rich then become a plastic surgeon. If you want to have people know your name then be a teacher. If you want to make a difference in someone's life then have children. But if you want to work alone, feel like a freak, be misunderstood, wonder what the point is, always come up short of time and money, while writing stories that bubble up from within about characters you have never met but are strangely in love with, then be a writer. ~ Karen Jones Gowen
Morrical Name quotes by Karen Jones Gowen
A scavenger who works in His service shares equal distinction with a king who uses his gifts in His name and is a mere trustee. ~ Mahatma Gandhi
Morrical Name quotes by Mahatma Gandhi
Poseidon raised his eyebrows as they shook hands. "Blowfish, did you say?"
"Ah, no. Blofis, actually."
"Oh, I see," Poseidon said. "A shame. I quite like blowfish. I am Poseidon."
"Poseidon? That's an interesting name."
"Yes, I like it. I've gone by other names, but I do prefer Poseidon."
"Like the god of the sea."
"Very much like that, yes. ~ Rick Riordan
Morrical Name quotes by Rick Riordan
What if I can't forget you?
I'll burn your name into my throat,
I'll be the fire that'll catch you.
What's so good about picking up the pieces?
What if I don't even want to? ~ Caraphernelia By Pierce The Veil
Morrical Name quotes by Caraphernelia By Pierce The Veil
If you want to know the truth of who you are, walk until not a person knows your name. Travel is the great leveler, the great teacher, bitter as medicine, crueler than mirror-glass. A long stretch of road will teach you more about yourself than a hundred years of quiet introspection. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Morrical Name quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
American liberals today are hesitant to speak out against the denial of rights that is perpetrated in the name of Islam. ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Morrical Name quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
What right has the unclean and stupid farmer, whose farm abutted on this sky water, whose shores he has ruthlessly laid bare, to give his name to it? Some skinflint, who loved better the reflecting surface of a dollar, or a bright cent, in which he could see his own brazen face; who regarded even the wild ducks which settled in it as trespassers; his fingers grown into crooked and horny talons from the long habit of grasping harpy-like; so it is not named for me. I go not there to see him nor to hear of him; who never saw it, who never bathed in it, who never loved it, who never protected it, who never spoke a good word for it, nor thanked God that He had made it. Rather let it be named from the fishes that swim in it, the wild fowl or quadrupeds which frequent it, the wild flowers which grow by its shores, or some wild man or child the thread of whose history is interwoven with its own; not from him who could show no title to it but the deed which a like-minded neighbor or legislature gave him--him who thought only of its money value. ~ Henry David Thoreau
Morrical Name quotes by Henry David Thoreau
Taylor worked a hand between them and stroked his thumb over the erect little nub of her clit. Lifting his head, he stared at her, watched as a harsh, broken sob fell from her lips.
Her nails bit into his skin as she started to come and he gritted his teeth, holding back until he saw her going over. Then, and only then, did he bury his face in her neck and start to move again, hard, fast.
He muttered her name, blind to everything but her…completely and utterly lost in her. ~ Shiloh Walker
Morrical Name quotes by Shiloh Walker
So you're the Pigeon, huh?"
"No," I snapped. "I have a name."
He seemed amused at the way I regarded him, which only served to make me angrier.
"Well? What is it?" he asked.
I took a bite of the last apple spear on my plate, ignoring him.
"Pigeon it is, then," he shrugged. ~ Jamie McGuire
Morrical Name quotes by Jamie McGuire
Now that the very name "space" seemed a blasphemous libel for this empyrean ocean of radiance in which they swam. He could not call it 'dead'; he felt life pouring in at every moment. ~ C.S. Lewis
Morrical Name quotes by C.S. Lewis
Sound has a profound effect on the senses. It can be both herd and felt. It can even be seen with the mind's eye. It can almost be tasted and smelled. Sound can evoke responses of the five senses. Sound can paint a picture, produce a mood, trigger the senses to remember another time and place. From infancy we hear sound with our entire bodies. When I hear my own name, I have as much a sense of it entering my body through my back or my hand or my chest as through my ears. Sound speaks to the sensorium; the entire system of nerves that stimulates sensual responce. ~ Louis Colaianni
Morrical Name quotes by Louis Colaianni
There has been more bloodshed in the name of God than for any other cause, because people never went to the fountain-head; they were content only to give a mental assent to the customs of their forefathers, and wanted others to do the same. ~ Swami Vivekananda
Morrical Name quotes by Swami Vivekananda
My boyfriends going to college so I made him tattoo my name on his foot so I know he's mine ~ IU
Morrical Name quotes by IU
Hagrid, he'd have found out somehow, this is Voldemort we're talking about, he'd have found out even if you hadn't told him."
"Yeh could've died!" sobbed Hagrid. "An' don' say the name!"
"VOLDEMORT!" Harry bellowed, and Hagrid was so shocked, he stopped crying. "I've met him and I'm calling him by his name. ~ J.K. Rowling
Morrical Name quotes by J.K. Rowling
At the time when talk of war, intimidation, and aggression is exchanged between politicians, the name of their country, Iran, is spoken here through her glorious culture, a rich and ancient culture that has been hidden under the heavy dust of politics. ~ Asghar Farhadi
Morrical Name quotes by Asghar Farhadi
You mar our labour: keep your cabins:you do assist the storm[ ... ] What cares these roarers for the name of king? ~ William Shakespeare
Morrical Name quotes by William Shakespeare
Oliver came up to me and asked me to play something on the piano.

'What would you like?' I asked.


This would be my thanks for the most beautiful evening of my life. I took a sip from my second martini, feeling as decadent as one of those jazz piano players who smoke a lot and drink a lot and are found dead in a gutter at the end of every film. ~ Andre Aciman
Morrical Name quotes by Andre Aciman
Curmudgeons speak up because they have to, because it's become critically important for them to tell the truth as they see it. Telling the truth is as natural to them once more as it was when they were children. The fact that no one cares to listen is inconsequential. Curmudgeons speak up, raise their voices, stand for something too right to be silent about anymore, whatever the cost, despite a world that deals with what it doesn't want to hear by crucifying the messenger.

Increasingly these days, they're being called by another name: whistleblower. ~ Lionel Fisher
Morrical Name quotes by Lionel Fisher
It's really hard to name a band. ~ Riki Lindhome
Morrical Name quotes by Riki Lindhome
You're probably good at taking lip, aren't you?" I mutter more to myself than to my bodyguard, clawing through the suitcase for a T-shirt that isn't tight on me. "Like a CIA operative, right? Do bodyguards go to bodyguard school? Are you like the hitman in Hitman?"

He adjusts his cuffs. "You know the rule about fight club?"

I give him a surprised look. "So you can talk!"

He raises a single eyebrow. "I will be right outside your door if you need me. You have to be down at the lot in twenty minutes. I suggest you hurry." Then he takes his burly frame and saunters out of the room.

I shove my head into a clean shirt and pull my arms through just as my phone blips.

There's a message. Well, two messages.

Gail 8:36 AM


"Lonny?" That name definitely is not fit for a three-hundred-pound machine of total annihilation, but okay ~ Ashley Poston
Morrical Name quotes by Ashley Poston
I wake up every morning at nine and grab for the morning paper. Then I look at the obituary page. If my name is not on it, I get up. ~ Benjamin Franklin
Morrical Name quotes by Benjamin Franklin
There is no power in your name or my name, but there is awesome power in the name of Jesus because of everything he represents. ~ Joyce Meyer
Morrical Name quotes by Joyce Meyer
You're going to find people from all over the country, everyone hungry for money and position. You won't make a name for yourself just doing what the next man does. You'll have to distinguish yourself in some way. ~ Eiji Yoshikawa
Morrical Name quotes by Eiji Yoshikawa
Julie crossed her arms. "I'm serious. Flat Finn can't possibly go to school with her, right?"
"He already went to Brandeis so, no, he doesn't need to repeat seventh grade. Although they did make him take a bunch of tests in order to qualify out. He barely passed the oral exams, though, because the instructors found him withholding and tight-lipped. It's a terribly biased system, but at least he passed and won't have to suffer through the school's annual reenactment of the first Thanksgiving. He has a pilgrim phobia."
"Funny. Really, what's the deal with Flat Finn?"
"After an unfortunate incident involving Wile E. Coyote and an anvil, Three Dimensional Finn had to change his name. ~ Jessica Park
Morrical Name quotes by Jessica Park
Such frankness, even over good tidings, was a further offense to Mr. Fremlin. He felt that it was casual and indecent. Like most countrymen, he had a great respect for traditional mysteries. A little skill decently wrapped up impressed him far more than twice the amount flung nakedly at his feet. Old Dr. Milsom had satisfied his sense of propriety. Never, never would he have told a patient whether or not she was going to live or die; the temperature was his secret, even the name of the complain transpired only in dark hints. Standing by the bedside he would shake his head and purse his lips and consult his gold turnip-watch, so that you felt you were getting the benefit of a rare and esoteric wisdom. ~ Dennis Parry
Morrical Name quotes by Dennis Parry
Lex, this'll sound weird, but when I was a kid I believed in monsters. You know, like vampires. Werewolves. Ghosts. And I believed in them because I knew at least one other monster existed. He wore a shirt with his name stitched across the pocket. And carried a fifth for a weapon. ~ Courtney C. Stevens
Morrical Name quotes by Courtney C. Stevens
Guidebooks used to write the name of my city in two ways: Gjirokaster in Albanian, and Argyrokastron for foreigners. The classical-sounding name somehow gave it better credentials, because people in the Balkans famously exaggerate and often call their villages cities. ~ Ismail Kadare
Morrical Name quotes by Ismail Kadare
I think that people assumed I was white because of my last name. My father is Caucasian, my mother is Hispanic. But English was my second language, believe it or not. ~ George Zimmerman
Morrical Name quotes by George Zimmerman
I was raised by a black maid by the name of Ida Young and I probably talked to her more than anybody, so whatever is nutty about me was nutty about her, too, I think because I saw a lot more of her than I did of my parents. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Morrical Name quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
The point is that if you accept that there is only one energy in all things, then on an energy level there is no giving or receiving - just energy moving around within itself. It's only the ego that sees a separateness in things. So the ego will say, "The Cadillac went from Harry to Sally." But on an infinite level, it is neither Harry's nor Sally's, it is a part of all things. It is. Where it finds itself and whose name is on the owner's manual is irrelevant. ~ Stuart Wilde
Morrical Name quotes by Stuart Wilde
I think we [Americans] are going to look back and realize that the civil liberties that we've given up in the name of security, the authority that we've given Democratic and Republican presidents, all have contributed to a fraying of the fabric of our democratic republic. ~ Jeremy Scahill
Morrical Name quotes by Jeremy Scahill
Rose LeBlanc got her name for a reason. She was full of fucking thorns. She was so beautiful - so ridiculously, unbelievably alluring - that just like real roses, she grew little spikes to protect herself. Because everyone wanted to have her. ~ L.J. Shen
Morrical Name quotes by L.J. Shen
It's the Josh Bennett equivalent of tattooing her name across my chest. ~ Katja Millay
Morrical Name quotes by Katja Millay
They actually succeed in spelling his name right in the newspapers. That in itself is fame, on the continent. ~ Oscar Wilde
Morrical Name quotes by Oscar Wilde
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