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Her problem was that she could not interpret her own feelings for him. Not since before reaching puberty had she lowered her guard to let another person get so close as she had with him. To be quite honest, he had a trying ability to penetrate her defences and to get her to talk about personal matters and private feelings. Even though she had enough sense to ignore most of his questions, she talked about herself in a way that she would never, even under the threat of death, have imagined doing with any other person. It frightened her and made her feel naked and vulnerable to his will. ~ Stieg Larsson
Millennium 1 quotes by Stieg Larsson
If you give me the name of the contraceptive shot you had, I will source for more of them. I am keen that nothing interrupts our enjoyment of each other." His tone indicated the understatement of the millennium.
"It's called Depo-Provera. It's supposed to last three months or so, and Paul has a few more doses." When he'd injected me, I'd said, "The idea of living another three months feels far-fetched right now." He'd replied, "Better safe than sorry, huh?"

Aric nodded. "I will be on the lookout for it."

Aric raised a brow at that. Then, seeming to make a decision, he eased me aside to get out of the bed. "I have something for you." As he strode to our closet, I gawked at the sight of his flawless body.

The return view was even more rewarding.

He sat beside me and handed me a small jewelry box. "I want you to have this."

I opened the box, finding a gorgeous gold ring, engraved with runes that called to mind his tattoos. An oval of amber adorned the band. Beautiful. The warm color reminded me of his eyes whenever he was pleased.

"My homeland was famous for amber - from pine." He slipped the ring on my finger, and it fit perfectly. Holding my gaze, he said, "We are wed now."

First priest I find, I'm goan to marry you. Jack's words. I recalled the love blazing from his gray gaze before I stifled the memory. "Aric, th-this is so beautiful. Thank you."

The symbol of his parents' marr ~ Kresley Cole
Millennium 1 quotes by Kresley Cole
The modernization of Asia will forever reshape the world as we move toward the next millennium. ~ John Naisbitt
Millennium 1 quotes by John Naisbitt
In preparing my thesis, I have had the pleasure of collecting testimonies from colleagues such as Placido Domingo but also from singing teachers and musicologists. The entire course of study has confirmed what I already thought, that the value and meaning of opera singing, at the beginning of the third millennium, remain intact. ~ Andrea Bocelli
Millennium 1 quotes by Andrea Bocelli
It is important that we are coming up on the millennium because what I am experiencing, just being one person out of billions, is the feeling of acceleration. I experience this through my contact with other people. ~ Terry Riley
Millennium 1 quotes by Terry Riley
The New Heaven and New Earth are like a double Millennium, Millennium for ever!-Double your pleasure, double your fun, double your Heaven that's never done! ~ David Berg
Millennium 1 quotes by David Berg
Bugrit! Millennium Hand and Shrimp ~ Terry Pratchett
Millennium 1 quotes by Terry Pratchett
Her. My mate. She's near . . . . She was downwind but close enough that he detected her. He didn't know what she looked like, what her name was, or even her species. Yet he'd been waiting a millennium - his entire existence - for her. His head swung around in the direction of the scent. A small female stood alone off to the side of the field. At his first sight of her, his breath was lost, his Lykae Instinct roaring to life within him. - Yours. Take her. - ~ Kresley Cole
Millennium 1 quotes by Kresley Cole
Something is not yet right and ripe in our human society at the beginning of the 21st century and third millennium: missing is an unprecedented vision, boldness and courage to fashion a new, promising, better future. Our beliefs, society, ways of life, institutions and future goals must be reviewed and reappraised fundamentally from scratch. ~ Robert Muller
Millennium 1 quotes by Robert Muller
Belief Systems contradict both science and ordinary "common sense." B.S. contradicts science, because it claims certitude and science can never achieve certitude: it can only say, "This model"- or theory, or interpretation of the data- "fits more of the facts known at this date than any rival model." We can never know if the model will fit the facts that might come to light in the next millennium or even in the next week. ~ Robert Anton Wilson
Millennium 1 quotes by Robert Anton Wilson
It is very likely an anxiety dream, brought on by your move out of your childhood home and the comfort of the reach of your family's love and protection." Gideon reached to stroke her hair soothingly. "I am only surprised it has not happened sooner."
"Are you sure?" Her nervousness was clear, but she was truly relaxing already.
"Yes. And so are you. You know everything there is to know about psychology, you tell me what you think."
"But you thought it was this . . . new level of ability."
"And for the first time in a millennium my diagnosis is wrong. I do despise it when such bothersome things occur. Now I shall have to start the 'No Mistakes' clock all over again."
Legna giggled at him, which was of course his intention. She swung her arms around his neck, hugging him warmly.
"You smell so good," he murmured against her ear a long minute later.
"I smell like sex," she argued.
He nodded, making a loud noise of appreciation as he sniffed and nibbled her neck.
"You smell like very good sex," he amended with a voracious growl and an eager mouth moving over her bare skin with bold appetite.
"Gideon!" She squealed as he went straight for her waist, knowing she was ticklish there. The playful flicker of his tongue and the scrape of his teeth drove her mad, and she twisted as she screamed for him to stop.
When he tickled her she absolutely could not use her classic escape method. She could barely catch her breath, never mind her ~ Jacquelyn Frank
Millennium 1 quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
Well, by the end of the millennium, five, six months from now, we hope to somehow manage to move into a new location where we have the whole building, so we can devote space to all our activities. ~ Joseph Jarman
Millennium 1 quotes by Joseph Jarman
Racism watching is a puzzle solving activity and often involves debunking pseudo-science. The investigator must try to figure out what makes people believe in weird ideas. As Stieg said in an interview, 'Fifty years later, people still believe in this; the whole Neo-Nazi movement. There is absolutely no sense in this. They do it contrary to everything science tells us. Contrary to human goodness or altruism, contrary to rational thinking. And this is fascinating, why? ~ Eric Bronson
Millennium 1 quotes by Eric Bronson
But this people has deliberately made itself stupid, for nearly a millennium: nowhere have the two great European narcotics, alcohol and Christianity, been abused more dissolutely. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Millennium 1 quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
This concern for those left behind by the rise of what Pope Francis calls a "savage capitalism" is perhaps the defining mission of the church of the twentieth century, and our new millennium. ~ Simone Campbell
Millennium 1 quotes by Simone Campbell
Neliss, why is this rug wet?"
Legna peeked around the corner to glance at the rug in question, looking as if she had never seen it before.
"We have a rug there?"
"Did you or did you not promise me you were not going to practice extending how long you can hold your invisible bowls of water in the house? And what on earth is that noise?"
"Okay, I confess to the water thing, which was an honest mistake, I swear it. But as for a noise, I have no idea what you are talking about."
"You cannot hear that? It has been driving me crazy for days now. It just repeats over and over again, a sort of clicking sound."
"Well, it took a millennium, but you have finally gone completely senile. Listen, this is a house built by Lycanthropes. It is more a cave than a house, to be honest. I have yet to decorate to my satisfaction. There is probably some gizmo of some kind lying around, and I will come across it eventually or it will quit working the longer it is exposed to our influence. Even though I do not hear anything, I will start looking for it. Is this satisfactory?"
"I swear, Magdelegna, I am never letting you visit that Druid ever again."
"Oh, stop it. You do not intimidate me, as much as you would love to think you do. Now, I will come over there if you promise not to yell at me anymore. You have been quite moody lately."
"I would be a hell of a lot less moody if I could figure out what that damn noise is."
Legna came around the corner, mo ~ Jacquelyn Frank
Millennium 1 quotes by Jacquelyn Frank
Let's take the gauntlet and make goodness attractive in this so-called next millennium. That's the real job that we have. I'm not talking about Pollyanna-ish kind of stuff. I'm talking about down-to-Earth actual goodness. People caring for each other in a myriad of ways rather than people knocking each other off all the time...What changes the world? The only thing that ever really changes the world is when somebody gets the idea that love can abound and can be shared. ~ Fred Rogers
Millennium 1 quotes by Fred Rogers
Earth has cooled since 1998 in defiance of the predictions by the UN-IPCC ... The global temperature for 2007 was the coldest in a decade and the coldest of the millennium ... which is why 'global warming' is now called 'climate change.' ~ Richard Keen
Millennium 1 quotes by Richard Keen
A new millennium requires new methods of ministry. ~ Sunday Adelaja
Millennium 1 quotes by Sunday Adelaja
The third millennium is the third day in the calendar of God's time. ~ Sunday Adelaja
Millennium 1 quotes by Sunday Adelaja
When you're dying in America, at the end of the millennium, you're not alone ~ Jonathan Larson
Millennium 1 quotes by Jonathan Larson
The colonizing mind invites itself wherever it wishes to intrude; it is a worthwhile practice for the coming millennium to train ourselves away from such a mind. ~ Alice Walker
Millennium 1 quotes by Alice Walker
A three billion year old planet floating in the vast universe with mountains, seventy percent seas and oceans, fertile lands, immense forests, rivers and lakes, sea shores and deserts, this is where we humans have the privilege to live, the latest, most advanced newcomers in evolution. What an immense, incredible responsibility we have to be a right, positive element in the further evolution of that planet. That is the big question before us in the new century and millennium. ~ Robert Muller
Millennium 1 quotes by Robert Muller
Then, on December 14, 1999, an alert United States Customs agent in Port Angeles, Washington, stopped a nervous twenty-three-year-old Algerian named Ahmed Ressam who was crossing over from Canada on the last ferry of the evening. He had explosives in his trunk and plans to blow them up at the Los Angeles International Airport. The case galvanized the government into an all-out millennium alert. Watson and the White House counterterrorism group met around the clock. They sought an extraordinary number of FISA wiretaps; Janet Reno authorized at least one warrantless search on her own authority. Clarke ~ Tim Weiner
Millennium 1 quotes by Tim Weiner
You will not be able to meet the Millennium Development goals in health without e-health, in education without e-education, and government services will not be able to be provided without e-government services. ~ Hamadoun Toure
Millennium 1 quotes by Hamadoun Toure
The crisis that the world finds itself in as it swings on the hinge of a new millennium is located in something deeper than particular ways of organizing political systems and economies. ~ Huston Smith
Millennium 1 quotes by Huston Smith
As the final decade of the millennium dawned, there would be no greater expression of the cultural, economic, and social revolutions to come than fashion. What rock 'n' roll was to the '50s, drugs to the '60s, film to the '70s, and modern art to the '80s, fashion was to the '90s: the fuse, then the filter. ~ Maureen Callahan
Millennium 1 quotes by Maureen Callahan
the river functions more like a fourteen-hundred-mile-long canal. The legal right to use every gallon is owned or claimed by someone - in fact, more than every gallon, since theoretical rights to the Colorado's flow, known to water lawyers as "paper water," greatly exceed its actual flow, known as "wet water." That imbalance has been exacerbated by the drought in the western United States, which began just before the turn of the millennium, but even if the drought ended tomorrow, problems would remain. ~ David Owen
Millennium 1 quotes by David Owen
If performance of duty is part of excellence, then it should give satisfaction and happiness. ~ Anuj Bajaj
Millennium 1 quotes by Anuj Bajaj
It happens every millennium. Now more than ever, man threatens to destroy himself with his own technology, and all the ideas contained within Big Brother exist within Little Brother. We're all watching ourselves. We are our own oppressors. This is a time when an idea like God is needed more than ever. For me, I've found that God exists within yourself and what you create. The only thing we've got to look forward to is saving ourselves ~ Marilyn Manson
Millennium 1 quotes by Marilyn Manson
The board transported its jurisdiction to a never-never land where a Dorothy of the new millennium might exclaim: "They still call it Kansas, but I don't think we're in the real world anymore." ~ Stephen Jay Gould
Millennium 1 quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
The Global Poverty Project's mission is to stand up for the world's poorest people. We fight for the full funding of Millennium Development Goals and advocate meaningful change to government and corporate policies that block progress and entrench injustice. ~ Hugh Evans
Millennium 1 quotes by Hugh Evans
If world leaders decide to [meet the Millennium Development Goals], I think it can be done by 2015 ... The question is, is there a political will to make this investment? ~ Thoraya Obaid
Millennium 1 quotes by Thoraya Obaid
'Angels in America' - which is composed of two three-hour plays, 'Millennium Approaches' and 'Perestroika' - proved to be a watershed drama, the most lyrical and ambitious augury of an era since Tennessee Williams's 'The Glass Menagerie.' ~ John Lahr
Millennium 1 quotes by John Lahr
No queen has had to fight an insurrection in half a millennium. And she takes it personally. But it was her fate to be a good queen that followed four poor ones ~ Paul W.S. Bowler
Millennium 1 quotes by Paul W.S. Bowler
As you may know, the Millennium Challenge Corporation, or MCC, awards grants only to countries which rule justly, promote economic freedom, and invest in their people. ~ Benigno Aquino III
Millennium 1 quotes by Benigno Aquino III
Have you ever noticed how when you're happy, time seems to pass by fast, while when you're miserable it goes real slow? Life would have been a blink with you whether it lasted a millennium or a month. ~ Lynsay Sands
Millennium 1 quotes by Lynsay Sands
Everybody wished to confess, not to admit anything. The sins they remembered, before the end of the world, were general rather than particular. Nobody even knew how to tell the time. Banks of computers around the planet were predicted to crash when the end of the millennium arrived. All the machinery dependent on electronic calculation would go: jumbo jets and atomic power plants, satellites and radio stations, nuclear submarines beneath the ice caps and the stock exchange in New York. Each sin demanded to be told to its full extent before the day arrived. The culprits counted them out one after the other, arriving at a total just as if they were finding the sums of the cents in their hands. But there was no simple way to measure sin. ~ Imraan Coovadia
Millennium 1 quotes by Imraan Coovadia
We barely missed killing Bin Laden. There were numerous findings issued by the President to kill him. We rolled up terrorist cells. We stopped the millennium bombings. ~ Sidney Blumenthal
Millennium 1 quotes by Sidney Blumenthal
After about the first Millennium, Italy was the cradle of Romanesque architecture, which spread throughout Europe, much of it extending the structural daring with minimal visual elaboration. ~ Harry Seidler
Millennium 1 quotes by Harry Seidler
In the 1950s kids lost their innocence.
They were liberated from their parents by well-paying jobs, cars, and lyrics in music that gave rise to a new term ---the generation gap.

In the 1960s, kids lost their authority.
It was a decade of protest---church, state, and parents were all called into question and found wanting. Their authority was rejected, yet nothing ever replaced it.

In the 1970s, kids lost their love. It was the decade of me-ism dominated by hyphenated words beginning with self.
Self-image, Self-esteem, Self-assertion....It made for a lonely world. Kids learned everything there was to know about sex and forgot everything there was to know about love, and no one had the nerve to tell them there was a difference.

In the 1980s, kids lost their hope.
Stripped of innocence, authority and love and plagued by the horror of a nuclear nightmare, large and growing numbers of this generation stopped believing in the future.

In the 1990s kids lost their power to reason. Less and less were they taught the very basics of language, truth, and logic and they grew up with the irrationality of a postmodern world.

In the new millennium, kids woke up and found out that somewhere in the midst of all this change, they had lost their imagination. Violence and perversion entertained them till none could talk of killing innocents since none was innocent anymore. ~ Ravi Zacharias
Millennium 1 quotes by Ravi Zacharias
The time of the third millennium is the time when the people of God will walk, covered by
God's glory, performing great wonders and miracles. ~ Sunday Adelaja
Millennium 1 quotes by Sunday Adelaja
By gathering seed from trees which are close to our homes and close to our hearts, helping them to germinate and grow, and then planting them back into their original landscapes, we can all make a living link between this millennium and the next, a natural bridge from the past to the future. ~ Chris Baines
Millennium 1 quotes by Chris Baines
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