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She pushed the bathroom door open to discover Magnus lurking on the other side, clutching a towel in one hand and his glittery hair in the other. He must have slept on it, she thought, because one side of the glittered spikes looked dented in. "Why does it take girls so long to shower?" he demanded. "Mortal girls, Shadowhunters, female warlocks, you're all the same. I'm not getting any younger waiting out here."
Clary stepped aside to let him pass. "How old are you, anyway?" she asked curiously.
Magnus winked at her. "I was alive when the Dead Sea was just a lake that was feeling a little poorly."
Clary rolled her eyes.
Magnus made a shooing moving. "Now move your petite behind. I need to get in there; my hair is a wreck. ~ Cassandra Clare
Merrer Petite quotes by Cassandra Clare
I told them all, "If possible, I would be here with only you, forever. But I am a man who toils, and I must go where I must. We need currency for famous nightclubs, yes? I am doing something I hate for you. This is what it means to be in love. So do not spleen me." But to be truthful, I was not even the smallest portion sad to go to Lutsk to translate for Jonathan Safran Foer. As I mentioned before, my life is ordinary. But I had never been to Lutsk, or any of the multitudinous petite villages that still endure after the war. I desired to see new things. I desired to experience volumes. And I would be electrical to meet an American. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Merrer Petite quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
I am not always certain that it is I who am the better person, ma petite, but together we are the better person. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Nix and Lothaire:

When the collar dropped to the ground, Lothaire rolled his head on his neck. But instead of disappearing immediately, he traced to stand mere feet from Nïx.
A towering vampire with skin like marble and chillingly flawless features was staring down a petite Valkyrie with crazed eyes and a cryptic smile.
The tension between the two was palpable. Even on the verge of flipping the fuck out, Regin couldn't look away.
"The Accession grinds on, does it not?" Lothaire said.
"Just like old times." Nïx winked. "Alas, Dorada will come for you once she rises again."
"I'll be ready." He narrowed his red eyes. "You've likely foreseen this moment. Tell me, are we to fight now? As in the past?"
"You defy foresight, Lothaire."
"That's only fair, Phenïx, since you've long defied insight." Phenïx?
Nïx canted her head. "What does your Endgame tell you?"
"That white queen will never take black king." He gave her a formal bow. "Until our next match."
"There won't be a next match, vampire."
His brow creased into a frown, the Enemy of Old disappeared. ~ Kresley Cole
Merrer Petite quotes by Kresley Cole
Women are not short. They're petite. They also are never middle-aged. They're mature. ~ Kristen Ashley
Merrer Petite quotes by Kristen Ashley
Ma petite and I have labored long together to form the love that you have gained by subterfuge.' He turned and looked at Auggie. 'I was your friend, but you have used your arts to make me feel for you what you have not earned. But I, like ma petite, know how to love and not be a prisoner to that love. You can win, or steal, our love, but you cannot steal a true relationship with us; that must be won. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Damn you,' I said softly and with feeling.
He smiled. 'We've been over that, ma petite; you are too late. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Your profound words are too much for my ears to bear, as I listen to each and every senseous phrase that your lips impart ~ Vivian E. Moore
Merrer Petite quotes by Vivian E. Moore
My brother distrusts the essential truth of memories; I distrust the way we colour them in. We each have our own cheap-mail-order paintbox, and our favourite hues. Thus, I remembered Grandma a few pages ago as "petite and unopinionated". My brother, when consulted, takes out his paintbrush and counterproposes "short and bossy. ~ Julian Barnes
Merrer Petite quotes by Julian Barnes
By itself, an ordinary snapshot is no less banal than the petite madeleine in Proust's In Search of Lost Time ... but as goad to memory, it is often the first integer in a sequence of recollections that has the power to deny time for the sake of love. ~ Michael Lesy
Merrer Petite quotes by Michael Lesy
I watched those women get eaten alive. And as a result of my witnessing that at a super fucking vulnerable moment for me, I internalized the message that a trans lesbian is just not an okay thing to be if you wanna be tolerated or respected by anybody other than a handful of communists. So I began my transition with essentially no role model of a widely respected and admired trans lesbian. And it doesn't help that most forms of transphobia are harsher on gay trans women than they are on straight trans women. Like take this trope that trans women are men who transition to creep on women in bathrooms. In response to that, it feels really good to be able to say, I'm not even attracted to women. I'm just a petite heterosexual biogirl. I'm surely not some kind of six foot monster who likes women. Ugh, shame! Shame! It does make me feel like a monster sometimes, like a mutant that has no place in society. And this shame has actually made it more difficult for me to accept that I'm a gay woman, than it was for me to come out as trans in the first place. It's like I made a kind of subconscious bargain where I traded my sexual orientation for my gender identity. So I finally transitioned only to spend the next couple years living with a different kind of denial. And that denial got pretty deep and pretty dark.

This is painful and incriminating to admit, but not all of my shame came from external bigotry. Some of it came from my own judgment and disgust toward things I saw ~ Natalie Wynn
Merrer Petite quotes by Natalie Wynn
Nicole lay where he'd put her, still unconscious, her long strawberry-blond locks spilling over the grass like blood, her bottom lip swollen from biting it. He gathered her in his arms, aware that he hadn't held a female this way since his mate. But Terese had been smaller. Lighter. Much more fragile. And where Terese had smelled of rose water, Nicole's warm skin carried a hint of crisp pears. What. The. Hell. Why in the world was he comparing the two? They were opposites. Human and vampire. Tall and petite. Evil slaver and innocent victim. ~ Larissa Ione
Merrer Petite quotes by Larissa Ione
Who's that little brunette?" Suzanne asked. "I hate little petite types. Gregory doesn't look right with someone petite. Little face, little hands, little dainty feet."
"Big boobs," Beth said, glancing up. ~ Elizabeth Chandler
Merrer Petite quotes by Elizabeth Chandler
Got a job for you, Seven."
"I need you to find someone."
"A woman," I say. "About five and a half feet tall. Brown hair. Brown eyes."
"That describes half the women in New York."
"Yeah, well, the one I'm looking for is twenty-one or so," I say. "She's good-looking, kind of curvy for being so petite... got a red 'S' tattooed on her wrist..."
He stares at me, like he expects more information. "What else?"
I shrug, glancing at the high heels, flipping them over to look at the red soles. "She wears a size thirty-nine shoe."
"That's it?"
"That's it."
"Shouldn't be too hard," he says, blinking a few times as he looks at the ground. "Only a couple million people in the city."
"That's the spirit," I say, slapping him on the back. ~ J.M. Darhower
Merrer Petite quotes by J.M. Darhower
Who's that with you?' Stephen asked.
'Death,' I said.
Edward bowed.
'Trust you to bring death to the ball, ma petite. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Other people's houses are right on top of this one," he said. "I think they could take one step and be in our living room."
"You haven't seen the courtyard yet, Gregori. The house opens up to a courtyard in the back, and it's immense and in quite good shape." Savannah began heading up the stairs, ignoring his grousing.
"I hate to think what you would call bad shape," he muttered as he followed her upstairs.
"I wonder why everything is so dusty," Savannah said. "I had the real estate people come in and clean and get things ready for our arrival."
"Do not touch anything," Gregori hissed softly, and very gently caught her shoulders to put her behind him.
"What is it?" Instinctively she lowered her voice and looked around, trying to see if there was some danger she had been unable to sense.
"If people came and made up the bed and prepared the house for your arrival, then they would have removed the dust too."
"Maybe they're incredibly incompetent," she suggested hopefully.
Gregori glanced at her and found the hard edge of his mouth softening. She was making him want to smile all the time, even in the most serious of situations. "I am certain any company would work overtime trying to make you happy, ma petite. I know I do."
She blushed at the memory of how he did so. "So why all the dust?" she asked, deliberately distracting him.
"I think Julian left us a message. You have remained with humans so long, you see only with your eyes." ~ Christine Feehan
Merrer Petite quotes by Christine Feehan
It is the wee hours of the morning, ma petite. The room service menu is somewhat limited. Jason has donated blood twice to me tonight; he needed protein." Jean-Claude smiled. "It was either take-out, or he could eat Larry. I thought you'd prefer take-out. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Put some make-up on me and I look not unlike a china doll. Put me in a puffy pink dress and I look delicate, dainty, petite. Dammit. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
It is time someone put in a good word for the petite bourgeoise. Unlike the working class and capitalists, who have never lack for spokespersons, the petite bourgeoise rarely, if ever, speaks for itself. ~ James C. Scott
Merrer Petite quotes by James C. Scott
You are an irritating son of a bitch."
"Ah, ma petite, how can I resist you when you whisper such sweet endearments to me? ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Pam is petite, a bristly little chihuahua of a human being. She is the only woman I ever met who claims to be ten years older than she actually is so everyone will tell her how young she looks. ~ Sue Grafton
Merrer Petite quotes by Sue Grafton
When we truly forgive in our hearts, not only do we purify ourselves from the heavy burdens of negative karma but we begin to create a new space for positive energy to enter this world. When we forgive, we are no longer chained to the negative actions we have created in the past. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Thai prostitution was a haven for the men and a nuisance for the women. The streets of Phuket were outlined with bars ready to nourish thirsty sailors with euphoric intoxication to smother their pinched nerves from their personal lives deteriorating in their six-month absence.
Thailand truly lived up to its port reputation. Hundreds of bikini-clad prostitutes littered the strip. Slim and petite, their narrow hips and flat chests appeared to be the appropriate age for the pink plaid schoolgirl skirts, dress shirts, ties, and pigtails intended to entice pedophilic eroticism. They wore heavy coats of pastel liquid shadow that clashed against their yellow tinted tans. They awkwardly wiggled to a nauseating blend of techno and Reggaeton as cotton-haired granddaddies lustfully gawked at them. Any Caucasian male cannot trek a block without the treatment of a pop culture heartthrob with a trail of Thai teens at his heels.
"Wan hunnet baaht!" they taunt in a nasal screech. "Wan hunnet baht and I suck yo cock!"
The oriental beauties cup their fists and hold them to their mouths as they wiggle their tongues against their cheeks to provide a clear visual for their performance skills.
It's easy to dismiss the humanity in Thai prostitutes. Their splotchy, heavily accented English allows the language barrier to muffle signs of intellect. They're overtly sexual in their crotch bearing ensembles, loud and vulgar invitations, and provocative dancing that makes even corn ~ Maggie Georgiana Young
Merrer Petite quotes by Maggie Georgiana Young
People always laugh, because they don't expect words like shit to come one of someone so petite, someone with a voice so quiet, so sweet. ~ Stephanie Perkins
Merrer Petite quotes by Stephanie Perkins
My way was not to be the petite, gorgeous, little cheerleader. My way of getting by was making people laugh. ~ Kristen Johnston
Merrer Petite quotes by Kristen Johnston
The more you genuinely praise people in your consciousness, the easier it is to tune into your own inner joy. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
So just tell me what you like on the menu, and we'll negotiate."
All that is required is that you taste what is ordered. You do not have to eat it."
No, no more of this tasting shit. I've gained weight. I never gain weight."
You have gained four pounds, so I am told. Though I have searched diligently for this phantom four pounds and cannot find them. It brings your weight up to a grand total of one hundred and ten pounds, correct?"
That's right."
Oh, ma petite, you are growing gargantuan." I looked at him, and it was not a friendly look. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
Inner rage is a phenomenally dense frequency that lies dormant in the vast majority of the human species. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Compassion is a beautiful grace that releases hate and fearful emotions. Through the power of compassion, when put in delicate circumstances with dysfunctional human beings, rather than loathing their behaviour, you can be compassionate to their internal suffering and love them unconditionally. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
Let's fool around."
"And then?" he asked, voice low.
"When it's time, take blood, and then let's fuck."
He gave a surprised burst of laughter. "Ma petite, you are such a sweet-talker, how can I refuse? ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
One of the greatest challenges facing humanity is that of being able to live with one another in a peaceful and civilized way. We all have our individual uniqueness and perceptions of how we believe the world ought to function. This creates conflict unless there is a deeper realization in the collective consciousness and an understanding that most human desires desecrate the beauty of the nowness of life. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
The fashion industry at large has been the worst public relations vehicle for larger women and petite women, they are both maligned and neglected. And I honestly do believe it's getting better. ~ Tim Gunn
Merrer Petite quotes by Tim Gunn
Very slowly, she peeked around the tree trunk. Saw a slim, petite figure, flanked by two very large, very dangerous-looking soldier of fortune types picking their way through the bodies and the rubble.
Oh, God. It was Amy.
"Get away from her," Jenna ordered, stepping out from behind the conifer, wielding the iron pan like a club.
Both men stopped. Glanced at her. Glanced at each other over Amy's head.
"What?" The biggest one grunted out a surly laugh. "Or you'll souffle us?"
Okay. She was definitely going after him first. ~ Cindy Gerard
Merrer Petite quotes by Cindy Gerard
The pleasure of holding her washed through him in repeated waves. She was petite and fine-boned, the delicious fragrance of roses rising to his nostrils. He'd noticed it when he'd held her earlier... not a cloying perfume, but a light floral essence swept with the sharp freshness of winter air. ~ Lisa Kleypas
Merrer Petite quotes by Lisa Kleypas
I was struck by Suu Kyi's warmth and generosity. No matter how petite she looks, she exudes amazing strength. More than anything else, I felt like I already knew her, like she was an old friend, because I'd been watching her so intently, and she was exactly what I had figured she would be. ~ Michelle Yeoh
Merrer Petite quotes by Michelle Yeoh
You are my world,ma petite, my very existence. You are what makes living bearable.You are my light,the very air I breathe." His mouth brushed her pulse,her earlobe. "You are not meant to walk in death.You never were."
She swung around,her blue eyes darkening to deep violet. "If you walk in death,Gregori,then that is where you will find me. Right beside you.I belong where you are.I am your lifemate. There is no other. I am your lifemate. ~ Christine Feehan
Merrer Petite quotes by Christine Feehan
Do not be ashamed of your most beautiful body, ma petite," he said, placing a hand flat on her abdomen. "Me? I would be proud. For you have given life! This strong female flesh has carried and born children. Such scars, wrinkles and imperfections were honorably earned. You are a mature woman, with many life experiences. ~ Nikki Sex
Merrer Petite quotes by Nikki Sex
Originally, there were no man-made borders to divide and segregate lands on this beautiful planet. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
La petite mort - that's what the French called orgasm. They believed that semen is sort of concentrated blood so that each time a man came he shortened his life a little by spilling blood that couldn't be replenished."
"And women?"
"Then, as now, men didn't much concern themselves with how women felt. ~ Michael Nava
Merrer Petite quotes by Michael Nava
A souvenir meant for nostalgia, Wandering in the old world of catholic conscience, So petite but a requiem to promiscuous melancholy, The first cherries of spring reminds me of her lips, The peaches of autumn are her cheeks, She is the love that dwells on the long forgotten roads… ~ Piyush Rohankar
Merrer Petite quotes by Piyush Rohankar
There is no good word for stomach; just as there is no good word for girlfriend. Stomach is to girlfriend as belly is to lover, and as abdomen is to consort, and as middle is to petite amie. ~ Nicholson Baker
Merrer Petite quotes by Nicholson Baker
It is done, lifemate.Come home to me. Savannah's voice was low and compelling, soft, seductive, not in the least concerned with his insistence that she see that he was a killer. That he would always be a killer. This is where you belong.Not alone, never alone. Can't you feel me reaching for you? Feel me,Gregori. Feel me reaching for you.Needing you.
He could feel it, in his mind, in his heart.Her voice touched him in some secret, deep place he kept locked away even from himself. She was everything beautiful in the world,and,God help him them both,he could not bring himself to give her up.
I need you,Gregori. The whisper came again. This time there was a new urgency in it.She swamped him with her desire,with rising heat and sudden fear that he would leave her alone. Gregori? Answer me. Don't leave me. I couldn't bear it if you did.
There is no chance of such a thing, ma petite. I am coming home. It was the only home he had ever known, the only sanctuary he had ever had: Savannah. She whispered to him, soft and sensuous, a dream of his for so long that she was a part of his soul. She whispered to him of unconditional, total acceptance. He launched himself skyward, his body dissolving into the mist, to become part of the moving fog he had manufactured. ~ Christine Feehan
Merrer Petite quotes by Christine Feehan
There are many ways to obtain our desires, ma petite. Remember that, for it will serve you well. ~ C.W. Gortner
Merrer Petite quotes by C.W. Gortner
Mindfulness does not erase negative memories; it 'transcends' them giving us back our deepest power which resides in our hearts. ~ Christopher Dines
Merrer Petite quotes by Christopher Dines
I will bathe in your warmth ma petite. Roll you around me until my heart beats only for you. My breath will grow warm from your kiss. ~ Laurell K. Hamilton
Merrer Petite quotes by Laurell K. Hamilton
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