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#1. You are claiming that the Soviet authorities began and influenced the existence of the Democratic Party [in Iran]. That is the basis of all your statements. The simplest way to discredit your absurd claim si to tell you about Iran, of which you are apparently ignorant. The people of Iran are oppressed, poverty-stricken, and miserable with hunger and disease. Their death rate is among the highest in the world, and their infant mortality rate threatens Iran with complete extinction. They are ruled without choice by feudalistic landowners, ruthless Khans, and venal industrialists. The peasants are slaves and the workers are paid a few pennies for a twelve hour day--not enough to keep their families in food. I can quote you all the figures you like to support these statements, quote them if necessary from British sources. I can also quote you the figures of wealth which is taken out of Iran yearly by the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, of which the British Governemtn is the largest shareholder. 200 million pounds sterling have been taken out of Iran by your Oil company: a hundred times the total amount of Iran's national income and ten thousand times the total national income of the working people of Iran. By such natural resources as oil, Iran is by nature one of the wealthiest countries on earth. That wealth goes to Britain, while Iran remains poverty-ridden and without economic stability at all. It has no wage policies, no real trade unions, few hospitals, no sanitation and drainag - Author: James Aldridge
Trade Unions quotes by James Aldridge
#2. There were people who believed their opportunities to live a fulfilled life were hampered by the number of Asians in England, by the existance of a royal family, by the volume of traffic that passed by their house, by the malice of trade unions, by the power of callous employers, by the refusal of the health service to take their condition seriously, by communism, by capitalism, by atheism, by anything, in fact, but their own futile, weak-minded failure to get a fucking grip. - Author: Stephen Fry
Trade Unions quotes by Stephen Fry
#3. Some of the structural drivers of inflation have also weakened. Trade unions have become less powerful. Loss-making state industries have been privatized. But, perhaps most importantly of all, the social constituency with an interest in positive real returns on bonds has grown. In the developed world a rising share of wealth is held in the form of private pension funds and other savings institutions that are required, or at least expected, to hold a high proportion of their assets in the form of government bonds and other fixed income securities. In 2007 a survey of pension funds in eleven major economies revealed that bonds accounted for more than a quarter of their assets, substantially lower than in past decades, but still a substantial share.71 With every passing year, the proportion of the population living off the income from such funds goes up, as the share of retirees increases. - Author: Niall Ferguson
Trade Unions quotes by Niall Ferguson
#4. In a political struggle of class against class, organization of trade unions is the most important weapon. - Author: Friedrich Engels
Trade Unions quotes by Friedrich Engels
#5. The clash between capital and labour, between those seeking to maximise profit and those with only their toil to sell, was the driving force for the creation of the trade unions in the 19th century. - Author: David Blunkett
Trade Unions quotes by David Blunkett
#6. The history of the labor movement needs to be taught in every school in this land. America is a living testimonial to what free men and women, organized in free democratic trade unions can do to make a better life. We ought to be proud of it! - Author: Hubert H. Humphrey
Trade Unions quotes by Hubert H. Humphrey
#7. There is nothing more American than peaceful protest. - Author: Russ Feingold
Trade Unions quotes by Russ Feingold
#8. I was the adoring son of a Welsh-Irish father, a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat, a Catholic Knight of Columbus who was a blue-collar, trade union organizer and, not surprisingly, a fervid Nixon-hater. - Author: Bob Gunton
Trade Unions quotes by Bob Gunton
#9. Achieving sustainable ways of living is inextricably linked to how we organize work in the future. State of the World 2014 makes an important contribution by illustrating how trade unions, far from being outdated, will be at the forefront of a just transition. It is a challenging compilation?coming at exactly the right time. - Author: Sharan Burrow
Trade Unions quotes by Sharan Burrow
#10. Even in Britain, the trade unions tell me that employment contracts have less protection than in the past. - Author: Jacques Delors
Trade Unions quotes by Jacques Delors
#11. But the question is to find and rear leaders that are really one with the masses. This can only be accomplished by the masses, the political parties and the Trade Unions, by means of the most severe struggle, also inwardly. - Author: Herman Gorter
Trade Unions quotes by Herman Gorter
#12. On the one hand the world is getting more integrated and we should not dismiss social values as "Western" when they are actually modern values. On the other hand, individual countries have their own history and their own evolution. Trade unions, for example, don't play the same role in China as they do in Europe or the US. - Author: Zhang Xin
Trade Unions quotes by Zhang Xin
#13. This conviction brought me, in the summer of 1978, to the Free Trade Unions - formed by a group of courageous and dedicated people who came out in the defense of the workers' rights and dignity. - Author: Lech Walesa
Trade Unions quotes by Lech Walesa
#14. The firm of Brotherhood's believed in ideal conditions for their staff. It was their pet form of practical Christianity; in addition to which, it looked very well in their advertising literature and was a formidable weapon against the trade unions. Not, of course, that Brotherhoods' had the slightest objection to trade unions as such. They had merely discovered that comfortable and well-fed people are constitutionally disinclined for united action of any sort - a fact which explains the asinine meekness of the income-tax payer. - Author: Dorothy L. Sayers
Trade Unions quotes by Dorothy L. Sayers
#15. Totalitarian movements are possible wherever there are masses who for one reason or another have acquired the appetite for political organization. Masses are not held together by a consciousness of common interest and they lack that specific class articulateness which is expressed in determined, limited, and obtainable goals. The term masses applies only where we deal with people who either because of sheer numbers, or indifference, or a combination of both, cannot be integrated into any organization based on common interest, into political parties or municipal governments or professional organizations or trade unions. Potentially, they exist in every country and form the majority of those large numbers of neutral, politically indifferent people who never join a party and hardly ever go to the polls. - Author: Hannah Arendt
Trade Unions quotes by Hannah Arendt
#16. The trade unions in the UK are campaigning around zero-hours contracts, which isn't about feminism, but it's a feminist issue. Women are affected by zero-hours contracts, and the recession has and is affecting women more than men. - Author: Rachel Holmes
Trade Unions quotes by Rachel Holmes
#17. The pot that had simmered for fifty years boiled over. Colliers and miners, furnacemen and tram-road labourers were flooding down the valley to the Chartists' rendezvous: men from Dowlais under the Guests, Cyfartha under the Crawshays, Nantyglo under Bailey and a thousand forges and bloomeries in the hills: men of the farming Welsh, the Staffordshire specialists and the labouring Irish were taking to arms. - Author: Alexander Cordell
Trade Unions quotes by Alexander Cordell
#18. People must learn more and more that the strength of this country is the democratic power of the trade union movement - Author: Michael Foot
Trade Unions quotes by Michael Foot
#19. This constitution recognises the need for social dialogue involving labour and management; it involves trade unions in the decision-making process; it has a social vision founded on social dialogue. - Author: Jean-Pierre Raffarin
Trade Unions quotes by Jean-Pierre Raffarin
#20. I consider it important, indeed urgently necessary, for intellectual workers to get together, both to protect their own economic status and also, generally speaking, to secure their influence in the political field. - Author: Albert Einstein
Trade Unions quotes by Albert Einstein
#21. I know that strong trade unions and best supported by Labour Government actually protect worker's rights. - Author: Gisela Stuart
Trade Unions quotes by Gisela Stuart
#22. The functionaries of our political organizations and trade unions are corrupted
or rather tend to be corrupted
by the conditions of capitalism and betray a tendency to become bureaucrats, i.e., privileged persons divorced from the people and standing above the people. - Author: Vladimir Lenin
Trade Unions quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#23. The dissolution of the trade unions was in the air then. - Author: Fritz Sauckel
Trade Unions quotes by Fritz Sauckel
#24. I do believe that not just the churches but strong communities, strong trade unions, strong families can make a difference in terms of producing persons much more virtuous than what one usually finds in a gangster culture. - Author: Cornel West
Trade Unions quotes by Cornel West
#25. The history of all countries shows that the working class exclusively by its own effort is able to develop only trade-union consciousness. - Author: Vladimir Lenin
Trade Unions quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#26. As I, as a worker, came to know them, the aims of German trade unions were political, and there were a number of various trade unions with varied political views. - Author: Fritz Sauckel
Trade Unions quotes by Fritz Sauckel
#27. Birmingham has proved that no matter what you're up against, if wave after wave of black people keep coming prepared to go to jail, sooner or later there is such confusion, such social dislocation, that white people in the South are faced with a choice: either integrated restaurants or no restaurants at all, integrated public facilities or none at all. And the South then must make its choice for integration, for it would rather have that than chaos.

This struggle is only beginning in the North, but it will be a bitter struggle. It will be an attack on business, on trade unions, and on the government. The Negro will no longer tolerate a situation where for every white man unemployed there are two or three Negroes unemployed. In the North, Negroes present a growing threat to the social order that, less brutally and more subtly than the South, attempts to keep him "in his place." In response, moderates today warn of the danger of violence and "extremism" but do not attempt to change conditions that brutalize the Negro and breed racial conflict. What is needed is an ongoing massive assault on racist political power and institutions. - Author: Bayard Rustin
Trade Unions quotes by Bayard Rustin
#28. Democracy is only good for a society where individuals are educated and have the ability to differentiate right from wrong without any influences from the outside. India is the biggest democracy in the world, yet, why is it so venal, divided and poor? America is the greatest democracy of the world, yet, it only has two main political parties, which are heavily influenced by lobbyists from religious groups, and powerful institutions like businesses, trade unions and think-tanks. In contrast, China is a nation ruled by one party, yet it has prospered during the last three decades, which is nothing less than a miracle. No other country on earth has ever achieved that feat. No system is good or bad for all. I am not saying democracy is bad, but it is not good for all. It can be good or bad for certain periods of time, circumstances and societies. There is no such thing as one idea fits all."

FROM MY NO.7 BOOK COMING SOON.... - Author: Tim I. Gurung
Trade Unions quotes by Tim I. Gurung
#29. It is necessary to be able to withstand all this, to agree to any and every sacrifice, and evenif need beto resort to all sorts of stratagems, manoeuvres and illegal methods, to evasion and subterfuges in order to penetrate the trade unions, to remain in them, and to carry on Communist work in them at all costs. - Author: Vladimir Lenin
Trade Unions quotes by Vladimir Lenin
#30. What until then seemed impossible to achieve has become a fact of life. We have won the right to association in trade unions independent from the authorities, founded and shaped by the working people themselves. - Author: Lech Walesa
Trade Unions quotes by Lech Walesa
#31. One of the proven ways of getting workers more involved with their jobs is by dovetailing employee profit-sharing and stock ownership plans with greater responsibility sharing ... Trade unions in this country should ... consider these arrangements much more carefully than they have up to now ... Expanded employee profit participation and stock ownership would provide workers with a greater measure of economic and social independence, thus stimulating increased productivity. - Author: Jacob K. Javits
Trade Unions quotes by Jacob K. Javits
#32. Well, what there ought to be is an international labor organization, a confederation of the trade unions of all the countries speaking for the workers who are competing with one another, and talking about the difference in wage levels between, say, Europe and Indonesia. - Author: Richard Rorty
Trade Unions quotes by Richard Rorty
#33. I would not go so far as to say that the French trade unions attached greater importance to the struggle for peace than the others did; but they certainly seemed to take it more to heart. - Author: Leon Jouhaux
Trade Unions quotes by Leon Jouhaux
#34. U. S. A. is the slice of a continent. U. S. A. is a group of holding companies, some aggregations of trade unions, a set of laws bound in calf, a radio network, a chain of moving picture theatres, a column of stockquotations rubbed out and written in by a Western Union boy on a blackboard, a public-library full of old newspapers and dogeared historybooks with protests scrawled on the margins in pencil. U. S. A. is the world's greatest rivervalley fringed with mountains and hills, U. S. A. is a set of bigmouthed officials with too many bankaccounts. U. S. A. is a lot of men buried in their uniforms in Arlington Cemetery. U. S. A. is the letters at the end of an address when you - Author: John Dos Passos
Trade Unions quotes by John Dos Passos
#35. Without the presence of class warfare, trade unions would be hard put to justfy their existence. - Author: Karl Marx
Trade Unions quotes by Karl Marx
#36. Social Democratic and trade union organs have approved of the illegal invasion of Belgium, of the massacre of suspected guerrillas, as well as their wives and children, as well as the destruction of their homes in various towns and districts. - Author: Clara Zetkin
Trade Unions quotes by Clara Zetkin
#37. Men don't and can't live by exchanging articles, but by producing them. They don't live by trade, but by work. Give up that foolish and vain title of Trades Unions; and take that of laborers Unions. - Author: John Ruskin
Trade Unions quotes by John Ruskin
#38. Given the fact that many thousands of female workers are active in history, it is vital for the trade unions to incorporate them into their movement. - Author: Clara Zetkin
Trade Unions quotes by Clara Zetkin
#39. It is essential that there should be organization of labor. This is an era of organization. Capital organizes and therefore labor must organize. - Author: Theodore Roosevelt
Trade Unions quotes by Theodore Roosevelt
#40. At school, up to the age of sixteen, I found history boring, for we were studying the Industrial Revolution, which was all about Acts, Trade Unions and the factory system, and I wanted to know about people, because it is people who make history. - Author: Alison Weir
Trade Unions quotes by Alison Weir
#41. The main difference lies in wage levels, which is because our workers are not yet as well trained as in other countries. We are a poor country. This is why we must accept the conditions that prevail in international markets. But our trade unions do represent the rights of workers. - Author: Nguyen Minh Triet
Trade Unions quotes by Nguyen Minh Triet
#42. Christian churches and Muslim groups have no more right to have their say than women's institutes or trades unions. The government has actively encouraged faith-based education, and therefore given a megaphone to religious voices and fundamentalists. - Author: A.C. Grayling
Trade Unions quotes by A.C. Grayling
#43. For the ordinary man is passive. Within a narrow circle (home life, and perhaps the trade unions or local politics) he feels himself master of his fate, but against major events he is as helpless as against the elements. So far from endeavoring to influence the future, he simply lies down and lets things happen to him. - Author: George Orwell
Trade Unions quotes by George Orwell
#44. I think politics can no longer be assigned to parliamentary activity and it probably never could be. But politics with a small p and the history of trade union movement really interests me. - Author: Saffron Burrows
Trade Unions quotes by Saffron Burrows
#45. Trade unions are a force for good - a force for a more equal society. - Author: Jeremy Corbyn
Trade Unions quotes by Jeremy Corbyn
#46. It is time someone put in a good word for the petite bourgeoise. Unlike the working class and capitalists, who have never lack for spokespersons, the petite bourgeoise rarely, if ever, speaks for itself. - Author: James C. Scott
Trade Unions quotes by James C. Scott
#47. Do you still believe i public opinion? Well let me tell you public opinion is a gimmick thought up by the English and Americans, it's them who are shitting us up with this public opinion rot, of you'll excuse my language, we've never had their political system, we don't have their traditions, we don't even know what trade unions are, we're a southern people and we obey whoever shouts the loudest and gives the orders. - Author: Tabucci, Antonio
Trade Unions quotes by Tabucci, Antonio
#48. The trade unions and the Labour Party ... failed miserably. Instead of giving concrete support, and calling upon workers to take industrial action, they did nothing. - Author: Arthur Scargill
Trade Unions quotes by Arthur Scargill
#49. With all their faults, trade-unions have done more for humanity than any other organization of men that ever existed. - Author: Clarence Darrow
Trade Unions quotes by Clarence Darrow
#50. Trade unions infringe upon the property rights of company owners. - Author: Barry Goldwater
Trade Unions quotes by Barry Goldwater
#51. I can't help to spit nails when just thinking about Trade Unions - Author: Margaret Thatcher
Trade Unions quotes by Margaret Thatcher
#52. At Leeds the idea of an international labour organization appeared in a trade-union text which also drew attention to the danger to the working classes inherent in the existence of international capitalist competition. - Author: Leon Jouhaux
Trade Unions quotes by Leon Jouhaux
#53. The only conclusion you can draw from the real historical movement is that by and large, in day-to-day life, what Lenin called trade union consciousness dominates the working class. I would call it elementary class consciousness of the working class. - Author: Ernest Mandel
Trade Unions quotes by Ernest Mandel
#54. Where trade unions are most firmly organized, there are the rights of the people most respected. - Author: Samuel Gompers
Trade Unions quotes by Samuel Gompers
#55. The source of love, as I learned later, is a curiosity which, combined with the inclination which nature is obliged to give us in order to preserve itself. […] Hence women make no mistake in taking such pains over their person and their clothing, for it is only by these that they can arouse a curiosity to read them in those whom nature at their birth declared worthy of something better than blindness. […] As time goes on a man who has loved many women, all of them beautiful, reaches the point of feeling curious about ugly women if they are new to him. He sees a painted woman. The paint is obvious to him, but it does not put him off. His passion, which has become a vice, is ready with the fraudulent title page. 'It is quite possible,' he tells himself, 'that the book is not as bad as all that; indeed, it may have no need of this absurd artifice.' He decides to scan it, he tries to turn over the pages - but no! the living book objects; it insists on being read properly, and the 'egnomaniac' becomes a victim of coquetry, the monstrous persecutor of all men who ply the trade of love.

You, Sir, who are a man of intelligence and have read these least twenty lines, which Apollo drew from my pen, permit me to tell you that if they fail to disillusion you, you are lost - that is, you will be the victim of the fair sex to the last moment of your life. If that prospect pleases you, I congratulate you - Author: Giacomo Casanova
Trade Unions quotes by Giacomo Casanova
#56. Much of the criticism of economic globalization has centered on factory labor abuses. But the majority of the world's poor are not employed in factories; they are self-employed - as peasant farmers, rural peddlers, urban hawkers, and small producers, usually involved in agriculture and small trade in the world's vast "informal" economy . - Author: David Bornstein
Trade Unions quotes by David Bornstein
#57. Before we move forward with new efforts to lower the barriers to international free trade, we must review the consequences of the policies of the past and address the problems of the present. - Author: Bob Ney
Trade Unions quotes by Bob Ney
#58. I lay this down as a fundamental proposition, which I do not think will be denied, that whoever controls the taxation and trade policy of a country controls its destiny and the entire character of its civilization. - Author: George William Russell
Trade Unions quotes by George William Russell
#59. I wonder why anyone would hesitate to be generous with their writing. I mean, if you really want to make a living, go to Wall Street and trade oil futures ... We're writers. We're doing something that is inherently a generous act. We're exposing ourselves to the muse and to the things that frighten us. Why do that if you're not willing to be generous? And paradoxically, almost ironically, it turns out that the more generous you are, the more money you make. But that's secondary. For me, the privilege of being generous is why I get to do this. - Author: Seth Godin
Trade Unions quotes by Seth Godin
#60. Did you folks see President Bush's State of the Union Address? How about that surprise announcement? Howard Dean has been captured and he's in the hands of interrogators. - Author: David Letterman
Trade Unions quotes by David Letterman
#61. Complete free trade is not politically feasible. Why? Because it's only in the general interest and in no one's special interest. - Author: Milton Friedman
Trade Unions quotes by Milton Friedman
#62. Many, many rules had begun to bend at the hand of nanotechnology, gene therapy, robotics, artificial intelligence. This produced a lot of good, and a lot of bad. This trade-off has always plagued us. When you make waves, you produce peaks and troughs. - Author: Matt Spire
Trade Unions quotes by Matt Spire
#63. For nearly five years the present Ministers have harassed every trade, worried every profession, and assailed or menaced every class, institution, and species of property in the country. Occasionally they have varied this state of civil warfare by perpetrating some job which outraged public opinion, or by stumbling into mistakes which have been always discreditable, and sometimes ruinous. All this they call a policy, and seem quite proud of it; but the country has, I think, made up its mind to close this career of plundering and blundering. - Author: Benjamin Disraeli
Trade Unions quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
#64. No, I says, He stole it agin. He's a thief an a menace an I'm gonna trade him in fer a umberella. - Author: Moira Young
Trade Unions quotes by Moira Young
#65. This is the same Lizzie Chao who I went to high school with," Hart said. "I believe so," Isabel said. "She's married," Hart said. "She's separated," Isabel said. "Which means she's married with an option to trade up," Catherine said. - Author: John Scalzi
Trade Unions quotes by John Scalzi
#66. War is a trade of kings. - Author: John Dryden
Trade Unions quotes by John Dryden
#67. An entrepreneur is someone who sees a gain from trade where others see a tradeoff. - Author: Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski
Trade Unions quotes by Jakub Bozydar Wisniewski
#68. Our cause is just. Our union is perfect. - Author: John Dickinson
Trade Unions quotes by John Dickinson
#69. The proper union of gin and vermouth is a great and sudden glory; it is one of the happiest marriages on earth, and one of the shortest lived. - Author: Bernard DeVoto
Trade Unions quotes by Bernard DeVoto
#70. The problem with public school is not overcrowding in the classroom. The problem is not teacher unions. The problem is not underfunding or lack of computer equipment. The problem is your damn kids. - Author: P. J. O'Rourke
Trade Unions quotes by P. J. O'Rourke
#71. Our union is now complete; our constitution composed, established, and approved. You are now the guardians of your own liberties. - Author: Samuel Adams
Trade Unions quotes by Samuel Adams
#72. He was glad some of the pain was fading, had already faded so much since the first year. But it seemed more to be a trade off: with the pain went details and memories. People had said, 'Time heals,' but he realized time didn't heal, time just eroded and confused, and he didn't think that was the same thing at all. - Author: Catherine O'Flynn
Trade Unions quotes by Catherine O'Flynn
#73. He kisses my forehead, his lips brushing my cheek. "I wouldn't trade our love for any other. - Author: Krista Ritchie
Trade Unions quotes by Krista Ritchie
#74. William Wilberforce ... w as a great man who impacted the Western world as few others have done. Blessed with brains, charm, influence and initiative, much wealth ... he put evangelism on Britain's map as a power for social change, first by overthrowing the slave trade almost single-handed and then by generating a stream of societies for doing good and reducing evil in public life ... To forget such men is foolish. - Author: J.I. Packer
Trade Unions quotes by J.I. Packer
#75. Come throw your heart into the waves
Your soul is lost, and still it saves
Drink me in and come undone
Trade a thousand lives for one
Come away, drink it in
Drink and sink and let it end
Drink and sink and let it end
You are no more, you are no less
For all must die, all must rest
Bring your body unto me
Let your graveyard be the sea
Come away and drink it in
Drink and sink and let it end
Drink and sink and let it end - Author: Kiera Cass
Trade Unions quotes by Kiera Cass
#76. As far as the Russians were concerned, I felt the reverse; they had adequate gold, if they wanted to buy, and they weren't dependent upon international trade. I felt they were more self-sufficient. - Author: W. Averell Harriman
Trade Unions quotes by W. Averell Harriman
#77. The Holy Spirit is a great worker, not a 'trade unionist.' He is a great worker, and He works in us, always. He does this work of explaining the mystery of Jesus, and of giving us this sense of Christ. - Author: Pope Francis
Trade Unions quotes by Pope Francis
#78. So…you're not going to tell me what they mean? C'mon. What's the Hob? Why Forks?"

When I stand, I switch to my blatantly rude, you're-an-idiot tone. This is the one that always pisses off my mom. To be sure he's not missing my insult this time, I also cross my arms and speak very slowly like I'm speaking to a toddler. "The Hob is from The Hunger Games books. It's the underground market where the characters trade food and information. Forks would be the town in Twilight. The setting. In boy-speak, Forks equals the planet Tatooine for Star Wars. You know - Anakin Skywalker's childhood home? Or are you not familiar with any global blockbusters? I suppose I could use Sesame Street or Pokémon for a reference - if it would help you understand better?"

Bam. That should seal it. I couldn't have sounded more like a total bitch.

He nods. "No, I've got it. My bedroom was Tatooine for all of third and fourth grade. Boy-speak…that's funny." He laughs again, and it sounds warm and - and - not at all offended! - Author: Anne Eliot
Trade Unions quotes by Anne  Eliot
#79. To trade by means of money is the code of the men of good will. Money rests on the axiom that every man is the owner of his mind and his effort. - Author: Ayn Rand
Trade Unions quotes by Ayn Rand
#80. Thou shalt not invest in a needless business. Thou shalt not trade time for money. Thou shalt not operate on a limited scale. Thou shalt not relinquish control. Thou shalt not let a business startup be an event over process. - Author: M.J. DeMarco
Trade Unions quotes by M.J. DeMarco
#81. You don't need a treaty to have free trade. - Author: Murray Rothbard
Trade Unions quotes by Murray Rothbard
#82. I've successfully lobbied and testified for stalking laws in several states, but I would trade them all for a high school class that would teach young men how to hear "no," and teach young women that it's all right to explicitly reject. - Author: Gavin De Becker
Trade Unions quotes by Gavin De Becker
#83. In light of 50 years of bondage of Eastern Europe, [invading the Soviet Union in 1948 to prevent it from acquiring nuclear weapons] was probably a reasonable thing to do. - Author: Condoleezza Rice
Trade Unions quotes by Condoleezza Rice
#84. Shall we suffer a Pagan to deal and trade with us, and shall we not suffer him to pray unto and worship God? If we allow the Jews to have private houses and dwellings amongst us, why should we not allow them to have synagogues? Is their doctrine more false, their worship more abominable, or is the civil peace more endangered by their meeting in public than in their private houses? But if these things may be granted to Jews and Pagans, surely the condition of any Christians ought not to be worse than theirs in a Christian commonwealth.

You will say, perhaps: "Yes, it ought to be; because they are more inclinable to factions, tumults, and civil wars." I answer: Is this the fault of the Christian religion? If it be so, truly the Christian religion is the worst of all religions and ought neither to be embraced by any particular person, nor tolerated by any commonwealth. For if this be the genius, this the nature of the Christian religion, to be turbulent and destructive to the civil peace, that Church itself which the magistrate indulges will not always be innocent. - Author: John Locke
Trade Unions quotes by John Locke
#85. If you read history you will find that the Christians begin the most for the present world are just the ones that thought the most of the next. The Apostles themselves, who set on foot. in the conversion of the Roman Empire, the great men who built up the Middle Ages, the English Evangelicals who abolished the Slave Trade, all left their mark one Earth, precisely because their minds were occupied with Heaven. It is since Christians have largely ceased to think of the other world that they have become so in effective in this. And that Heaven and you'll get the earth "thrown in": aim at earth and you'll get neither. - Author: C.S. Lewis
Trade Unions quotes by C.S. Lewis
#86. There is no conflict of interests among men, neither in business nor in trade nor in their most personal desires - if they omit the irrational from their view of the possible and destruction from their view of the practical? - Author: Ayn Rand
Trade Unions quotes by Ayn Rand
#87. Nothing happens in August - except when something really happens in August. World War I began in August, Saddam Hussein's invasion of Kuwait began in August, al Qaida was preparing to bring down the World Trade Center in August. August, in other words, is the time when all of us should prepare our backup plans, chart our reversals of course, [and] think through possible paradigm changes. - Author: Anne Applebaum
Trade Unions quotes by Anne Applebaum
#88. That was the ace hidden up the sleeves of the Jardines, Mathesons and Dents of the world. Despite all their cacklings about Free Trade, the truth was that their commercial advantages had nothing to do with markets or trade or more advanced business practices – it lay in the brute firepower of the British Empire's guns and gunboats. - Author: Amitav Ghosh
Trade Unions quotes by Amitav Ghosh
#89. Sometimes Charlotte wished she could trade lives with someone else. When she was in the grocery store and saw someone laughing, she imagined walking up to that person and asking if they wanted to trade places. Just for a little while, she would say. - Author: Erin Entrada Kelly
Trade Unions quotes by Erin Entrada Kelly
#90. Once upon a time, in the final days before Salt and Marsh Witch War, four Boneless Mercies turned their backs on the death trade, and went west, seeking immortality. - Author: April Genevieve Tucholke
Trade Unions quotes by April Genevieve Tucholke
#91. And, so, what was it that elevated Rubi from dictator's son-in-law to movie star's husband to the sort of man who might capture the hand of the world's wealthiest heiress?
Well, there was his native charm.
People who knew him, even if only casually, even if they were predisposed to be suspicious or resentful of him, came away liking him. He picked up checks; he had courtly manners; he kept the party gay and lively; he was attentive to women but made men feel at ease; he was smoothly quick to rise from his chair when introduced, to open doors, to light a lady's cigarette ("I have the fastest cigarette lighter in the house," he once boasted): the quintessential chivalrous gent of manners.
The encomia, if bland, were universal. "He's a very nice guy," swore gossip columnist Earl Wilson, who stayed with Rubi in Paris. ""I'm fond of him," said John Perona, owner of New York's El Morocco. "Rubi's got a nice personality and is completely masculine," attested a New York clubgoer. "He has a lot of men friends, which, I suppose, is unusual. Aly Khan, for instance, has few male friends. But everyone I know thinks Rubi is a good guy." "He is one of the nicest guys I know," declared that famed chum of famed playboys Peter Lawford. "A really charming man- witty, fun to be with, and a he-man."
There were a few tricks to his trade. A society photographer judged him with a professional eye thus: "He can meet you for a minute and a month later remember you very well." An - Author: Shawn Levy
Trade Unions quotes by Shawn Levy
#92. If you grow corn or trade in pigs or write poetry then you go to Iowa City." "That's why I haven't been. - Author: Ann Patchett
Trade Unions quotes by Ann Patchett
#93. On issue after issue, the polls - and these are not snapshot polls; these are polls over a consistent period of time - show that most Americans share what one could call core liberal or progressive values: investment in health care and education over tax cuts; fair trade over free trade; corporate accountability over deregulation; environmental protection over laissez-faire policies; defending Social Security and Medicare over privatizing them; raising the minimum wage over eliminating it. The country prefers progressive alternatives to the failed policies of the conservative right. - Author: Katrina Vanden Heuvel
Trade Unions quotes by Katrina Vanden Heuvel
#94. Most people would trade everything they know, everyone they know- they'd trade it all to know they've been seen, and acknowledged, that they might even be remembered. We all know the world is too big for us to be significant. So all we have is the hope of being seen, or heard, even for a moment. - Author: Dave Eggers
Trade Unions quotes by Dave Eggers
#95. Pictures were made to entertain; if you want to send a message, call Western Union. - Author: Samuel Goldwyn
Trade Unions quotes by Samuel Goldwyn
#96. We can't settle for pieces from a man. We can't trade our happiness and self-respect for the opportunity to be held, cuddled and given tenderness. we can't give ourselves away for the words we want to hear if there's no action behind them. We deserve a healthy man who can make us happy. We can't stop remembering: "All men are jerks until proven otherwise." Until he proves otherwise, we can't get too caught up in his "goodies". - Author: Daylle Deanna Schwartz
Trade Unions quotes by Daylle Deanna Schwartz
#97. The goal is to normalize trade relations based on sound science and consumer protection. - Author: Mike Johanns
Trade Unions quotes by Mike Johanns
#98. dykes were put here to tip the scales! we have a very important job and i wouldn't trade it for the world. give me a choice between breeding, accelerated aging, living with an orangutan, and maid duty for life...or, autonomy, black boots, multiple orgasms, cats instead of kids, people who say what they mean, and nothing stopping me from doing whatever i wanna do...and guess which one i pick? - Author: Diane DiMassa
Trade Unions quotes by Diane DiMassa

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