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I always feel like I want to write a song when I'm really upset. And when I'm in an argument with my family, I go straight to the piano and just kind of take it out on the piano and get all emotional. ~ Pixie Lott
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Pixie Lott
She always paid attention to fingers rather than faces because they told so much more. People remembered to guard their faces. They forgot their hands. Her own were small, though strong and supple from all the hours of piano playing, but what use was that now? For the first time she understood what real danger does to the human mind, as flat white fear froze the coils of her brain. ~ Kate Furnivall
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Kate Furnivall
Often the fairest impression that remains in our minds of a favourite air is one which has arisen out of a jumble of wrong notes struck by unskillful fingers upon a tuneless piano. ~ Marcel Proust
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Marcel Proust
I became really creative around the time I started understanding that people could be creative with music and that that was allowed. I stated taking piano lessons at age five, but I never did what my piano teacher told me to do. I would just do whatever I wanted. ~ Michael Angelakos
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Michael Angelakos
Yet complicated people were getting wet - not only the shepherds. For instance, the piano-tuner was sopping. So was the vicar's wife. So were the lieutenant and the peevish damsels in his Battlesden car. Gallantry, charity, and art pursued their various missions, perspiring and muddy, while out on the slopes beyond them stood the eternal man and the eternal dog, guarding eternal sheep until the world is vegetarian. ~ E. M. Forster
Lipnicki Piano quotes by E. M. Forster
When you play, never mind who listens to you. ~ Robert Schumann
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Robert Schumann
I wouldn't trust any man as far as you can throw a piano. ~ Ethel Merman
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Ethel Merman
It's kind of like a Zen thing. Like playing the piano, or being a centipede in Heaven. ~ Peter Watts
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Peter Watts
When she wasn't painting, when she didn't have creative work to occupy her, she became aware of a growing physical apprehension, like she was standing beneath a crane that was holding a piano aloft; at any moment she felt that the cables could snap and all that weight could fall upon her with a fatal crash. ~ Joe Hill
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Joe Hill
The only thing I try to watch carefully is that I never lose the love for the instrument. That's also why I decided against a professional piano career when I was younger. ~ Nils Frahm
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Nils Frahm
[Thelonious] Monk is a subject in itself. I mean, most piano players in most big bands sit down and they play with the band, you know. But Monk would just sit there like this. And all of a sudden there'd be a pause from all the trumpets and everything and Monk would go 'plink!' like that. And everybody would go 'Yeah! ~ Ray Brown
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Ray Brown
It is just his fantastic dreams, his vulgar folly that he will desire to retain, simply in order to prove to himself - as though that were so necessary - that men still are men and not the keys of a piano, which the laws of nature threaten to control so completely that soon one will be able to desire nothing but by the calendar. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
I'll just sit at the piano a lot an play like through different chord exercises and kind of just throwing my hands down on the piano from one chord to the next to see what happens. ~ David Sanborn
Lipnicki Piano quotes by David Sanborn
I wanted to love this piano. I wanted to invite music back into my life. ~ Thad Carhart
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Thad Carhart
As they split to prepare for the meeting with the Ravkans, Jesper followed Wylan down the hall. "Hey."
Wylan kept going.
Jesper jogged past him and cut off his path, walking backward. "Listen, this thing with Kuwei isn't a thing." He tried again. "There is no thing with Kuwei."
"You don't owe me an explanation. I'm the one who interrupted."
"No, you didn't! Kuwei was sitting at the piano. It was an understandable mistake."
Wylan stopped short. "You thought he was me?"
"Yes!" Jesper said. "See? Just a big mis - "
Wylan's gold eyes flashed. "You really can't tell us apart?"
"I … I mean, usually I can, but - "
"We're nothing alike," Wylan said indignantly. "He's not even that good at science! Half his notebooks are full of doodles. Mostly of you. And those aren't good either. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Leigh Bardugo
Wylan blushed deeper, and Jesper shook his head. "Play piano, too?" "Flute," said Wylan defensively. "Perfect. ~ Leigh Bardugo
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Leigh Bardugo
I can't read music. Instead, I'd do stuff inside the piano, do harmonics and all kinds of crazy things. They used to put me in these annual piano contests down at Long Beach City College, and two years in a row, I won first prize - out of like 5,000 kids! ~ Eddie Van Halen
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Eddie Van Halen
Color directly influences the soul. Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammers, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another purposively, to cause vibrations in the soul. ~ Wassily Kandinsky
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Wassily Kandinsky
I think of myself as Rebecca Wells from Lodi Plantation, in Central Louisiana, a girl who was lucky enough to be born into a family that encouraged creativity and didn't call me lazy or nuts when I dressed up in my mother's peignoirs and played the piano, having painted a small sign decorated in glitter that read 'The Piano Fairy Girl.' ~ Rebecca Wells
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Rebecca Wells
To know the piano is to know the universe. To master the piano is to master the universe. The spectrum of piano sound acts as a prism through which all musical and non-musical sounds may be filtered. The grunts of sheep, the braying of mules, the popping of champagne corks, the sighs of unrequited love, not to mention the full lexicon of sounds available to all other instruments-including whistles, scrapes, bleatings, caresses, thuds, hoots, plus sweet and sour pluckings-fall within the sovereignty of this most bare and dissembling chameleon. ~ Russell Sherman
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Russell Sherman
There was always a piano in the house when I was growing up - my dad played, and I thought it was cool - and when I was eight, I begged my parents to let me have lessons. After a couple of weeks, I wanted to give up, but my parents were very focused and made me keep going, which I'm very pleased about now. ~ Laura Mvula
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Laura Mvula
I don't like to play the piano. It makes me too attractive. ~ Oscar Levant
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Oscar Levant
In essence, art lies embedded in the conceptual leap between pieces, not in the pieces themselves. And simply put, there's a greater conceptual jump from one work of art to the next than from one work of craft to the next. The net result is that art is less polished - but more innovative - than craft. The differences between five Steinway grand pianos - demonstrably works of consummate craftsmanship - are small compared to the differences between the five Beethoven Piano concerti you might perform on those instruments. A ~ David Bayles
Lipnicki Piano quotes by David Bayles
I think I wanted to be a punk-rocker before I wanted to be anything else. I remember wanting a mohawk, and I wanted to cut the sleeves off of my jean jacket because I used to want to be Dirty Dan from Sha-Na-Na. This is before hip-hop was even around. I had the skinny piano tie. I had it, man. ~ CeeLo Green
Lipnicki Piano quotes by CeeLo Green
A lot of Irish people perform. They perform in drawing rooms. They sing songs and they play piano. ~ Fiona Shaw
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Fiona Shaw
I sit down and create atmospheres, start playing guitar or piano and just sing whatever comes out of my mouth. ~ Martin Gore
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Martin Gore
This is us. Our pose. The smush. It's even how we are in the ultrasound photo they took of us inside Mom and how I had us in the picture Fry ripped up yesterday. Unlike most everyone else on earth, from the very first cells of us, we were together, we came here together. This is why no one hardly notices that Jude does most of the talking for both of us, why we can only play piano with all four of our hands on the keyboard and not at all alone, why we can never do Rochambeau because not once in thirteen years have we chosen differently. It's always: two rocks, two papers, two scissors. When I don't draw us like this, I draw us as half-people. ~ Jandy Nelson
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Jandy Nelson
She [Mrs. Badger] was surrounded in the drawing-room by various objects, indicative of her painting a little, playing the piano a little, playing the guitar a little, playing the harp a little, singing a little, working a little, reading a little, writing poetry a little, and botanizing a little. She was a lady of about fifty, I should think, youthfully dressed, and of a very fine complexion. If I add to the little list of her accomplishments that she rouged a little, I do not mean that there was any harm in it. ~ Charles Dickens
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Charles Dickens
I usually write my music on a piano, and I really enjoy performing that way, because that actually shows how the music was in my mind before it actually became an electronic song. ~ Zedd
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Zedd
Well, Mozart is extraordinary not only in that he became virtuoso along the lines of his father, but that he had that compositional gift, that melodic gift. By the time he was four, he was doing piano concertos with harmony in the background. ~ Twyla Tharp
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Twyla Tharp
"Playing" the resources of characterology for the sake of clarification and insight into the structures of actual existence is many times more daunting than playing a piano; it requires the thinking of chords of thoughts, not just isolated simplisms or abstracta; it demands the shaping or encompassing of morphological modes of intelligence that can comprehend gestalten, syndromes, historical and civilizational patterns in which it is not the particulars but their interactive significance (as an ensemble of actualities or principles) that is vital. ~ Kenny Smith
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Kenny Smith
[Love] feels . . ." I paused, turning the highlighter in my hand, "like an awakening of senses you never knew you had, and once they're awakened, you're never the same. The way you see the world is altered. Instead of riding down a road on your bike and thinking how the wind feels good on your face, you think, 'This is how it feels when he kisses my cheek.' You play a piece on the piano, and instead of imagining a crowd applauding, you only see him, sitting in the chair next to the piano, smiling at you. You catch the scent of sage in the air and think, 'This is how he smells.' But it's also kind of like being on a mousetrap ride. Exhilarating and terrifying all at the same time. You smile and laugh and feel a thrill inside of you, all the while wondering in the back of your mind if the car will come off the track at the next turn, or if your harness will come open and you will be tossed to the ground to your death. ~ Sarah Beard
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Sarah Beard
There's something to be said for being classically trained on piano, but not having your whole makeup be tied to one instrument. ~ Victoria Legrand
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Victoria Legrand
Piano playing consists of common sense, heart and technical resources. All three should be equally developed. Without common sense you are a fiasco, without technique an amateur, without heart a machine. The profession does have its hazards. ~ Vladimir Horowitz
Lipnicki Piano quotes by Vladimir Horowitz
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