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An unexpected but important additional advantage of living in Kampung Jawa in this respect was the presence nearby, established as recently as 1955, of the Muslim College, Malaya's first national tertiary institution of Islamic higher education. I was able to use its small library, and came to know well Dr Muhammad Abdul Ra'uf and Dr Muhammad Zaki Badawi, Egyptians engaged to lead the college who also taught at the University of Malaya and later became prominent Muslim intellectuals in the United States and Britain respectively. Along with other members of staff, including the charismatic Pan-Malayan Islamic Party politician Dr Zulkifli Muhammad, they did much to extend my knowledge of Islamic education and wider Muslim issues. ~ William R. Roff
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by William R. Roff
The Iranian people were converted to Islam not very much longer after the conquest of the Arab world by Islam, but they refused to adopt the Arabic language, and it's a great point of pride to them that Persian culture and the Persian language and Persian literature survived the conversion to Islam. And the conversion to Islam also was for most of them not the Sunni majority form, but the Shia one. So there's a great discrepancy between Iranian society and many other of what we think of as Arab Muslim States and systems. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Christopher Hitchens
We're all a bunch of no-good apostates and blasphemers and murderers and fornicators and God-haters, so fuck the lot of us. For those guys, and all the guys we'd like to meet who share their perceptions, it's the Western hemisphere versus Islam, and no stops between. ~ John Le Carre
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by John Le Carre
Half the published articles on Gaza contain a standard reference to its resemblance to a vast open-air prison (and when I last saw it under Israeli occupation it certainly did deserve this metaphor). The problem is that, given its ideology and its allies, Hamas qualifies rather too well in the capacity of guard and warder. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Christopher Hitchens
An Islamic university ... structure is different from a Western University; [its] conception of what constitutes knowledge is different from what Western philosophers set forth as knowledge; [its] aims and aspirations are different from Western conceptions. The purpose of higher education is not, like in the West, to produce the complete citizen, but rather, as in Islam, to produce the complete man, or the universal man ... A Muslim scholar is a man who is not a specialist in any one branch of knowledge but is universal in his outlook and is authoritative in several branches of related knowledge. ~ Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Syed Muhammad Naquib Al-Attas
Robert Spencer, a prolific anti-Islam writer and a leading Islamophobe who is bent on distorting Islam and demonizing Muslims, has persistently argued that violence and terrorism employed by Muslim extremists is rooted in the Quran and its message. Spencer calls the Quran, a book sacred to Muslim, 'the jihadists' Mein Kampf,' in reference to Hitler's memoir. ~ Louay M. Safi
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Louay M. Safi
It is certain that there are genuinely moderate Muslims, perhaps a substantial number, who do not seek to impose Islam on this country and the world through violent jihad. However, they are conspicuous by their silence regarding the more problematic doctrines of Islam. To the extent that Muslim 'leaders' and lobbying organizations in the United States even address the issue, they offer nothing more than vague, tepid condemnations of terrorist violence and heated denials that the behavior of Islamic terrorists has any connection with Islam. Where is the Muslim outrage in this country over the supposed few who hijacked their religion? Where is the Million Muslim March on the Mall in Washington, D.C., sending a message to all Muslims in the Arabic world condemning the killing of human beings in the name of Allah? Where is the cry to raise the consciousness of the rest of the Muslim world about their hijacked religion? ~ Brigitte Gabriel
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Brigitte Gabriel
In time, this "ancient hatred" became cleverly enveloped into a religion, known as Islam. ~ Bill Salus
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Bill Salus
Although the US State Department has not officially designated the MB [Muslin Brotherhood] as a terrorist organization, Egypt did so in 2013; and in 2015, a British government review "concluded that membership of or links to it should be considered a possible indicator of extremism." However, in 2003 the FBI uncovered the MB's multifaceted plan to dominate America through immigration, intimidation, education, community centers, mosques, political legitimacy, and establishing 'interfaith dialogue' centers in our universities and colleges. A document confiscated by the FBI outlines a twelve-point strategy to establish an Islamic government on earth that is brought about by a flexible, long-term 'cultural invasion' of the West. Their own plans teach us that 'the intrusion of Islam will erupt in multiple locations using mulciple means'. But near the top of this strategy is immigration. To be more specific, the first major point in their strategy states; 'To expand the Muslin presence by birth rate, immigration and refusal to assimilate.' This strategy transformed Indonesia from a Buddhist and Hindu country to the largest Muslin-dominated country in the world. As Europe has discovered, open borders for refugees may be viewed as a compassionate response to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis, but it has long-term risks and consequences. ~ Erwin W. Lutzer
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Erwin W. Lutzer
Reject racial or religious hate. Embrace moderate Islam. ~ Geraldo Rivera
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Geraldo Rivera
The conflict is not between Christianity and Islam or between East and West - instead, it is between stupid people and other stupid people. ~ Terry Pratchett
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Terry Pratchett
The very idea that you could have separation between mosque and state from Islam's perspective is the imposition on them of Christian practice. Islam doesn't really have a place for state. They are a universalistic faith like Christianity, but they think there is no country that bounds Islam. ~ Stanley Hauerwas
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Stanley Hauerwas
The concept of God in Jewish orthodoxy is one where you're having constant quarrels with God. Where I come from, in Islam, the only concept of God is you submit to Him and you obey His commands; no quarreling allowed. ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The 'Islam vs. the West' dialogue ceased to be about real people a long time ago. ~ G. Willow Wilson
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by G. Willow Wilson
Islam calls that 'the roots of heaven' and to the Mexican Indians it is the 'tree of life'
the thing that makes both of them fall on their knees and raise their eyes and beat their tormented breasts. [ ... ] Our needs
for justice, for freedom and dignity
are roots of heaven that are deeply embedded in our hearts, but of heaven itself men know nothing but the gripping roots ... ~ Romain Gary
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Romain Gary
Facing a deteriorating economy and a weakening hold over the populace, the Iraqi state under Saddam Hussein opted to revitalize tribal leaders and conservative practices as a means of stabilizing state power; those conservative practices were not an inherent feature of a predominantly Muslim country. ~ Nadje Al-Ali
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Nadje Al-Ali
They asked for Plato's assistance. He told them: "You hated wisdom and ran away from geometry, therefore God has afflicted you a punishment, for wisdom and philosophical knowledge have a high rank with God." ... The plague was lifted and they ceased to defame the branches of theoretical knowledge. ~ Mulla Sadra
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Mulla Sadra
It is not surprising that Ibn Sina is a national icon in Iran today, and one can find countless schools and hospitals named after him in many countries around the world. Indeed, his legacy stretches even further, for there is an 'Avicenna' crater on the moon, and in 1980 every member country of Unesco celebrated the thousand-year anniversary of Ibn Sina's birth. As a philosopher he is referred to as the Aristotle of Islam; as a physician he is known as the Galen of Islam. ~ Jim Al-Khalili
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Jim Al-Khalili
The veil deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, nonpersons. The veil sets women apart from men and apart from the world; it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility. A mind can be cramped just as a body may be, and a Muslim veil blinkers both your vision and your destiny. It is the mark of a kind of apartheid, not the domination of a race but of a sex. ~ Ayaan Hirsi Ali
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Ayaan Hirsi Ali
The coverage of Islam in the media is becoming more sophisticated, and there is more access to knowledge. ~ Leila Aboulela
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Leila Aboulela
Day and Night
The night is long: do not shorten it by sleep. The day is fair: do not darken it with wrongdoing. ~ Idries Shah
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Idries Shah
Al-Qa'ida is the antithesis of the peace, tolerance and humanity that is at the heart of Islam. ~ John O. Brennan
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by John O. Brennan
We learned at an early age that it was men's interpretation of our religion that restricted women's opportunities, not our religion itself. Islam in fact had been quite progressive toward women from its inception ... ~ Benazir Bhutto
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Benazir Bhutto
The stupidity of people comes from having an answer for everything. The wisdom of the novel comes from having a question for everything ... The novelist teaches the reader to comprehend the world as a question. There is wisdom and tolerance in that attitude. In a world built on sacrosanct certainties the novel is dead. The totalitarian world, whether founded on Marx, Islam, or anything else, is a world of answers rather than questions. There, the novel has no place. ~ Milan Kundera
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Milan Kundera
Not all Muslims become involved in acts of violence. Yet all might be held culpable. THis is because that section of Muslim
in fact, the majority
who are not personally involved, neither disown those members of their community who are engaged in violence, nor even condemn them. In such a case, according to the Islamic Shariah itself, if the involved Muslims are directly responsible, the uninvolved Muslims are also indirectly responsible. (p. 91) ~ Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
The Qur'ān has not merely been revealed in Arabic: it has been revealed in eloquent Arabic. The language is clear and cogent, and there is no vagueness in it; every word is unambiguous and every style adopted is well known to its addressees. The Qur'ān says:

The faithful Spirit has brought it down into your heart [O Prophet] that you
may become a warner [for people] in eloquent Arabic. (26:193-195)

In the form of an Arabic Qur'ān, free from any ambiguity that they may save themselves [from punishment]. (39:28)

This is an obvious reality about the Qur'ān. If this premise is accepted, then it must be conceded that no word used or style adopted by the Qur'ān is rare or unknown (shādh). Its words and styles are well known and conventionally understood by its addressees. No aspect of the language has any peculiarity or rarity in it. ~ Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Javed Ahmad Ghamidi
There could be nothing, he reflected, to equal a government which was simply the honest enforcement, by means of the sword, of the laws of Islam. ~ Paul Bowles
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Paul Bowles
There are corrupted Muslims who have become Christians, and corrupted Christians who have become Muslims. They called it freedom of religion. ~ Duop Chak Wuol
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Duop Chak Wuol
That Islam you see on TV does not represent me,
I'm too busy waging jihad against myself,
My own nafs are my enemy.
I'm sorry that Muslim and Muslim lands do not represent Islam,
Our religion is perfect, but we on the other hand ... ~ Boonaa Mohammed
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Boonaa Mohammed
During the first formative centuries of its existence, Christianity was separated from and indeed antagonistic to the state, with which it only later became involved. From the lifetime of its founder, Islam was the state, and the identity of religion and government is indelibly stamped on the memories and awareness of the faithful from their own sacred writings, history, and experience. ~ Bernard Lewis
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Bernard Lewis
Islam has rules. Once they are part of your life, you dont notice them anymore. ~ Shelina Zahra Janmohamed
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Shelina Zahra Janmohamed
Anybody looking at the history even of the 20th century would not single out Islam as the bloodthirsty religion; it was Christian/Nazi/Communist Europe and Buddhist/Taoist/Hindu/atheist Asia that set records for mass slaughter. ~ Nicholas Kristof
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Nicholas Kristof
In international relations, sometimes the best indicator of what someone is going to do is what he tells you he is going to do. And, since it is a religious obligation in Islam to warn your enemies in advance, there was reason to pay particular attention to what he had to say. ~ Michael Morell
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Michael Morell
Well, in the sense of the traditional notion of God, coming out of Christianity and Islam and the Abrahamic religions, I do not hold with that concept of a God or deity. In that concept, I'm agnostic. Okay, I don't know the answer, let's find the answer. ~ Edgar Mitchell
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Edgar Mitchell
I maintain that Buddhism, Christianity, Confucianism, Hinduism, Islam, Jainism, Judaism, Sikhism, Taoism, and Zoroastrianism all hold up love as an ideal, seek to benefit humanity through spiritual practice, and strive to make their followers better people. All religions teach moral precepts for the advancement of mind, body, speech, and action: do not lie or steal or take others' lives, and so on. Unselfishness is the common foundation laid down by all great spiritual teachers. ~ Dalai Lama XIV
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Dalai Lama XIV
The ultimate vision is to instate in the Muslim world the notion of multiculturalism, which is part of our heritage and history, part of the fundamental, mainstream ideals of Islam. ~ Feisal Abdul Rauf
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Feisal Abdul Rauf
Modern India is a product of Hindu tradition, the religion of Islam, and Western civilization. ~ Gurcharan Das
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Gurcharan Das
Every mujahadeen who comes in from outside the country finds an environment where Arabic is spoken. So in that sense, it's a tremendous come-on for the young in Islam. But I think much more important is, it just validates so much of what the Muslim world is predisposed to believe. ~ Michael Scheuer
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Michael Scheuer
The essential insight and consistent point of view of Islam is tawhid: the fundamental Oneness underlying all of existence. From the perspective of tawhid, everything is emerging from God, being sustained by God, and ultimately returning to God. This has profound significance for all of our experience within this existence. All areas of human knowledge are related to this fundamental, unifying Truth. Sufism is the science, the objective knowledge, of the souls relationship to God. This science describes an Origin, a downward arc of manifestation, and an upward arc of return. In the arc of manifestation, everything is coming down from God into successive levels of ever denser realities. In the arc of return, we recognize our Origin and begin the journey back toward its light. This essentially means that we ourselves must become more conscious of the light within ourselves.


The arc of return calls us to make a journey from darkness and toward the light. The immediate darkness we face around us is the imaginary world created by human ignorance, fear, self-righteousness, and hatred. We must not succumb to the mass heedlessness and self-hypnotism which presents itself to us, mostly through the mass media, as the so-called real world.
It is our responsibility to find and act upon the knowledge that can guide us in that journey. This means establishing the truth of tawhid within our own minds and hearts.

~ Essays and talks by Kabir Helmins ~ Kabir Edmund Helminski
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Kabir Edmund Helminski
The only real source of historical information about pre-Islamic Mecca and the circumstances of the Koran's revelation is the classical Islamic story about the religion's foundation ... ~ Toby Lester
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Toby Lester
Ninety percent of the comic books I've written in the past had little or nothing to do with Islam. ~ G. Willow Wilson
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by G. Willow Wilson
Of all the great and minor faiths as religions that have evolved over the ages with humanity. Many had their birth at the death or near death of another religious faith. One day the anthropological phenomena of our predominant faiths may become naturally forgotten, demonized, if not
morph into another religious tradition altogether. What we historically call as mythology is for Ancient Greece,
Persia, or Mayan cultures were the Almighty religions of their age. So it will be again with our Epoch from today our renowned and accomplished heirs of thousands of years into
our combined futures. That will have regarded our present day Abrahamic traditions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam as mythologies of their own future anthropological understanding. ~ Ivan Alexander Pozo-Illas
Kolej Islam Malaya quotes by Ivan Alexander Pozo-Illas
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