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Unless there's an officer-involved shooting or some other high-profile event going on, the Homicide Office is dead in the middle of the night. ~ Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Maberry
The moment before he started was my favorite moment. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
i want to bleed ink and shit prose. ~ Jonathan Culver
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Culver
My greatest reward is knowing for certain, as I do with many other acts and artistes, that without Jonathan King being alive and involved, Genesis would not exist, and the guys would have had careers as intended - as accountants and lawyers! ~ Jonathan King
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan King
I like to see people reunited, maybe that's a silly thing, but what can I say, I like to see people run to each other, I like the kissing and the crying, I like the impatience, the stories that the mouth can't tell fast enough, the ears that aren't big enough, the eyes that can't take in all of the change, I like the hugging, the bringing together, the end of missing someone, I sit on the side with a coffee and write in my daybook, ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
I don't hang out with movie stars, and you won't see me going to many Hollywood parties. I'm actually quite boring. ~ Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Rhys Meyers
Now, all writing - all the arts - are a form of 'Pay attention to me,' but there's also the flip side. Like, I want to give something. Let me entertain you, let me amuse you, let me try to please you with this thing I've made. And then pay attention to me. ~ Jonathan Ames
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Ames
I feel like I'm waving the flag for musicianship, trying to bring back bands that can play. ~ Jonathan Davis
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Davis
One of the most delightful parts of being a writer is connecting with people via social media. I devote ten minutes out of every writing hour to Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and other sites. I don't use assistants for that. It's me and all of my friends, fans, readers, and colleagues on the crazyboat. ~ Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Maberry
You won't know what "success" means if you don't appreciate what "hardwork" is. ~ Jonathan Page Acabo
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Page Acabo
I think that a lot of people who like training with guns are probably drawn to it not only for practical reasons, but also in that same restless quest for physical excellence that draws people to a martial arts dojo. ~ Jonathan Gottschall
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Gottschall
Whatever fame a novelist my attain, it's always kind of an anonymous one. I can go anywhere, and no one knows who I am ... ~ Jonathan Kellerman
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Kellerman
Well, I thought you might want to listen to this. I mean, I thought you might be . . . ready for it.
"I don't know if you remember, but just before . . . just before Malcolm died, he took me to see a concert in the town. We went to Barbarella's, and we heard all these weird bands. You remember the kind of music he used to like? Well, the people who made this record were playing that night, and they were his favourite. He liked them more than anyone. And I thought that if you heard it, it might remind you . . . might help you to think a bit about the kind of person he was.
"And there's another reason too. You see the title of the record? It's called The Rotters' Club.
"The Rotters' Club: that's us, Lois, isn't it? Do you see? That's what they used to call us, at school. Bent Rotter, and Lowest Rotter. We're The Rotters' Club. You and me. Not Paul. Just you and me.
"I think this record was meant for us, you see. Malcolm never got to hear it, but I think he . . . knows about it, if that doesn't sound too silly. And now it's his gift, to you and me. From - wherever he is.
"I don't know if that makes any sense.
"I'll just leave it on the table here.
"Have a listen, if you feel like it.
"I've got to go now.
"I've got to go, Lois.
"I've got to go. ~ Jonathan Coe
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Coe
It seemed as if the Internet was governed more by fear: the fear of unpopularity and uncoolness, the fear of missing out, the fear of being flamed or forgotten. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Franzen
Passion is essential for a meaningful existence. Life is about what you feel. ~ Jonathan Cainer
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Cainer
You're soul sick is what you are," Polly said. "And you can stomp your little footsie all you want to, but you ain't going to get well until you remember. And you can't remember until you learn to see. ~ Jonathan Odell
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Odell
I'm on the verge of a total breakdown. Sciatica. Taxes. Cars. Fleas, possibly. It's an absurd existence. ~ Jonathan Ames
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Ames
When human beings try to become more than human, they quickly become less than human. ~ Jonathan Sacks
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Sacks
Freedom ... leads those who have more than they need to share with those who have less ~ Jonathan Sacks
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Sacks
He had seen inferno and tempest, and had not only looked into the abyss but the abyss had looked into him, and then made disparaging comments. ~ Jonathan L. Howard
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan L. Howard
Apple of My Eye is a twisted collection of short stories by Amy Grech, including the sexy and deadly title story that makes you want to stay home with the door locked and the lights on. Grech's stories are sinister, sneaky, convoluted and dangerous - and absolutely not to be missed!
- Jonathan Maberry, Bram Stoker Award-Winning Author of
Ghost Road Blues and Dead Man's Song ~ Jonathan Maberry
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Maberry
This has led evangelicals to ethnocentrism, to asserting their historically contingent cultural values as "biblical truth." In the conservative direction, this has closed off productive dialogue between evangelicals and mainline Christians on gay marriage - because if the Bible has an obvious stance on the matter, as most evangelicals believe, the other side must be intentionally denying the truth. In the liberal direction, this has led green evangelicals to ignore the role contemporary experiences and theology have played in their reinterpretation of the Bible on environmental matters. ~ Jonathan Dudley
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Dudley
Integrity Integrity is the ability to listen to a place inside oneself that doesn't change, even though the life that carries it may change. - RABBI JONATHAN OMER-MAN Much of our journey throughout this book has been about discovering that place inside and cultivating the ability to listen to it, while having compassion for the life that carries it. It moves me to share the story of a troubled man who, exhausted from his suffering and confusion, asked a sage for help. The sage looked deeply into the troubled man and with compassion offered him a choice: "You may have either a map or a boat." After looking at the many pilgrims about him, all of whom seemed equally troubled, the confused man said, "I'll take the boat." The sage kissed him on the forehead and said, "Go then. You are the boat. Life is the sea." As we have discovered so many times, we have everything we need within us. This ability to listen inside is our oldest oar. You are the boat. ~ Mark Nepo
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Mark Nepo
Neither is it safe to count upon the weakness of any man's understanding, who is thoroughly possessed of the spirit of revenge to sharpen his invention. ~ Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Swift
Scandal is great entertainment because it allows people to feel contempt, a moral emotion that gives feelings of moral superiority while asking nothing in return. With contempt you don't need to right the wrong (as with anger) or flee the scene (as with fear or disgust). And the best of all, contempt is made to share. Stories about the moral failings of others are among the most common kinds of gossip, they are a stable of talk radio, and they offer a ready way for people to show that they share a common moral orientation. ~ Jonathan Haidt
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Haidt
They hadn't forgotten but accommodated ... So nothing was done. No decisions were made ... They waited like fools, they sat on their hands like fools, and spoke, like fools ... They waited to die, and we cannot blame them, because we would do the same, we do do the same. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
We saw this cross-level coherence in the analysis of personality: If your lower-level traits match up with your coping mechanisms, which in turn are consistent with your life story, your personality is well integrated and you can get on with the business of living. When these levels do not cohere, you are likely to be torn by internal contradictions and neurotic conflicts.34 You might need adversity to knock yourself into alignment. And if you do achieve coherence, the moment when things come together may be one of the most profound of your life. Like the moviegoer who later finds out what she missed in the first half hour, your life will suddenly make more sense. Finding coherence across levels feels like enlightenment,35 and it is crucial for answering the question of purpose within life. ~ Jonathan Haidt
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Haidt
People are feeling and sensing a return of anti-Semitism - even in Europe, which, seventy years after the Holocaust, is a very scary thing. I think they are feeling that Israel is very isolated and doesn't always get what they see as fair treatment in the European media. ~ Jonathan Sacks
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Sacks
If love doesn't triumph, it ought to. For love is the one thing we have that feels more powerful than even death; the only respite from life's wretched absurdity. The magic of love is not that it contains all the answers, it's that it eliminates the need for so many pressing questions. For love makes us feel like gods
and that's what we're really after, isn't it? ~ Jonathan Hull
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Hull
Basically, a case conceptualization is a method for understanding and explaining a client's concerns and for guiding the treatment process. It functions like a "bridge" to connect assessment and treatment with clinical outcomes. ~ Jonathan Sperry
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Sperry
I hate lending, or borrowing - if you want me to read a book, tell me about it, or buy me a copy outright. Your loaned edition sits in my house like a real grievance. And in lieu of lending books, I buy extra copies of those I want to give away, which gives me the added pleasure of buying books I love again and again.
Jonathan Lethem ~ Leah Price
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Leah Price
In our culture of constant access and nonstop media, nothing feels more like a curse from God than time in the wilderness. To be obscure, to be off the beaten path, to be in the wilderness feels like abandonment. It seems more like exile than a vacation. To be so far off of everyone's radar that the world might forget about us for a while? That's almost akin to death ... [But] far from being punishment, judgment, or a curse, the wilderness is a gift. It's where we can experience the primal delight of being fully known and delighted in by God. ~ Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Martin
Marvin wasn't a beat-box gangsta-rapper-bitch, but a stressed invalid in a town not equipped with ramps. ~ Jonathan Dunne
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Dunne
It was as if the bones and veins were working their way to the surface; as if the skin were water receding to expose shapes at the bottom of a harbor. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Franzen
I love doing fiction. I love doing performance films and I love doing documentaries that don't have music. I love to shoot and I love to shoot things I'm enthusiastic about. ~ Jonathan Demme
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Demme
Human nature is a complex mix of preparations for extreme selfishness and extreme altruism. Which side of our nature we express depends on culture and context. When opponents of evolution object that human beings are not mere apes, they are correct. We are also part bee. ~ Jonathan Haidt
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Haidt
Earlier in the day, while killing some hours by circling in blue ballpoint ink every uppercase M in the front section of a month-old New York Times, Chip had concluded that he was behaving like a depressed person. Now, as his telephone began to ring, it occurred to him that a depressed person ought to continue staring at the TV and ignore the ringing - ought to light another cigarette and, with no trace of emotional affect, watch another cartoon while his machine took whoever's message. That his impulse, instead, was to jump to his feet and answer the phone - that he could so casually betray the arduous wasting of a day - cast doubt on the authenticity of his suffering. He felt as if he lacked the ability to lose all volition and connection with reality the way depressed people did in books and movies. It seemed to him, as he silenced the TV and hurried into his kitchen, that he was failing even at the miserable task of falling properly apart. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Franzen
He would wake from sleep to miss the weight that never depress the bed next to him, remember in earnest the weight of gestures she never made, long for the un-weight of her un-arm slung over his too real chest, making his widower's remembrances that much more convincing and the pain that much more real. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
My neediness is not a hole to be filled but something beneath the skin scratching to get out. ~ Jonathan Evison
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Evison
I could write more, but that is all that matters. ~ Jonathan Safran Foer
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Safran Foer
It's almost as if each instant is our last and first. We are always dying, and always reborn. And that is living. ~ Jonathan Weiner
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Weiner
Ambition is all very well, my lad, but you must cloak it. ~ Jonathan Stroud
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Stroud
The cross of Jesus says to us there is nothing God won't do to bring us home
except force us to choose him. The cross is God laying down his great power so we might be compelled by the beauty of his heart. He will not coerce us, but only woo us. ~ Jonathan Martin
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Martin
Sex with a squirrel who had exciting breasts beneath her little-kid pajamas was not without its appeal, ~ Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Franzen
I look at my father, who was in many ways an unhappy person, but who, not long before he got sick, said that the greatest source of satisfaction in his life had been going to work in the company of other workers. ~ Jonathan Franzen
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Franzen
He asked me, "what were the usual causes or motives that made one country go to war with another?" I answered "they were innumerable; but I should only mention a few of the chief. Sometimes the ambition of princes, who never think they have land or people enough to govern; sometimes the corruption of ministers, who engage their master in a war, in order to stifle or divert the clamour of the subjects against their evil administration. Difference in opinions has cost many millions of lives: for instance, whether flesh be bread, or bread be flesh; whether the juice of a certain berry be blood or wine; whether whistling be a vice or a virtue; whether it be better to kiss a post, or throw it into the fire: what is the best colour for a coat, whether black, white, red, or gray: and whether it should be long or short, narrow or wide, dirty or clean; with many more. Neither are any wars so furious and bloody, or of so long a continuance, especially if it be in things indifferent. ~ Jonathan Swift
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Swift
I don't believe in synergy. I believe that things have to be specific to the medium that they're in. ~ Jonathan Meades
Jonathan Sachs quotes by Jonathan Meades
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