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Her character became a label based on what she wore
The girl in the mini skirt soon began to be called a whore ~ Manali Manan Desai
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Manali Manan Desai
Chase opened the mini fridge. "Wanna drink?" He asked.
"No thank you and you shouldn't either."
"Oh I definitely need one, besides it numbs the hunger." He grabbed a few of the tiny bottles from the door shelf.
"Then by all means get your drink on." Samuel chuckled. ~ S.L. Ross
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by S.L. Ross
After I had written seventeen full-length mysteries, two volumes of mini-mysteries, a travel guide and some quiz books, not to mention a spin-off Roman Mystery Scrolls series, I thought it was time I moved to new historical pastures. ~ Caroline Lawrence
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Caroline Lawrence
Dear Camryn,

I never wanted it to be this way. I wanted to tell you these things myself, but I was afraid. I was afraid that if I told you out loud that I loved you, that what we had together would die with me. The truth is that I knew in Kansas that you were the one. I've loved you since that day when I first looked up into your eyes as you glared down at me from over the top of that bus seat. Maybe I didn't know it then, but I knew something had happened to me in that moment and I could never let you go.

I have never lived the way I lived during my short time with you. For the first time in my life, I've felt whole, alive, free. You were the missing piece of my soul, the breath in my lungs, the blood in my veins. I think that if past lives are real then we have been lovers in every single one of them. I've known you for a short time, but I feel like I've known you forever.

I want you to know that even in death I'll always remember you. I'll always love you. I wish that things could've turned out differently. I thought of you many nights on the road. I stared up at the ceiling in the motels and pictured what our life might be like together if I had lived. I even got all mushy and thought of you in a wedding dress and even with a mini me in your belly. You know, I always heard that sex is great when you're pregnant. ;-)

But I'm sorry that I had to leave you, Camryn. I'm so sorry…I wish the story of Orpheus and Eurydice was real ~ J.A. Redmerski
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by J.A. Redmerski
There's a list of foods I can't have in the house. Peanut butter, can't have that in the house. Potato chips, can't have that in the house. Random little small mini candy bars, don't even think about it. I just have to watch everything. I have to stay between 1500 and 1600 calories a day. That's it. ~ Richard Simmons
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Richard Simmons
Writing tips are like mini skirts. Sometimes they fit perfectly, sometimes they make you cry, and sometimes you can reuse the material and sew yourself a pillow or something. ~ Chelsea Cain
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Chelsea Cain
Really, Luther, if I knew you were that hungry, I would've picked up some takeout."
At the sound of my voice, he turned. "You!"
"What is this?" He looked at Julie. "Mini-you? ~ Ilona Andrews
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Ilona Andrews
She held a scarlet sequin dress to her chest and posed in front of a mirror. Too hot. She put it back and took a black mini. Too dreary. Then a blue as pale as a whisper caught her eye. She took the dress. The material was silky and clinging. Perfect for a goddess. On the floor below the dress sat scrappy wraparound high-heeled sandals that matched the blue.
She didn't understand why she needed to dress up to meet Stanton but the impulse to steal into the storage room had been rising in her since the sun set.
She took the dress and sandals back to her room, then sat on the floor and painted her toenails and fingernails pale blue. She drew waves of eternal flames and spiral hearts in silver and blue around her ankles and up her legs with body paints.
When she was done, she pressed a Q-tip into glitter eye shadow and spread sparkles on her lid and below her eye. With a sudden impulse she swirled the lines over her temple and into her hairline. She liked the look.
She rolled blue mascara on her lashes, then brushed her hair and snapped crystals in the long blond strands. She squeezed glitter lotion into her palms and rubbed it on her shoulders and arms. Last she took the dress and stepped into it. She turned to the mirror on the closet door.
A thrill ran through her. Her reflection astonished her. She looked otherworldly, a mystical creature... eyes large, skin glowing, eyelashes longer, thicker. Everything about her was more powerful and sleek and fairy ~ Lynne Ewing
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Lynne Ewing
Lyrics paved my teenage route to loving words. I take those passionate mini-stories with me everywhere. ~ Carla H. Krueger
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Carla H. Krueger
When you parent, it's crucial you realize you aren't raising a mini-me, but a spirit throbbing with its own signature. For this reason, it's important to separate who you are from who each of your children is. Children aren't ours to possess or own in any way. When we know this in the depths of our soul, we tailor our raising of them to their needs, rather than molding them to fit our needs. ~ Shefali Tsabary
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Shefali Tsabary
I have visualizations where I'm living in a really cool place - probably outside of town - with a really dope studio where I can record music or film things. Just have my own mini production house. That's really the thing I'd love to end up with the most and only do gigs when I needed to and also amass a little bit of a crew around me. ~ Reggie Watts
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Reggie Watts
Don't U want someone to complete you the way Mini-Me completed Dr. Evil? Someone who shares the same tastes in music food who will finish
... my sentences? The last thing I need is someone stealing the punch lines to all my jokes. ~ Teresa Medeiros
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Teresa Medeiros
Here came the waitress. She had on a mini-skirt, high heels, see-through blouse with padded brassiere. Everything was too small for her: her outfit, the world, her mind. Her face was hard as steel. When she smiled it hurt. It hurt her and it hurt me. She kept smiling. That smile was so false the hairs on my arms rose. I looked away. ~ Charles Bukowski
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Charles Bukowski
I loved you, I did. I believe I even sold myself a bit: on your love, my lust, your hair and just the way we stood there. How the air smelled of you, the way your shirt was cursed with blues. The way we danced by the ocean in front your mini-garden. The white fence, your loveliness and the heavenly kisses. It'll always be the sheets, lying beside, holding your arm and kissing your hair in a loving stride. ~ Dominic Riccitello
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Dominic Riccitello
The appeal of the paranormal bad boy - or James Bond super-spy, as one example of male escapism - can sometimes make everyday problems seem less dire. Thus, a few hours spent immersed in the world of the wicked yet alluring hero is the equivalent of a mini-vacation. ~ Jeaniene Frost
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Jeaniene Frost
I always have mini bottles of Unbreakable, the fragrance I did with my husband. I'm Armenian, so I'm oily and always have blotting papers. ~ Khloe Kardashian
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Khloe Kardashian
Soup's here," Judd finally said after we watched each other for a few minutes.
As I sipped the broth, Judd pretended to ignore me. I knew he wasn't really watching television. His face was too perfectly stoic like he was working hard to make himself seem cold.
"Do you want the rest?" I asked.
Judd frowned at me. "If I wanted soup, I'd have ordered myself some. I'm not a dog begging for scraps."
Scowling at his ridiculous anger, I shrugged. "I don't want to waste the rest. Can we put it in the mini fridge and I'll eat it in the morning?"
Judd's frown eased. "Fuck it. I'll eat it."
"No, it's mine," I said, standing up. "I offered and you got grumpy. Now, you can't have it."
"I'll just eat it after you go to sleep."
"I respect your honesty," I said, setting the bowl into the little fridge next to the expensive treats. "It's a rare quality in a thief."
Judd grinned. ~ Bijou Hunter
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Bijou Hunter
Groupies and hangers-on somehow fancy themselves entitled to the narcissist's favour and largesse, his time, attention, and other resources. They convince themselves that they are exempt from the narcissist's rage and wrath and immune to his vagaries andabuse
. This self-imputed and self-conferred status irritates the narcissist no end as it challenges and encroaches on his standing as the only source of preferential treatment and the sole decision-maker when it comes to the allocation of his precious and cosmically significant wherewithal.
The narcissist is the guru at the centre of a cult. Like other gurus, he demands complete obedience from his flock: his spouse, his offspring, other family
members, friends, and colleagues. He feels entitled to adulation and special treatment by his followers. He punishes the wayward and the straying lambs. He enforces discipline, adherence to his teachings, and common goals. The less accomplished he is in reality – the more stringent his mastery and the more pervasive the brainwashing.
Cult leaders are narcissists who failed in their mission to "be someone", to become famous, and to impress the world with their uniqueness, talents, traits, and skills. Such disgruntled narcissists withdraw into a "zone of comfort" (known as the "Pathological Narcissistic Space") that assumes the hallmarks of a cult.
The – often involuntary – members of the narcissist's mini-cult inhabit a twilight zone of his own construction. He ~ Sam Vaknin
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Sam Vaknin
Oh my God the fantasies are my favorite thing that we do each episode by far. And the great thing now is that instead of one an episode sometimes we do as many as two. We did one in each of the mini-series. And so far - I mean I keep thinking I can't have another favorite and then they keep topping it. ~ Debra Messing
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Debra Messing
Jonas, Tate's teenaged son ... looking like mini-Tate, giving me the understanding that in a few years, me and every woman over twenty-five years of age in Carnal would be moved to become a cougar. ~ Kristen Ashley
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Kristen Ashley
You are grown, Abby, dear. You're amazing. I don't know why you don't see that." "But, that's just it. I do see that. I know I'm amazing and that people should get over the past and see that I'm an adult who likes to dance and not just knit. They need to get over the fact that my parents always fought and don't even know who I am anymore. They need to know that I'm not the goody-goody they think I am. But that's not going to happen in a town where everyone knows the exact brand of tampons I use and when I need to buy them." Jordan curled a lip and shook her head. "That's just sick. You know, that was one part of small-town living I didn't miss." "Yeah, just wait until they make a connection to when you stop buying them. Because believe me, they're watching to see when you and Matt make a mini Cooper." She laughed at her own joke, even as Jordan's eyes widened. "You're kidding, right? We just got married. ~ Carrie Ann Ryan
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Carrie Ann Ryan
My bedtime was 8 P.M. But on 'Cosby' nights, I got to stay up until 8:30. Real big deal. This is when they could afford to do a completely different title sequence in TV every year. I always looked forward to that. It was like a mini musical at the top of the show. My favorite was the Top Hat fancy version. ~ Christine Lakin
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Christine Lakin
I respect people that are die-hard film people, but I started on video. I started on Hi8 video and mini-DV, and I made skate videos. So, I love film, and I love the way it looks, but I also love the way crappy video looks, or VHS. I've always been a fan of whatever the look is that's appropriate for what the feeling is. ~ Spike Jonze
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Spike Jonze
It's like a mini Bourbon Street with less culture and more disgusting hookers. ~ Tucker Max
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Tucker Max
Eddie was intensely dedicated too. Adrian sometimes called him mini-Dimitri ~ Richelle Mead
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Richelle Mead
Creating gerbil strokes requires a mini-operation performed by mini-instruments on a mini-subject. All told, this was the most satisfying aspect of the project for me. ~ Katrina Firlik
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Katrina Firlik
I go from a full working day to making sure I am home for dinner with my kids. I couldn't do that in a 10cm mini skirt but I am not going to resort to sweatpants and an old t-shirt. ~ Donatella Versace
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Donatella Versace
California is an unbelievable state. One day I might be in a spiritual place like Joshua Tree, then before I know it, I'm eating groovy sushi in a mini-mall. I'm a Cali girl through and through. ~ Drew Barrymore
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Drew Barrymore
Basically, I know there's no turning back the clock, and it's sort of pointless to mourn what has passed, but I don't know if the alternatives now really replicate the learning experience that I had, in terms of what I gained from making mini-comics. There were certain components of it that are completely gone because of being able to just throw stuff up on your blog the minute you're done with it. ~ Adrian Tomine
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Adrian Tomine
Holding hands is like giving someone a mini-hug. ~ Cassia Leo
Heemskerk Mini S quotes by Cassia Leo
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