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It's really easy to get PR with no results & it actually feels like you're really actually cool, but in a year you'll still have nothing. ~ Sam Altman
Guayama Pr quotes by Sam Altman
I had a party to plan, reminders to send, some positive PR to get out, L.A. travel plans to take care of and now a bit of a conspiracy to start unraveling.
For starters.
Just another average Sunday with the M10. ~ Lola Dodge
Guayama Pr quotes by Lola Dodge
Putting thoughts into words is vastly different from putting truth into words. For words are not truth. As ardently as writers sort and select and polish their words, at the end of the day they are still words. They are not, in themselves, truth. However carefully we choose our words, no matter how eloquently we compile and conjoin and convey them, they remain just words, merely signposts that point to the truth, as Eckhart Tolle put it. Just as preachers, politicians, PR spin masters and the media can't create truth by writing or speaking words they say are true, authors can't validate truth by putting it into print. And the rest of us can't know it by simply hearing or reading the words. We can only find our way to truth by following the signposts and ultimately believing. It all comes down to believing, to faith, for there is no proof this side of the big dirt nap. ~ Lionel Fisher
Guayama Pr quotes by Lionel Fisher
My dad hates doing PR, so I volunteered to do this for him. ~ Nell Newman
Guayama Pr quotes by Nell Newman
The more PR buzzwords you include in your press release, the less likely I am to write you up ~ Ben Parr
Guayama Pr quotes by Ben Parr
On the day I turn seventeen, there is a meeting to decide whether I should have the baby or if sneaking me to a clinic for an abortion is worth the PR risk. I am not invited, which is just as well, since my being there might imply that I have some choice in the matter and I know that I have none. ~ Meghan MacLean Weir
Guayama Pr quotes by Meghan MacLean Weir
advertising or PR, which gives a short burst of traffic, search engine optimization can increase traffic to your site for months or years. ~ Jay Conrad Levinson
Guayama Pr quotes by Jay Conrad Levinson
Science is just magic with better PR. ~ Patrick Rothfuss
Guayama Pr quotes by Patrick Rothfuss
Take this. When you're ready, I want to put it on your finger. I want you to meet my son. I want you to let me bring you into my world – because I need you there. The media crap is just PR. Piece of cake for you, trust me. There are a hundred people ready to help us nail it. Let me help you rebuild your faith, because that's who you are, and I love who you are.
'Remember last fall, when you needed to be reckless, and I told you to use me? Well, now, it's time to be fearless. I can't promise that you won't be hurt again, because life can suck. And, sometimes, it hurts like hell. I'm asking you to have faith in one thing, for now: the fact that when we're alone, I'm just Reid, and you're just Dori, and we're going to love each other for the rest of our lives.'
She's staring at me, the velvet-covered box clutched in her hand. I lean forward and kiss her, tasting her tears or my own, I don't know which. 'Come to me when you're ready to be fearless. Unless you can look me in the eye right now and tell me you don't love me.'
Lower lip trembling, she says nothing, and I kiss her again before I leave. ~ Tammara Webber
Guayama Pr quotes by Tammara Webber
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Guayama Pr quotes by David Foster Wallace
[Beware of] the fallacy of misplaced concreteness [mistaking an abstraction for concrete reality, for actuality]

In the inescapable flux, there is something that abides; in the overwhelming permanence, there is an element that escapes into flux. Permanence can be snatched only out of flux; and the passing moment can find its adequate intensity only by its submission to permanence.

Error is the price we pay for progress.

In the real world it is more important that a proposition be interesting than that it be true. The importance of truth is that it adds to interest.

Creativity is the universal of universals characterizing ultimate matter of fact. It is that ultimate principle by which the many, which are the universe disjunctively, become the one actual occasion, which is the universe conjunctively. It lies in the nature of things that the many enter into complex unity.

The aim of science is to seek the simplest explanations of complex facts. We are apt to fall into the error of thinking that the facts are simple because simplicity is the goal of our quest. The guiding motto in the life of every natural philosopher should be, "Seek simplicity and distrust it."

It requires a very unusual mind to undertake the analysis of the obvious.

[From various of Whitehead's books, not only PR] ~ Alfred North Whitehead
Guayama Pr quotes by Alfred North Whitehead
The pharmaceutical industry likes to depict itself as a research-based industry, as the source of innovative drugs. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is their incredible PR and their nerve. ~ Marcia Angell
Guayama Pr quotes by Marcia Angell
Britain's passion for Christmas and huge white weddings dates from Victorian times - both were low-key celebrations before Victoria and her PR machine. ~ Kate Williams
Guayama Pr quotes by Kate Williams
Repertitious has not had nearly the success in entering the language that serendipitous has had, most likely because its PR team isn't nearly as good. The noun form of the latter, serendipity, was made up in the 1750s by the novelist Horace Walpole, based on Serendip (a former name for Sri Lanka). Repertitious, on the other hand, has its first mention in Thomas Blount's dictionary of 1656. Writers - 1, lexicographers - 0. Resentient ~ Ammon Shea
Guayama Pr quotes by Ammon Shea
Darwin's Bestiary


Animals tame and animals feral
prowled the Dark Ages in search of a moral:
the canine was Loyal, the lion was Virile,
rabbits were Potent and gryphons were Sterile.
Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Pride - every peril
was fleshed into something phantasmic and rural,
while Courage, Devotion, Thrift - every bright laurel
crowned a creature in some mythological mural.

Scientists think there is something immoral
in singular brutes having meat that is plural:
beasts are mere beasts, just as flowers are floral.
Yet between the lines there's an implicit demurral;
the habit stays with us, albeit it's puerile:
when Darwin saw squirrels, he saw more than Squirrel.


The ant, Darwin reminded us,
defies all simple-mindedness:
Take nothing (says the ant) on faith,
and never trust a simple truth.
The PR men of bestiaries
eulogized for centuries
this busy little paragon,
nature's proletarian -
but look here, Darwin said: some ants
make slaves of smaller ants, and end
exploiting in their peonages
the sweating brows of their tiny drudges.

Thus the ant speaks out of both
sides of its mealy little mouth:
its example is extolled
to the workers of the world,
but its habits also preach
the virtues of ~ Philip Appleman
Guayama Pr quotes by Philip Appleman
I saw my life if I stayed at the PR firm, and the dread and fear of that life. ~ Jessica Pan
Guayama Pr quotes by Jessica Pan
As new mainstream customers are acquired and new markets are conquered, the product becomes part of the public face of the company, with important implications for PR, marketing, sales, and business development. In most cases, the product will attract competitors: copycats, fast followers, and imitators of all stripes. ~ Eric Ries
Guayama Pr quotes by Eric Ries
The history of PR is ... a history of a battle for what is reality and how people will see and understand reality. ~ Stuart Ewen
Guayama Pr quotes by Stuart Ewen
In college, I majored - I can't believe there is such a thing - in advertising. And I worked in advertising and PR for a while, and I liked it. ~ Traylor Howard
Guayama Pr quotes by Traylor Howard
We do need these two words, "public" and "relations" - and, of course, those words are still extremely important.
However, those 3 billion people who are social media users are all dealing with "relations," and everything has become "public"!
With social media, everything has been "public" for quite a while now; there is nothing "nonpublic" anymore. ~ Maxim Behar
Guayama Pr quotes by Maxim Behar
Opinions are 10 a penny. In the spin-driven, PR-controlled world of the 21st century, hard facts are rare indeed. ~ David Hewson
Guayama Pr quotes by David Hewson
Infamy is the new PR.
--Scandalocity by Coerte V.W. Felske ~ Coerte V.W. Felske
Guayama Pr quotes by Coerte V.W. Felske
When I turned pro, I made a vow to myself never to bow to PR bullshit, to never be untrue to myself, and I'm proud to say that I've never really deviated from that principle - often with some fairly incendiary results. Having ~ Cavendish Mark
Guayama Pr quotes by Cavendish Mark
I think we still do have a PR problem in the sense that these institutions portray themselves quite often as a museum without the contemporary wing. For a young cutting-edge person, why would you get into that sort of business, which is very clearly geared towards dead or almost dead people? ~ Esa-Pekka Salonen
Guayama Pr quotes by Esa-Pekka Salonen
PR and marketing doesn't sell books. It gets attention for them. It sends readers to bookstores and websites to read a few pages. ~ M.J. Rose
Guayama Pr quotes by M.J. Rose
At the very beginning, when the PR industry was invented, some 110 years ago, about 95 percent of the relations in politics and in busi- ness were hidden from the public - only the convenient information was made available, no more than 5 percent. ~ Maxim Behar
Guayama Pr quotes by Maxim Behar
And that's why you are a brilliant choice for pilot. Octogenarian Grandmother Paves Way for Humanity."

"You can't pave the stars. I'm not a grandmother. And I'm sixty-three not eighty."

"It's a figure of speech. The point is that you're a PR goldmine."

I had known that they asked me to helm this mission because of my age - it would be a lot to ask of someone who had a full life ahead of them. Maybe I was naive to think that my experience in establishing the Mars colony was considered valuable.

How can I explain the degree to which I resented being used for publicity? This wasn't a new thing by a long shot. My entire career has been about exploitation for publicity. I had known it, and exploited it too, once I'd realized the power of having my uniform tailored to show my shape a little more clearly. You think they would have sent me to Mars if it weren't intended to be a colony? I was there to show all the lady housewives that they could go to space too. Posing in my flight suit, with my lips painted red, I had smiled at more cameras than my colleagues.

I stared Garrett Biggs and his fork. "For someone in PR, you are awfully blunt. ~ Mary Robinette Kowal
Guayama Pr quotes by Mary Robinette Kowal
PR is everything and everywhere. PR is the King and the Slave, the Game Changer and the Boss, the revolution! Indeed, the Global PR Revolution! ~ Maxim Behar
Guayama Pr quotes by Maxim Behar
I've always viewed myself as a brand. When I started 10 years ago, that was very controversial. 'Marketing' and 'PR' were dirty words for the literary world, but that has changed. Once the book is finished, I want as many people as possible to read it. ~ Camilla Lackberg
Guayama Pr quotes by Camilla Lackberg
There are always things to examine. What's great is not feeling that I have to refuse any of them. Maybe no good from a PR perspective, but from the point of view of everyday life, it keeps things interesting. ~ Fred Frith
Guayama Pr quotes by Fred Frith
The mistake isn't releasing something bad. The mistake is to launch it and get PR people involved. You don't want people to start amping up expectations for an early version of your product. The best entrepreneurship happens in low-stakes environments where no one is paying attention, like Mark Zuckerberg's dorm room at Harvard. ~ Eric Ries
Guayama Pr quotes by Eric Ries
If I had one dollar left, I'd spend it on PR ~ Bill Gates
Guayama Pr quotes by Bill Gates
Atheists are suffering from bad PR. What if Sesame Street had an atheist character? ~ Dan Barker
Guayama Pr quotes by Dan Barker
Freedom of speech is priceless to me. So is the freedom of expres- sion of thoughts and beliefs as an expression of yourself, the free- dom of showing that you are different, the freedom of being the force motivating people around you, and the freedom of being motivated by the successes of others. ~ Maxim Behar
Guayama Pr quotes by Maxim Behar
I honestly think that with our generation - Alex Wang, Prabal Gurung, Jason Wu, Christian Cota, Robert Geller - there's a different expectation of what our behavior should be. People expect designers to be good businesspeople and PR people, and I don't think partying is a part of that persona the way it used to be. ~ Joseph Altuzarra
Guayama Pr quotes by Joseph Altuzarra
Recognizing a problem may help us to understand and solve a problem. Rather than lying down and selling our sound judgment short, let us appeal to the opulent granary of our memory and explore the green pastures lingering in our mind. ("Prêt-à-penser") ~ Erik Pevernagie
Guayama Pr quotes by Erik Pevernagie
People working on bigger ideas on a more protracted timeline will be more on the stealth side. They aren't releasing new PR announcements every day. The bigger the secret and the likelier it is that you alone have it, the more time you have to execute. There may be far more people going after hard secrets than we think. ~ Peter Thiel
Guayama Pr quotes by Peter Thiel
However, despite the increasing interest in PR as a study discipline, Badran et al. (2003) note that these university programmes are generally heavily centred towards courses on mass media and new technologies, and teach either PR or advertising courses, or both. On the whole, Taylor (2001) argues that the Middle East needs more PR research. She stresses that education of and ethical issues facing PR professionals in these nations are very important for the future development of the field. ~ Anonymous
Guayama Pr quotes by Anonymous
As 1968 began to ebb into 1969, however, and as "anticlimax" began to become a real word in my lexicon, another term began to obtrude itself. People began to intone the words "The Personal is The Political." At the instant I first heard this deadly expression, I knew as one does from the utterance of any sinister bullshit that it was - cliché is arguably forgiven here - very bad news. From now on it would be enough to be a member of a sex or gender, or epidermal subdivision, or even erotic "preference," to qualify as a revolutionary. In order to begin a speech or ask a question from the floor, all that would be necessary by way of preface would be the words: "Speaking as a..." The could follow any self-loving description. I will have to say this much for the old "hard" Left: we earned our claim to speak and intervene by right of experience and sacrifice and work. It would never have done for any of us to stand up and say that our sex or sexuality pr pigmentation or disability were qualifications in themselves. There are many ways of dating the moment when The Left lost - or I would prefer to say, discarded its moral advantage, but this was the first time that I was to see the sellout conducted so cheaply. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Guayama Pr quotes by Christopher Hitchens
You'd think after 8 years of things called 'The Patriot Act' and 'No Child Left Behind' they would know that we have figured out the 'Call it what it ain't' PR ploy by now, but ... um ... no. ~ Hal Sparks
Guayama Pr quotes by Hal Sparks
When a PR person asks why is it a big deal that they got your name wrong or sent you a pitch on something you would never cover, it's because when you get hundreds of those a day, it's incredibly annoying. It's basically like having telemarketers call you all day long for something you never want to buy. ~ Sarah Lacy
Guayama Pr quotes by Sarah Lacy
What does it mean to be an 'open source' society? What does one mean when one says one has an 'open mind'? Open source means that its a society everybody can work on improving. It has a synergy that allows the best minds to float on top, since there is no entropical hierarchy of mediocrity - once everything stays fluid there is the odd chance for genius elements to actually lead. Such is the case now in Turkey. The protesters are a fluid synergy that have no entropical leadership, and thus the most brilliant PR moves are made by the resistance, who are opposed by the worst sort of mediocrity that is totally at odds with reality. An 'open mind' follows a similar process, but in this case the entropy hides in the hierarchy of ideas that is implanted in the brain: once a person follows mediocre ideas - such as the 'idea' that 'marriage is the meaning of life' or 'having a job is the purpose of existence' etc - then the phenomenon of the 'open mind' becomes already impossible, for there is an internal hierarchy of entropy present that will prevent any sort of original impulse to have the meaning it truly has. Hence, the only way to escape the mediocrity of ones own mind is to allow anything to build and revise it. ~ Martijn Benders
Guayama Pr quotes by Martijn Benders
I think if you would have cut Houdini with a knife, blood wouldn't come out, PR would. ~ Criss Angel
Guayama Pr quotes by Criss Angel
Inbound PR is about being human-centered with content that is relevant, remarkable, and created for a specific audience and its needs. ~ Iliyana Stareva
Guayama Pr quotes by Iliyana Stareva
Unfortunately, we are very poor with PR skills but in serving people- we are superhero. ~ Ghulam Nabi Azad
Guayama Pr quotes by Ghulam Nabi Azad
There are many wire services where you can publish your news releases. Some of the recommendable ones are Business Wire, Marketwire, PR Newswire and PRWeb. ~ Ashley Schweigert
Guayama Pr quotes by Ashley Schweigert
Good policy always trumps bad public relations. And the best PR can't trump bad policy. ~ Bob Schieffer
Guayama Pr quotes by Bob Schieffer
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