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The Iranian people were converted to Islam not very much longer after the conquest of the Arab world by Islam, but they refused to adopt the Arabic language, and it's a great point of pride to them that Persian culture and the Persian language and Persian literature survived the conversion to Islam. And the conversion to Islam also was for most of them not the Sunni majority form, but the Shia one. So there's a great discrepancy between Iranian society and many other of what we think of as Arab Muslim States and systems. ~ Christopher Hitchens
Great Discrepancy quotes by Christopher Hitchens
What a great discrepancy there is between people and the results they achieve! It is due to the difference in their power of calling together all the rays of their ability, and concentrating them upon one point. ~ Orison Swett Marden
Great Discrepancy quotes by Orison Swett Marden
They walked on rather aimlessly. He hoped she wouldn't notice he was touched, because he wouldn't have known how to explain why. Here lay the great discrepancy between aesthetic truth and sleazy reality. ~ Patrick White
Great Discrepancy quotes by Patrick White
I will not mince words. There's been enough mincing for one day. Therefore, I shall ask my question bluntly: How does a man know that his body has been turned inside out? ... His eyes can see the back of his skull with an alarming clarity. I am told it hurts like hell. Especially when he refuses to explain why he has been investigating the hangman's replacement ~ Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
Great Discrepancy quotes by Taona Dumisani Chiveneko
Chris smiled at me, showing two ridiculously cute dimples and a few feet away a waitress dropped an empty cup she had cleared from a table. Blushing, she muttered an apology and hurried inside.

I scowled at him, refusing to be swayed by his charm.

"I see," he murmured, nodding slightly as if he had just solved a puzzle.
"See what?" Ignoring my question, he pulled out a cell phone, hit a number and held the phone out to me. I hesitated for a few seconds then took the phone and put it to my ear.
"What's up, Chris?" said a familiar deep voice on the other end.
"Good question," I responded tersely.
"I told Chris you'd recognize him if he got too close." Was that amusement in his tone?
"Great. You won the bet. Buy him a beer or whatever." I glanced at Chris, saw that he looked amused now, too and I grew even more agitated. "I thought we had an understanding when you left here last week."
"And what understanding would that be?" I gritted my teeth. "The one where you go your way and I go mine and we all live happily ever after."
"I don't recall that particular arrangement," he replied in his infuriatingly easy manner. "I believe I told you I'd be seeing you again."
I opened my mouth but words would not come out. People say 'I'll be seeing you' all the time when they say good bye. It doesn't mean anything. It certainly doesn't mean they will send their friends to stalk you.
"What do you want from me, Niko ~ Karen Lynch
Great Discrepancy quotes by Karen  Lynch
I defy my honored opponents to give me the name of a single man imprisoned in the United States, Great Britain, or West Germany for being an atheist. But in former communist countries, millions of our Christian brothers and sisters in faith have passed through jails or been killed. Who has fought for freedom and obtained it - atheists or Christians? ~ Richard Wurmbrand
Great Discrepancy quotes by Richard Wurmbrand
All great novels are great fairy tales. ~ Vladimir Nabokov
Great Discrepancy quotes by Vladimir Nabokov
They're happy to be Siamese twins. They feel blessed. But the rest of us have to go through the world alone. And they don't. And because they have this great attitude, they have a lot of friends. They were the kings of the prom. You know, they were in the state championship hockey team. You know, they're the goalie. And it's just they're a couple of winners who happen to be Siamese twins. ~ Peter Farrelly
Great Discrepancy quotes by Peter Farrelly
I've been musically inclined since I picked up an instrument in the fourth grade. I just really appreciate music. I love to listen to it; I love to sing. I wouldn't consider myself, like, a natural singer. I just developed it over time, honestly, just listening. I'm a great listener to music. ~ Kyrie Irving
Great Discrepancy quotes by Kyrie Irving
Even when a prohibition in a fairy-story is guessed to be derived from some taboo once practised long ago, it has probably been preserved in the later stages of the tale's history because of the great mythical significance of prohibition. A sense of significance may indeed have lain behind some of the taboos themselves. Thou shalt not - or else thou shalt depart beggared into endless regret. The gentlest 'nursery-tales' know it. Even Peter Rabbit was forbidden a garden, lost his blue coat, and took sick. The Locked Door stands as an eternal Temptation. ~ J.R.R. Tolkien
Great Discrepancy quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien
It occurs to me,Jim,that you spend too much time trying to be interesting. Why don't you invest more time being interested?
Collin's advice from John Gardner that he took to heart. ~ James C. Collins
Great Discrepancy quotes by James C. Collins
Who and of what import were the men whose bones bulk the Great Wall, the thirty million Mao starved, or the thirty million children not yet five who die each year now? Why, they are the insignificant others, of course; living or dead, they are just some of the plentiful others ... And you? To what end were we billions of oddballs born? ~ Annie Dillard
Great Discrepancy quotes by Annie Dillard
It is not brains or intelligence that is needed to cope with the problems with Plato and Aristotle and all of their successors to the present have failed to confront. What is needed is a readiness to undervalue the world altogether. This is only possible for a Christian ... All technologies and all cultures, ancient and modern, are part of our immediate expanse. There is hope in this diversity since it creates vast new possibilities of detachment and amusement at human gullibility and self-deception. There is no harm in reminding ourselves from time to time that the "Prince of this World" is a great P.R. man, a great salesman of new hardware and software, a great electric engineer, and a great master of the media. It is his master stroke to be not only environmental but invisible for the environmental is invincibly persuasive when ignored. ~ Marshall McLuhan
Great Discrepancy quotes by Marshall McLuhan
I never really set out to be a comedian, but as a kid, I loved doing sketches and playing characters. And then a great friend kept telling me I should be a comedian, so I followed her advice and gave it a shot. ~ Jerrod Carmichael
Great Discrepancy quotes by Jerrod Carmichael
I have more energy to run after our four children. Weight loss and great skin were a bonus! ~ Niecy Nash
Great Discrepancy quotes by Niecy Nash
I pity the small creatures the most, he thought. Those who have done the least harm. They above all do not deserve this. The goat-thing will single them out for the greatest suffering; it will afflict them in proportion to their innocence ... this is its method by which the great balance is tilted from rectitude, and the Plan undone. It will accuse the weak and destroy the helpless; it will use its power against those least able to defend themselves. And, most of all, it will devour the little hopes, the meager dreams of the small.
Here we must intervene, he said to himself. To protect the small. This is our first task and the first line of our defense. ~ Philip K. Dick
Great Discrepancy quotes by Philip K. Dick
Great faith equals great power. ~ Matshona Dhliwayo
Great Discrepancy quotes by Matshona Dhliwayo
I am an average player, but even the great players don't have an average of 42, with a strike-rate of 75. ~ Misbah-ul-Haq
Great Discrepancy quotes by Misbah-ul-Haq
How very seldom do you encounter in the world a man of great abilities, acquirements, experience, who will unmask his mind, unbutton his brains, and pour forth in careless and picturesque phrase all the results of his studies and observation; his knowledge of men, books, and nature. On the contrary, if a man has by any chance an original idea, he hoards it as if it were old gold; and rather avoids the subject with which he is most conversant, from fear that you may appropriate his best thoughts. ~ Benjamin Disraeli
Great Discrepancy quotes by Benjamin Disraeli
When Roy's 32nd Division arrived in France, the Great War had been grinding on for over three years. Though called the "War to End All Wars," it was the "War that Went on Forever" to those in it. The lines were static, the casualties horrendous, and hope for any breakthrough was fleeting. ~ Paul T. Dean
Great Discrepancy quotes by Paul T. Dean
Colonialism is an idea born in the West that drives Western countries - like France, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain - to occupy countries outside of Europe. ~ Ahmed Ben Bella
Great Discrepancy quotes by Ahmed Ben Bella
Great leaders don't blame the tools they are given. Great leaders work to sharpen them. ~ Simon Sinek
Great Discrepancy quotes by Simon Sinek
There's so many great films coming out. It's still kind of astonishing to me how certain films get ignored, and that film ended up getting ignored and didn't get the attention that it deserved at Sundance. ~ Elvis Mitchell
Great Discrepancy quotes by Elvis Mitchell
Back out of all this now too much for us,
Back in a time made simple by the loss
Of detail, burned, dissolved, and broken off
Like graveyard marble sculpture in the weather,
There is a house that is no more a house
Upon a farm that is no more a farm
And in a town that is no more a town.
The road there, if you'll let a guide direct you
Who only has at heart your getting lost,
May seem as if it should have been a quarry -
Great monolithic knees the former town
Long since gave up pretense of keeping covered.
And there's a story in a book about it:
Besides the wear of iron wagon wheels
The ledges show lines ruled southeast-northwest,
The chisel work of an enormous Glacier
That braced his feet against the Arctic Pole.
You must not mind a certain coolness from him
Still said to haunt this side of Panther Mountain.
Nor need you mind the serial ordeal
Of being watched from forty cellar holes
As if by eye pairs out of forty firkins.
As for the woods' excitement over you
That sends light rustle rushes to their leaves,
Charge that to upstart inexperience.
Where were they all not twenty years ago?
They think too much of having shaded out
A few old pecker-fretted apple trees.
Make yourself up a cheering song of how
Someone's road home from work this once was,
Who may be just ahead of you on foot
Or creaking with a buggy load of grain.< ~ Robert Frost
Great Discrepancy quotes by Robert Frost
I peek over the back of the couch and there she is, my goddess of death, her hair snaking out in a great black cloud, her teeth grinding hard enough to make living gums bleed. ~ Kendare Blake
Great Discrepancy quotes by Kendare Blake
My son is a great kid and does super well in school. I couldn't be prouder of him. What I tell him is, 'You don't want to just be known for being the son of a rich rock 'n' roll star.' I've seen a lot of kids like that. I want him to be happy, work hard and create his own thing. I tell him, 'You're not gonna be one of these kids up on stage playing with me. If you wanna have hits - write your own. Then we can play together.' ~ Kid Rock
Great Discrepancy quotes by Kid Rock
Having a great dad probably permitted me to pal around with guys in a way that some women don't. ~ Mary Karr
Great Discrepancy quotes by Mary Karr
Giving style to one's character - a great and rare art! It is exercised by those who see all the strengths and weaknesses of their own natures and then comprehend them in an artistic plan until everything appears as art and reason and even weakness delights the eye. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
Great Discrepancy quotes by Friedrich Nietzsche
I think I learned a lot on Beaches. A guy I worked with Dante Spinotti is a wonderful cinematographer and it was his first picture and he went on to be nominated for an Academy Award for "LA Confidential" which was great. ~ Garry Marshall
Great Discrepancy quotes by Garry Marshall
I have a really great show jacket from Lavalliere that's really well made, and I have a great pair of Gucci jodhpurs, which is hilarious. ~ Edie Campbell
Great Discrepancy quotes by Edie Campbell
I've had plentiful opportunities for great things. Just didn't open my eyes. ~ Johan Coetzer
Great Discrepancy quotes by Johan Coetzer
WHEN I WAS LITTLE, I was so girlie and ambitious, I was practically a drag queen. I wanted to be everything at once: a prima ballerina, an actress, a model, a famous artist, a nurse, an Ice Capades dancer, and Batgirl. I spent inordinate amounts of time waltzing around our living room with a doily on my head, imagining in great detail my promenade down the runway as the new Miss America, during which time I would also happen to receive a Nobel Prize for coloring. ~ Susan Jane Gilman
Great Discrepancy quotes by Susan Jane Gilman
His being too enveloped in opaque promise, choking the faculty with it. Eyes streaming and throats constricted with the noxious concentrate of Cork's great post-millennial of hope. Oh God, that was it. Ryan was all tied up in nasty knots of his own smothering competence. ~ Lisa McInerney
Great Discrepancy quotes by Lisa McInerney
Oxford is wonderful. I'm having a great time. We do go out, but I still try to spend most of my time studying in the library. ~ Chelsea Clinton
Great Discrepancy quotes by Chelsea Clinton
Give him to me," said Anne. "Not everybody wants to French kiss the dog, Mal." The blond, heavily tattooed man grinned, handing the fur baby over. "But he's a great kisser. I taught him myself. ~ Kylie Scott
Great Discrepancy quotes by Kylie Scott
A great doctor kills more people than a great general. ~ Gottfried Leibniz
Great Discrepancy quotes by Gottfried Leibniz
Wayne: I don't feel we did wrong in taking this great country away from them ... the Indians were selfishly trying to keep it for themselves ... I'm quite sure that the concept of a Government-run reservation ... seems to be what the socialists are working for now
to have everyone cared for from cradle to grave ... But you can't whine and bellyache 'cause somebody else got a break and you didn't, like those Indians are. We'll all be on a reservation soon if the socialists keep subsidizing groups like them with our tax money. ~ John Wayne
Great Discrepancy quotes by John Wayne
From the eyes of the ice, sunset is a big event, it is a great opportunity to live longer! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Great Discrepancy quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
You have to go through rough patches to achieve great things ~ Victoria Azarenka
Great Discrepancy quotes by Victoria Azarenka
Everyone's attention span is getting shorter. As a result, everything - films, music, art - gets watered down and dumber. Every now and again, you get something great, but not often. ~ Kelis
Great Discrepancy quotes by Kelis
Great people have great egos; maybe that's what makes them great. ~ Paul Arden
Great Discrepancy quotes by Paul Arden
What are the five products you want to focus on? Get rid of the rest, because they're dragging you down. They're turning you into Microsoft. They're causing you to turn out products that are adequate but not great. ~ Walter Isaacson
Great Discrepancy quotes by Walter Isaacson
We can't think of any better way of becoming our best selves, than by finding something we're great at! ~ Reshma Saujani
Great Discrepancy quotes by Reshma Saujani
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