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Yes, there is some thought about making a film of My Name Is Asher Lev. ~ Chaim Potok
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Chaim Potok
For all the pain you suffered, my mama. For all the torment of your past and future years, my mama. For all the anguish this picture of pain will cause you. For the unspeakable mystery that brings good fathers and sons into the world and lets a mother watch them tear at each other's throats. For the Master of the Universe, whose suffering world I do not comprehend. For dreams of horror, for nights of waiting, for memories of death, for the love I have for you, for all the things I remember, and for all the things I should remember but have forgotten, for all these I created this painting - an observant Jew working on a crucifixion because there was no aesthetic mold in his own religious tradition into which he could pour a painting of ultimate anguish and torment. ~ Chaim Potok
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Chaim Potok
A first edition of Peter Pan appeared gift-wrapped on my bed - Lucy admitted that Asher had drafted her to help deliver that present. ~ Corrine Jackson
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Corrine Jackson
My name is Asher Lev ... I am a traitor, an apostate, a self-hater, an inflicter of shame upon my family, my friends, my people; also, I am a mocker of ideas sacred to Christians, a blasphemous manipulator of modes and forms revered by Gentiles for two thousand years. ~ Chaim Potok
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Chaim Potok
Freedom from anxiety is characterized by three inner attitudes. If what we have we receive as a gift, and if what we have is to be cared for by God, and if what we have is available to others, then we will possess freedom from anxiety. This is the inward reality of simplicity. However, if what we have we believe we have gotten, and if what we have we believe we must hold onto, and if what we have is not available to others, then we will live in anxiety. Such persons will never know simplicity regardless of the outward contortions they may put themselves through in order to live the simple life. ~ Richard J. Foster
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Richard J. Foster
You are lovely, brilliant, witty ... the incredible words which would relieve her of any need to repay him or refuse his gifts; loveliness and wit were priced higher than any gift he offered, while if a girl were loved, even old women of hard experience would admit her right to take and never give. ~ Graham Greene
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Graham Greene
"What is honor?" "Honor is what no man can give ya. And none can take away. Honor is man's gift to himself." "Do women have it?" "Women have a heart of honor, and we cherish and protect it in 'em. We must never mistreat a woman or malign a man, or standby and see another do so." "How do you know you have it?" "Never worry on the gift of it. It grows in ya' and speaks to ya'. All ya' need do is listen" ... ~ Rob Roy MacGregor
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Rob Roy MacGregor
The thing that really breeds career longevity in this profession is doing good work. You can make $20 million a movie, but does that mean you'll still have a job when you're 60? It's a profession that eats people up and wants constant turnaround, so you have to dedicate yourself to learning and making the most of whatever gift you may have. ~ Ethan Hawke
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Ethan Hawke
Thanks to technology, we now have access to the entirety of human knowledge from a device that fits in our pocket. The internet is humanity's greatest gift. ~ Nicky Verd
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Nicky Verd
The great gift of the human imagination is that it has no limits or ending. ~ Jim Rohn
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Jim Rohn
Am I a trance medium? No. Have I got a gift psychically? Absolutely not. But I believe in the survival of consciousness after death. ~ Dan Aykroyd
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Dan Aykroyd
The gift of being able to speak with a holy God because of the righteousness we gain through Jesus on the cross is an indescribable miracle! ~ Alisa Hope Wagner
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Alisa Hope Wagner
Was there anything quite so painful, so fraught with the possibilities of hurt, as gift giving within a family? ~ Paul Russell
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Paul Russell
Maybe I can tell you," said Miss Maudie. "If your father's anything, he's civilized in his heart. Marksmanship's a gift of God, a talent - oh, you have to practice to make it perfect, but shootin's different from playing the piano or the like. I think maybe he put his gun down when he realized that God had given him an unfair advantage over most living things. I guess he decided he wouldn't shoot till he had to, and he had to today." "Looks like he'd be proud of it," I said. "People in their right minds never take pride in their talents," said Miss Maudie. We ~ Harper Lee
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Harper Lee
My father was a very good craftsman. He made furniture, he made silverware and he had an incredible gift in terms of how you can make something yourself. ~ Jonathan Ive
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Jonathan Ive
David (David Foster Wallace) had a caffeine social gift: Her was charmingly, vividly, overwhelmingly awake - he acted on other people like a slug of coffee - so they're the five most sleepless days I every spent with anyone. ~ David Lipsky
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by David Lipsky
The knowledge that you have emerged wiser and stronger from setbacks means that you are, ever after, secure in your ability to survive. You will never truly know yourself, or the strength of your relationships, until both have been tested by adversity. Such knowledge is a true gift, for all that it is painfully won, and it has been worth more than any qualification I ever earned. ~ J.K. Rowling
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by J.K. Rowling
I believe in God, who made of one blood all nations that on earth do dwell. I believe that all men, black and brown and white, are brothers, varying through time and opportunity, in form and gift and feature, but differing in no essential particular, and alike in soul and the possibility of infinite development. ~ W.E.B. Du Bois
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by W.E.B. Du Bois
I truly realized that health is a precious, fragile gift. We are all guilty of taking it for granted. I felt so guilty that it took something like this to make me realize what was important. ~ Lisa Wainland
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Lisa Wainland
It's been said that love is all there is; that a lack of love causes people to do evil things. I can buy that. Take it a step further: capitalism, by itself, is not a bad thing; but when taken to an extreme, as it has been in America - when Christmas is but a measuring stick for how well the economy is doing, when Wall Street and the banking industry turn nescient heads to morality in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar, when love of money overshadows love of self and others - what then?
In the grand scheme of the universe - whatever that scheme may be - when one considers its immensity, that it has existed for billions of years, some of us realize how insignificant our seventy or eighty years is; while others, for whatever reason (selfishness?) pursue materialism to a vulgar degree. In the end, what does all that matter, really?
It's nice to spoil oneself from time to time; but really, life's true gift to oneself is doing and giving to others. That's love. ~ J. Conrad Guest, Novelist
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by J. Conrad Guest, Novelist
Take advantage of every opportunity to practice your communication skills so that when important occasions arise, you will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people. ~ Jim Rohn
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Jim Rohn
Of course his name would be Dominic. It meant "gift from God." AKA a life-support system for an ego. Still, that didn't mean he wasn't fun to stare at. Dominic Rossi looked like a dream, the kind of dream no woman in her right mind would want to wake from.
She had always been susceptible to male beauty, ever since the age of ten, when her mother had taken her to see Michelangelo's David in Florence. She recalled staring at that huge stone behemoth, all lithe muscles and gorgeous symmetry, indifferent about his nudity, his member inspiring a dozen questions her mother brushed aside. ~ Susan Wiggs
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Susan Wiggs
When I was ten years old I was actually given McDonald's gift certificates for Christmas by my mom. Yes, my own mother. I guess she couldn't find gift certificates for a vending machine. I like to think it was her way of saying, "Merry Christmas. Here are some coupons for poison." McDonald's introduced the gift certificate prior to the obesity epidemic. I'm not saying that McDonald's gift certificates caused the obesity epidemic, but in retrospect, the timing is kind of suspicious. ~ Jim Gaffigan
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Jim Gaffigan
Life, U May told her, is a gift full of riddles in which suffering and happiness are inextricably intertwined. Any attempt to have one without the other was simply bound to fail. The monastery itself was surrounded ~ Jan-Philipp Sendker
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Jan-Philipp Sendker
Librarians were somewhat on a par with God-who else could be bothered with, and better yet, know the answers to so many different types of questions? Knowledge was power, but a good librarian did not hoard the gift. She taught others how to find, where to look, how to see. ~ Jodi Picoult
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Jodi Picoult
Let us thank God for having called us to His holy faith. It is a great gift, and the number of those who thank God for it is small. ~ Alphonsus Liguori
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Alphonsus Liguori
So is that what I am to you? Just another hammer?"

"Of course," said Sir Alec. "And so am I. So is everyone with a gift that can be exploited. ~ K.E. Mills
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by K.E. Mills
The greatest moment of your life is now.
Not because it's pleasant or happy or easy, but because this moment is the only moment you've got. Every past moment is irretrievably gone. It's never coming back. If you live there, you lose your life.
And the future is always out there somewhere. You can spend an eternity waiting for tomorrow, or worrying about tomorrow. If you live there, you likewise will lose your life.
This moment is God's irreplaceable gift to you. ~ John Ortberg
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by John Ortberg
Angus, when you're done with the brick, I shall add some oiled rags. That will make it smoke even worse."
Angus turned an admiring glance at his partner in crime. "Miss,ye've a gift fer this,ye do."
She chuckled,the sound just as seductive, except for the hint of mockery. "I'm becoming as adept at this as the new owner is at shirking his duty."
"Now,miss,he might have a good reason not to rush here."
"Like what?"
"I don't know.Perhaps he won several houses at the card game and has been visitin' them all."
"It's far more likely he was waylaid by a lass with loose morals. From what I hear, the man's a lace-bedecked profligate."
Blast the woman and her rude assumptions! He may have stayed in Stirling to sample the charms of a widow, but that did not make a lace-bedecked profligate.What burned the most was that she was correct in her assumption about what had kept him away from his new acquisition. ~ Karen Hawkins
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Karen Hawkins
The time has come to reclaim the stolen harvest and celebrate the growing and giving of good food as the highest gift and the most revolutionary act. ~ Vandana Shiva
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Vandana Shiva
Relax. The thought of going home tonight and leaving you to your dreams just about did me in. Let's see if you still dream sleeping next to me. If you don't, terrific. If you do, I'm here. But there's no way I can lay my head down ten minutes away from you wondering if you're battling those demons by yourself. ~ Brynne Asher
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Brynne Asher
How can I give her what Don Fey gave me? The gift of anxiety. The fear of getting in trouble. The knowledge that while you are loved, you are not above the law. ~ Tina Fey
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Tina Fey
He it is, if any man today possesses the gift, who knows where to dissolve the human figure, who has the courage to sacrifice an harmonious line in order to detect rhythm and murmur of the blood, who takes light that has been refracted inside him and lets it flood the keyboard of color. Behind the minutiae, the chaos, the mockery of life, he detects the invisible pattern; he announces his discoveries in the metaphysical pigment of space. No searching formulae, no crucifixion of ideas, no compulsion other than to create. Even as the world goes to smash there is one man who remains at the core, who becomes more solidly fixed and anchored, more centrifugal as the process of dissolution quickens. ~ Henry Miller
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Henry Miller
More profoundly, Nihilist "simplification" may be seen in the universal prestige today accorded the lowest order of knowledge, the scientific, as well as the simplistic ideas of men like Marx, Freud, and Darwin, which underlie virtually the whole of contemporary thought and life.

We say "life," for it is important to see that the Nihilist history of our century has not been something imposed from without or above, or at least has not been predominantly this; it has rather presupposed, and drawn its nourishment from, a Nihilist soil that has long been preparing in the hearts of the people. It is precisely from the Nihilism of the commonplace, from the everyday Nihilism revealed in the life and thought and aspiration of the people, that all the terrible events of our century have sprung.
The world-view of Hitler is very instructive in this regard, for in him the most extreme and monstrous Nihilism rested upon the foundation of a quite unexceptional and even typical Realism. He shared the common faith in "science," "progress," and "enlightenment" (though not, of course, in "democracy"), together with a practical materialism that scorned all theology, metaphysics, and any thought or action concerned with any other world than the "here and now," priding himself on the fact that he had "the gift of reducing all problems to their simplest foundations." He had a crude worship of efficiency and utility that freely tolerated "birth control", laughed at the institution ~ Seraphim Rose
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Seraphim Rose
Donald Trump is a big Christmas gift wrapped under the tree for Hillary Clinton. She desperately hopes she runs against Donald Trump. I, however, am the lump of coal in Mrs. Clinton's stocking, and she desperately hopes she does not run against me. ~ Carly Fiorina
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Carly Fiorina
You have made Commerce a god that weighs on humanity like a twenty-four-pound boil on a man's back (117-118) ~ Walter Mosley
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Walter Mosley
She fucks because she loves it and loves through it. It is her gift to the world, and I am lucky enough to be a part of that world. ~ Alessandra Torre
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Alessandra Torre
Few footprints of the great remain in the sand before the ever-flowing tide. Long ago it washed out Homer's. Curiosity follows him in vain; Greece and Asia perplex us with a rival Stratford-upon-Avon. The rank of Aristophanes is only conjectured from his gift to two poor players in Athens. The age made no sign when Shakespeare, its noblest son, passed away. ~ Robert Aris Willmott
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Robert Aris Willmott
The highest compliment we can give to God, our Creator, is to thoroughly enjoy the gift of life. One should never look a gift universe in the mouth! The best way to pay for a beautiful moment is to enjoy it. ~ Ronald Rolheiser
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Ronald Rolheiser
You have been waiting for a gift all the while but you forgot that you are the gift - unwrap the gem within and shine! ~ Bernard Kelvin Clive
Gift Of Asher Lev quotes by Bernard Kelvin Clive
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