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Future and past meet during the present. ~ Jazz Feylynn
Future And Past Meet quotes by Jazz Feylynn
The softer your heart is the less that your past is forming your present and your future. When there is openness and softness of heart, what forms the present and the future is not your past but the reality of your own being. ~ John De Ruiter
Future And Past Meet quotes by John De Ruiter
Look to the past only to find ways to improve your present and future, never to find regrets. Don't let what has happened in the past limit your life now. Let your past expand your life. ~ Avina Celeste
Future And Past Meet quotes by Avina Celeste
If you separate from ... everything you have done in the past, everything that disturbs you about the future ... and apply yourself to living the life that you are living-that is to say, the present-you can live all the time that remains to you until your death in calm, benevolence, and serenity. ~ Marcus Aurelius
Future And Past Meet quotes by Marcus Aurelius
He was staring down another loss, and, though he had to be logical, though he knew her to be logical, he saw the stricken look of betrayal on her face, and all of those arguments threatened to fly away from him. What was history anyway but the lies of the winning few? Why was it worth protecting, when it forgot the starving child under siege, the slave woman on her deathbed, the man lost at sea? It was an imperfect record written by a biased hand, diluted to garner the most agreement from competing parties. He was tempted to see her point, to imagine that she could realign the past and present and future into something beautiful. God, if anyone was capable of it, it would be her. ~ Alexandra Bracken
Future And Past Meet quotes by Alexandra Bracken
The wicked lie, that the past is always tense and the future, perfect. ~ Zadie Smith
Future And Past Meet quotes by Zadie Smith
If you let the past rule you it will hold you from blessings in the future. If you let the future rule you, before it happens, you block your destiny and blessings from occurring. Live each day, one day, one moment at a time and let God heal the past and let him decide your future ! Yesterday is gone and tomorrow is not yet here so enjoy today to the fullest and your future will be a much happier and brighter beginning ! ~ Doug Prentice
Future And Past Meet quotes by Doug Prentice
She used to imagine her parents and happy endings she would never have. Now she envisioned torments that were all too real.
She pictured one of Cinderella's stepsisters planting her foot on a cutting board - and biting down hard as the cleaver chopped through the bone of her big toe.
She imagined a princess used to safety, luxury, throwing the rank hide of a donkey over her shoulders, its boneless face drooping past her forehead like a hideous veil.
And she imagined her future self, flat on her back in bed, limbs as heavy as if they'd been chained down. Mice scurried across her body, leaving footprints on her dress. Spiders spun an entire trousseau's worth of silk and draped her in it, so it appeared she wore a gown of the finest lace, adorned with rose petals and ensnared butterflies. Beetles nestled between her fingers like jeweled rings - lovely from a distance, horrific up close. ~ Sarah Cross
Future And Past Meet quotes by Sarah Cross
He thought about a thousand things but these in his rapid walk to his quarters - his past life and future chances - the fate which might be before him - the wife, the child perhaps, from whom unseen he might be about to part. Oh, how he wished that night's work undone! and that with a clear conscience at least he might say farewell to the tender and guileless being by whose love he had set such little store! ~ William Makepeace Thackeray
Future And Past Meet quotes by William Makepeace Thackeray
Mutants are necessary to maintain the essence of our selves. Our genomes has negotiated a fragile balance between counterpoised forces, pairing strand with opposite strand, mixing past and future, pitting memory against desire. It is the most human of all things that we possess. Its stewardship may be the ultimate test of knowledge and discernment of our species. ~ Siddhartha Mukherjee
Future And Past Meet quotes by Siddhartha Mukherjee
Larry's short list for doing better: Stop complaining about your results. (No one really cares, anyway.) Whining about the problem only prolongs the problem. Take a realistic look at your results and think about what you have done or not done in the past that contributed to them. Go to the closest mirror, look yourself in the eye, and say, "This is all my fault." Take responsibility. Do a reality check and admit that change has been going on for a good long while and you survived. You will survive this, too. Make a list of what you are going to do differently in the future to change your results. Doing better is the result of deciding to do better and then taking action on that decision. Get ~ Larry Winget
Future And Past Meet quotes by Larry Winget
When two people fall in love, past and future disappear. ~ Paulo Coelho
Future And Past Meet quotes by Paulo Coelho
This manifesto only refers to future marriages, and does not affect past conditions. ~ Wilford Woodruff
Future And Past Meet quotes by Wilford Woodruff
Past and future are the same, and we cannot change either, only know them more fully. My journey to the past had changed nothing, but what I had learned had changed everything, and I understood that it could not have been otherwise. If our lives are tales that Allah tells, then we are the audience as well as the players, and it is by living these tales that we receive their lessons. ~ Ted Chiang
Future And Past Meet quotes by Ted Chiang
Your body exists in the past and your mind exists in the future. In yoga, they come together in the present. ~ B.K.S. Iyengar
Future And Past Meet quotes by B.K.S. Iyengar
Although she had resisted this knowledge all her life, had lived determinedly in the future focused there by ambition, she understood at last that this was the real condition of humanity: The dance of life occurred not yesterday or tomorrow, but only here at the still point that was the present. This truth is simmple, sel-evident, but difficult to accept, for we sentimentalize the past and wallow in it, while we endure the moment and in every waking hour dream of the future. ~ Dean Koontz
Future And Past Meet quotes by Dean Koontz
Your past has already been written and the words cannot be changed, but your future is waiting to be written; make it a bestseller. ~ Abigail Landsbrook
Future And Past Meet quotes by Abigail Landsbrook
I bring my past I bring my future I bring my rights and I bring my song I stand atop the Hacienda and shout We belong Here. We belong. ~ Lemn Sissay
Future And Past Meet quotes by Lemn Sissay
Time ...
Once it's gone, it belongs to the past.
We do not hold on to the now, and
We do not treasure the future ...
We keep receiving this present, but we never open and cherish it until it is too late.
Until it comes no more. ~ Michelle Horst
Future And Past Meet quotes by Michelle Horst
Whether we live in Sri Lanka or Malaysia or India, the U.K. or the U.S., we face similar issues of understanding, remembering the past that has made us and seeing the future we want. ~ Romesh Gunesekera
Future And Past Meet quotes by Romesh Gunesekera
When you realize that you live in, that indeed you are this moment now, and no other, that apart from this there is no past and no future, you must relax and taste to the full, whether it be pleasure or pain. At once it becomes obvious why this universe exists, why conscious beings have been produced, why sensitive organs, why space, time, and change. The whole problem of justifying nature, of trying to make life mean something in terms of its future, disappears utterly. Obviously, it all exists for this moment.

It is a dance, and when you are dancing you are not intent on getting somewhere. You go round and round, but not under the illusion that you are pursuing something, or fleeing from the jaws of hell. ~ Alan W. Watts
Future And Past Meet quotes by Alan W. Watts
I ask you to forgive me for not fulfilling some hopes of those people who believed that we would be able to jump from the totalitarian past into a bright, rich and civilized future in one go. ~ Boris Yeltsin
Future And Past Meet quotes by Boris Yeltsin
As we walked the streets together, cups of bitter coffee warming our hands, the present told its story all around us. The present has no need for us to do anything except exactly what we're doing. It's the past and future that needs our voices in order to live. So as we walked, as you spoke of yourself and your family, as you spoke of your past, I began to think of the future. I began to put us into a story. What happens after that first night is where I live sometimes, when I can gather enough of us together again, and this is how it goes. ~ Christopher Barzak
Future And Past Meet quotes by Christopher Barzak
Sons of suicides seldom do well. Characteristically, they find life lacking a certain zing. They tend to feel more rootless than most, even in a notoriously rootless nation. They are squeamishly incurious about the past and numbly certain about the future to this grisly extent: they suspect that they, too, will kill themselves. ~ Kurt Vonnegut
Future And Past Meet quotes by Kurt Vonnegut
As you have learnt something of time, value and make a proper use of it. Once past, it knows no return; how necessary, then, that you spend it in improving your mind and fitting it for future happiness and usefulness. ~ Dorothea Dix
Future And Past Meet quotes by Dorothea Dix
Someday, the people we know, are acquainted to become the people we knew. They leave. They leave to pursue the opportunities laid down in their paths and they leave on account of misunderstandings.
Their absence causes a vacuum, a space, an incompleteness which we believe no one can fill. But someday, someone eventually does and that someone rekindles our hopes for companionship, until the circle continues and is ultimately intervened by the permanence of death.
The future is alarming, as atrocious as the past. And the friendship, the love, the memories either remain in our hearts cherished or are forgotten like an undeserving dream.
Everything eventually fades away, either for the better or worse.
Someday, the people we know, are acquainted to become the people we knew.
But then again, that someday is not today and so we must be a little more appreciative, for the moment, for the times, for the present because someday everything is going to change. ~ Chirag Tulsiani
Future And Past Meet quotes by Chirag Tulsiani
Have I said clearly enough that the Community we created is not an end in itself? It is a process of change, continuing in that same process which in an earlier period produced our national forms of life. The sovereign nations of the past can no longer solve the problems of the present: they cannot ensure their own progress or control their own future. And the Community itself is only a stage on the way of the organized world of tomorrow. ~ Jean Monnet
Future And Past Meet quotes by Jean Monnet
I pulled up at home and saw Marlboro Man's truck next to the house. When I walked in the door of our little white house, he was there, sitting on the bench, taking off his boots.
"Hey," he said, leaning back against the wall. "How're you doing?"
"Better," I replied. "I had a Frosty."
He pulled off his left boot. "What'd you find out?"
"Well," I started. My lip began to quiver.
Marlboro Man stood up. "What's wrong?" he said.
"I'm p…" My lip quivered even more, making it difficult to speak. "I'm pregnant!" I cried. The tears started rolling.
"What?" he exclaimed, moving toward me. "Really?"
All I could do was nod. The lump in my throat was too big for me to talk.
"Oh, wow." He moved in, hugging me close. I guess he hadn't expected it either.
I just stood there and cried silently. For our past…for our future. For my nausea and my fatigue. For receiving a diagnosis.
As for Marlboro Man, he just stood there and held me as he always had when I'd broken into unanticipated crying attacks, all the while trying his best not to explode with excitement over the fact that his baby was growing in my belly. ~ Ree Drummond
Future And Past Meet quotes by Ree Drummond
There is only one law of Nature-the second law of thermodynamics-which recognises a distinction between past and future more profound than the difference of plus and minus. It stands aloof from all the rest ... It opens up a new province of knowledge, namely, the study of organisation; and it is in connection with organisation that a direction of time-flow and a distinction between doing and undoing appears for the first time. ~ Arthur Eddington
Future And Past Meet quotes by Arthur Eddington
I love it when I meet a woman who was poor as a child and maybe had an abusive family, and broke out and found the one and they're married with a very healthy home and children, and they've let go of regret and their past and decided to embrace their journey and what that stands for. ~ Abbie Cornish
Future And Past Meet quotes by Abbie Cornish
Paying attention to the present moment without letting your thoughts and ideas about the past and the future get in the way is essential. ~ Ed Catmull
Future And Past Meet quotes by Ed Catmull
Yesterday I stood at the temple door interrogating the passersby about the mystery and merit of Love.
And before me passed an old man with an emaciated and melancholy face, who sighed and said:
"Love is a natural weakness bestowed upon us by the first man."
But a virile youth retorted:
"Love joins our present with the past and the future."
Then a woman with a tragic face sighed and said:
"Love is a deadly poison injected by black vipers, that crawl from the caves of hell. The poison seems fresh as dew and the thirsty soul eagerly drinks it; but after the first intoxication the drinker sickens and dies a slow death."
Then a beautiful, rosy-cheeked damsel smilingly said:
"Love is a wine served by the brides of Dawn which strengthens strong souls and enables them to ascend to the stars."
After her a black-robed, bearded man, frowning, said:
"Love is a divine knowledge that enables men to see as much as the gods."
Then said a blind man, feeling his way with a cane:
"Love is a blinding mist that keeps the soul from discerning the secret of existence, so that the heart sees only trembling phantoms of desire among the hills, and hears only echoes of cries from voiceless valleys."
And a feeble ancient, dragging his feet like two rags, said, in quavering tones:
"Love is the rest of the body in the quiet of the grave, the tranquility of the soul in the depth of Eternity."
And a five-year-old child, after h ~ Kahlil Gibran
Future And Past Meet quotes by Kahlil Gibran
We fall back into the past, we jump ahead into the future, and in this we lose our entire lives. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
Future And Past Meet quotes by Thich Nhat Hanh
It is the fear of the past; a fear not merely of the evil in the past, but of the good in the past also. The brain breaks down under the unbearable virtue of mankind. There have been so many flaming faiths that we cannot hold; so many harsh heroisms that we cannot imitate; so many great efforts of monumental building or of military glory which seems to us at once sublime and pathetic. The future is a refuge from the fierce competition of our forefathers. ~ G.K. Chesterton
Future And Past Meet quotes by G.K. Chesterton
The historian is looked upon as objective when he measures the past by the popular opinions of his own time, as subjective when he does not take these opinions for models. That man is thought best fitted to depict a period of the past, who is not in the least affected by that period. But only he who has a share in building up the future can grasp what the past has been, and only when transformed into a work of art can history arouse or even sustain instincts. ~ Georg Brandes
Future And Past Meet quotes by Georg Brandes
This is written to you, my friends, because I feel led by the Spirit to preach to you. I don't mind if you call Spirit common sense, or desperate hope, or willful refusal to accept defeat. I don't mind if you conclude that religion is cant and faith is a lie. I simply want to bear witness to the truth I see and the reality I know. And without white America wrestling with these truths and confronting these realities, we may not survive. To paraphrase the Bible, to whom much is given, much is required. And you, my friends, have been given so much. And the Lord knows, what wasn't given, you simply took, and took, and took. But the time is at head for reckoning with the past, recognizing the truth of the present, and moving together to redeem the nation for our future. If we don't act now, if you don't address race immediately, there very well may be no future. ~ Michael Eric Dyson
Future And Past Meet quotes by Michael Eric Dyson
Take it easy, friend," siad Peter, regaining his balance, quickly understanding the condition Henry was in.
"Friend? You left us. In the caves." Henry's muscles tensed.
Peter stepped back cautiously. Henry didn't look like himself.
"Seems someone can't hold his drink," Peter said. He didn't go further, sensing then that Valerie might be thinking of her father.
"And now," Henry continued on his own track, stepping closer to meet him, the smell of alcohol on his breath, "my father, too is dead."
Valerie moved to Henry. "Please, don't do this," she said, stepping in. "It's not worth it."
Henry pushed past her, not realizing his own weight. The force knocked her back. Peter grabbed Henry's arm and twisted it. Overreacting, Henry reared back his fist and landed a punch in the hollow of Peter's eye. The crowd laughed as Peter fell hard to the ground.
Henry scrambled on top him, held him by the collar, forced Peter to face him as he'd never done. He looked into the eyes of the man he wanted to blame for his parents' deaths, because it was a shelter from the terrible thought that everything could be lost to a simple slip of fate. "You filth," he spat out.
This really got the villagers going. But Peter didn't laugh. He pulled a knife from his boot and leapt up, thrusting it viciously in Henry's face.
"Keep your hands off her or I'll cut them off! ~ Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
Future And Past Meet quotes by Sarah Blakley-Cartwright
The present is where we get lost - if we forget our past and have no vision of the future ~ Ayi Kwei Armah
Future And Past Meet quotes by Ayi Kwei Armah
Live for the present, as the past has gone and the future as yet to arrive. ~ LadyTiara
Future And Past Meet quotes by LadyTiara
That was why we were going to get past this and every other hurdle we faced: We would always meet each other halfway. She ~ Sylvia Day
Future And Past Meet quotes by Sylvia Day
Memory is fragile and the space of a single life is brief, passing so quickly that we never get a chance to see the relationship between events; we cannot gauge the consequences of our acts, and we believe in the fiction of past, present, and future, but it may also be true that everything happens simultaneously. ~ Isabel Allende
Future And Past Meet quotes by Isabel Allende
It is pretty clear that they are ineffective in stopping the course of thought at present, but they have not always been so in the past and we cannot be sure that they will not be so in the future. ~ John Desmond Bernal
Future And Past Meet quotes by John Desmond Bernal
Epicurus is right, that happiness is up at auction all the time, and sold in lots to suit the purchaser whenever he bids high enough. And the price is not exorbitant: prudence to plan for the simple pleasures that can be had for the asking; resolution to cut off the pleasures that come too high; determination to amputate our reflections the instant they develop morbid symptoms, and to take an anti-toxine against fret and worry, the moment we feel the approach of their contagious atmosphere; concentration, to live in a self-chosen present from which profitless regret and unprofitable anxieties, projected from the past or borrowed from the future, are absolutely banished. ~ William De Witt Hyde
Future And Past Meet quotes by William De Witt Hyde
I think that a good Left is a party that always thinks about the future and doesn't care much about our past sins. ~ Richard Rorty
Future And Past Meet quotes by Richard Rorty
Bitterness does not pay. Certain things have happened to all of us in the past and it is for us to forget those and to look to the future. ~ Susan Williams
Future And Past Meet quotes by Susan Williams
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