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Every human face is more enigmatic than the timeworn expression on the famous Sphinx out there in the sands of Egypt. ~ Dean Koontz
Fracture Famous quotes by Dean Koontz
Man has always wanted something holy, sacred.
Just being kind to others, being sensitive, polite, considerate, thoughtful and affectionate: that hasn't got depth, it hasn't got vitality. Unless you find out in your life something really sacred which has depth, which has tremendous beauty, which is the source of everything, life becomes very superficial. You may be happily married, with children, a house and money, you may be clever and famous, but without that perfume
everything becomes like a shadow that has no substance. ~ Jiddu Krishnamurti
Fracture Famous quotes by Jiddu Krishnamurti
We like to believe that we live in a grand age of creative individualism. We look back at the midcentury era in which the Berkeley researchers conducted their creativity studies, and feel superior. Unlike the starched-shirted conformists of the 1950s, we hang posters of Einstein on our walls, his tongue stuck out iconoclastically. We consume indie music and films, and generate our own online content. We "think different" (even if we got the idea from Apple Computer's famous ad campaign). But the way we organize many of our most important institutions - our schools and our workplaces - tells a very different story. ~ Susan Cain
Fracture Famous quotes by Susan Cain
The world of publishing is in crisis. It's no coincidence that the worst published writer in the world today is also one of the world's most successful writers ... Dan Brown. Now Dan Brown is not a good writer, The Da Vinci Code is not literature. Dan Brown writes sentences like "The famous man looked at the red cup." ... and it's only to be hoped that Dan Brown never gets a job where he's required to break bad news. "Doctor is he going to be alright?" "The seventy five year old man died a painful death on the large green table ... it was sad". ~ Stewart Lee
Fracture Famous quotes by Stewart Lee
Morality is like the famous fig leaves that Adam and Eve used to cover their genitals after they first sinned. But what morality really covers up is will, which is our true nature. ~ Shai Tubali
Fracture Famous quotes by Shai Tubali
When you are famous it is hard to work on small problems. This is what did Shannon in. After information theory, what do you do for an encore? The great scientists often make this error. They fail to continue to plant the little acorns from which the mighty oak trees grow. They try to get the big thing right off. And that isn't the way things go. So that is another reason why you find that when you get early recognition it seems to sterilize you. ~ Richard Hamming
Fracture Famous quotes by Richard Hamming
I have an ambition to write a great book, but that's really a competition with myself. I've noticed that a lot of young writers, people in all media, want to be famous but they don't really want to do anything. I can't think of anything less worth striving for than fame. ~ Zadie Smith
Fracture Famous quotes by Zadie Smith
This notion that man can, and should, have absolute dominion over the "chaotic" powers of nature and woman ... is what ultimately lies behind man's famous "conquest of nature" - a conquest that is today puncturing holes in the earth's ozone layer, destroying our forests, polluting our air and water, and increasingly threatening the welfare, and even survival, of thousands of living species, including our own. ~ Riane Eisler
Fracture Famous quotes by Riane Eisler
I come up short when I create music I don't like. The goal isn't to get into it to be famous; the goal is to perfect your craft and create your own sound. ~ Nikka Costa
Fracture Famous quotes by Nikka Costa
One of the many troubles of growing older is that it gets progressively harder to find a famous historical figure who hadn't yet amounted to anything by the time he was your age. ~ Sebastian Horsley
Fracture Famous quotes by Sebastian Horsley
There should be a Web site that records all the risks a person has taken, all the famous people they've met, all their gnarly trips and bad decisions. Like a Web site that ranks who's lived the most." "Isn't that called Facebook? ~ Christopher Bollen
Fracture Famous quotes by Christopher Bollen
Young, zombie, and famous, with money hanging out ma anus. ~ K. Bartholomew
Fracture Famous quotes by K. Bartholomew
That famous writer's block is a myth as far as I'm concerned. I think bad writers must have a great difficulty writing. They don't want to do it. They have become writers out of reasons of ambition. It must be a great strain to them to make marks on a page when they really have nothing much to say, and don't enjoy doing it. I'm not so sure what I have to say but I certainly enjoy making sentences. ~ Gore Vidal
Fracture Famous quotes by Gore Vidal
A memory came to me. One time, in middle school, a famous author came to talk to our class and give a writing workshop. One of the things she told us about writing a novel was that the story should be about what the main character wants. Dorothy wants to go home to Kansas. George Milton wants a farm of his own. Amelia Sedley wants to marry her darling George and live happily ever after. The end of the story, according to the famous author, is when the character either gests what he wants or realizes he's never going to get it. Or sometimes, she said, like Scarlett O'Hara in Gone With the Wind, realizes she doesn't actually want what she thought she wanted all along.
pg. 324 of Bewitching ~ Alex Flinn
Fracture Famous quotes by Alex Flinn
If you want to make a difference in someone's life, you don't need to be gorgeous, rich, famous, brilliant or perfect. you just have to care. ~ Karen Salmansohn
Fracture Famous quotes by Karen Salmansohn
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Fracture Famous quotes by Harry Potter
In his Treatise on Human Nature, the Scots philosopher David Hume posed the issue in the following way (as rephrased in the now famous black swan problem by John Stuart Mill): No amount of observations of white swans can allow the inference that all swans are white, but the observation of a single black swan is sufficient to refute that conclusion. ~ Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Fracture Famous quotes by Nassim Nicholas Taleb
Personal leadership is the process of keeping your vision and values before you and aligning your life to be congruent with them. ~ Stephen Covey
Fracture Famous quotes by Stephen Covey
He was the only world-famous piano virtuoso who abhorred his public and also actually withdrew definitively from this abhorred public. ~ Thomas Bernhard
Fracture Famous quotes by Thomas Bernhard
This was how Dinocrates, recommended only by his good looks and dignified carriage, came to be so famous. But as for me, Emperor, nature has not given me stature, age has marred my face, and my strength is impaired by ill health. ~ Vitruvius Pollio
Fracture Famous quotes by Vitruvius Pollio
I am famous because I am an African American jazz artist. ~ Nat King Cole
Fracture Famous quotes by Nat King Cole
Tom Cruise, he's a lot more famous than me. ~ David Beckham
Fracture Famous quotes by David Beckham
It's relatively easy to act nice and normal in front of a crowd, or in public. The tricky part is doing it in private. ~ Robert Black
Fracture Famous quotes by Robert Black
As Blaise Pascal put it in his famous wager: "You have to wager. It is not up to you, you are already committed."7 You can't not bet your life on something. You can't not be headed somewhere. We live leaning forward, bent on arriving at the place we long for. ~ James K.A. Smith
Fracture Famous quotes by James K.A. Smith
Ironically, the woman's initial interest may have been generated based on those elements. She agreed to go on the date because her friends told her that Brad was good-looking and that he had a good job and that he knew a lot of famous people. Even though all those things may be true, WHATs don't drive decision-making, WHATs should be used as proof of WHY, and the date plainly fell flat. ~ Simon Sinek
Fracture Famous quotes by Simon Sinek
Style begins with the people passing through one's life, the harbingers we push against and the stylemakers we want to clone. Some are famous, some not. Style grows from admiration, from longing, from discrimination - and, yes, from love. It's all the places you've been to and the people and the moments you've known: the parts you've adopted, to keep forever, and transformed. We wear our history in our hearts and on our backs. ~ Carol Edgarian
Fracture Famous quotes by Carol Edgarian
Inhaling fumes directly from burning foliage, either in a confined space such as a cave or a tent, or scooping up and breathing in the vapors from psychoactive plant materials scattered on a bowl full of hot coals, must be an extremely ancient practice. Herodotus's account from the fifth-century BCE, describing the use of small tents by the Scythians (a northwestern Iranian tribe) for inhaling the smoke of cannabis, is probably the most famous account that confirms the antiquity of the use of cannabis as a ritual intoxicant. ~ John Rush
Fracture Famous quotes by John Rush
We can create a more beautiful nature by not touching it and by leaving it alone! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Fracture Famous quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
I was there when the quote-unquote golden age of musical theater was flourishing. I met everybody who worked in theater or was famous in theater from the '40s on. ~ Harold Prince
Fracture Famous quotes by Harold Prince
The famous passage from her book is often erroneously attributed to the inaugural address of Nelson Mandela. About the misattribution Williamson said, Several years ago, this paragraph from A Return to Love began popping up everywhere, attributed to Nelson Mandela's 1994 inaugural address. As honored as I would be had President Mandela quoted my words, indeed he did not. I have no idea where that story came from, but I am gratified that the paragraph has come to mean so much to so many people. ~ Marianne Williamson
Fracture Famous quotes by Marianne Williamson
I never wanted to be famous. It was amusing at first, but now I hate it. I just wanted to be respected by people I respect. And I wanted to be rich. It's best to get rich, then you can do what you want. ~ Caitlin Moran
Fracture Famous quotes by Caitlin Moran
Italian girls are famous for being snobby and expecting men to make the first move. In America, if I don't make eye contact, the guys won't come over and talk. American girls just go for it. You men are spoiled. ~ Silvia Colloca
Fracture Famous quotes by Silvia Colloca
I can't imagine wanting to be famous just for the sake of being famous. I think fame should come along with success, talent. ~ Kat Dennings
Fracture Famous quotes by Kat Dennings
He is at once a great lazybones, pitifully ambitious, and famous for unhappiness; for his entire life he has had practically nothing but half-baked ideas. The sun of laziness, which ceaselessly glows within him, vaporizes him and gnaws away that half-genius that heaven bestowed upon him. ~ Charles Baudelaire
Fracture Famous quotes by Charles Baudelaire
A lot of times on tour it's about, 'OK, where am I today? Wow, I'm in Costa Rica. What is their famous dish?' And it's about trying the food, and really experiencing it. ~ Fergie
Fracture Famous quotes by Fergie
Love is our true destiny. ~ Thomas Merton
Fracture Famous quotes by Thomas Merton
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