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Think about it, Lee - we already know that intelligent minds produce finely tuned devices. Look at the space shuttle. Look at a television set. Look at an internal combustion engine. We see minds producing complex, precision machinery all the time.

So the existence of a supermind - or God - as the explanation for the fine - tuning of the universe makes all sense in the world. ~ Lee Strobel
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Lee Strobel
At the end of 2003, my game was complete. Shooting, defense, using the dribble, transition, midrange stuff was all there. Then it was about fine-tuning and trying to improve in each area. ~ Kobe Bryant
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Kobe Bryant
When things feel murky and unsure, fine tuning our hearing so as to distinguish the voice of our Innermost Self brings clarity. ~ Kristi Bowman
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Kristi Bowman
If ordinary citizens knew or ever really [understood] how our political leaders have allowed unemployment to be used as a tool for fine-tuning the inflation rate, they would throw the rascals out and demand a thorough purging of the ranks of government economists. ~ William Vickery, Canadian Nobel Laureate, The Cult Of Impotence, By Linda McQuaig
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by William Vickery, Canadian Nobel Laureate, The Cult Of Impotence, By Linda McQuaig
I like spending a lot of time fine-tuning all the small characters. I think it really pays off. ~ Ellen Chenoweth
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Ellen Chenoweth
Most of the model consolidation we've done is behind us. There will be some fine tuning. ~ Rick Wagoner
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Rick Wagoner
It is sad that while science moves ahead in exciting new areas of research, fine-tuning our knowledge of how life originated and evolved, creationists remain mired in medieval debates about angels on the head of a pin and animals in the belly of an Ark. ~ Michael Shermer
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Michael Shermer
When I take on a role, all I tend to do is get to know the script and ask millions of questions, and keep fine tuning what I think the character is trying to say. ~ Sophie Okonedo
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Sophie Okonedo
Intention appears to be something akin to a tuning fork, causing the tuning forks of other things in the universe to resonate at the same frequency ~ Lynne McTaggart
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Lynne McTaggart
I write very raw, ugly, illiterate first drafts very quickly (novels are always in first draft in under a year) and then I spend years and years fine-tuning, revising, editing, etc. What inspires me? Who knows. I am not inspired that much. That's why I write long form fiction - I am not much of a short story writer. Ideas come seldom, but when a good one comes, I really stick to it and see it out. I'm a problem-solver - I've never thrown out an entire manuscript; I've always forced myself to repair it until it was a lovable thing again. ~ Porochista Khakpour
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Porochista Khakpour
Rest provides fine-tuning for hearing God's messages amidst the static of life. ~ Shelly Miller
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Shelly Miller
Certainly in the movie business there are bullies all over - bullies in the distribution business, exhibition business, production. Fine-tuning adult bullying is different. When a bully is an adult, it's a whole different set of colors. ~ Martin Kove
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Martin Kove
Spirit is not a mystic concept. The spirit of a person is manifest in her aliveness, brightness of his eyes, in the resonance of her voice and in the ease and gracefulness of his movements. These qualities are related to and stem from a high level of energy in the body ... Sensing the harmony between the internal pulsation of our body and that in the universe, we feel identified with the universal, with God. We are like tuning forks vibrating at the same pitch ~ Alexander Lowen
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Alexander Lowen
Traditional arguments for the existence of God and contemporary attempts to use fine-tuning and cosmology to back up the case for his existence always strike me as kinds of games, since hardly anyone believes on the basis of these arguments at all. ~ Julian Baggini
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Julian Baggini
Think of trying to balance a pencil vertically on its tip. No matter how we try to balance the pencil, it usually falls down. In fact, it requires a fine-tuning of great precision to start the pencil balanced just right so it doesn't fall over. Now try to balance the pencil on its tip so that it stays vertical not just for one second but for years! You see the enormous fine-tuning that is involved to get Omega to be 0.1 today. The slightest error in fine-tuning Omega would have created Omega vastly different from 1. So why is Omega so close to 1 day, when by rights it should be astronomically different? ~ Michio Kaku
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Michio Kaku
Amazing fine tuning occurs in the laws that make this complexity possible. Realization of the complexity of what is accomplished makes it very difficult not to use the word 'miraculous' without taking a stand as to the ontological status of the word. ~ George F. R. Ellis
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by George F. R. Ellis
Between birth and death, neighbour, there is no business that is not risky; drinking water in a sitting position included! . The gist of the matter is to do everything with fine tuning as an acrobat does when walking a tight rope, like a carpenter measuring everything meticulously! ~ Mehmet Murat Ildan
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Mehmet Murat Ildan
Rather than being handed down from above, like the Ten Commandments, they [the laws of physics] look exactly as they should look if they were not handed down from anywhere ... they follow from the very lack of structure at the earliest moment. ~ Victor J. Stenger
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Victor J. Stenger
It is the tuning of the universe ... It's as if at the beginning of the symphony God turns up the volume just a tiny bit. ~ Benjamin Zander
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Benjamin Zander
What several decades of research has revealed about Earth's location within the vastness of the cosmos can be summed up in this statement: the ideal place for any kind of life as we know it turns out to be a solar system like ours, within a galaxy like the Milky Way, within a supercluster of galaxies like the Virgo supercluster, within a super-supercluster like the Laniakea super-supercluser. In other words we happen to live in the best, perhaps the one and only, neighborhood that allows not only for physical life's existence but also for it's enduring survival. ~ Hugh Ross
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Hugh Ross
Looking at the doctrine of Darwinism, which undergirded my atheism for so many years, it didn't take me long to conclude that it was simply too far-fetched to be credible. I realized that if I were to embrace Darwinism and its underlying premise of naturalism, I would have to believe that: 1. Nothing produces everything 2. Non-life produces life 3. Randomness produces fine-tuning 4. Chaos produces information 5. Unconsciousness produces consciousness 6. Non-reason produces reason ... The central pillars of evolutionary theory quickly rotted away when exposed to scrutiny. ~ Lee Strobel
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Lee Strobel
Difference making, by its very nature, is the art of taking something good and making it better. It's an act of fine-tuning, improving, and refining, not starting from zero. ~ David Sturt
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by David Sturt
I think that home shouldn't be a place you need to leave if you want to experience something in consonance with your innermost being. Home should be a place of experimentation and discovery, a place of peace and quiet where the most natural in each individual can be developed in fine-tuning to the desires and searches of others. ~ Oddny Eir
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Oddny Eir
True spirituality respects the vessel of creation we call "human" and intuits that because this vessel was created by God, it could only ever be perfect - even if it does need some fine-tuning from time to time. ~ Tehya Sky
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Tehya Sky
There are some who relish the quiet life. Free of the frantic and discord. I used to be one of them; until my life got loud and dramatic, down right unbearable at moments.
And now I love the volumes of my life. The adagio of my heart's beating or the metronome of the rainfall. How can one expect to live without the welcome of the bird's chirp in the morning or the night's vehement winds pounding our window pane?
The sound of joy, heartbreak, ecstasy. It is all for the fine tuning of our soul. We learn to calibrate the sounds of life. No more sensitivity, but making it all music. Go ahead, appreciate the soundtrack of your life. It makes for good dancing too. ~ Emmanuella Raphaelle
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Emmanuella Raphaelle
...God knew that I had some fine-tuning to do and obstacles to overcome before things could flow. I had to first walk through the forest, which had its periods of dense brush as well as wonderful moments where life filtered beautifully through the trees, before I could get to the meadow where I had a much clearer understanding of God. ~ Shelly Morrow Whitenburg
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Shelly Morrow Whitenburg
When the routines and circumstances of your life are set up so that your lifestyle is a good fit for your natural preferences, it can give you a feeling of being in equilibrium. This will help prevent you from getting overwhelmed by anxiety on a regular basis. And by arranging your life to suit your temperament, you'll have the time to process and calm down from life events that make you feel anxious. Some areas in which you can set up your life to fit your temperament are:

--Have the right level of busyness in your life. For example, have enough after-work or weekend activities to keep you feeling calmly stimulated but not overstimulated and scattered. Note that being understimulated (for example, having too few enjoyable activities to look forward to) can be as much of a problem as being overstimulated.
--Pick the physical activity level that's right for you. Fine-tuning your physical activity level could be as simple as getting up from your desk and taking a walk periodically to keep yourself feeling calm and alert. Lifting things (such as carrying shopping bags up stairs) can also increase feelings of alertness and energy. Having pleasurable activities to look forward to and enough physical activity will help protect you against depression.
--Have the right level of social contact in your life, and have routines that put this on autopilot. For example, a routine of having drinks after work on a Friday with friends, or attending a weekly class with yo ~ Alice Boyes
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Alice Boyes
The person who is in tune with the Universe becomes like a radio receiver, through which the voice of the Universe is transmitted. ~ Hazrat Inayat Khan
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Hazrat Inayat Khan
Look at the blogosphere - the biggest lavatory wall in the universe, a palimpsest of graffiti and execration. ~ A.C. Grayling
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by A.C. Grayling
Do not look at stars as bright spots only. Try to take in the vastness of the universe. ~ Maria Mitchell
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Maria Mitchell
We know even less about dark energy. It seems to spread out perfectly evenly, with the same density everywhere and everywhen, as if it were an intrinsic property of space-time. Unlike any conventional kind of matter (even supersymmetric particles or axions), the dark energy exerts negative pressure. It tries to pull you apart! Fortunately, although dark energy supplies about 70% of the mass of the universe as a whole, its density is only about 7 X 10 ^-30 times the density of water, and its negative pressure cancels only about 7 X 10 ^-14 of normal atmospheric pressure-less than a part in a trillion. I don't know when we'll have clearer ideas about what the dark energy is. I'd guess not very soon. I hope I'm wrong. ~ Frank Wilczek
Fine Tuning Of Universe quotes by Frank Wilczek
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