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#1. Back to my apartment? The FBI is there just waiting to slap handcuffs on me."
"Well then I guess you shouldn't have decided to become a terrorist, Harry!"
"Hey, I never
Bob raised his voice and shouted toward the centipedes, "I'm not with him! - Author: Jim Butcher
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Jim Butcher
#2. Why didn't you tell me how dangerous my feelings were?"
"There's a difference between power and danger. Your feelings are more powerful than anything in the world. But you shouldn't be afraid of them. Love is bigger than fear. - Author: Lauren Kate
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Lauren Kate
#3. We shouldn't make decisions based on feelings alone but rather should make decisions based on creating a positive difference for the future. If it's a good, logical move, or even if it simply interests you, commit to starting and taking it one step at a time. Get started, because the passion you're looking for may be just a few steps away. Passion FOLLOWS commitment, not the other way around. - Author: David Anderson
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by David Anderson
#4. Okay, so I shouldn't have fucked with her on the introduction thing. Writing nothing except, Saturday night. You and me. Driving lessons and hot sex ... in her notebook probably wasn't the smartest move. But I was itching to make Little Miss Perfecta stumble in her introduction of me. And stumbling she is.
"Miss Ellis?"
I watch in amusement as Perfection herself looks up at Peterson. Oh, she's good. This partner of mine knows how to hide her true emotions, something I recognize because I do it all the time.
"Yes?" Brittany says, tilting her head and smiling like a beauty queen.
I wonder if that smile has ever gotten her out of a speeding ticket.
"It's your turn. Introduce Alex to the class."
I lean an elbow on the lab table, waiting for an introduction she has to either make up or fess up she knows less than crap about me. She glances at my comfortable position and I can tell from her deer-in-the-headlights look I've stumped her.
"This is Alejandro Fuentes," she starts, her voice hitching the slightest bit. My temper flares at the mention of my given name, but I keep a cool facade as she continues with a made-up introduction. "When he wasn't hanging out on street corners and harassing innocent people this summer, he toured the inside of jails around the city, if you know what I mean. And he has a secret desire nobody would ever guess."
The room suddenly becomes quiet. Even Peterson straightens to attention. Hell, even I'm liste - Author: Simone Elkeles
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Simone Elkeles
#5. If we can use an H-bomb--and as you said it's no checker game; it's real, it's war and nobody is fooling around--isn't it sort of ridiculous to go crawling around in the weeds, throwing knives and maybe getting yourself killed . . . and even losing the war . . . when you've got a real weapon you can use to win? What's the point in a whole lot of men risking their lives with obsolete weapons when one professor type can do so much more just by pushing a button?'
Zim didn't answer at once, which wasn't like him at all. Then he said softly, 'Are you happy in the Infantry, Hendrick? You can resign, you know.'
Hendrick muttered something; Zim said, 'Speak up!'
I'm not itching to resign, sir. I'm going to sweat out my term.'
I see. Well, the question you asked is one that a sergeant isn't really qualified to answer . . . and one that you shouldn't ask me. You're supposed to know the answer before you join up. Or you should. Did your school have a course in History and Moral Philosophy?'
What? Sure--yes, sir.'
Then you've heard the answer. But I'll give you my own--unofficial--views on it. If you wanted to teach a baby a lesson, would you cuts its head off?'
Why . . . no, sir!'
Of course not. You'd paddle it. There can be circumstances when it's just as foolish to hit an enemy with an H-Bomb as it would be to spank a baby with an ax. War is not violence and killing, pure and simple; war is controlled violence, for a purpose. The purpose of war - Author: Robert A. Heinlein
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Robert A. Heinlein
#6. I had a serious boyfriend in high school, but we would take breaks in between. You shouldn't always have a boyfriend! - Author: Heather Morris
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Heather Morris
#7. Firenze saved me, but he shouldn't have done so. ... Bane was furious ... he was talking about interfering with what the planets say is going to happen. ... They must show that Voldemort's coming back. ... Bane thinks Firenze should have let Voldemort kill me. ... I suppose that's written in the stars as well." "Will you stop saying the name!" Ron hissed. - Author: J.K. Rowling
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by J.K. Rowling
#8. We do know, however that almost no animal routinely kills prey animal on an indiscriminate basis.
The only wild animal I've seen who will sometimes violate this rule is the coyote. Most of the time a coyote eats the animals he kills, but occasionally coyotes will go on a lamb-killing spree, killing twenty and eating only one. I believe it's possible coyotes have lost some of their economy of behavior by living in close proximity to humans and overabundant food supplies. A coyote that kills twenty lambs and eats only one isn't going to have to trek a hundred miles to find more lambs next week. Any sheep rancher will have several hundred other lambs that will be just as easy to catch later on, and the coyote knows it. Wild coyotes have probably lost the knowledge taht you shouldn't waste food or energy. - Author: Temple Grandin
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Temple Grandin
#9. You say that about everything," I complained, trailing after him. "Everything is a long story, too long to tell me. I suppose after two hundred years, or whatever, things get a little convoluted, but can't you paraphrase? How do you know the Rectors?"
When we rounded the corner, it became apparent there wouldn't be time for any stories at all, paraphrased or not. Not because the gray clouds that were hanging so threateningly overhead had burst open, the way I was half expecting them to, but because the family we'd seen earlier, along with Mr. Smith and the people holding the clipboards, were climbing into their various vehicles in the parking lot right in front of us.
It shouldn't have been a big deal. We were just an ordinary young couple, taking a late afternoon stroll through the cemetery.
I'd forgotten that, due to the "vandalism" that had occurred there earlier in the week, the cemetery gates (which John had kicked apart in a fit of temper) had been ordered locked twenty-four hours a day by the chief of police.
So it kind of was a big deal.
Still, that didn't explain why one of the women-the grandmother, if her gray hair was any indication-took one look at my face, made the sign of the cross, cried, "Dios mio!" then passed out cold right in front of us. - Author: Meg Cabot
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Meg Cabot
#10. You shouldn't dare a person who doesn't have anything left to lose. - Author: Susan Elizabeth Phillips
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
#11. Oh, and you should know ... if you keep calling me harlot, sooner or later I'm going to have a rage blackout, and then I'll wake up to find you - awfully sadly - dead."
"You threaten me? A powerless, physically weak sorceress?" he sneered. "I must amend my treatment of you forthwith."
"You've turned into a sarcastic, unbalanced, judgmental dick." To herself, she muttered, "Man, can I pick 'em."
"If you take issue with the term harlot, then perhaps you shouldn't have slept with half the Lore."
"Half?" she scoffed. "Three-quarters for the win! - Author: Kresley Cole
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Kresley Cole
#12. Everett and his mom broke up with me,thank you very much."
"You shouldn't have made out with him in his mother's scrapbooking room," Liz said sagely.
"We're seventeen,"I snapped, "and Everett and I had been dating for two months when that happened.What were we supposed to do,eat dinner with his family and keep our hands on the table where everyone could see them?I mean, you and Davis are Mr. and Mrs. Polite Reserve, and even you were macking in the hot tub an hour ago." I picked up a pink fuzzy pillow that had fallen from he bed and threw it at Liz.
"You were?" Chloe gushed. "You what? Hello,I need the details of Liz and Davis."
"Hayden!" Liz squealed, ducking behind Chloe. "I'm not saying you shouldn't have made out with Everett.I'm saying you shouldn't have done it in his mother's scrapbooking room.Location, location,location.You might have disorganized her supplies.Some people are very particular about their chipboard getting mixed up with their cardstock."
I closed my eyes,inhaled through my nose,and felt my lungs fill with air. My blood spread the life-giving oxygen throughout my body.
"Watch out,"Chloe whispered to Liz. "She's doing yoga."
My eyes snapped open.So much for controlling my temper. "Why the hell didn't you tell me Nick's mother left before I went into the sauna with him?" I hollered at Chloe.
"We didn't know he was here!" Liz came to Chloe's defense. "And if we'd warned you about him before he got here," Chloe explain - Author: Jennifer Echols
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Jennifer Echols
#13. You shouldn't have to care about a women to recognize that the sexuel degradation of all women is a problem. You should recognize that it's wrong simply because they're humans. - Author: Lyssa Kay Adams
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Lyssa Kay Adams
#14. You shouldn't have to give things up for someone. If you love them someone, you should love them for everything they do and all that they are. I love acting and I wouldn't give it up for anything, and I don't know anyone in my life who would ask me to give it up. - Author: Lindsay Lohan
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Lindsay Lohan
#15. And you also think we have time to nap?" "Just because all Hell's trying to break loose doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of yourself." "Words to live by," Jack muttered. "Well, let's hope. - Author: Gini Koch
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Gini Koch
#16. I feel like ... I don't have a wife, I don't have a kids, but ... I see rappers and I'm like, I know that's fake. I know how much you make, this is all bullshit. But people are buying into it, and you shouldn't have that power. I'm legit trying to make honest moves so that all of us can grow. I want to make a show where my sister can work on and become a producer because she can't get in, no one's leting her. I want to make things where people can actually grow. A place where people can actually be honest. - Author: Donald Glover
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Donald Glover
#17. It's every band's right, you shouldn't have to do f___ing Glee. And then the guy who created Glee is so offended that we're not, like, begging to be on his f___ing show ... f___ that guy for thinking anybody and everybody should want to do Glee. - Author: Dave Grohl
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Dave Grohl
#18. I knew that I shouldn't have, but I did it all the same; and there you have my epitaph, or one of them, because my grave is going to require a monument inscribed on all four sides with rueful mottoes, in small characters, set close together. - Author: Michael Chabon
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Michael Chabon
#19. We need people to whom we can talk and who will understand without invalidating our feelings by saying the following: You shouldn't feel that way. It's not that bad. You're overreacting. Don't be so sensitive. Where's your faith? Instead, they say, I understand. That really sounds sad. What a terrible feeling! Oh, I'm sorry you went through that. - Author: Henry Cloud
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Henry Cloud
#20. I'll fight. I'll fight for you. For us. And this time, I won't let you walk away from me. When I saw you at the hospital, I shouldn't have let you walk away. You deserved for me to fight harder even if you were the one ripping my heart out. - Author: Brooke Cumberland
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Brooke Cumberland
#21. I shouldn't have gone out so far, fish," he said. "Neither for you nor for me. I'm sorry, fish. - Author: Ernest Hemingway,
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Ernest Hemingway,
#22. I always say you shouldn't weigh yourself. I don't even have a set of scales in my house. - Author: Kim Kardashian
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Kim Kardashian
#23. You shouldn't have regrets. I'd say instead that I've learned a lot of lessons. Yes, I could have handled some things better. But they've also made me who I am today. - Author: Natalie Cole
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Natalie Cole
#24. Our lips met and parted, and his tongue
slid deep to taste me. The sounds from the peanut gallery - choking and retching - and the tug on my robe instantly drained the heat from the encounter.
"That's disgusting," Kola assured me with a glare that a six-year-old shouldn't have had.
"Why?" I asked snidely.
"Your mouth has germs," he informed me haughtily. "That's why you told Hannah not to lick Chilly."
"No, I told her not to lick Chilly because the cat doesn't like to be
licked by her."
"He licks his body."
"He does," Hannah, our four-year-old, agreed with a nod. "Kola's right."
"But he doesn't want you to do it," I assured my daughter.
"How do you know?" Kola questioned.
I had to think.
Kola waited, squinting at me.
"Do not lick the cat! Nobody licks the cat!" Sam ordered when the silence stretched for too long. - Author: Mary Calmes
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Mary Calmes
#25. . "Well precious, let this be a lesson." He snapped my hands above my head, gripping them both with only one of his. He slid his fingers down my cheek, pausing to run his thumb over my bottom lip. "You shouldn't come out to play until you have the power to party like a big girl." ~ Reese Patcher - Author: Trisha Wolfe
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Trisha Wolfe
#26. -and this could be the fire
and the wine, an idea she would like to discuss with him, or simply the pleasurable
longing involved in wanting to know when he would come back - Maria would stop what she was doing, smile up at the sky and give thanks for being alive and to be expecting nothing from the man she loved.
On the other hand, if her heart began to complain about his absence or about things she shouldn't have said while they were together, she would say to herself:
'Oh, so you want to think about that, do you? All right, then, you do what you like, while I get on with more important things. - Author: Paulo Coelho
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Paulo Coelho
#27. Now calm down, missus," Mr. Hogan said with gentle firmness. "You know you shouldn't have read that paper. Just like yer husband said, it got ye all upset."
"My husband is on trial for murder," Elizabeth argued desperately.
"Yer husband is down at the port, seein' 'bout a ship to take ye off explorin' the world."
"No, that is my brother."
"He were yer husband this afternoon," Mr. Hogan reminded her.
"He was never my husband, he was always my brother," Elizabeth insisted. "My husband-my real husband is on trial for murdering me."
"Missus," he said gently, "you ain't dead."
"Oh, my God!" Elizabeth said in a low, explosive voice as she raked her hair off her forehead, trying to think what to do, how to convince them to have Mr. Hogan take her down the coast. - Author: Judith McNaught
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Judith McNaught
#28. Jessica," he began. "Just leave me alone!" He turned her around. That she only hesitated briefly before she allowed it was a very good sign, to his mind. He pulled her close, then ran his blood-caked hand over her hair as gently as he knew how. She liked that. He would have walked from Hadrian's wall to London on his hands if she'd liked that, too. Saints, what a fool love made of a normally sane man. He rested his bruised cheek against her hair. "Jess," he whispered, "it was talk you shouldn't have heard." She tried to pull away, but he tightened his arms around her. "I said things I didn't mean." "You creep, then you don't care about me at all!" "I care," he said, forcing the words from between suddenly parched lips. He was so terrified, he was shaking. If she turned and walked away now, he wasn't sure he would survive. - Author: Lynn Kurland
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Lynn Kurland
#29. Look.I'm...uh...When you told me you'd looked at my stuff.I didn't...I shouldn't have..."
What is it about those two words-I'm sorry-that makes otherwise articulate guys into babbling idiots? I mean, I love you, I get. That's a tough one, putting yourself so completely, nakedly out there. I haven't ever said that to a guy. A guy other than Frankie or my dad, anyway. But I'm sorry? I say it twenty times a day.To Nonna, when I just can't face a three-course breakfast at seven in the morning, to the half-dozen people I bump into on my frantic rush up those eight blocks to school. To Sadie, for having to copy her algebra homework for,like,the thousandth time, because I didn't get to mine.
I'm still waiting for Leo to apologize for totalling my bike three years ago. I forgave him eventually. Riding a bike in the middle of the city is a little like playing RUssian roulette with a bus. Still, it would have been nice t have gotten an I'm sorry instead of a litany of excuses. I figure I'll be waiting forever. - Author: Melissa Jensen
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Melissa Jensen
#30. There's a certain mentality in law enforcement that says you shouldn't be the type of person who takes things personally. If you are, you're weak. Build a wall. I hear that one a lot. The problem is, I'm a person. And when another person calls me on the phone asking for my compassion and my help, I don't want them to have to jump my wall to get it. - Author: Caroline Burau
Feelings You Shouldnt Have quotes by Caroline Burau

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