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#1. Happiness is not always reading the same page in the same book. Sometimes it is just wanting to hold the others book for them to read. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#2. A soulmate will never leave you. They will always be apart of your life until one day the chance is given for them to become your life. It is then you will become one. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#3. Your soulmate will always find you, be it in this life or the next - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#4. To dream of love & wake up beside your lover is divinity itself - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#5. What happens when two broken hearts meet? Then the road gets very bumpy, but sooner or later if the pieces fit then the broken pieces from each heart will mend the other one. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#6. I don't want to be just your friend, Willow."
She took a step closer, her body pressing suggestively up against his.
"Then what do you want to be, Re?" she asked in a husky whisper.
Holding her stare, his eyes narrowed, begging to understand what she was doing to him.
"I want to be your lover."
"Such things you do say, sir," she said playfully, trying to pull away from his firm grasp.
Re's fingers tightened around her wrists. Never before had a woman refused him, not even through all the games they played with him. That this one was daring to do so, both angered and hurt him. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#7. We all dream of finding that one person whom will love us even after there are no more tomorrows. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#8. To live in the shadow of another person ... to desire to be adored as that person is ... is the weakest ambition of all. Find yourself. Be loved as yourself. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#9. I loved you ... I loved you more than all the money your father threw at me. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#10. To feel your arms around me ... to feel your breath on my neck ... is pleasure in itself. It is home. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#11. I seen the look in your eyes ... I reached out to touch you but feared I would mark your skin. I do not want just tonight, my love. I want to know that always ... always ... you will be mine. - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#12. True love is finding your soulmate in your best friend - Author: Faye Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Faye Hall
#13. If your only nice to the people that are nice to you, big deal; what do you want, a gist certificate? Everyone does that. And if you only say "hi" in the hall to the people that say hi to you, what are doing more than anyone else?
Maybe you know people who are different when they're alone than when they're with their friends. they might say "hi" to you if your alone, but with a group they act like they've never seen you. - Author: John Bytheway
Faye Hall quotes by John Bytheway
#14. See that you mind your manners, that's all. No gentleman will buy the cow when he knows he can get the milk for nothing." Lily managed not to roll her eyes until she'd turned her back on Mrs. McAllister and stepped into the hall again. Caleb had come right out and admitted that he had no intention of "buying the cow" - he only wanted to rent it. Lily - Author: Linda Lael Miller
Faye Hall quotes by Linda Lael Miller
#15. The great thing about baking is that you can bring in an apple pie when you have company and say, 'I baked this for you,' and people love it. Men love it when you bake a pie for them. - Author: Jerry Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Jerry Hall
#16. Before I knew what I was doing, I was giving chase. I was dimly aware it was a really bad idea, but I just couldn't stop. Faery magic: fucking with people's heads since ten million BC. - Author: Alexis Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Alexis  Hall
#17. Sometimes as I laid there with my Walkman and headphones, I'd stare at the closed door and know she was just across the hall. What was she doing? - Author: Cambria Hebert
Faye Hall quotes by Cambria Hebert
#18. When you retire, it's a place in life, a part of the journey. You just don't quit work; you develop an attitude where you can do what you please. - Author: Tom T. Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Tom T. Hall
#19. Cape Cod baseball dates back to the time of the Civil War. A poster at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown touts a round-trip train ride from Hyannis to Sandwich on July 4, 1885 - the occasion of the 14th annual baseball game between Sandwich and Barnstable. - Author: Jane Leavy
Faye Hall quotes by Jane Leavy
#20. I am 58. That is pretty old, for God's sake. I look pretty good for my age, and I am enjoying that. - Author: Jerry Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Jerry Hall
#21. Michael Jackson was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It caused quite a controversy, because his nose isn't eligible for another fifteen years. - Author: Conan O'Brien
Faye Hall quotes by Conan O'Brien
#22. Words are vehicles of ideas, and unless they are understood properly misunderstanding is inevitable. - Author: Manly P. Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Manly P. Hall
#23. A reply dated 13 May finally arrived from the town clerk. Mr Mottershead could open the zoo subject to: 1) the type of animals being limited to those already described in previous correspondence; 2) the estate should not be used as an amusement park, racing track or public dance hall; and 3) no animals were to be kept within a distance of a hundred feet from the existing road.

This necessitated the purchase of an additional strip of land between the road and the estate, which would have to be securely enclosed, but which couldn't be used for animals. (First it was used as a children's playground and later became a self-service cafe.) Somehow my dad managed to get a further mortgage of £350 to pay for the land and fencing.

Of all the conditions, the most damaging in the long term was the last: the zoo was allowed 'no advertisement, sign or noticeboard which can be seen from the road above-mentioned'. Only a small sign at the entrance to the estate would be permitted, which meant the lodge, which was a good twenty-five yards from the road was completely invisible to any passing car. This would remain a problem for a very long time. For many years, the night before bank holidays, Dad and his friends would have to go out and hang temporary posters under the official road signs on the Chester bypass. The police turned a blind eye as long as they were taken down shortly afterwards. - Author: June Mottershead
Faye Hall quotes by June Mottershead
#24. We're Now in The Future & Now We Have To Cleanup The Dirty Mess Left Behind From All The Selfish Profit-Based Thinkers of The Past. - Author: Matthew Edward Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Matthew Edward Hall
#25. I picked her up and carried her down the hall to the bathroom, just a pitiful skeleton with skin stretched over the top and a great red scar across her chest. She sank onto the plastic seat we had got from the hospital and closed her eyes as I washed her, leaning her poor bald head back exhaustedly against the back of the shower cubicle. "I'll just change the sheets," I said, "I won't be a minute - would you rather sit under the water, or shall I turn it off and wrap you up in a towel ?"
"Under the water," she whispered.
I had to strip the bed entirely, and two of the pillows were saturated. I replaced them with pillows from my bed, and while I was at it my duvet as well. Then I propped the poor woman up against the bathroom sink to dry and dress her, picked her up and carried her back to bed. Never have I been so grateful to be, after all, a strapping wench rather than a delicate wisp of a girl.
As I pulled the covers up under her chin she opened her eyes, looked at me sternly and said with nearly her old decision, "This is not the way I wish to be remembered, Josephine."
"I know," I whispered, the tears spilling unchecked down my cheeks. Nurses are supposed to be bright and matter-of-fact about these things: my bracing professional manner left a lot to be desired. "I'll get you some dinner."
"No," she said. "Just my pills, love."
Back in the kitchen I stood for a moment in a trance of indecision, wondering where the hell to start. It didn't re - Author: Danielle Hawkins
Faye Hall quotes by Danielle Hawkins
#26. I'm very happyWhen you start a career you never think about the Hall of Fame ... watching a guy like Walter Payton, he would say 'Don't do what I say, do what I do.' If you can do your thing the way he does his, the possibility is you will get in the Hall of Fame. - Author: Richard Dent
Faye Hall quotes by Richard Dent
#27. I heard a shower go on, a distant shower, not in the bathroom next to my room, but in the one across the hall, which meant it was Jason.
He'd taken at least one shower, usually two a day in that bathroom. So why was I suddenly freaked out by the thought of him in the shower? Naked?
Oh, gosh, this was insane. What if he opened the door to my bedroom? What if he came inside? What if he wanted to give me a good-morning kiss?
Okay, that was so not going to happen. Hadn't we said no kissing in the house?
Not that the rule had stopped us from kissing in the game room last night after we'd finished our ice cream.
"I'm still craving the flavor of chocolate chip cookie dough," he'd said.
So of course, I'd let him sample. - Author: Rachel Hawthorne
Faye Hall quotes by Rachel Hawthorne
#28. Why be a dumb dud? Do your friends shun you? Do people cross the street when they see you approaching? Do they run up the steps of strange houses, pretend they live there and force their way into the hall while you are passing by? If this is the sort of person you are, you must avail yourself today of this new service. Otherwise, you might as well be dead. - Author: Flann O'Brien
Faye Hall quotes by Flann O'Brien
#29. Of course that stupid fat cow- oh what was her face, the one who worked with Cinderella- thought she was the best. But honestly, what was her claim to fame? Turning a pumpkin into a coach? Or, how about making mice footmen? Preposterous. She was a disgrace to all the fairy godmothers out there with her ridiculous bippity-boppity-booing. - Author: Marie Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Marie Hall
#30. 'Twin Peaks' is my favorite American TV show. - Author: Rebecca Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Rebecca Hall
#31. Reader, I married him.

It turned out the sounds I heard coming from the attic weren't the screams of Mr Rochester's mad wife Bertha. It wasn't the wife who burned to death in the fire that destroyed Thornfield Hall and blinded my future husband when he tried to save her.
After we'd first got engaged, he'd had to admit that he was already married, and we'd broken off our engagement. He'd asked me to run away with him anyway. Naturally, I'd refused.
But later, after we were properly married, he insisted that it hadn't happened that way. It turned out there had been no wife. It turned out that it had been a parrot, screaming in the attic. The parrot had belonged to his wife. She had got it in the islands, where she had also contracted the tropical fever that killed her. She'd died long before I came to work for him as a governess. That was never Bertha, in the attic. - Author: Francine Prose
Faye Hall quotes by Francine Prose
#32. I tugged at the hem of my brand-new Hecate Hall issue blue plaid skirt (Kilt? Some sort of bizarre skirt/kilt hybrid? A skilt?) - Author: Rachel Hawkins
Faye Hall quotes by Rachel Hawkins
#33. As a general rule, I'm suspicious of unassuming men in their late fifties because they're usually terrifying supernatural monsters. - Author: Alexis Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Alexis  Hall
#34. The less you eat, drink and read books; the less you go to the theatre, the dance hall, the public house; the less you think, love, theorize, sing, paint, fence, etc., the more you save-the greater becomes your treasure which neither moths nor dust will devour-your capital. The less you are, the more you have; the less you express your own life, the greater is your alienated life-the greater is the store of your estranged being. - Author: Karl Marx
Faye Hall quotes by Karl Marx
#35. Emotional security is the hall-mark of great leadership. - Author: Krishna Saagar Rao
Faye Hall quotes by Krishna Saagar Rao
#36. Sitting in the study hall he opened the lid of his desk and changed the number pasted up inside from seventy-seven to seventy-six. But the Christmas vacation was very far away: but one time it would come because the earth moved round always.
-Stephen Dedalus- - Author: James Joyce
Faye Hall quotes by James Joyce
#37. I don't like Utah. In fact, I hate them. I hate everything about them. I hate their program, their fans. I hate everything - Author: Max Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Max Hall
#38. Have you heard the latest word from Arrakis?" the Baron asked. "No, Uncle." Feyd-Rautha forced himself not to look back. He turned down the hall out of the servants' wing. "They've a new prophet or religious leader of some kind among the Fremen," the Baron said. "They call him Muad'Dib. Very funny, really. It means 'the Mouse.' I've told Rabban to let them have their religion. It'll keep them occupied. - Author: Frank Herbert
Faye Hall quotes by Frank Herbert
#39. The equipment you've got really dictates what you're going to do. When I started touring, there were no monitors, so I had to take the sound from the hall, and of course it was on a delay, so I would sing, and then I would hear it back, but later. It was very weird. - Author: Marianne Faithfull
Faye Hall quotes by Marianne Faithfull
#40. I really feel better about aging at the age of 86 than I did at 70. - Author: Donald Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Donald Hall
#41. And so, it comes to pass in time, that the earth ceases for us to be a weltering chaos. We walk in the great hall of life, looking up and round reverentially. Nothing is despicable - all is meaningful; nothing is small - all is part of a whole, whose beginning and end we know not. The life that throbs in us is a pulsation from it; too mighty for our comprehension, no too small.
And so, it comes to pass at last, that whereas the sky was at first a small blue rag stretched out over us and so low that our hands might touch it, pressing down on us, it raises itself into an immeasurable blue arch over our heads, and we begin to live again. - Author: Olive Schreiner
Faye Hall quotes by Olive Schreiner
#42. Our dreams can carry valuable information when we consciously choose to start listening to them. - Author: Antonia Hall
Faye Hall quotes by Antonia Hall

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