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Because the dumb slut slept with him, and he's too nice to–" WHAM, out of nowhere he nose-butts me in the fist! ~ Eliza Crewe
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Crewe
Snouck could speak of the region of Aceh, on the nnorthern tip of Sumatra, as 'that country ... that old pirate-state', and the American traveller Eliza Scidmore of ' the brave, liberty-loving Achinese'. Within a decade Aceh, however unwillyngly, was finally subjugated, its focus recalibrated from the Malay world and the Indian Ocean to Java, and its future rendered unmistakably as part of the Netherlands Indies ~ R.E. Elson
Eliza Cassan quotes by R.E. Elson
He glanced toward the far shore. There was no help for their relationship. Married was married. They'd have to make do. Helene would have to accept him as he was. ~ Eliza Lloyd
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Lloyd
That's the way marriage grows. It must grow through grief, it must grow through pain, and it must grow through anger. ~ Eliza Redgold
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Redgold
Each of us has his own way of classifying humanity. To me, as a child, men and women fell naturally into two great divisions: those who had gardens and those who had only houses. Brick walls and pavements hemmed me in and robbed me of one of my birthrights; and to the fancy of childhood a garden was a paradise, and the people who had gardens were happy Adams and Eves walking in a golden mist of sunshine and showers, with green leaves and blue sky overhead, and blossoms springing at their feet; while those others, dispossessed of life's springs, summers, and autumns, appeared darkly entombed in shops and parlors where the year might as well have been a perpetual winter. ~ Eliza Calvert Hall
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Calvert Hall
Get him! My hormones scream.
Don't fall for it, my brain cautions.
Pretty! They whine. Stupid hormones.
Calm down, hormones. We are just pumping him – (really brain, you chose the word pumping?) – for information. He is literally evil. We need to keep our distance. ~ Eliza Crewe
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Crewe
She really did trust Eliza. People made mistakes. She understood that now. And as Happy as she was to be with Ryan again, her friendship with Eliza was just as important. You only met a few kindred spirits in your life, and you had to hold on to the ones you were lucky enough to find. ~ Melissa De La Cruz
Eliza Cassan quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
They appeared, as they had always appeared to Eliza and me, to be under some curse which required them to speak only of matters which did not interest them. ~ Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Eliza Cassan quotes by Kurt Vonnegut Jr.
Down a long road through the woods a little boy trudged to school, with his big brother Royal and his two sisters, Eliza Jane and Alice. Royal was thirteen years old, Eliza Jane was twelve, and Alice was ten. Almanzo was the youngest of all, and this was his first going-to-school, because he was not quite nine years old. ~ Laura Ingalls Wilder
Eliza Cassan quotes by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Daniel needing to marry only further proved his importance to his clan. Was it possible a powerful chief stood before her? Myra cocked her head, more questions filling her mind. "Why are ye going to the Bruce?" Daniel shrugged. "I like to fight." Myra laughed. "At least ye're honest. I'll be a widow before long." He grinned and winked, thrilling her to her toes. ~ Eliza Knight
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Knight
If you aren't willing to put your best work out there, write for yourself. Don't ever publish. ~ Eliza Green
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Green
minute. Eliza called out after Thomas, "Thank you, Tom! ~ Jodi Daynard
Eliza Cassan quotes by Jodi Daynard
The jealous have but moments of Delight for years of Pain. ~ Eliza Haywood
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Haywood
I love lots of designers. I will always love Vivienne Westwood; she is a legendary designer. ~ Eliza Doolittle
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Doolittle
And at last, the lonely young man who belonged to no one finally belonged to someone, forever, and the practical girl who would not settle for less then a love story for the ages found the life long romance she had yearned for all her life. ~ Melissa De La Cruz
Eliza Cassan quotes by Melissa De La Cruz
somber-looking monks. They sipped a watery soup from wooden spoons. No one spoke. The abbot pointed to a lone table against the far ~ Eliza Knight
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Knight
One would think that since Hamilton and Eliza only just got married, our mothers would be satisfied for a while, but instead they seem to have come to the conclusion that everyone needs to enter into the state of wedded bliss. Quite frankly, they've turned scary. ~ Jen Turano
Eliza Cassan quotes by Jen Turano
Some days, moments meet you like a ton of bricks. This was one of them." - Eliza Mills, "This Girl Climbs Trees ~ Ellen Mulholland
Eliza Cassan quotes by Ellen Mulholland
HIGGINS [sitting down beside her] Rubbish! you shall marry an ambassador. You shall marry the Governor-General of India or the Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland, or somebody who wants a deputy-queen. I'm not going to have my masterpiece thrown away on Freddy.

LIZA. You think I like you to say that. But I haven't forgot what you said a minute ago; and I won't be coaxed round as if I was a baby or a puppy. If I can't have kindness, I'll have independence.

HIGGINS. Independence? That's middle class blasphemy. We are all dependent on one another, every soul of us on earth.

LIZA [rising determinedly] I'll let you see whether I'm dependent on you. If you can preach, I can teach. I'll go and be a teacher.

HIGGINS. What'll you teach, in heaven's name?

LIZA. What you taught me. I'll teach phonetics.

HIGGINS. Ha! Ha! Ha! ~ George Bernard Shaw
Eliza Cassan quotes by George Bernard Shaw
You and your words flooded my senses, your sentences left me defenseless. You built me palaces out of paragraphs, you built cathedrals. ~ Lin-Manuel Miranda
Eliza Cassan quotes by Lin-Manuel Miranda
I hold it to be the moral duty of women to make themselves beautiful in all lawful ways. ~ Eliza Lynn Linton
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Lynn Linton
Turns out I'm only 'mom-special'. Special like a snowflake is special. Special like a school kid on honor roll. ~ Eliza Crewe
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Crewe
Like a couple of peasants huddled together in the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Jack and Eliza performed their role in the Mass and then departed, leaving no sign that they'd ever been there, save perhaps for an evanescent ripple in the coursing tide of quicksilver. ~ Neal Stephenson
Eliza Cassan quotes by Neal Stephenson
The truly beneficent mind looks upon every child of sorrow as their relation, and entitled to their assistance ... ~ Eliza Parsons
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Parsons
Eliza, are you crying?"
"Yes, you are. Shit, I'm sorry. I was only trying to cheer you up."
"You did. It's just that, well, sometimes happiness hurts. ~ Tiffanie DeBartolo
Eliza Cassan quotes by Tiffanie DeBartolo
If I wasn't doing this, I'd be in school studying political science or socioeconomic something. I love visiting different cultures and finding out how they make up a society. ~ Eliza Dushku
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Dushku
That's so," said Eliza. "Vacation ends next month. I start Latin this year. They say it's awful. You decline nouns. All _I_ can say is, who wouldn't? ~ Edward Eager
Eliza Cassan quotes by Edward Eager
I remember having a Mike Tyson T-shirt back in the day that I used to sleep in. And there some things that Tyson did along the way that I wasn't too psyched to associate myself with. But back in the day, just as a fighter, what a dream that was to watch and root for him. ~ Eliza Dushku
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Dushku
He will regard his people's cry, the widow's tear, the orphan's moan. ~ Eliza R. Snow
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza R. Snow
I do embarrassing things all the time, but I don't really get embarrassed. It's like I'm unaware of my embarrassing things. ~ Eliza Doolittle
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Doolittle
But I am not sick, or crazy, or broken.
I am Meda Melange, demon-saint monster girl. I make full-grown men scream in terror. I break bones and drain blood. I turn nightmares into reality.
I am the most powerful creature on earth. I do not wear a leash. ~ Eliza Crewe
Eliza Cassan quotes by Eliza Crewe
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