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When I jump into something, I really do it to the fullest extent that my time and energy will allow me. I'm from Texas, and to see so many people that are obese and with disorders that are preventable. They haven't been shown or told. I'm really passionate about making sure my fellow countrymen are healthy. It's a shame. ~ Mehcad Brooks
Dopson Texas quotes by Mehcad Brooks
I love Texas, I can't wait in a couple of days to be home to the great state. ~ Ted Cruz
Dopson Texas quotes by Ted Cruz
And to me, I had come out of Texas, and during that time was when I realized that a lot of people in Nashville, their idea of what country music was was not the same as mine. ~ Lee Ann Womack
Dopson Texas quotes by Lee Ann Womack
The landscape of Texas is in all my work. It's that light; it's that sky. ~ Robert Wilson
Dopson Texas quotes by Robert Wilson
What are you two up to today?"
"Oh, I just figured I'd show Ty some more of Texas. Head down to San Antonio and visit the Bureau office there," Zane said. He shot a sideways look at Ty. "Maybe spend the night in Beaumont."
Ty smacked his forehead and turned his head away.
"Not much in Beaumont to see," Harrison said with a frown.
Zane grinned. "Even so, we're going to try to get it in." Ty had his hand over his mouth, his head down. He was either going to throw up or he was laughing. Harrison felt he'd missed a joke, but he thought maybe he didn't want to know. ~ Abigail Roux
Dopson Texas quotes by Abigail Roux
We decided to read our emails out loud to the group in order to share the warmth and optimism the messages contained. One of the most heartwarming was from the father of Petty Officer Rodney "RaRa" Young of Katy, Texas. His dad got right to the point: "You'd better come home because you promised to help me put up a fence, and I could really use that help." Everyone laughed because the words took us back to the normal world and out of the anxious monotony of our detention. ~ Shane Osborn
Dopson Texas quotes by Shane Osborn
I went to Texas a few times for gigs and adopted the cowboy look. Every man, at some point in his life, goes through a cowboy stage - everyone! Well, at least everyone that I look up to! ~ Theophilus London
Dopson Texas quotes by Theophilus London
I started playing poker in 2003 during my pregnancy, to distract myself from my awful morning sickness. For months all I did was cry and play Texas Hold'em. ~ Cheryl Hines
Dopson Texas quotes by Cheryl Hines
The White House says that the vacation in Texas will give President Bush the chance to unwind. My question is, when does the guy wind? ~ David Letterman
Dopson Texas quotes by David Letterman
The cab pulled over to the curb, and Jamie said in that voice of his, "You never saw us." "I never saw you," the driver repeated, sounding dazed. "You drove this astonishingly hot underwear model from south Texas. You wanted to lick his abs." "I wanted to lick his abs." "You're such an asshole," Stella muttered as she climbed out of the cab. "I get my kicks where I can. ~ Michelle Hodkin
Dopson Texas quotes by Michelle Hodkin
I have a ranch in Montana, but it's not a real working ranch. I've always liked the outdoors. I come from Texas. My grandfather was a farmer; that's as close as I come. ~ Dennis Quaid
Dopson Texas quotes by Dennis Quaid
always close by when you're in a tight squeeze.
Dn't let the sun set on a quarrel with a pard.
A good pard will at least pretend ~ Texas Bix Bender
Dopson Texas quotes by Texas Bix Bender
The scary thing is when I did my set in Texas everyone was excited. The show was great. I was done and the next DJ put something on vinyl and the difference! The quality!! ~ Peter Hook
Dopson Texas quotes by Peter Hook
Where did you and your brother get your weapons from?" Meg asked Bo. "Our cars." "You drive around with handguns and shotguns in your cars?" Bo slanted a look down at her, humor in his eyes. "We're hicks from a small town in Texas. 'Course we do." She shook her head. "Wait till you see the arsenal I'll be driving around with from now on. ~ Becky Wade
Dopson Texas quotes by Becky Wade
We ended up moving out to Texas. We live outside of Austin. We've got a couple horses, we've got three miniature donkeys, we've got four dogs. Miniature donkeys are very warm, loving animals. ~ Kyle Chandler
Dopson Texas quotes by Kyle Chandler
You can take the girl out of Texas but not the Texas out of the girl and ultimately not the girl out of Texas. ~ Janine Turner
Dopson Texas quotes by Janine Turner
What people don't understand about Sarah Palin is that she is a rancher's wife. From Alberta down to Texas I've known women like that: good common sense, bright and vilified by city people. ~ Robert Duvall
Dopson Texas quotes by Robert Duvall
I'm from Texas ... the bigger the hair, the closer to God! ~ Lilly Ghalichi
Dopson Texas quotes by Lilly Ghalichi
You're going to be a famous artist." His voice is deep velvet - soothing and sure. "You'll live in one of those artsy, upscale apartments in Paris with your rich husband. Oh, who just happens to be a world-renowned exterminator. How's that for a twist of fate? You won't even have to catch your own bugs anymore. That'll give you more time to spend with your five brilliant kids. And I'll come visit every summer. Show up on the doorstep with a bottle of Texas BBQ sauce and a French baguette. I'll be weird Uncle Jeb. ~ A.G. Howard
Dopson Texas quotes by A.G. Howard
One was Texas medicine, the other was just railroad gin, and like a fool I mixed them. ~ Bob Dylan
Dopson Texas quotes by Bob Dylan
Despite the obvious benefits, many Americans do not like Texas. Some even say they despise Texas, and make no secret of their feelings. ~ Ian Frazier
Dopson Texas quotes by Ian Frazier
Ah, Loree," he whispered near her ear. "You should hear the music."
-Austin ~ Lorraine Heath
Dopson Texas quotes by Lorraine Heath
I get from the soil and spirit of Texas the feeling that I, as an individual, can accomplish whatever I want to, and that there are no limits, that you can just keep going, just keep soaring. I like that spirit. ~ Barbara Jordan
Dopson Texas quotes by Barbara Jordan
It can only truly be Texas red if it walks the thin line just this side of indigestibility: Damning the mouth that eats it and defying the stomach to digest it, the ingredients are hardly willing to lie in the same pot together. ~ John Thorne
Dopson Texas quotes by John Thorne
Took your car, drove to Texas. Sorry honey, but I suspected, you and I can't cry anymore. ~ Sheryl Crow
Dopson Texas quotes by Sheryl Crow
My hope is that this volume will make a fresh impact on an entirely new generation of believers who are longing to be free from bondage to others, but have not known how to make that happen. It is gratifying to think that these pages will provide the keys you have been looking for that will unlock those iron bars and release you from the shackles of slavery to others, awakening you to what it means to be truly free. Free in Christ. Free indeed. Free at last. - CHARLES R. SWINDOLL Dallas, Texas ~ Charles R. Swindoll
Dopson Texas quotes by Charles R. Swindoll
Texas Democrats should be more concerned about what President Obama is doing to destroy the party, and the nation, than about what I am doing in going after him for that. ~ Kesha Rogers
Dopson Texas quotes by Kesha Rogers
In Houston, Texas, a man was born again in one of our meetings. He owned a liquor store. The next morning he had a sign on the front of his door saying, Out of business. ~ Billy Graham
Dopson Texas quotes by Billy Graham
Ceramic trade goods involved interconnected markets from Mexico City to Mesa Verde, Colorado. Shells from the Gulf of California, tropical bird feathers from the Gulf Coast area of Mexico, obsidian from Durango, Mexico, and flint from Texas were all found in the ruins of Casa Grande (Arizona), the commercial center of the northern frontier. ~ Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
Dopson Texas quotes by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz
I went to West Texas and started writing a cycle of Americana poems after the space conjured images that, as a child, I only saw on television-John Wayne, cowboys, borderlines. But suddenly, I felt close to these once-foreign imageries and wondered how I'd changed. Each evening brought the darkest skies in the country, and I understood the expansiveness of our inner selves. Ultimately nothing divides us except the worlds and words we allow. ~ Nathalie Handal
Dopson Texas quotes by Nathalie Handal
What happened to those men and women at Fort Hood had a horrible symbolism: Members of the best trained, best equipped fighting force on the planet gunned down by a guy who said a few goofy things no one took seriously. And that's the problem: America has the best troops and fiercest firepower, but no strategy for throttling the ideology that drives the enemy - in Afghanistan and in Texas. ~ Mark Steyn
Dopson Texas quotes by Mark Steyn
My aunt is a newscaster in Lubbock, Texas, and she got a letter that said, 'Natalie Maines will be shot dead at their show in Dallas, Texas,' with the date of our concert. It was freaky to see that in writing. ~ Natalie Maines
Dopson Texas quotes by Natalie Maines
I'm stoned on my music. I'm intoxicated by my joyful calendar between the tours, and the hunting, and the charity work, and the family time, and just my lifestyle living on a ranch in Texas and back when I lived on my ranch in Michigan. It's the epitome of individual independence, self-sufficiency, hands-on, earthly celebration and we tour every summer like complete animals. ~ Ted Nugent
Dopson Texas quotes by Ted Nugent
I was born in a hurricane in Pensacola, Florida ... my dad was in the military, so we moved all over the place. But I consider myself a southerner from Louisiana. I've lived in Texas for most of my adult life. ~ Kimberly Willis Holt
Dopson Texas quotes by Kimberly Willis Holt
When he stood trembling with fear before the captor, bruised from falls by the restrictive rope, made submissive by choking, clogs, cuts and starvation, he had lost what made him so beautiful and free ... One out of every three mustangs captured in south west Texas was expected to die before they were tamed. The process often broke the spirits of the other two. ~ J. Frank Dobie
Dopson Texas quotes by J. Frank Dobie
I know you're afraid of getting hurt, again," Rick said as he gently took Angela's hands in his. "I can't predict your future. I'm just asking you if I can be a part of it. ~ Josephine Harwood
Dopson Texas quotes by Josephine Harwood
As a very young man growing up in Texas, usually I got a shotgun or cowboy boots for Christmas. ~ Robert Wilson
Dopson Texas quotes by Robert Wilson
I was born in the city of Brantford, Ontario, Canada - but by the time I'd left high school, I'd moved seven times with my family, my father's engineering work taking us to places as far-flung as Bay City, Texas, and Wolnae-Ri in South Korea. ~ Susanna Kearsley
Dopson Texas quotes by Susanna Kearsley
Scott has to be one of the most talented artists I've ever seen. He really captures his subjects in a unique way. He is extremely generous as well. How many artists are willing to donate some of their best works to charity? The Texas Sports Hall of Fame has benefited greatly from Medlock's donated paintings, which are the cornerstones of our auction! ~ Bob Lilly
Dopson Texas quotes by Bob Lilly
Georgia Tech beat us and Mississippi Southern tied us last year, and Texas beat us after we had the game won. We only played about five games the way we were capable of playing and lost one of those. ~ Bear Bryant
Dopson Texas quotes by Bear Bryant
The definition of insanity in Texas is so insane that it's impossible to be insane in Texas. ~ Malcolm McDowell
Dopson Texas quotes by Malcolm McDowell
Dr. Tom had said that Texas was the only place he had ever found that, when it killed you, it didn't forget about you. ~ Kathleen Kent
Dopson Texas quotes by Kathleen Kent
My one-time roommate Claire had inherited the house from her uncle, and when she went off to bigger and better things, she'd left it in my care. And it needed a lot of it.
Most importantly, it needed a new roof. There was a worrying stain on the ceiling of my bedroom that had started out roughly the shape of Rhode Island, but now looked more like North Carolina. Another few more days of rain and it was going to be Texas. And then it wouldn't be anything at all because the battered old shingles were going to cave in on my head. ~ Karen Chance
Dopson Texas quotes by Karen Chance
The enemy has demanded a surrender at discretion otherwise the garrison are to be put to the sword if the fort is taken. I have answered the demand with a cannon shot, and our flag still waves proudly from the walls. I shall never surrender nor retreat. ~ William Travis, At The Alamo
Dopson Texas quotes by William Travis, At The Alamo
(Until the end of their lives, these men and women would tell stories about the summer they followed Lyndon Johnson and his Flying Windmill around Texas; as Oliver Knight of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram would write about one trip, "That mad dash from Navasota to Conroe in which I dodged stumps at 70 MPH just to keep up with that contraption will ever be green in my memory.") At the landing site, there would be the brief respite ~ Robert A. Caro
Dopson Texas quotes by Robert A. Caro
The American Dream isn't dead, but it seems to have developed a Texas accent. ~ Mark Davis
Dopson Texas quotes by Mark Davis
Racial discrimination in elections in Texas is no mere historical artifact. To the contrary, Texas has been found in violation of the Voting Rights Act in every redistricting cycle from and after 1970. ~ Ruth Bader Ginsburg
Dopson Texas quotes by Ruth Bader Ginsburg
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