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Devo farmi le ossa is how they say it in Italian. I need to make my bones. ~ Elizabeth Gilbert
Chiamo Italian quotes by Elizabeth Gilbert
Every language belongs to a specific place. It can migrate, it can spread. But usually it's tied to a geographical territory, a country. Italian ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Chiamo Italian quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
Most people didn't know that his mother was black. She died when he was three, and his Italian father raised him. He didn't hold that up as some kind of "get in free" card. The reality was, his entire life he walked a tightrope between his two realities. More often than not he took the road of least resistance - his white privilege. ~ Olivia Hill
Chiamo Italian quotes by Olivia Hill
I tried to become a family man. I got married, but it didn't work out. After 22 months we got an annulment. Then I married an Italian girl, which resulted in an immediate annulment. I had two annulments by the time I was 23. ~ Dominic Chianese
Chiamo Italian quotes by Dominic Chianese
As for free will, there is such a narrow crack of it for man to move in, crushed as he is from birth by environment, heredity, time and event and local convention. If I had been born of Italian parents in one of the caves in the hills I would be a prostitute at the age of 12 or so because I had to live (why?) and that was the only way open. If I was born into a wealthy New York family with pseudo-cultural leanings, I would have had my coming-out party along with the rest of them, and be equipped with fur coats, social contacts, and a blase pout. How do I know? I don't; I can only guess. I wouldn't be I. But I am I now; and so many other millions are so irretrievably their own special variety of "I" that I can hardly bear to think of it. I: how firm a letter; how reassuring the three strokes: one vertical, proud and assertive, and then the two short horizontal lines in quick, smug succession. The pen scratches on the paper ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I ... I. ~ Sylvia Plath
Chiamo Italian quotes by Sylvia Plath
BUT, in terms of attractiveness, speaking in terms of physical aspects only I think that Argentinean, Italian, Mexican, and Spanish men are among the most attractive men. ~ Alicia Machado
Chiamo Italian quotes by Alicia Machado
I like the world, but I feel very, very Italian. I love the small parts of my country: Tuscany, Capri in the winter. I don't like big towns. ~ Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
Chiamo Italian quotes by Luca Cordero Di Montezemolo
I remembered the taste of good Italian coffee in my London flat, brewed at the expense of time and a good deal of mess, compared to the sort that came out of machines in the office at the press of a button. I remembered walking to art school, through the windy winter, over hills and heaths: how much gladder I was to reach the rich warmth and to toast my hands on a radiator, than if I had gone by car. I remembered the nickels my father gave me as a child for being good: how much more I valued them than I would a dollar bill given all at once for no reason. Of course God as the ultimate parent could give happiness for the asking, just as my father could have given a handful of dollar bills, but at the age of five would I have known its value, or would it have looked to me just like a wad of grubby green paper? ~ Sumangali Morhall
Chiamo Italian quotes by Sumangali Morhall
It had been an ongoing campaign, worsening with the "scientific" manifestos on race, and the blame for all the country's problems that was constantly focused on the Italian Jews who made up less than 1 percent of the country's population. ~ Amy Harmon
Chiamo Italian quotes by Amy Harmon
he normally had his pastry shipped from Boston's north end ~ Leighann Dobbs
Chiamo Italian quotes by Leighann Dobbs
The meal began with pickled squid, oyster shooters, marinated anchovies, and scungilli salad. Then Rosalie set an enormous bowl of pasta con le vongole in front of Sal, who ladled it out, talking the entire time. The pasta was followed by huge platters of scampi, which we passed around. It was almost eleven when Rosalie set three enormous stuffed turbots on the table, and it was near midnight when she appeared with a plate of warm sugar-dusted sfinge.
"So our first taste of the New Year will be sweet," Sal whispered in my ear. ~ Ruth Reichl
Chiamo Italian quotes by Ruth Reichl
I have a profound admiration for Fellini. I met him lately and he's just fantastic. I feel very close to him even though he's very Italian. But his films could have been made in every country. When I say, I feel close to him, then also because we're both born on January 20th. ~ David Lynch
Chiamo Italian quotes by David Lynch
The power of the Bible is most evident in its ability to change lives. It can transform a wealthy Italian playboy into a saint (Saint Francis of Assisi). By its amazing grace, it can transform a debauching, murderous slave trader into a humble abolitionist (John Newton). It can transfigure prostitutes into women of virtue, cowards into rocks of the church, and the proud into the meek. ~ Anonymous
Chiamo Italian quotes by Anonymous
Whenever I can, in my study, on the subway, in bed before going to sleep, I immerse myself in Italian. I enter another land, unexplored, murky. A ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Chiamo Italian quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
I'm Italian. I wouldn't know how to play a Jew. ~ Alex Rocco
Chiamo Italian quotes by Alex Rocco
No matter where you're from - you can be Native American, Italian, Jewish, Latino, African-American - whatever you are, we're all distant relatives. ~ Nas
Chiamo Italian quotes by Nas
It's always good to leave a little space between eating and lying down in bed at the end of the day. The best thing to eat at night in general is protein, fat, and vegetables. For instance, if you're in an Italian restaurant, have chicken piccata with lemon-butter sauce, lots of vegetables, and a big salad. You'll sleep like a baby. ~ Suzanne Somers
Chiamo Italian quotes by Suzanne Somers
Tell him, Cosa Nostra says, HELLAO! ~ Waheed Ibne Musa
Chiamo Italian quotes by Waheed Ibne Musa
It's almost like that's the definition of being American: You love becoming Irish for a day, or becoming Italian ... Or becoming a Negro for four years. ~ Josh Alan Friedman
Chiamo Italian quotes by Josh Alan Friedman
For me to write, I need to work my way back out of one home, consider another, and find the no-man's-land in between. I need to go to one Andre, unwrite that Andre, choose the other Andre across the way, only then go looking for the middle Andre, whose voice will most likely approximate the voice of an Andre able to camouflage all telltale signs that English is not his mother tongue, but that neither is French, nor Italian, nor Arabic. Writing must almost have to fail - it must almost not succeed. If it goes well from the start, if I am in the groove, if I come home to writing, it's not the writing for me. I need to have lost the key and to find no replacement. Writing is not a homecoming. Writing is an alibi. Writing is a perpetual stammer of alibis. ~ Andre Aciman
Chiamo Italian quotes by Andre Aciman
Sometimes a name seems our most arbitrary possession,
and sometimes it seems like the grain in a rock
like a sculptor's hunk of Italian marble: Whack it
and you might get either your first glimpse of a saint
or a pile of rubble. ~ Lucia Perillo
Chiamo Italian quotes by Lucia Perillo
He's too tired to squirm clear of her, which is good 'cause pinching and kissing and hugging will calm an Italian mother-person better than anything. ~ D. James Smith
Chiamo Italian quotes by D. James Smith
Italian to the core, he did not for an instant doubt that a man could be passionately devoted to the wife he betrayed with other women. ~ Donna Leon
Chiamo Italian quotes by Donna Leon
I went to schools that were small enough that basically everyone was in a play. I played a bouncing ball in a production of Alice in Wonderland and a fat man in an Italian commedia dell'arte play. I was given some small chances. ~ Lena Dunham
Chiamo Italian quotes by Lena Dunham
You will listen to yourself uttering different and pleasant sounds. You will see people astounded around you because of this new skill of yours. Will you be excited? Happy? Of course you will be! ~ Antonio Libertino
Chiamo Italian quotes by Antonio Libertino
I don't mind telling you in confidence that I am keeping in fairly close touch with that admirable Italian gentleman [Mussolini]. ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt
Chiamo Italian quotes by Franklin D. Roosevelt
When I write in Italian - this is just the metaphor that came to me immediately, and I really think this is what it is - I feel like I'm writing with my left hand. Because of that weakness, there is this enormous freedom that comes with it. ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Chiamo Italian quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
Tell Papa I'm a communist, but a bad communist. I use a lipstick made by a Russian noble, Prince Matchabelli. (It sounds Italian though.). ~ Christina Stead
Chiamo Italian quotes by Christina Stead
If you don't drink coffee, I am suspicious of your character and will not invite you to my Italian lake home. ~ George Clooney
Chiamo Italian quotes by George Clooney
He [Paolo Sarpi] was one of the two foremost Italian statesmen since the Middle Ages, the other being Cavour . ~ Andrew Dickson White
Chiamo Italian quotes by Andrew Dickson White
You have wavered uncertainly between two systems, between drawing and coloring, between the painstaking phlegm, the stiff precision, of the old German masters, and the dazzling ardor, the happy fertility, of the Italian painters. ~ Honore De Balzac
Chiamo Italian quotes by Honore De Balzac
Tomatoes and oregano make it Italian; wine and tarragon make it French. Sour cream makes it Russian; lemon and cinnamon make it Greek. Soy sauce makes it Chinese; garlic makes it good. ~ Alice May Brock
Chiamo Italian quotes by Alice May Brock
I speak Italian, French, Creole and English. ~ Meta Golding
Chiamo Italian quotes by Meta Golding
When you're insecure about your technique, you close yourself off. Your shoulders tighten. The first thing, you should open your body and sing. Be happy. Sing real vowels, real Italian vowels. When you're learning a good way to sing technically, you find it's very easy to sing well. ~ Marcello Giordani
Chiamo Italian quotes by Marcello Giordani
Italian football is great but for me, for the style of player I am, I found it too tactical, too slow. ~ Djibril Cisse
Chiamo Italian quotes by Djibril Cisse
I never thought that tailoring was something that normal people did; I just thought that it was something that guys who had suits made of Italian silk depended on, and I wish someone had told me what a difference tailoring makes! ~ Anna Kendrick
Chiamo Italian quotes by Anna Kendrick
I'm bound to fail when I write in Italian, but unlike my sense of failure in the past, this doesn't torment or grieve me. ~ Jhumpa Lahiri
Chiamo Italian quotes by Jhumpa Lahiri
My daughter married a Italian. His name is Sergio. When they come stay with me, he and I have our kitchen dialogues... in Russian...We'll talk until morning. Sergio thinks that Russians love to suffer, that that's the trick of the Russian soul. For us, suffering is ' a personal struggle,' ' the path for salvation'. Italians aren't like that, they don't want to suffer. They love life, they believe is given to them to enjoy. daughter and Sergio will come home from the supermarket, and he'll be carrying the grocery bags. In the evening, she can play piano while he makes dinner. For me it was nothing like that: he'd try to take the bags from me, and I'd grab them away 'I'll do it. You shouldn't'. He'd come into the kitchen and I'd tell him, ' this isn't your place'. ~ Svetlana Alexievich
Chiamo Italian quotes by Svetlana Alexievich
I'm quite connected to Italy because of Italian Vogue shoots and the Pirelli calendar, so I have a love and appreciation for the culture. ~ Candice Huffine
Chiamo Italian quotes by Candice Huffine
An English army led by an Irish general: that might be a match for a French army led by an Italian general. ~ George Bernard Shaw
Chiamo Italian quotes by George Bernard Shaw
The fact is that you could not be, and still cannot be, a 25-year-old homosexual trying to make it in the British film business or the American film business or even the Italian film business. It just doesn't work and you're going to hit a brick wall at some point. ~ Rupert Everett
Chiamo Italian quotes by Rupert Everett
If Shakespeare had lived in our age, he would have been sued for writing Romeo And Juliet, because as everybody knows, he plagiarized that from an Italian play. ~ Lloyd Kaufman
Chiamo Italian quotes by Lloyd Kaufman
I explained my whole theory about parenting being better if it was like a large Italian family having dinner under a tree while children play. Rebecca poured more wine and explained her theory of child-rearing, which is that you should behave as badly as possible so that the children will rebel against you and turn out like Saffron in Absolutely Fabulous. ~ Helen Fielding
Chiamo Italian quotes by Helen Fielding
In Italian there is an expression: We don't sleep on the fame. ~ Donatella Versace
Chiamo Italian quotes by Donatella Versace
I don't know what you have thought of. Everyone thinks to the extent of his depravity..." #HenriettaLedyanova. #ItalianPassion ~ OlgaGOA
Chiamo Italian quotes by OlgaGOA
I'm a big fan of Italian neo-realism and all of that stuff. ~ David Ayer
Chiamo Italian quotes by David Ayer
Orlando, who had just dipped her pen in the ink, and was about to indite some reflection upon the eternity of all things, was much annoyed to be impeded by a blot, which spread and meandered round her pen. . . . She dipped it again. The blot increased. She tried to go on with what she was saying but no words came. Next she began to decorate the blot with wings and whiskers, till it became a round-headed monster, something between a bat and a wombat. But as for writing poetry with Basket and Bartholemew in the room, it was impossible. No sooner had she said 'impossible' than, to her astonishment and alarm, the pen began to curve and caracole with the smoothest possible fluency. Her page was written in the neatest sloping Italian hand with the most insipid verses she had ever read in her life:

I am myself but a vile link Amid life's weary chain, But I have spoken hallowed words, Oh, do not say in vain!
. . . . .
She was so changed, the soft carnation cloud Once mantling o'er her cheek like that which eve Hangs o'er the sky, glowing with roseate hue, Had faded into paleness, broken by Bright burning blushes, torches of the tomb,

but here, by an abrupt movement she spilt the ink over the page and blotted it from human sight she hoped for ever. She was all of a quiver, all of a stew. Nothing more repulsive could be imagined than to feel the ink flowing thus in cascades of involuntary inspiration. ~ Virginia Woolf
Chiamo Italian quotes by Virginia Woolf
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