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Whenever a single definite object is made the supreme end of the State, be it the advantage of a class, the safety of the power of the country, the greatest happiness of the greatest number, or the support of any speculative idea, the State becomes for the time inevitably absolute. Liberty alone demands for its realization the limitation of the public authority, for liberty is the only object which benefits all alike, and provokes no sincere opposition. ~ Lord Acton
Caterson Advantage quotes by Lord Acton
If you have an advantage, you have to take advantage of it. ~ Teddy Atlas
Caterson Advantage quotes by Teddy Atlas
Sure, the home-field is an advantage - but so is having a lot of talent. ~ Dan Marino
Caterson Advantage quotes by Dan Marino
To be attached to the subdivision, to love the little platoon we belong to in society, is the first principle (the germ as it were) of public affections. It is the first link in the series by which we proceed toward a love to our country and to mankind. The interest of that portion of social arrangement is a trust in the hands of all those who compose it; and as none but bad men would justify it in abuse, none but traitors would barter it away for their own personal advantage. ~ Edmund Burke
Caterson Advantage quotes by Edmund Burke
1. Investors give fund managers money at the wrong time. Now that you've had some time to read this book and understand the importance of buying stocks during fear cycles and holding during greed cycles, this first indicator should make sense. To understand this principle, imagine that you're the fund manager of a $100 billion investment fund. When the stock market crashes and you're able to purchase severely undervalued businesses with minimal debt, not only do you lack funds to invest, but all your resources are being depleted by scared investors. Instead of receiving money to buy the great deals, your investors are selling their shares in the fund and you don't have the capacity to take advantage of the market behavior. This reason alone severely handicaps fund managers as they attempt to beat the market. ~ Preston G. Pysh
Caterson Advantage quotes by Preston G. Pysh
If you're in business, and you don't understand how that word of mouth works, you won't be able to take full advantage of it, how to get full adoption by getting that network to talk about you. ~ Robert Scoble
Caterson Advantage quotes by Robert Scoble
I'll add another return track for compression. This will be used for Parallel, or New York compression, which is basically mixing the fully compressed sound with the original. This has the advantage of adding punch and fatness without losing the transients. ~ Jason Timothy
Caterson Advantage quotes by Jason Timothy
I don't want anybody to accuse me of taking advantage of the situation to pursue a particular political agenda. ~ Thomas De Maiziere
Caterson Advantage quotes by Thomas De Maiziere
People are choosing to spend their money with companies that take the time to get to know them and whose actions resonate with their values - companies that thrive by doing the right thing and by making things customers love, instead of by trying to get customers to love their things. Their advantage isn't necessarily being faster or cheaper, bigger or better; it is that they take time to understand their customer before making what she wants. ~ Bernadette Jiwa
Caterson Advantage quotes by Bernadette Jiwa
If an agency is the ultimate judge in every case of conflict, then it is also judge in all conflicts involving itself. Consequently, instead of merely preventing and resolving conflict, a monopolist of ultimate decision making will also cause and provoke conflict in order to settle it to his own advantage. That is, if one can only appeal to the state for justice, justice will be perverted in the favor of the state, constitutions and supreme courts notwithstanding. ~ Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Caterson Advantage quotes by Hans-Hermann Hoppe
Those who do not know the plans of competitors cannot prepare alliances. Those who do not know the lay of the land cannot maneuver their forces. Those who do not use local guides cannot take advantage of the ground. ~ Sun Tzu
Caterson Advantage quotes by Sun Tzu
With a deliberate shrug, he stepped free of the hold on his shoulder. "Tell me something, boys," he drawled. "Do you wear that leather to turn each other on? I mean, is it a dick thing with you all?" Butch got slammed so hard against the door that his back teeth rattled.
The model shoved his perfect face into Butch's. "I'd watch your mouth, if I were you."
"Why bother, when you're keeping an eye on it for me? You gonna kiss me now?"
A growl like none Butch had ever heard came out of the guy.
"Okay, okay." The one who seemed the most normal came forward. "Back off, Rhage. Hey, come on. Let's relax."
It took a minute before the model let go.
"That's right. We're cool," Mr. Normal muttered, clapping his buddy on the back before looking at Butch. "Do yourself a favor and shut the hell up."
Butch shrugged. "Blondie's dying to get his hands on me. I can't help it."
The guy launched back at Butch, and Mr. Normal rolled his eyes, letting his friend go this time. The fist that came sailing at jaw level snapped Butch's head to one side. As the pain hit, Butch let his own rage fly. The fear for Beth, the pent-up hatred of these lowlifes, the frustration about his job, all of it came out of him. He tackled the bigger man, taking him down onto the floor. The guy was momentarily surprised, as if he hadn't expected Butch's speed or strength, and Butch took advantage of the hesitation. He clocked Blondie in the mouth as payback and then grabbed ~ J.R. Ward
Caterson Advantage quotes by J.R. Ward
There were now two angels, which were all that the late prayer cover could provide, and they were doing their best to grab and to destroy the demons who were still trying to get inside. But unfortunately, two angels were no match of the hundreds of demons who had already flooded the hall under Balzor's orders. Although individual demons were no match for one of God's angels, in large numbers, the advantage was turned, and in tight quarters a swarm of demons could drive away an angel with thousands of sharp bites. So the two angels had to remain outside, and the grand ballroom where Fuller would soon speak was sadly almost as dark as midnight. Only the flames burning inside the many Christian men seated at the tables illuminated any of the eternal players in the ballroom. (pg. 62) ~ Parker Hudson
Caterson Advantage quotes by Parker Hudson
What is more, in fact, we very soon look upon the world as something whose non-existence is not only conceivable, but even preferable to its existence. Therefore our astonishment at it easily passes into a brooding over that *fatality* which could nevertheless bring about its existence, and by virtue of which such an immense force as is demanded for the production and maintenance of such a world could be directed so much against its own interest and advantage."

―from_The World as Will and Representation_. Translated from the German by E. F. J. Payne. In Two Volumes, Volume II, p. 171 ~ Arthur Schopenhauer
Caterson Advantage quotes by Arthur Schopenhauer
There's only one life. There's no repeats. You only get one life, and you gotta take advantage of it. ~ Victor Cruz
Caterson Advantage quotes by Victor Cruz
In The States I would have no edge, no advantage at all. ~ Nigel Dennis
Caterson Advantage quotes by Nigel Dennis
If it is possible to have a linear unit that depends on no other quantity, it would seem natural to prefer it. Moreover, a mensural unit taken from the earth itself offers another advantage, that of being perfectly analogous to all the real measurements that in ordinary usage are also made upon the earth, such as the distance between two places or the area of some tract, for example. It is far more natural in practice to refer geographical distances to a quadrant of a great circle than to the length of a pendulum. ~ Nicolas De Caritat, Marquis De Condorcet
Caterson Advantage quotes by Nicolas De Caritat, Marquis De Condorcet
Would a robber break in your home at night beating drums? Nope. This is how those who want to take advantage of your life come: Full of smiles and promising sincere friendship! ~ Bangambiki Habyarimana
Caterson Advantage quotes by Bangambiki Habyarimana
One advantage in keeping a diary is that you become aware with reassuring clarity of the changes which you constantly suffer. ~ Franz Kafka
Caterson Advantage quotes by Franz Kafka
Only our minds are able to discover the generalized principles operating without exception in each and every special-experience case which if detected and mastered will give knowledgeable
advantage in all instances. ~ R. Buckminster Fuller
Caterson Advantage quotes by R. Buckminster Fuller
I would trade all the advantages of humanity to be a fly on the wall when Franklin and Jefferson discussed liberty, Lenin and Trotsky revolution, Newton and Halley the shape of the universe, or when Darwin entertained Huxley and Lyell at Down. ~ Stephen Jay Gould
Caterson Advantage quotes by Stephen Jay Gould
Men spend their lives in anticipations, - in determining to be vastly happy at some period when they have time. But the present time has one advantage over every other - it is our own. Past opportunities are gone, future have not come. We may lay in a stock of pleasures, as we would lay in a stock of wine; but if we defer the tasting of them too long, we shall find that both are soured by age. ~ Charles Caleb Colton
Caterson Advantage quotes by Charles Caleb Colton
Individual who unselfishly tries to serve others has an enormous advantage. ~ Dale Carnegie
Caterson Advantage quotes by Dale Carnegie
When an injustice happens, we want to be vindicated. People feel that if they forgive the person who hurt them, then they will continue to take advantage of them or not take responsibility for what they did wrong. If we're honest, we'll admit that we usually want the person who hurt us to pay for what they did. We can't get past this until we get the revelation that only God can pay us back. He is our Vindicator - He will heal and restore us if we will trust Him and forgive our enemies as He has told us to do. ~ Joyce Meyer
Caterson Advantage quotes by Joyce Meyer
The rich fertility of China's plains and a culture of uncommon resilience and political acumen had enabled China to remain unified over much of a two-millennia period and to exercise considerable political, economic, and cultural influence - even when it was militarily weak by conventional standards. Its comparative advantage resided in the wealth of its economy, which produced goods that all of its neighbors desired. Shaped by these elements, the Chinese idea of world order differed markedly from the European experience based on a multiplicity of co-equal states. ~ Henry Kissinger
Caterson Advantage quotes by Henry Kissinger
Didn't I know, he asked, that some people found me a snob? I didn't. Our marriage was formed by the things Christopher knew and the things I did not. This was not simply a question of intellect, although in that respect Christopher again had the advantage, he was without a doubt a clever man. It was a question of things withheld, information that he had, and that I did not. In short, it was a question of infidelities - betrayal always puts one partner in the position of knowing, and leaves the other in the dark. ~ Katie Kitamura
Caterson Advantage quotes by Katie Kitamura
Take all reasonable advantage of that which the present may offer you. It is the only time which is ours. Yesterday is buried forever, and to-morrow we may never see. ~ Victor Hugo
Caterson Advantage quotes by Victor Hugo
Of course a man has to take advantage of his opportunities, but the opportunities have to come," he told an audience in Cambridge, England, in the spring of 1910. "If there is not the war, you don't get the great general; if there is not the great occasion, you don't get the great statesman; if Lincoln had lived in times of peace, no one would know his name now. ~ Candice Millard
Caterson Advantage quotes by Candice Millard
The skinny Doya-sensei, in his cotton clothing, appeared on stage. He had braved the elements, walking as straight as a needle. Exposed to the dry wind, he looked like an old withered gourd. The sound of hands clapping filled the air. The clapping of hands is not necessarily the same as applause. Takayanagi alone sat silently and adjusted his collar.

"Man is a link between the past and the future."

Doya-sensei began abruptly. The audience was taken by surprise. No one started his lecture this way.

"Those who carry over the past into the future are called conservative; those who save the future from the past are called progressive."

The audience was more puzzled than before. Among the audience of three hundred were those who came to jeer Doya-sensei. Like sumo wrestlers in a ring, they watched for a chance to take advantage of their opponent. They were poised like a snake ready to strike. In Doya-sensei's vision there was nothing but the Way.

"If you say you have no past in yourself, you may as well say you have no parents. If you say you have no future in yourself, you may as well say you have no capacity to beget children. One's standpoint should be clear from this. Either to live for your parents, to live for your children, or to live for yourself: your mission in life can be only one of these three alternatives. ~ Natsume Sōseki
Caterson Advantage quotes by Natsume Sōseki
I felt that this must be what it would be like to be married to someone, a constant back and forth of bickering, watching out for any stray comment in a conversation that might be corrected, anything to keep gaining the upper hand, the advantage, bringing one closer to taking the game, the set and the whole blasted match without ever ceding a point. ~ John Boyne
Caterson Advantage quotes by John Boyne
If there is money to be made, those who have no moral backbone will surely take advantage of another. ~ Asa Don Brown
Caterson Advantage quotes by Asa Don Brown
You've got me hooked,
like how any good author
grabs the atention of an
enthusiastic reader
you know how to use those first
few words to your advantage ~ Emily Curtis
Caterson Advantage quotes by Emily Curtis
I know he looks like a cherub, but don't be fooled, Strange.'
'What do you mean?'
'He's a hardened reprobate. Plays the innocent because it pulls the ladies. Wait till you see him with them. They fall over him screaming. Fall backwards, really. He's a nice lad, though, and doesn't take advantage. ~ Eloisa James
Caterson Advantage quotes by Eloisa James
I always tell women that the fact that you're different and that you're noticed, because there are few of us in the tech industry, is something you can leverage as an advantage. ~ Padmasree Warrior
Caterson Advantage quotes by Padmasree Warrior
Justice demands that the good and hard-working be rewarded and the evil and the lazy be punished (if only by the withholding of the rewards of doing the right things). Modern Liberalism demands that the good and hardworking be punished as the recipients of an unfair advantage and the evil and the lazy be rewarded, their acts of evil and their failure all the proof the Modern Liberal needs that somehow they have been victimized by forces out of their control. ~ Evan Sayet
Caterson Advantage quotes by Evan Sayet
It is true you can be successful without [college], but this is a hard world, a real world, and you want every advantage you can have. I would suggest to people to do all that you can. When I dropped out of school, I had worked in the music industry and had checks cut in my name from record labels and had a record deal on the table, and when I wasn't successful and Columbia said, 'We'll call you,' I had to go back and work a telemarketing job, go back to the real world, and that's how life is. Life is hard. Take advantage of your opportunities. ~ Kanye West
Caterson Advantage quotes by Kanye West
We are all great landed proprietors, if we only knew it. What we lack is not land, but the power to enjoy it. Moreover, this great inheritance has the additional advantage that it entails no labor, requires no management. The landlord has the trouble, but the landscape belongs to everyone who has eyes to see it. ~ John Lubbock
Caterson Advantage quotes by John Lubbock
One's own free unfettered choice, one's own caprice, however wild it may be, one's own fancy worked up at times to frenzy
is that very "most advantageous advantage" which we have overlooked, which comes under no classification and against which all systems and theories are continually being shattered to atoms. And how do these wiseacres know that man wants a normal, a virtuous choice? What has made them conceive that man must want a rationally advantageous choice? What man wants is simply independent choice, whatever that independence may cost and wherever it may lead. And choice, of course, the devil only knows what choice. ~ Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Caterson Advantage quotes by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
Use this to your advantage. Never get desperate. Maintain the attitude that they need you more than you need them. No man is worth getting desperate over. If ~ Charles Reed
Caterson Advantage quotes by Charles Reed
We, as children of God, have an advantage over the world ~ Sunday Adelaja
Caterson Advantage quotes by Sunday Adelaja
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